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    lmao get fucked seattle miserable franchise
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    Keaton Louth Rule

    Thank you @Nykonax for a summary of this thread, in meme form.
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    Guess I was unfortunately correct in my MS stating TO may surprise everyone. Congrats TO, and to us for putting forth a valiant effort.
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    This is Toronto's revenge for S59 tbh. Also, is Devise really gonna win a cup and jump ship before a rebuild? This can't be allowed to happen.
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    WOOO! GG @Banackock and Seattle, tough break because seriously holy hell did we ever steal this series. Even when Stopko plays only okay like in this one our offense just clutch couldn't get equal or even comparable performances out of Sterling. Look at that third though, outshot 20-7 and we stay tied. Feel for you though Bek, Thompson showed up tonight but just couldn't get the lead,
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    The Moscow Menace are projected to pick 6th overall so keeping that in mind i will make some predictions of its opening line up and who to watch for. First off is Evgeni Komarov How he was aquired: Seattle expansion draft pick. Seasons Left:7 Player Type: Defensive defender/Enforcer Evgeni Komarov is probably one of the closest things to a lock. The only thing that could prevent this is the Bears deciding to keep him after all. Though i don't see them doing this. Evgeni is a Russia born player, who will instantly become a fan favourite for his style of play. Just this past season with the Ottawa Lynx Komarov set a VHLM record for PIMs, he also topped the leader boards for hits. He is going to be a welfare/radio earner as well as practice facility. Which puts him in the 8 TPE a week range. Which will make him a solid player but likely not a star. However he will hold the other team accountable and bring a fun time to the team. Karl Von Moltke How we was acquired: Calgary expansion pick Seasons Left: 5 Player Type: Depth Scoring Winger Once a highly touted prospect, he has disappeared into the abyss of inactivity. If he comes back this could be a huge steal. If not he just projects as a solid depth winger till the team builds a full roster and squeezes him out. Kostin Mulligan How he was acquired: Vancouver expansion draft pick Seasons left: 5 Player Type: Physical defensive winger Mulligan is going to be the catalyst of the offense if he is available. That is a bit of a problem because well, hes not very offensive. He will out hit Komarov, and plays as good defense at this stage in Komarovs career. However, his offense is lacking, its not awful but when he projects to be one of the best players on the team that could be a bit of an issue Dan Ballie How he was acquired: Davos expansion draft pick Seasons left: 7 Player Type: Scoring Winger He is probably the best offensive tool, to this point he a slow burning prospect who well he has more TPE than Komarov its only due to the hold out. He projects to be a very solid second line winger if he continues to progress at the pace he has to this point. Dan Montgomery How he was aquired: Helsinki expansion draft pick Seasons left: 5 Player type: Two way center Montgomery is the only center picked to this point. His build also gives him the best chance to be the star offensive player on this team. Pairing him with Baillie, Mulligan brings a dynamic together each have different strengths. A steady earner he likely will be the number 1 center for a few seasons depending on how drafting goes. Erik Parker How he was acquired: New York expansion draft pick Seasons left: 7 Player Type: Two way defensemen Another slow burning prospect, he is a solid defender when it comes to moving the puck, shooting, defense, and skater. Hes is ying to Komarovs yang, Both project to be 2nd pairing guys on contenders so being different builds could be great for the team. That is as long as he continues to grow as a prospect. Kissan Shan How he was aquired: Riga expansion draft pick. Seasons left: 6 Player Type: Two way winger Based on the roster early on he likely lines up beside Mulligan, Montgomery on the top line. He is a very balanced build passing and scoring which is a double edged sword in the Sim. However he is a solid young prospect earning at a decent rate. He could project to be a 1st/2nd line winger down the road if he keeps earning. Lew Brostein How he was aquired: Toronto expansion draft pick Seasons left: 4 Player Type: Defensive defender All he's put into is checking and defense really. Hes the oldest of the projected picks, and is probably the least active minus Moltke whose inactive. He will likely line up on the second pair, just given the other 2 Komarov and Parker are at least more active. Elasamobranch Fish How he was acquired: 6th overall in the upcoming draft. Seasons Left: 8 Player Type: Defensive defender This obvious can change based on how the lotto goes they can pick anywhere from 4th to 9th(how i have not a clue). So we are going to just piggy pack off the scouting networks projection of 6th overall. Fish has been a very steady earner, his build sadly is very similar to both Komarov, and Brostein but hes younger and earning TPE at a very solid rate. Joe Nixon How he was aquired: 15th overall this past draft Seasons left: 8 Player Type: Goalie Nixon is a huge TPE earning beast, but due to overcrowding in net. He falls, to the Menace who know a good goalie will fall to them hence why the avoid picking one in the first round. Nixon looks like the potential number 1 goalie if he continues to earn at this current pace. Opening line up projection: Left Wing- Center - Right Wing Mulligan- Montgomery - Shan Baillie- draft pick/FA/CPU- Moltke Left Defense - Right Defense Komarov - Fish Parker- Brostein Nixon Overall its a young roster with plenty of holes to fill and players needing to grow into their roles. However its a solid expansion starting point to build on the coming seasons.
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    Madden with Davos [1/2]

    +6 TPE
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    The Calgary Wranglers were one of the original teams in the VHL and have enjoyed success on multiple occasions. Are they the most successful VHL franchise of all time though? Let's take a look at their history prior to S20 where the indexes let us go back. VHL Championships The Calgary Wranglers had won 5 Continental Cups in the VHL's first 19 seasons in Season 2, Season 3, Season 8, Season Season 18 and Season 19. As we can tell the team has 2 back to back championships on their docket with a lone win coming in Season 8. The Calgary Wranglers had won 26.3% of the Continental Cup's in this time period and were a team many wanted to play for. Season 2 Championship Roster C - Brad Janssen LW - Scott Boulet (C) RW - Brett Slobodzian RW - Alex Watson D - Doug Schneider (A) D - Sterling Labatte (A) D - Tommy Brown D - Lucas Smith G - Joseph Baker Season 3 Championship Roster C - Ondrej Skokan C - Edward Holm LW - Scott Boulet (C) LW - Edward Eldred RW - Brett Slobodzian RW - Alex Watson D - Sterling Labatte (A) D - Doug Schneider (A) D - Joey Kendrick D - Tommy Brown G - Robert Sharpe Season 8 Championship Roster C - Edward Holm C - Robbie Zimmers C - David Knight LW - Josh Vestiquan LW - Miroslav Ladic RW - Devon Marlow-Marta (A) RW - Ace Lightning D - Sterling Labatte (C) D - Doug Schneider (A) D - Giddy McFly D - Pavel Kurakov G - Max Weinstein Season 18 Championship Roster C - Lars Berger (A) LW - J.D. Stormwall (C) LW - Jardy Bunclewirth LW - Matthew Gunnarsson RW - Mikka Virkkunen RW - Juha Ikonen RW - Rhett Gouldhawke D - Alexander Sauve (A) D - Hiro Renomitsu D - Bryton Guerequeta D - Greg Eagleowski G - Demetrjusz Dudek Season 19 Championship Roster C - Lars Berger (A) C - Jardy Bunclewirth LW - J.D. Stormwall (C) LW - Matthew Gunnarsson RW - Mikka Virkkunen RW - Rhett Gouldhawke D - Alexander Sauve (A) D - Matt Bailey D - Ryley Dawson D - Kristian Asgard G - Zach Voss As you can tell, these Wrangler teams were loaded with VHL HoFers including some of the bigger names like Lars Berger, Jardy Buclewirth, J.D Stormwall, Sterling Labatte, Scott Boulet, Brett Slobodzian and Brett Slobodzian. Other great players in their own right (some lesser known HoFers) are Alexander Sauve, Matt Bailey, Zach Voss, Doug Schneider, Devon-Marlow Marta, Robbie Zimmers, Josh Vestiquan, David Knight and Alex Watson. Regular Season Record/Playoff Record Unfortunately, there are no records which are available to break down the teams for the first 19 Seasons in the VHL for any of the teams which is a crying shame. Awards Victory Cup (Best Regular Season Record) - 5 Times S1 - 69-3-0 (138 Points) S3 - 61-6-5 (127 Points) S8 - 57-12-3 (117 Points) S9 - 56-12-4 (116 Points) S19 - 56-14-2 (114 Points) The Wranglers won 5 of the 19 Victory Cup's in the VHL with probably something that won't ever be beat and that is the 69-3 season they had in S1. Overall, the Wranglers were always one of the top teams in the league for the most part always being in contention for the Victory Cup. Devon Marlow-Marta Award (Western Conference Champions) - 8 Times S1, S2, S3, S6, S7, S8, S18, S19 The Calgary Wranglers won the west 8 times in 19 season including 6 times in the first 8 seasons. The Wranglers to put it kindly, owned the VHL in the early decade. Scotty Campbell Award (MVP) - 5 Times S1 - Brett Slobodzian - 72 GP | 79 G | 92 A | 171 P | +103 S3 - Brett Slobodzian - 72 GP | 76 G | 78 A | 154 P | +103 S6 - Scott Boulet - 72 GP | 65 G | 74 A | 139 P | +65 S18 - Mikka Virkkunen - 72 GP | 65 G | 82 A | 147 P | +65 S19 - Jardy Bunclewirth - 72 GP | 45 G | 75 A | 120 P | +44 The Scotty Campbell Award has been awarded to the Calgary Franchise 5 times in the first 19 seasons with Brett Slobodzian taking the award twice with a 155 G, 170 A for 325 P in just 144 games. The Wranglers MVP winners lowest totals were in S19 with Bunclewirth who had 120 P and a +44 which would be career highs for anyone in todays VHL, this is basically what Bunclewirth averaged in his career in the old high scoring ways of the VHL. Brett Slobodzian Award (Most Outstanding Player, as voted on by the members) - 2 Times S18 - Mikka Virkkunen - 25 Votes S19 - Jardy Bunclewirth - 16 votes The Slobodzian award wasn't awarded until S11 so to have 2 players win in 9 seasons, is pretty impressive. Daisuke Kanou Award (Playoff MVP) - 5 Times S2 - Brett Slobodzian - 13 G | 12 A | 25 P | +3 S6 - Sterling Labatte - 5 G | 14 A | 19 P | +4 S8 - Sterling Labatte - 7 G | 8 A | 15 P | +6 S18 - J.D Stormwall - 9 G | 7 A | 16 P | +4 S19 - Zach Voss - 8 W | 1 L | 0 OTL | 2.12 G.A.A | 0.932 SV% Again, we start to notice a trend as 5 times a Wrangler player won a award. This time the Kanou as playoff MVP was won on 5 different occasions with defenseman Sterling Labatte taking the award in S6 and S8. Slobodzian had himself a playoff with 25 points in what memory serves me correct was like 12 games. Mike Szatkowski Award (Top Point Scorer) - 4 Times S1 - Brett Slobodzian - 171 P S3 - Brett Slobodzian - 153 P S18 - Mikka Virkkunen - 147 P S19 - Jardy Bunclewirth - 120 P S-s-s-streak broken. This time only 4 Wranglers won the Szatkowski with Slobodzian claiming 50% of them. We see the gradual climb of better players all around as the high scoring early days compared to the scoring we have no as the gradual decline of leading point scorers in Calgary history. Kevin Brooks Award (Top Goal Scorer) - 4 Times S1 - Brett Slobodzian - 79 Goals S3 - Brett Slobodzian - 76 Goals S12 - Matt Bentz - 61 Goals S18 - Mikka Virkkunen - 65 Goals New streak? We have 4 player again win the Brooks Award for Top Goal Scorer. The greatness of Brett Slobodzian continues to shine as he scored 79 and 76 goals to claim 50% of the awards won in this category. Bentz is the 'lowest' entry with 61 goals while Mikka contributes with his 65. Alexander Beketov Award (Top Assists) - 3 Times S1 - Brett Slobodzian - 92 Assists S3 - Brett Slobodzian - 78 Assists S5 - Joey Kendrick - 112 Assists S19 - Matt Bailey - 88 Assists The Wranglers claimed 3 of the first 5 Beketov's before not winning one all the way until S19. Once more, Slobo wins 2 of the 4 but Joey Kendrick comes in with 112 which might still be a team record. Sterling Labatte Award (Top Defenseman) - 6 Times S1 - Sterling Labatte - 16 G | 86 A | 102 P | +93 | 77 H | 93 SB S5 - Joey Kendrick - 22 G | 112 A | 134 P | +67 | 35 H | 113 SB S7 - Sterling Labatte - 32 G | 71 A | 103 P | +41 | 101 H | 129 SB S8 - Sterling Labatte - 32 G | 82 A | 114 P | +67 | 74 H | 123 SB S15 - Alexander Sauve - 35 G | 66 A | 101 P | -10 | 196 H | 175 SB S19 - Matt Bailey - 29 G | 88 A | 117 P | +31 | 169 H | 159 SB Well when the Award is named after the player, you will find out that Labatte spent his whole 9 season career in Calgary. Yes 9 season, he was apart of the S1 Supplemental Draft which had players who didn't declare for the Entry Draft in time. Supplemental players were able to play in S1 and have it not count as a season played against the 8 season rule. Labatte won 3 of the 6 Labatte's that the Wranglers won over this time. Well 5 1/2 since Sauve counts as a 1/2 as he was traded by Calgary during the season. Aidan Shaw Award (Top Goaltender) - 1 Time S7 - Adrian McCreath - 44 W | 20 L | 6 OTL | 2.53 G.A.A | .935 SV% | 3 SO S19 - Zach Voss - 50 W | 12 L | 2 OTL | 2.28 G.A.A | .919 SV% | 6 SO Amazing that throughout the first 19 seasons, only Zach Voss won the Award. Scott Boulet Award (Best Defensive Forward) - 6 Times S1 - Scott Boulet - 53 G | 79 A | 132 P | +107 | 132 H | 7 SB S2 - Scott Boulet - 60 G | 59 A | 119 P | +63 | 133 H | 23 SB S5 - Scott Boulet - 57 G | 73 A | 130 P | +64 | 134 H | 36 SB S6 - Scott Boulet - 65 G | 74 A | 139 P | +65 | 134 H | 50 SB S18 - J.D Stormwall - 61 G | 63 A | 124 P | +57 | 314 H | 44 SB S19 - J.D Stormwall - 48 G | 53 A | 101 P | +48 | 283 H | 37 SB The Wranglers won 6 of the first 19 Boulet awards with the namesake winning 4. Stormwall winning in back to back seasons is equally incredible. Christian Stolzschweiger Award (Top Rookie) - 4 Times S9 - Matt Bentz - 29 G | 56 A | 85 P | +28 S11 - Leander Kaelin - 30 G | 52 A | 82 P | -15 S17 - Matthew Gunnarsson - 38 G | 63 A | 101 P | +34 S18 - Jardy Bunclewirth - 54 G | 78 A | 132 P | +60 The Wranglers as a team won 4 Stolzy awards with Bentz and Bunclewirth being the names that standout. David Knight Award (Top GM) - 4 Times S2 - Brett Slobodzian S7 - Scott Boulet S18 - Matt Bentz S19 - Matt Bentz The David Knight Trophy was won by 3 different men on 4 occasions. Bentz winning back to back Continental Cups in S18 and 19 has him as the only back to back winner in team history but with the way some of these Wrangler teams were built, you have to wonder why they only won 4 in 19 seasons especially in the first decade. Grimm Jonsson Award (Top Leader) - 3 Times S6 - Sterling Labatte S7 - Sterling Labatte S16 - Demetrjusz Dudek Not surprising to see Sterling win 2 of the but surprising to see Dudek win the award in S16 as top leader as I don't remember his username. I have a feeling it is Fernando but we won't speak much about him. Mikka Virkkunen Award (Most Sportsmanlike Player) - 6 Times S3 - Brett Slobodzian S4 - Alex Watson S6 - Devon Marlow-Marta S16 - Mikka Virkkunen S17 - Mikka Virkkunen S19 - Mikka Virkkunen Finally, everyone's fav award, the Top Pussy award. The name sake won 3 of the 6 in a 4 season span but also 3 Wranglers from S3 to S6 won the award as well giving the Wranglers 6 Virkkunens. Trophy Total The Wranglers have won each of these award 71 times over the course of 19 seasons which is a average of 3.73 awards per season for the Wranglers. I wish I can break this down further but this is what we got for now. This was all used with the Portal and I got what I could from it. Hope you enjoyed a quick history lesson. claiming for just 1 week as the meaningful writing on this piece is around 500 words.
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    I have a pretty decent brand contract with UB Games too, guess it is my treat! Lol
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    Semi-Finals 2 - Game 6: Riga vs Helsinki

    Kallis redemption arc almost complete.
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    One of the main reasons why I joined Oslo was they were almost a lock to make at least the wild card round and I wanted to get a taste of playoff hockey this season. We knew that Saskatoon wasn’t going to be a push over and would give us a tough time and that was evident in the first game as it went to overtime and we had a big second period in the second game which helped to pull away from them and give us the series win. Overall, I was happy with my play and I scored two out of the eleven goals we scored in the series. I was able to get 4 shots on goal in both games and get good looks at the net. Going against Vegas in the semifinals was a battle and it opened my eyes to just how tight checking and how much the focus on defense there is in the playoffs. We were certainly a little shell shocked in the first game but I thought we played them tough in game 2 and showed them we were not going to go down without a fight. I was pointless in the first game and scored the only goal in the second game on the power play. Both of our home games were heartbreakers especially game 4 in double overtime and I was disappointed to not get any points in either game, but the experience I gained for myself was key and I hope to use that with whatever team drafts me in the offseason!
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    I did everything I could, still not enough and the cupless drought continues. Stopko killed us.
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    you only played 61 games? damn i am changing it
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    Nah , don’t bother. As your boss I don’t want to censor you. But as a player i just wanted to mention I did well for a goalie who played 61 games
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    Teams I want to play for

    If that's where you'd be happiest and it keeps you interested and active, good luck to you.
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    Kandee Cain Interview

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    One more win Helsinki, come on. Let's put this away.
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    Keaton Louth Rule

    correction: Iseult/ Palo I accepted my fate
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    and that 6 shot win by ottawa lol
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    Keaton Louth Rule

    ilu uzi
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    Keaton Louth Rule

    from what i could gather in this thread, neither grammar nor logic are exactly his strong suits
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    Yo like for real. Did you see this shit? Technically Halifax loses on a 7th goal, even though their goalie only gave up 6. Gritty scored an empty netter, to put us up by two and then Halifax freeking scored 2 goals in the last minute to tie it, only to lose it within the first 3 minutes of overtime. Super silly game, as silly as it goes I'd say. VHLM playoffs them harsh momentum swings. Where any stretch of a minute or two can literally change the course of an entire game forever.
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    Teams I want to play for

    Teams I don't want to play for: 1) Davos 2) Moscow
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    I haven’t even seen the finals since Miller (so 3 and a half careers). I’m starting to get used to it.
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    Keaton Louth Rule

    When you made GMs and people know this is the year when punishments will be handed out in full force - before this season? There is no benefit, that is the point. Some people just like to see what happens when they do option A instead of option B. The integrity of the league should always be questioned when something like this happens. If I take the time and try to be active in this league, but then when the final show is about to start with playoffs, something is directly blocking me from fully enjoying the experience, I´m going to moan about it.
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