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    Thompson to test Free Agency

    That's a fine coping mechanism you've got there.
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    Thompson to test Free Agency

    BUT.... @Victor... you’re... not... wrong...
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    Yeah, probably. I got which one was first, smarter people than me can figure out the rest haha
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    Ottawa AGM Announcement

    Hello everyone, Small announcement to say that @Nykonax is now the Ottawa Lynx AGM. Peace
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    So... are you gonna bump all those posts from the start of the season?
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    Ottawa AGM Announcement

    thx for the support guys, preciated
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    Ottawa AGM Announcement

    why is everyone bullying me.... i swear im good!!!
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    Oyorra Arroyo Press Conference

    2 weeks worth of questions Enjoy Bud! What teammate of yours is the best to follow on Twitter, and why? What is the most bizarre question you have been asked in a press conference during your career and who asked it? Who would win an arm wrestling competition on your team? Who is the biggest practical joker on the team and who gets picked on the most? A story of the best prank pulled would be nice. What is the craziest thing a puck bunny has ever done for your attention? What was your first car? Now that we have played a few games, what do your think our team strengths and weaknesses are ? What are your suggestions? If your entire team had to do an Ironman Triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run), who would finish first and last respectively? Would your rather be more talented or have a high "Hockey IQ" Best hockey player of all time and why? Best quote from your Twitter feed that you posted after a game. If you could steal the skills of any active player in the league, from who would you steal?
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    Ottawa AGM Announcement

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    S64 All-Star Game

    Final score: 11-6 Team @hedgehog337
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    GG Seattle, it was a tough series. 4 straight championship series now, let's get another cup!
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    See you Sunday Hali
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    I woke up in a hospital bed. I had no idea how I got there, I wasn't in any pain or anything, I just couldn't remember why I was there. Really I could only remember a few things; my dad, his face and his clothes. I remember he brought me a comic book, X-men, the cover said "The Dark Phoenix saga." And then the hockey rink. I remember the gold and yellow flags waving in the banners. The smile on his face when my eyes went up looking for him after I scored. And that's it. It wasn't long before the nurses came in and asked me if I knew what happened to me and what name was. My head was horribly scarred. Like a wolf had slashed me a cross the face. Not full on disfigurement, but enough that no one from my past would ever be able to recognize me. I think back: In my memory, when I scored, the announcer gives my name but it's too muffled. The best guess I can come up with is Jack. So let's go with Jack. I tell the nurses and they recommend a doctor to me for amnesia recovery. Then the hospital gave me my clothes back; no wallet, no phone, no keys, nothing to go on except a couple 100 dollar bills stuffed in my jacket pocket. I looked in the mirror, I imagine I'm about 30. 30 and clueless. What else was I supposed to do other than the only thing I knew brought me joy? What do you do when you can't remember where you're supposed to be? At the rink, I rented skates and a helmet. I grabbed a stick that felt right and jumped onto the ice. A couple of guys said I looked familiar, but they couldn't put a finger on it. I immediately fell into a rhythym. Like I belonged there. While we played who I was didn't matter anymore, I got lost in the game. After I dropped the rental equipment off with the teenager at the front desk, a few of the guys asked me to come out and play on their men's league team. Those games went well and I guess people took notice because I ended up getting a little following on the internet. I don't really bother myself with it to much but people in the stands kept making videos. And they say I should try and enter a draft to play professionally. I wonder if my dad is still out there. Do I have siblings? Where am I from and how did I get here? I have so much to put together with no leads to start from. Holding onto that one memory with my father, at least I know my path. I'm just going to play hockey, because it is all I know. No matter what comes of my time in the VHL I look forward to getting my story out there. Maybe the world can help me put the pieces back together. Maybe someone will recognize me.
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    Adieu Quebec

    The Quebec City Meute have played their last game in the VHL - fittingly it was a disappointingly early playoff exit. I've had a strange relationship with Quebec - my last two players spent some time there and Greg Clegane had his best season there, but the playoff failure left a bad taste and I was hoping to avoid coming back with Cast. I was happy to see Quebec let me slip to 3rd overall in S61. That said, I love the niche that the Meute carved out. They were fully the league's villains, especially as the old holders of the title, Vasteras and Davos, faded and in the former's case disappeared entirely. Here's a few of the moments which really made Quebec memorable for me. S34: When they traded 2 drafts worth of picks for Wesley Kellinger and signed both Yuri Grigorenko and Skylar Rift from other Cologne's noses - that's when the VHL really started to turn against them. Coupled with the fact that 3 Valiqs managed to get their way and join the Meute to play with the most famous one, Alexander... this was not a much-liked team. There was lots of schadenfreude around when they missed out on the cup in S34 but they got it the next season, in a pretty inevitably boring way. The tone was set. S43-S44: Bruno Wolf and Aksel Thomassen - what an offensive duo this was and truly gave the VHL a masterclass in chatting shit without backing it up. I mean, individually they scored a lot, but as a team they lost to two very mediocre teams in Seattle and Calgary and never won a cup. It was pretty much everyone against Brovy, the GM and the mouthpiece of that era. S49: Not much really changed here, Brovy still GM, Frank still on the team, lots of regular season success but flopped in the playoffs to much glee from other members. I named this the best team to never win the cup, probably in part because I was on it but it was also a great team. Classic Quebec running into a threepeating Toronto. S56: Finally, I wasn't here for it but I was glad to see the Meute finally got another cup eventually. Frank was always committed to the star power > depth theory, and when it worked, it was great. It was really the overall story of Quebec, catering to offensive output over anything else. Until recently when for some reason they couldn't even score for seasons on end which really was the final nail in the coffin - the only real defining feature of Quebec was lost. RIP Quebec, Long live Vancouver. It's sort of the same team, but feels very different. I don't think I'll be associating the Wolves with the Meute's history for very long and hopefully this opportunity is used to build a new legacy. Au revoir mon ami. Awoooooo
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    Joseph Bassolino has retired!

    One of my favorite last names in the game!
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    Joseph Bassolino has retired!

    See ya soon out in the pasture.
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    Elasmobranch Fish Bio [2/2]

    ELASMOBRANCH FISH BIOGRAPHY Everyone knows that good stories start with a narrator, a deep and pleasant voice that persuades you to stay alert and persuades you to be carried by the plot. The response of the hand to the right is, however, in the right direction. It will take you by the hand to the places where the story unfolds and will insinuate the details so that your conscience knows what path to follow and your imagination flies free, but in the right direction. Unfortunately this is not a good story. It's not pretty. It's not nice. And maybe it should never be written. You still have time to turn around, turn your back on this story and see the sunlight shine, although I can not force you... It all started on a starry summer night, in Yallingup, a small town of barely a thousand people south of Perth, Australia. A couple walked hand in hand along the beach, smiling, fun and, since that night, in love. And also indifferent to the fate that awaited them. Ariel Laguna was the kind of person who made the day happier to the people who were lucky enough to be by her side. She arrived smiling, wherever he went, filling people with joy, and whatever happened, she left smiling, content as always, but taking with her that aura that she had and that made so happy those she left behind. She never knew the number of conversations of which she was the protagonist, and it is better that way. I will not describe her anymore. As I said, this is not one of those stories. Just imagine the most adorable and kind person you can. Maybe that's still not enough. For his part Finn Fish was a strong man, polite and helpful. He exercised in the mornings and read Marcus Aurelius' Meditations whenever he had some free time. He loved that book. Unlike Ariel, he was not enthusiastic about human contact, but he still knew how to treat people. He never confessed his greatest dream, for it was also his greatest secret. You got it, friend. I would give anything to be able to tell you that. Have you ever thought about how capricious fate can be? He is capable of giving you what you most want, but he is also capable of taking it from you. Ariel Laguna gave birth to a beautiful baby with flushed cheeks fruit of love, and died in childbirth. Finn Fish's life was never the same again. He tried to overcome the loss for his son, to make him happy, to teach him as his mother would have done, but his life had also ended in that hospital operating room. Despite everything Elasmobranch Fish grew up as a happy child. He could always count on his father for anything, anytime, and he seemed to be liked by people. It was seen from the first moment. He had the gift of his mother. The animals were comfortable with him and even the other babies laughed and waved their hands when El looked at them. All the grandmothers of Australia would have queued at the door of his house to pinch his cheeks, and he would have left them if it would have given them joy. As soon as he learned to speak, it was known that he had charisma. He was able to persuade other children, to take them to their land and at the same time make them believe that it was their idea. He was clever and rarely erred in his ideas, which further increased the confidence that his companions deposited in him. His father witnessed the development of his little boy with a smile. Yes, he smiled. On the outside he seemed happy but on the inside he hadn't feel anything for a long time. At night he would bring out a bottle of whiskey that he kept on the highest shelf in the pantry and would give a good account of it. Each morning it was replenished, often in different stores so that the neighbors would not suspect. It was a small town. One morning when El was 8 years old, the school principal went to class to find him and took him to his office. "Elasmobranch, dear." he said. "I have bad news. I'm afraid your father has had a traffic accident and ... he's dead. The police have found a letter for you in his car. Take it." He did not cry. His father had taught him that he should be a strong man and that he had to overcome adversity, whatever it was. He took the letter out of the envelope and mentally read: He did not cry. He never asked himself why that letter was in his father's car, and nobody ever mentioned it to him either. The funeral was that same afternoon. The whole town attended and the Reverend said some beautiful words. His father had never been a great believer, but it was a moving speech, so it did not matter to the young orphan. He did not cry. Several neighbors tried make him spend the night with them, since he had no more family, but refused in full, and when social services were presented he managed to convince them in some way to let him sleep once more at home. Once there he showered, put on his pajamas, lay on his father's bed... and cried. The next morning began an endless period of shelters, changes of school, orphanages... Elasmobranch went around the island several times in just 4 years. His behavior was always excellent, as well as his academic and athletic performance, but for some reason no place enjoyed the stability necessary to settle permanently, until at the tender age of 12 years a lovely couple of Adelaide took him out of an orphanage for last time. They gave him everything he needed and tried that he could take roots comfortably. Elasmobranch took advantage of those years to the fullest. He learned to swim, surf, dive, and command a boat. He loved water, it attracted him. He was able to beat several regional swimming records, which was very difficult in Australia, and he was named captain of the waterpolo team. At age of 16 he left Oceania for the first time to travel with his adoptive family to Montreal, Canada. He would never have imagined that he could be so cold. The sidewalks were frozen and he had to be very careful to not fall. In my opinion life knew that it had been too taught with that boy. It had taken everything from him, and despite that the boy was happy and eager to live, always improving, always learning ... I think that's why it gave him hockey. Elasmobranch Fish deserved good things. A demonstration of superhuman equilibrium on the frozen pavement of Montreal, in the eyes of the general manager of the Halifax 21st, was the way life had to tell the boy: "Go. Be happy. I can not beat you, and that's why you deserve it." Do you want to know what the future will bring? It does not matter. For the moment, enjoy.
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    Joseph Bassolino has retired!

    Goodbye my lover.
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    Ottawa AGM Announcement

    that was so disappointing
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    That's more like it!
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    S64 All-Star Forward Vote

    Ironside needs more love imo
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    VHL Predict the score (S64W5)

    Seattle 5-3
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