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    The Shawn Glade Edition

    Oh my god I love it And for the record, Davos is great and yes I accidentally smoke screened myself at least like 7 times in one game with those guys
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    Sig Please?

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    Top 5 VHLM Big Men [1/2]

    Top 5 VHLM Big Men The VHLM currently has many freakishly large players making a name for themselves this season. Below I have listed five of the more prolific “Extra Large” players making a name for themselves in the minors. This list is not exhaustive, but includes some of the highest scoring giants of the league at the moment. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Yukon Rush) Helmsley is an absolute stud, weighing in at 250 lbs. and stacked 6’5” high. He is not only a physical specimen, but also a hockey phenom, being drafted first overall in the 65th season, and already achieving 15 goals and 18 assists through his first 16 games of the season. This puts him at 2nd in overall VHLM points with 33, averaging about 2.1 points per game. The 49 year old center will likely be a hot commodity for the VHL teams scouting him if he keeps producing these impressive numbers. Orion Slade (Minnesota Storm) Standing at an impressive 6’8”, Slade is one of the tallest players in the league. He weighs a hefty 225 lbs., but despite his massive size, has focused his play more on the skilled aspects. Slade has amassed 9 goals and 15 assists in his 16 games played for a total of 24 points so far this season. Slade also stands out with his impressive defensive play, working up to a +8 in this amount of time. At only 18 years old, it will be interesting to see where Slade’s impressive play at both ends will get him in his hockey career. Valeri Morozov (Yukon Rush) At 6’6” and 225 lbs., the Russian born left winger Morozov is another big forward tearing up the VHLM. Morozov’s 24 points prove him to be one of the league’s elite forwards, but he also shows his worth in his physical game, racking up 49 hits as well. With only 16 penalty minutes so far, and an even plus minus rating, Morozov showcases that his high hit total is largely through good, clean hits, without becoming a defensive liability for his team. Nethila Dissanayake (Saskatoon Wild) Dissanayake, astonishingly tall at 6’8”, but still lanky at only 197 lbs., is one of the more exotic players in the league, hailing from his native Sri Lanka. After an impressive college and CHL career, Dissanayake has taken his talents to the VHLM, where he has amassed 23 points in just the first couple weeks of the season. With 16 assists to his name so far, Dissanayake has been a major part of his line mate Shawnomir Jagr’s goalscoring success this season. Dissanayake is definitely a prospect to keep an eye on in the coming seasons. Kyle Sabertooth (Las Vegas Aces) Bringing this list to a conclusion is Kyle Sabertooth, who has managed to become one of his team’s top scorers in the first part of the season. Measuring at 6’2” and 230 lbs., Sabertooth is no stranger to violence, racking up 33 hits and 21 penalty minutes already. This winger plays a 200 foot game, having also worked up to a +5 in addition to his formidable point totals, proving his proficiency at both ends of the ice. This concludes the first edition of VHLM Big Men. Coming in the next edition, will there be a definitive biggest man? Will a woman debut as a big woman? Will a player finally grow taller than 6’8”? As the season continues, stay tuned for more updates and reports on the key big men of the VHLM. Word count: 591, Week ending 03/10/2019
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    We are now 6 games into the first season for the Houston Bulls and if you told them they would be in a tie for 3rd place right now with a 3-2-1 record and 7 points, I think mostly everyone would be happy but the Bulls would not be shocked at all. Now granted all 6 games have been against the same team, but lets take a look at how Houston has done so far: Game 1 – The home opener and just over a minute into the game, Laughton scored the first ever regular season goal on the power play to send the crowd into a frenzy. However, the lead would be short lived though as the Rush tied it two minutes later. The Bulls got a power play goal again in the first as Sparrow found the back of the net and a 2-1 lead. The second period did not go well for the Bulls as the Rush scored 4 and the Bulls only one off of the stick of Gibbles and the home team was down 5 to 3 going into the third. However, Gibbles got his second of the game and a power play goal to cut the lead to one and rookie Jurri scored his first with just under 8 minutes left to send the game into overtime. However, the home crowd went home sad as HHH scored the game winner and a Rush 6-5 win. May stopped 22 out of 28 in the loss. **celebrating the first goal in Houston Bull history Game 2 – The Bulls took the road for the first time and Kirbsson scored his first career goal in the first for a 1-0 Bulls lead. However, the second period would give the Bulls trouble again as the Rush scored 3 goals and the Bulls got goals from Sparrow and MacElroy as the game was tied at 3-3 going into the third period. Just 58 seconds into the third, Jurri scored his second career goal and it would be the game winner as the Bulls got their first ever win by the score of 4-3. May stopped 27 of 30 shots and all 4 he faced in the third to pick up his first win. Game 3 – The third game between the two teams was much different than the first two – this one was low scoring and low shots as it was more of a defensive battle. The only goal of the game was scored about halfway through the third period as the Bulls’ Kozlov netted his first of the season and May stopped all 20 shots he faced for the Bulls first ever home win and first ever shutout by the score of 1-0. **one of May's 20 saves in the shutout Game 4 – This game was lower in shot totals than the other ones, but still had 8 goals scored as the Rush got their revenge on the Bulls by the score of 5-3. Jurri would score first for the Bulls by the Rush answered with two goals of their own in the first period. The teams exchanged goals in the second period as Kirbsson scored for the Bulls, but the Rush would take a 5-2 lead with two quik power play goals in the third period and Jurri would close out the scoring in the third with his second of the game to make the final score 5-3. May stopped 19 out of the 24 shots he faced. Game 5 – Another high scoring affair that came down to the last minute of the game to determine the winner. The Bulls took a 2-0 lead in the first period behind goals from Kirbsson and Griffin, but HHH would score the first two goals of the second period to tie the game for the Rush. Jurri would get a late second period goal and the Bulls would have a 3-2 lead heading into the third. A total of 6 goals were scored in the third period – the Rush scored the first two to take a 4-3 lead with 8 minutes left , but Jurri gave the Bulls the lead back with two goals in 16 seconds to complete the first ever hat trick in Bulls history. However, the Rush would tie the game with a little more than 3 minutes left and then win the game 6 to 5 with just 50 seconds remaining as Sigurdsson got the game winner. May stopped 22 out of 28 shots in the loss. Game 6 – The first 5 games between the two teams have either been one or two goal games. This game was not as the Bulls scored two goals each period and held the Rush to only one goal in a 6 to 1 win. Kozlov and MacElroy scored in the first period, Kirbsson and Jurri scored in the second and MacElroy and Jurri each scored their second of the game in the third period. May stopped 22 out of 23 shots as his record after the first six games is now 3-2-1. **rookies Kirbsson and Jurri celebrating a goal together
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    The Shawn Glade Edition

    @ShawnGlade mentioned that I didn't mention him in my Season 62 ReDraft podcast, so in return, I've dedicated the entirety of my drive back home from work to talking about him.
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    Podcast suomeksi. Nauttikaa. Olkaa hyvä. Tässä linkki podcastiin: LINK HERE
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    Philly more like stupid town
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    While conducting post-game interviews after a recent win over Saskatoon, the Philadelphia Beat Report noticed a VHLM schedule hanging in the Reaper locker room. This scheduled has Game 39 circled. A home game at The Burns Crematorium Centre and their first game against their co-expansion team, the Houston Bulls. The Bulls and Reapers became immediate rivals after a heated exchange of words between the team’s GMs during the offseason. The language used during that exchange is not fit to be reprinted in this space. Lingering animosity from that day has driven anticipation of this game to a fever pitch. The PBR asked some Reapers about the upcoming game. GM Kathryn Blade said, "It is no secret that me and my boys want to make Houston feel the pain of being beaten by the Reapers. In true Reaper fashion we are going to use our blades to cut down the competition…our goal is total Reaper domination" Reaper LW, Hans Gruber shared his thoughts, “Nothing better than a good old fashioned rivalry, especially when it’s two expansion teams. We don’t like them and they don’t like us. We’ll leave it all on the ice, prove that we’re the better team and get the two points, that’s the Gruber Guarantee” “You know, I don’t really pay attention to the things management says to each other. I don’t really know what was said. All I know is that Blade has been there for us, took a chance on some of us, and showed that she really cares about us. It’s that respect for our GM that is going to motivate us against Houston. If it just so happens we record our first fatality at the Crematorium, so be it,” said defenseman Charlie Paddywagon. Reaper RW John Frostbeard put it simplest of all, “I don’t have much to say other than they [Houston] suck.” We expect an exciting, hard-fought game and will be watching along with all the fans of the VHL and VHLM.
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    Boo, @WhiteMocha did his best
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    Kyle Sabertooth.

    @DollarAndADream I know this is really late, but if possible I would like to have this replace the terrible 4TPE one from last week. If it is too late, I understand fully. Also, I was going for a old timey western feel because the player is from Nashville. Editor had no way to get team logo onto photo.
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    Check-in With Chico Smeb

    wait a second, that sig is illegal!
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    The Shawn Glade Edition

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    Top 5 VHLM Big Men [1/2]

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    Branded: Jet Jaguar Joins Over Armour

    The player agency of middling VHLM rookie Jet Jaguar is very pleased to announce that the young prospect has managed to collect the first brand endorsement of his young career. The center, who plays for the Philadelphia Reapers, has shown glimpses of his two-way playmaking abilities over the first 16 games of the VHLM season, racking up 4 goals and 11 assists for 15 points, along with a +2 rating. This mediocre early performance attracted the interest of popular leisurewear and training gear company Over Armour, who has signed Jaguar to a $500k endorsement deal with little fanfare. However, this brand endorsement should definitely give Jaguar an advantage on his training and development over the season, as Over Armour also has endorsement deals with VHL superstars Joseph McWolf and Brick Wahl. The outspoken Jaguar released a statement on his social media marking the new partnership: "Proud to now be a Over Armour athlete! The staff over at @overarmour have been incredible, and I look forward to representing their brand. Their one-piece coverall is incredible, and has definitely added a new dimension to my game. My floppy bits don't move a damn millimetre when I'm out on the ice. Now that's a good look."
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    Live S66 VHL Draft Rankings

    Fun fact, I used to live in a town about 15 minutes from Vasteras!
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    Sig Please?

    gregreg still nice w/ it
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    Good win vs the rivals
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    Halifax being good?
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    News broke today that the Philadelphia Reapers have employed the talent of a new prospect to help fill out their third line. Mat Tocco, Prague native is projected to be taken late in the upcoming draft. He will have a difficult task ahead of him in not only proving himself to be a solid draft pick, but also on making an impact in the league during the Reapers first season. Currently ranked in last place, the addition of this young talent will hopefully help Philadelphia turn things around this year. Tocco has proven himself to be a capable playmaker in his home countries junior league, but the VHLM is a step up in competition. We have yet to see how Tocco's skills will translate into the league but Philadelphia's upcoming game against the Las Vegas Aces will stand to be his first chance to prove himself. With the right guidance from the staff and veterans players on roster hopefully Tocco will develop into a force in the league.
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    Whit th' buck did ye jist feckin' say abit me, ye wee huir? i'll hae ye ken Ah graduated top ay mah class in th' navy seals, an' i've bin involved in numeroos secrit raids oan al-quaeda, an' Ah hae ower 300 confirmed kills. Ah am trained in gorilla warfaur an' aam th' top sniper in th' entire us armed forces. ye ur naethin' tae me but jist anither targit. Ah will wipe ye th' buck it wi' precision th' likes ay which has ne'er bin seen afair oan thes earth, mark mah feckin' words. ye hink ye can gettae France wi' sayin' 'at jobby tae me ower th' internit? hink again, camel blower. as we spick Ah am contactin' mah secrit network ay spies athwart th' usa an' yer ip is bein' traced reit noo sae ye better prepaur fur th' st'rm, maggot. th' st'rm 'at wipes it th' pathetic wee hin' ye caa yer life. yoo're feckin' deid, bairn. Ah can be anywhaur, onytime, an' Ah can kill ye in ower seven hunder ways, an' that's jist wi' mah baur hans. nae only am Ah extensively trained in unarmed combat, but Ah hae access tae th' entire arsenal ay th' united states marine corps an' Ah will use it tae its foo extent tae wipe yer crabbit crease aff th' coopon ay th' continent, ye wee jobby. if only ye coods hae knoon whit unholy retribution yer wee "clever" comment was in th' wey o brin' doon upon ye, mebbe ye woods hae held yer feckin' tongue. but ye cooldnae, ye didne, an' noo yoo're payin' th' price, ye goddamn divit. Ah will jobby fury aw ower ye an' ye will droon in it. yoo're feckin' deid, kiddo.
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    Halifax with a tight win against Las Vegas. These teams art fighting for the top spot in the VHLM and for now Halifax is getting the edge. After Losing multiple times at the beginning of the season Halifax has turned it around to make the games between them even. Also Good on Julius Freeman for keeping in form and getting two assists tonight.
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    GM 61: Minnesota Storm vs. Ottawa Lynx

    hatty for @Infernal... all a round good game against Sask.... wait your not Sask, I thought we only played Sask!
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    CGY/VAN: S65

    LETS GO!!!
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    Your lines suck and you suck... but I still love you
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    Hard Marvin laid the smackdown.
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    CGY/VAN: S65

    Welcome to the team @Wheaties you beauty
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    Kirbsson on his first five games

    Review: I have been looking at a lot of teams to try and get information to see good lines and teams and I have to say the line of you Kari and Viktor is a great line that is also super great at getting points. I think by the end of the season this could one of the best lines in the vhlm. Good way to see your teammates but also realize that your teammates benefit from you just as much as you them.
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    I would've loved to play on the Wild with you this season! Ah well, good luck on the Bulls! Way to get creative with your Kirbsson's story. I especially liked the background of his modest life in Sweden. Your story was easy to follow, all of your content was engaging, and the humble beginnings will make for a great origin story when you eventually make it to the VHL! Two thumbs up👍👍
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    S65 VHLM Dispersal Draft

    With the 36th overall pick in the draft, the Houston Bulls select...Jerry Garcia! @GustavMattias! Welcome to the stampede!
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    Content: 3/3 Good story but I have a question, what's the EFL? Grammar 2/2 I didn't pick up many mistakes. Also shout out to Macbeth Appearance 1/1 Looks great Total 6/6
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    Auto Correct Message Game

    I am not sure if you have any questions or need any further information please login to your new home and native American Indian confirmed. What.......
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