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    S66 Draft: Later Round Gem Predictions

    Boi @McWolf @Sonnet @Jubo07 @Peace I think S63 needs to teach this guy a lesson
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    To make 9F-6D-2G (or 9F-4D-2G) work I strongly believe you need to increase how many seasons a player actually plays before retiring, introduce new mechanics and so on. Right now everything is consolidated - player careers are shortened, earning TPE is quite easy and creating a star player honestly isn't that much work. You get guided on the path by just completing your tasks, which is how it should be, but I feel like there should be something more. To make a larger team actually benefit the community, I personally believe three things need to happen: Firstly, players careers need to be extended from eight seasons maximum to something like twelve before depreciation is just too much to keep building a player and retiring is more beneficial than just keep going unless you really want to set some records. This allows depth to develop to replace veterans, allows veterans to actually have a decent 'prime' as a decade of hockey is pretty average, and invites new systems into the VHL such as re-adding the minor hockey system from the past Secondly, teams need to have an max-min requirement for each line if teams are expected to fill their rosters with 9F-4D-2G. Top line plays no more than 50% of the time, but requires at least 40%, something like that as well as more backup games required for the backup... or introduce fatigue into the game so players realistically (as much as STHS can simulate that anyway) tire as the game and season progresses. And lastly, I saved the good one here... injuries. Oh no you didn't, Peace! Aye, I did, and I think it's a good idea. I think players should take injuries - nothing season ending or week to week - but small injuries that take the player out of the lineup for a few days makes the league more engaged and GMs have to react. Oh shit, my top C just went down with a sprained ankle for three games... okay, I'll put him there and call up my prospect to use him here. When he's back I'll just send him down again! Just seems like a good way to engage the community a bit.
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    Contrary to popular belief not everything can be blamed on the “old boys club” as easily as you like to make it out. Even if that were the case it’s easy to say “just do it” when you don’t but have 12 years of seeing how the VHL operates. Let’s consider your content or just forcing teams to ice 3 lines. First off, what kind of punishment do you suggest when they don’t because let’s face it, not every team will. Second, does it need to be every game? Just a certain number of games? A percentage? Third, what about goalies? Gonna run out of teams, we forcing teams to have backups? If so how many games do they need to play to be fair? It just becomes a lot of micromanaging if the teams at best and even then it completely ignores the problem that it’s easy to SAY you want more realism and more lines but how many people would actually want to play barely any? Explain it all you want, you still have active guys wasting half their careers on lower lines doing next to nothing. Sure, you could extend careers to counter this a bit, but those top earners get extended too so you don’t really create any higher openings. All you end up doing is punishing those who have less time to dedicate by telling them they’ll never be a top 2 line player or have any real chance in the league. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love the idea of having to expand every 2 seasons. I think realistically that’s not sustainable. However I also don’t think it’s sustainable to push players onto lower lines. Even if all the GM’s comply and have more lines (which multiple have already stated they won’t, they’ll just stack their team with more star power because that’s what wins) a lot of the younger players will inevitably get annoyed that their careers are wasted away. In a sim where 2 lines can easily dominate over depth there is no real incentive to add that depth. This isn’t an old man yelling to get off his lawn or the “old boys club standing in the way” this is legitimately how the league is structured. The sim won’t change just because we say teams have room for 3 lines now. Those third line guys will just suffer and the best teams will continue to have 2 lines. Parity will decrease and members will be bored of watching their players rot.
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    Hello Everyone, We had a good discussion going on in discord about the amount of players per team. We discussed a lot of the pros and the cons regarding increasing the amount of players per team resulting in more lines per team. Currently the "Meta" in the VHL is 6F - 4D -1G and it has been that way since the very beginning. Alot of the older members are very passionate about the 2 Line system but since ive been around ive heard people talk about increasing it and i agreed with there arguments. Some of the Pros and Cons that we discussed on discord are.... PROS: Bigger Lineups means more Locker Room activity. Expansion needed less often (saving league funds) Deeper teams results in depth players being moved more often meaning more trades in general. Ability to use updated versions of STHS. (not proven only theory) (Plays off above) Increased stats via updated STHS sim engine Free Agency having more available players (Instead of the normal 1-2) Increased drama with people wanting more ice time etc. (forced trades) Later Draft picks would be worth more (Depth Players) CONS: Less ice time lowering point totals per player across the league. Impacting players chances at beating records in the record books. People leaving the site because of low ice time (If ice time causes them to leave they would leave anyways) People breaking the system and running 2 forward lines anyways. (ways around that) Well that's just some of the Pros and Cons we thought of If you can write one out ill add it to the list. Let me know what your thoughts on this. Why do you like each type? I'm personally a fan of increase the typical team to around 9F - 4D - 1/2G. What are your thoughts? @jRuutu Your the biggest fan of this so its named after you.
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    Nightcast Episode 1 [1/2]

    Had some issues with the recording quality at the very beginning and end but otherwise should be good. Enjoy!
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    Ranking SHLers in the S66 Draft

    This draft class has a large amount of SHLers who have made the jump over to the VHL after the amazing portal update. In this VHL.com article we'll be looking at where they rank in the S66 Draft. I probably forgot some usernames I don't recognize. 1. @gorlab 212 TPE Gorlab is clearly the best SHLer in this draft class. Sitting at 212 TPE he's 1st among SHLers and 6th overall. Although he was BANNED from SHL, I'm still counting him as an ex-SHLer. 2. @bluesfan55 207 TPE 207 TPE, bloobs is looking like a stud in the VHL already. A very successful SHLer, I have no doubt he's going to create an amazing player here as well. Good luck with your player bloobs! 3. @Dangles13 165 TPE The Co-Commish of the SHL! Looks to be off to a solid start to his VHL career, already at 165 TPE. He ranks #3 on our list. 4. @SlashACM 152 TPE Already wrote about Slash a lot in my MS this week, don't want to type the same thing over again. 5. @xDParK 147 TPE Same as above 6. @Kylrad 146 TPE Same as above 7. @leafssteen 139 TPE Really solid SHL member, seems like a nice guy from what I've seen. He'll be a great player if he puts in similar effort to the SHL. 8. @Birdman 119 TPE Not bad, but he's down 4 spots in the rankings. Maybe falling off a bit? Bird is a sick dude but I'm not sure how committed he is here. 9. @Grape 87 TPE Could be a 5th round + steal if he remains consistent with the easily earned TPE here. He's one of my fav GMs in the SHL. 10. @Teztify 79 TPE I love tez but I think he stopped updating here 11. @Rent A McZ 79 TPE Same as Tez 12. @cpetrella 69 TPE Puts in a lot of work into the SHL. I like this person. 13. @O4L 54 TPE He's a bust, don't draft this guy. 14. @Samee 50 TPE Can be a little bit aggressive in the SHL. Haven't really seen him around here much. 15. @KitRas BUST Words: 360
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    Awww yisss the Wild’s playoff hopes stay alive
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    It’s not a goalie thing. The creator of the engine has flat out told us the engine isn’t built to have attributes in the 90’s; let alone multiple of them. Why he allows it I have no idea but that’s the way it is. Attributes have less effect than sliders in V1 so we can have things normal for us. But in V2 sliders have very little effect compared to attributes so attributes as high as ours, no matter the goalies, doesn’t end well. As for archetypes; personally I hate them because everyone will just flock to the same ones anyway. They only make sense on paper, not in practice. Scoring, Skating, Puck Handling, Defense: those are the attributes that matter for basically every build. There’s little point to capping scoring at 70 for a playmaker because adding more to passing and won’t get you any more assists than adding nothing to it and maxing scoring. It makes no sense but that’s how it operates. People will just build the same but with random caps; I’d rather just have a flat cap on everything. Either way it’s being discussed and tested but I don’t think V2 has any real weight toward this discussion.
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    I actually proposed something similar to this "third league" idea in the BOG but we can discuss it here as well. Only difference being that I would keep the VHLM as more or less the CHL like it is now rather than making it the AHL and have the third league enter underneath it as like a minor hockey step. We can call it NCAA if we want but that's barely a thing with hockey so its a bit odd. Anyway, instead of using the VHL's farm system and linking VHLM teams it would link minor league teams to VHLM teams. Since most VHLM teams already have an AGM anyway the AGM would be in control of the farm minor league team which is where all new players would start. They can be sent down / called up from there as needed and fill out teams at that level while still being apart of the larger VHLM team in a sense. Most active guys wouldn't have to live at this level long but at least it would be there if needed. The VHLM cap would also go up and we'd have to adjust career lengths and update scale accordingly but once all that's done the theory would be that players would spend a few seasons in the VHLM / minor league instead of just 1. This would result in fewer going up in mass and offering more teams for players to play for without needing to expand the league further or have a third simmer. Would also result in ice time remaining where people expect and no one needed to waste half their career with 4th line minutes. Regardless of if we did it this way or how you suggest with VHLM linked to VHL and the "third league" separate (which I think that link is key no matter what, keep 2 simmers) I would think this would add a more interesting dynamic and keep ice tie what VHL players have come to expect better than micromanaging GM's and forcing a certain number of players on them resulting in those players having shit minutes and getting discouraged.
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    Let the memes come.
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    1b. I'd love to play for any team, but I've already got some ice time with the Reapers and I like the direction we're headed. 2. Similar feelings to the Reapers, I wouldn't mind joining a building team. It would give me time to develop my play as the franchise grows with me. 3. Shane Mars. He's scored 8 goals and roughly 12 points against us since I joined the team. He's a monster. 4. He squats every time he enters and exits the locker room. 5. I could see us being in contention for the Founder's Cup in S67 if the right picks are made. A lot of teams are going to lose their star power while we reach our full potential in the VHLM. 6. Loyalty: 10 - It's more important to do what is right for my team to succeed than be on a crappy team and be the highest paid player. Ice time: 5 - I'm not worried about ice time as long as my team is happy and we're winning. Contract: 3 - I'd be willing to risk a major salary cut for my team to get another top player if need be. Contender status: 7 - Although staying true to my team is most important to me, I still want to win.
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    Halifax 21st Press Conference

    I hope to be picked high in the draft and I don't know where Malmö will be picking but If I were picked up by Malmö then I would be loyal almost to a fault. If a new expansion team wants me to lead them and they chose to pick me with their first ever draft pick then I might just have to play with them my entire career. I know I'm still new to this but If an expireced GM like @Advantage picked me over many other returning players who might be safer picks, I would have to reward him by going even harder than I am currently to reward that faith. Who am I not following. I have tried to find a player or two on every team that I would follow as well as every player near my draft ranking. With Yukon its an easy one with HHH. Minnesota has Shane Mars. Houston I have been following Maximilian Kirbsson and Kari Jurri. Las Vegas I have been following Mikko Aaltonen. Saskatoon I have been following Shawnomir Jagr, and Rusty Shackleford. Ottawa was Jack Lynch but now its Don Draper. Philly had a fun group of people to follow before the fire sale but not its hard to latch on to any one player. It depends on who drafted me and where. If I were a high pick, and let me say this High pick in my mind is that I was the first pick for the team, they cannot control what other teams do but If I were picked with a teams second or third draft pick I might not have as much team loyalty as I would if I were their first pick. In my mind, there are two players who are clearly better than me in this draft @Beaviss and @Spade18 at this moment in time. So if I were passed up by every team and picked in the second then my team loyalty would be lower. But If a team picked me early or in Malmö case their first ever VHL Draft pick I would have team loyalty as my primary factor. I am loyal to those who are worthy of loyalness. Ice time can always be negotiated with a team and honestly, If I keep up at this rate and I'm a bonafide VHL star then I don't need to worry about ice time. I'm still unsure about contracts and how they work so I cannot speak to those things, and Honestly If I work hard to keep up this I hope that whatever GM gets me can build a winning team around me if I am a star. All that being said though I think this might be similar to the 2015 NHL Entry Draft where the top two are clear but after that its the wild west. I just hope I don't fall too far because some people don't like me or think I'm going to leave soon after. Also Thanks @Renomitsu for the excellent questions.
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    idk I'm a S66 draftee and I think that getting more lines is a good idea, yeah the ice time will hinder for players, but tbh isn't that more realistic? like except top2 picks in the draft it's obvious that you wouldn't throw a rookie on the 1st/2nd line instantly, you'd put him on a 3rd/4th and let him develop slowly. Same with when u first get picked into a team, u don't get 1st line minutes, you start low and grind yourself up.
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    you just reminded me to re-sign my own players
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    @Philliefan career game right here.
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    I think it's possible to work around some of the cons while accommodating the (hopefully-sustained) larger draft classes. If we're able to maintain larger draft class sizes & have solid player retention, we could keep expanding - but who's to say we'd have a larger number of members who would want to take on GM roles? I love expansion, and suspect that it'll be required multiple times in the next five seasons, especially if the Recruitment Crew keeps doing what they do, but we should also have a contingency plan for teams if the interest in managing doesn't match the expansion in player base. Provided the composition of this year's class, it's clear newer members (like old members) like making forwards. If we're to have a place for all of these new wingers and centers, it should be in a league system that can accommodate them instead of shoe-horning players either into (1) low-minute roles even if they're active or (2) playing a position they just don't want to. With 9/4/1, it's possible to have decent minutes as a forward with activity, and members who wanted to make defensemen in the first place can do so without worrying (as much) about playing time. On the other hand, I think balancing 4 lines' worth of forwards may be a bit much. At that point, if we attach a minutes restriction for all four lines, it begins to eat pretty significantly into top players' ice time, which diminishes the effect of being a star - and achieving that high-minute, high-stat output is an important ideal to look up to as a newer player. Three lines is worth trialing at least, because otherwise we'll need multiple expansion teams OR recent draftees to take the L in minutes because there's just not enough roster space, which may not be good for player retention. As far as record book effects, I think it would be worth discussing simply immortalizing pre-depth chart changes and establishing a new record book thereafter. That way, old players' records are still maintained, and new players still have a realistic chance of challenging new ones. Talking heads discuss greats from different 'eras,' and having more talking points isn't necessarily a bad thing. As far as ice time, we could impose similar restrictions on the regular season/playoffs as we do on the World Juniors.
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    My Thoughts on Expansion, Roster Sizes As I was writing my VHL fan.590, I realized that I had more I wanted to say regarding both VHL and VHLM expansion and roster sizes, as I hit roughly 250 words with ease, and it shouldn't be that hard for me to double that for a point task. So, that's where I am. For as long as I've been here (joined in Season 24) and I believe for the VHL's entire existence, the VHL has been a league with rosters consisting primarily of 6 forwards, 4 defensemen, and 1 goalie. For multiple reasons, some teams decided to load up on high end talent at the cost of depth, resulting in rosters such as 5 forwards, 3 defensemen, and 1 goalie, and I could swear that there was a Quebec team that won with 4 forwards, 3 defensemen, and 1 goalie, but I can't be bothered to look that up right now. Sometimes, these teams made a conscience decision to do this. However, in the past, we have had instances where our player base was not large enough to fill the rosters of every team in the league. This isn't meant to be a discussion on why previous expansion and/or project player two were failures, but it's important to note that part of the reason that our roster sizes are the way they are is due to the size of our player base. However, due to the hard word of our recruitment crew, VHLM commissioners, VHLM GMs, and many others, the VHL has been growing faster than it ever has before. So far, retainment of these new members has also been better than it usually is. Suddenly, it's become apparent that if we continue on this path, the VHL is going to see change in either the size of rosters or expansion. Even if the specifics have not been announced yet, I don't think it's a secret that the league will be expanding to 10 teams. However, this might not be enough. I don't have the numbers, but just from hearing GMs talk about their roster plans and seeing the past VHL and VHLM Drafts, we're going to have to either expand our rosters or go through expansion again. In my view, expansion is the correct choice. In my opinion, part of the draw of the VHL is the fact that no matter how low your TPE may be, there are minutes available for you somewhere (goalies notwithstanding, since that issue is a little more complicated). Whether it's in the pros or the minors, I don't think there's many feelings worse in sim leagues than to be stuck on a lower line with no playing time and not putting up any results. Yes, the situation may be a little more bearable if the team is winning, but at the end of the day, this is a player sim league, and we all want to see individual success as well. The few times I've been stuck on lower lines in the VHLM as a re-create have been my least enjoyable time in the VHLM, and I'm one of the biggest defenders of the importance of the VHLM there is. There used to be an argument that larger roster sizes would result in more discussion or activity and more rivalry. In our past, I would have agreed with this point, but noted that it wasn't more important than the player time argument, but in today's VHL, I don't think this applies anymore. Again, these are topics that could be discussed more elsewhere, but I don't believe discussion or activity would increase with higher rosters given that the majority of VHL discussion now either takes place in open areas of the forum or on Discord. Gone are the days where locker rooms were guarded from outsiders and team discussion viewed as a private matter. On rivalries, member to member or team to team drama is basically non-existent at this point. In general, this is a good thing, but I think the vast majority of older members would say that they miss the old true rivalries and bickering of the old VHL, when most of us were high school or college aged at a period of time when trolling, flaming, and even what insults/language were acceptable were much different than they are today. With all this said, I do believe that eventual expansion in the VHL and immediate expansion in the VHLM are the correct answer. I do think we should hold at 10 VHL teams for at least the next 2 seasons in order to see how the roster situation shakes out and how active some of these members stay. At the end of the day, it's easier and less messier to expand than to contract. Some have made the argument in the past that they wouldn't want to be on an expansion team, but my immediate reaction to that is that being selected by an expansion team is no worse than being drafted or traded to a rebuilding team. VHLM expansion is something that's going to be needed immediately. With limited spots available in a league that sees large fluxes of new members, we need to make sure there are always genuine spots available for these players, meaning not 4th line minutes. Even if teams are spread a little thing at the beginning of the season, the competitive balance of the VHLM will result in some teams being buyers and some teams being sellers, putting actives on competitive teams and giving new members plenty of playing time on the not as good teams. Now, do I think expanding rosters to 3 full lines on a regular basis would destroy the league? No, I don't, but I don't believe it's the better option between itself and expansion. It may even be something that has to be done on a temporary basis if recruitment/retainment continues to be this successful and we have 10 VHL teams, but at the end of the day, I don't believe that it's something that we should be striving for as a long term goal.
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    "It's Toasted" [1/2]

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    S66 Draft - Top-5 names

    As those who are familiar with the world of scouting know, often the most imporant part on the whole process is figuring out how well the players name fits your teams jersey. If your draftees name looks bad and/or it means something offensive, that will be a problem. I´m here today to share my picks on players who have a last name that will look good on basically every jersey in VHL! Lets get into it: 1. Kari Jurri. Simple, but effective. Shades of a familiar name, but then you got also the comedy factor in there. Jersey with that name on it could turn out to be a huge sales hit in Finland. 2. Shawnomir Jagr Who can say no to that last name, huh? Legendary. 3. Nacho I like this, always wondered why we don´t see more ´artistic´ names in hockey, bit like in football with the Brazilian players. 4. Kyle Sabertooth Fierce name, marketing team will have a lot of fun with it. If Kyle ends up being a power forward, could be one of the best playing style and name combinations out there. 5. John Frostbeard Is there anything worse than frost on a beard? But still, who does not like a beard? Automatically gets on my list. That is all I have today, tune in next week when I will look at 5 players who would look good on the cover of cosmopolitan!
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    S65 Theme Week Point Task

    Hello again Everybody! First, I'll address quikly what some of you may already be noticing, that this topic was posted 2 days ago: I'm low on free time, so posting it early made it easier on me. Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about what has become a tradition these past few seasons: Theme Week. I make an announcement, you guys get uncapped TPE, everyone is happy. It's been a good arrangement, and everyone has come to anticipate the seasonal announcement of what the theme is that they will be doing their hard earned work. I announce, you get TPE. Simple formula, yes? Well, I thought I'd do it a little different this season. But, then I wondered, why mess with a good thing? Because it's fun to screw with people? I mean, yeah, that'd be part of it. But then any changes I do make would cause more work for @Beketov and myself, and we don't want that, so theme week will go as usual! With that in mind, this season's theme week will be based on the Season 66 Draft! Any task submitted that pertains to the upcoming draft, whether it is individual players, team needs, the draft on a whole, whatever you like; so long as it meets the minimum requirements of the corresponding Point Task (500 words for an MS, 200 words for a VHL.com article, 10 minutes for a full podcast, etc.). Payouts for this season's theme week are as follows: Now, assuming you're reading this on Monday, and not being a sly fox who can see it early, go forth and submit your themed PT to claim that beautiful Uncapped TPE!
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    Moscow's Look Ahead At The Draft

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    S66 Draft - Top-5 names

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    S66 Draft - Top-5 names

    http://oswreview.com/media/oswreview56/ skip to 35 seconds. it is probably the best video youll see today about "Tri"
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    S66 Draft - Top-5 names

    Triggered that HHH wasnt part of this.
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    We’re looking into it and testing but it’s not as simple a simple just a harsh update scale. For example, if we allow attributes higher than 90, irregardless of how hard they are to get, it’ll create godlike players so a cap may also be required. Like i said, we’re looking into methods. I just wanted to point out that simply having players get tired won’t fix the issue when they score on every second shot they take. That don’t involve micromanaging every team? I don’t like the idea of telling GM’s the exact amount of each position they need to have. Takes a lot of potential strategy and building out of the job.
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    GM 277: Riga Reign vs. Toronto Legion

    You gonna let him call you out like that?!
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    Thats why I brought up the three forward line VHL. Its a stop gap and way to fit people without super aggressive expansion. (3/4th of this draft class seems to be forwards). In the coming seasons there will be a space issue with the rate we are gaining members. Thats why to slow down the rapid expansion you could make a simple cap change and add three forwards to a team with very minimal consequence. The pros heavily outweigh the cons IMO and the only valid reason that's brought up so far was ice time and that can be managed quite easily.
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    S66 Draft: Later Round Gem Predictions

    We all know the big boys in this draft, guys such as Beaviss, Spade, hockeyis66, Kirby, and Plate to name a few, but lets look at some guys that will go in the 2nd round and later that could end up being huge steals. 1. @RunnerBert11. Projected early 2nd round Although Bert could easily be a first round pick, I think he will fall to the early second round, which is a steal for this guy. I've been in many sim leagues for many years and have seen many first gen players. Honestly this guy is probably the most impressive first gen player I've ever seen in any sim league. He's extremely active in discord and just really cares about the league, his team, and his player. He's done every possible task since joining, including rookie profile and biography. I'd definitely draft him in the top 8 or so, he's an elite talent and I can't see him falling off at all. 2. @KylradProjected 3rd round Kylrad's had many players in this league, and although I don't think he's ever had a superstar I still think he's going to be an absolute steal in this draft. Collected 5 welfare TPE a week, plus doing his press conferences, VHL.com articles, trivia and practice facilities he's adding around 13 TPE per week. He seems motivated to keep this up, and I believe he will. So look at Kylrad to end up as one of the top TPE earners from this draft once all is said and done. The only downside of him is that he's extremely quiet on the forums, and in discord barely saying a word. 3. @gregreg Projected 3rd round Another veteran that's going to end up being a gem in this draft's 3rd round or so. He's currently skyrocketing up the TPE Draft Rankings list, and will continue to do so before the season is done. I'm not sure how long he was gone for, as I myself recently returned after a 3 year absence or so, but he seems highly motivated again and I have no doubt this player of his will be an all-star and one of the highest TPE earners of the draft when we look back at it seasons down the road. 4. @xDParK Projected 3rd round Yes, I believe I will be a steal in the 3rd round. Similar to Kylrad I'm earning the 13 TPE per week consistently, and have no intentions of slowing down. I'm really enjoying the league so far and am motivated to create my first really good player in this league. Not really going to say much more about myself. but I can say that whoever drafts me won't regret it. 5. @SlashACM Projected 3rd round I believe this is Slash's first VHL player. He's a stud in the SHL with his goalie, and I believe he will create another stud goaltender here in the VHL. Him and Owen May will easily be the best goalies from this draft. Slash seems like a good guy from what I've seen in the SHL, so I believe he will be a good teammate as well. I'm not sure how many VHL teams need goalies, but if not many need them I could see him really falling in this draft. Teams will regret passing on this guy if it happens. Words 558
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    S66 Draft - the Finnish prospects

    Make Finnish hockey great again
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    Philadelphia Reapers Press Conference

    1b) - I see myself right back in Philly. it's hard to imagine myself anywhere else at the moment. After that, I can see myself in Ottawa or Halifax. Both in someway have a connection to me. I know nothing about them because i've been here less than a week. lol. I'm pretty neutral about it i guess. No one really, I'm still getting used to the " lay of the land" so to speak. No idea lol. Been here for such a short period of time lol. Depending on quality of players, I can see S66 being a serious step up. Playoffs most likely, S67 can be a contenders season if everything pans out right.
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    Houston Bulls Press Conference

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    I´d say that is mostly on the GM to make sure the upcoming star players who collect max tpe every week gets the treatment they deserve - fair role on the 2nd line and powerplay time for example. Of course there might be players who get into first line right away due to the team simply having absolutely no other options and you end up into slightly deeper team from the draft and that way lose on the rookie race, that is unfortunate, but on the bright side you are a lot closer to actually winning something as a team. In general the GM´s who put semi actives with lets say 400 TPE over a max earning 250 TPE rookie player are insane, so I would not be worried as a young player. You can and absolutely should talk to your GM right away every time a inactive or semi-active is taking your ice time - In this league, with old or new line system and in general in every other sim leagues.
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    By my quik count, we have 17 VHLM players who already are past the 200 points right now. That includes S64-S66. There are 8 VHLM players who are at 180 or above who should hit the 200 unless they choose not too. 10 players who are 150 - 180 who again could hit 200 but might choose not to play in the VHLM another season.
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    Houston Bulls Press Conference

    Hi Houston! Here are some questions. 1) The Bulls are in the thick of the playoff race in spite of being an expansion team - but quickly after that comes the Dispersal & Entry drafts: 1a) (If you were drafted by Houston) Like most teams, you're going to lose some players to the VHL next season. Who's going to be called up first, and when? If you think multiple teammates will make the leap by week 1, who will it be? 1b) (If you were picked up as a brand-new player) Where do you see yourself going in the S66 VHLM Dispersal Draft? Where would you enjoy going most if you couldn't be picked up by Houston again? 1c) (If you've already been drafted into the VHL) Who from your current VHLM team (1 player) would you most like to see drafted to your VHL team? 2) The Malmö Nighthawks are joining the major league next season. How interested are you in joining them? 3) What player(s) outside your current team are you following in the VHLM right now? Why? 4) The Bulls have a decent number of representatives in the WJC (USA: Jerry Garcia, Fylo Gibbles // Europe: Kari Jurri, Maximilian Kirbsson // Asia: Viktor Kozlov // World: Jack Lynch). Other than yourself, who do you think was s n u b b ed in the selection process? 5) @Sonnet currently has Kagamine Rin set as his avatar. 5a) (If you know who Kagamine Rin is) Is his waifu trash? Why or why not? 5b) (If you've never heard of it before) If you couldn't use "Horns Up" as a team tagline, what would you propose? 5c) (If both of those questions aren't interesting) How tf is Rhys Chism is pronounced? How nervous would you be pronouncing his name in a presser if you've never heard his name before? 6) Let's say 4 seasons from now you're a bona-fide VHL star at your position, and you're entering Free Agency. How important (on a scale from 1-10 each) are: team loyalty, ice time, contract (i.e. $$$/season), and contender status?
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    I would, thats one of the biggest things I like about SHL. You have to earn your minutes, and even then the GM's play with lines and have more room for that with 3 lines. Speaking of which, entry contract should be a max of 3 seasons, not a required 3 seasons. If you sign 1 season you become an RFA, if you sign 2-3 you become a UFA. Discord LR's are pretty active, at least the ones im in (Ottawa and Davos) Can't wait for S76 with 32 VHL teams and 46 VHLM teams. Expansion Very close again, won't be suprised if theres another expansion on the horizon. Anyway, here's my ideal plan. Personally I believe that the VHL system should be changed to add a college system. With that the VHLM would become similar to the AHL, and the VHL would stay the same. NCAA players would play 4 seasons with a 200 tpe cap, then "uncap" where they play a season where they can apply past 200 tpe. They then get drafted to the VHL where the VHL team decides if they want to send them down to the VHLM, or keep them in the VHL. NCAA would also have "fillers" who are second players that people would create if they want too, and could only earn up to 50 tpe a season on them, then retire them after their senior NCAA year. Now obviously I don't see this happening next season, or even in the near future, but this could happen in 15ish seasons before the point of each the VHL and VHLM having 30 teams each. This system would also be delayed if the number of lines expands. The benefits of this system are that players, especially new ones wouldn't complain about ice time, since they could be playing top minutes in the VHLM, whereas they'd be playing 3rd line minutes in the VHL. Also prevents the need for adding more teams every season. And theres probably a ton of other benefits that I just can't think of right now. Cons are obviously more teams are needed. the problem of what happens if recruitment dies down, and what happens to VHL career lengths or what to do with that since people would waste years in the VHLM. Overall I think that expanding the lines would bring a nice change of pace, and more diversity for strategies and lines in the VHL.
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    Halifax 21st Press Conference

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    1. I don't agree with the firing but maybe a punishment similar to the backup rule? 2. Agree fully if anything it might promote people doing more point tasks to climb up the depth charts.
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    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1. In the latter half of the season now and, while Halifax and Minnesota are quite a few points ahead, there is just 4 points separating 3rd and 7th, which of those five teams (Aces, Bulls, Lynx, Rush, Wild) do you think will finish highest at the end of the season? It's getting even closers now. I think The Wild’s will make a big push right up to the end, but Vegas seems to be the most likely to finish 3rd. 2. Since the last set of questions were asked, the World Juniors Rosters have been selected. What do you think about your nationalities chances at winning the tournament? The first games are a little concerning given the results, but as USA's rookie GM learns the ropes I think we will win it all. 3a. (If you made your World Juniors roster) Who would you consider the best player on your team? Gritty is pretty scary, but also pretty good. 4. Hunter Hearst Helmsley is currently leading the league in points and goals, do you think there's anyone who can stop him from leading in either come the end of the season? Not without roids. 5. Give a shout-out to one member of your team who has helped you out and why (maybe a member's player has helped your player perform well in the sim, a member who helped you with PT's, etc.)  @nethi99 has been very friendly and always willing to help anyone since I've joined. 6. Recommend either a video game or a movie for other members to play/watch and why you'd recommend it. If you haven't seen it, Ice Guardians is a pretty cool hockey documentary about enforcers and fighting in hockey.
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    Meh. Sometimes drama is fun, but what if this happens too often? 10% isn't going to work. At least 15-17 imo. Another meh. sometimes a member won't give a shit about the explanation, no matter how good it is. idk, maybe I'm judging people based on myself (when I was a holdout in my rookie season in NSHL cause I didn't want to be a backup). But I still doubt everybody would be on board with this.
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    Discord pretty much made sure of that. It has its uses but board activity isn’t one of them.
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    welcome to STHS
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    Halifax 21st Press Conference

    New set of questions for the 21st! 1) Halifax doesn't have a lot of draft picks for next year, but has a ton of talent currently on the team. 1a) (If you were drafted by Halifax) Who do you think your team should target in the Dispersal Draft and why? 1b) (If you were picked up as a brand-new player) Where do you see yourself going in the S66 VHLM Dispersal Draft? Where would you enjoy going most if you couldn't be picked up by Halifax again? 1c) (If you've already been drafted into the VHL) Who from your current VHLM team (1 player) would you most like to see drafted to your VHL team? 2) The Malmö Nighthawks are joining the major league next season. How interested are you in joining them? 3) What player(s) outside your current team are you following in the VHLM right now? Why? 4) Dimitri Volosenkov @SirRupertBarnes was noted to have discipline problems in his rookie scouting report. What's the craziest penalty he's taken, and how in the world did it involve Gritty (of NHL fame)? 5) Your GM @McWolf was recently described as the Jim to @Esso2264's Pam in a recent presser. How do you think they'd fare in a GM brawl against @Josh. and @BladeMaiden? 6) Let's say 4 seasons from now you're a bona-fide VHL star at your position. How important (on a scale from 1-10 each) are: team loyalty, ice time, contract (i.e. $$$/season), and contender status?
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    New set of questions for you guys! 1) The Reapers are eliminated from the playoffs and are almost guaranteed the top spot in the draft (answer one of the two): 1a) (If you were drafted by Philadelphia) Who do you think your team should target in the Dispersal Draft and why? 1b) (If you were picked up as a brand-new player) Where do you see yourself going in the S66 VHLM Dispersal Draft? Where would you enjoy going most if you couldn't be drafted by @BladeMaiden? 2) The Malmö Nighthawks are joining the major league next season. How interested are you in joining them? 3) What player(s) outside your current team are you following in the VHLM right now? Why? 4) MORPHEUS DESTRUCTIOUS @Abaddon is literally 50 years old and 6'8". What's the weirdest thing he's done in the locker room? 5) Philly has a ton of picks in the next two Dispersal Drafts. Realistically, how far do the Reapers go in S66 and S67? 6) Let's say 4 seasons from now you're a bona-fide VHL star at your position. How important (on a scale from 1-10 each) are: team loyalty, ice time, contract (i.e. $$$/season), and contender status?
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    He's elite talent, but only we know about it
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    Where's my resim?
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    VHLM Pick’em (S65W6)

    @Josh. why wont you have dinner with me and my parents!? AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!?
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    Dil’s Recruits

    Yup,this is true DillsPickle got me
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    More than enough (aka any at all) discussion will be had around HHH and the high end of the draft, but that's boring as hell. Who cares about first overall anyways? I'm more interested in some of the guys who are on the lower end of the TPE scale, but whose draft stock has been rising, for any one of many possible reasons. Here are a few that jump out to me. 1. LW - Kyle Sabertooth: 157 TPE @uphillmoss Sabertooth will be on the threshold of capping out at the end of this season and therefore forcing himself into the big league. With the way he's been earning of late, I highly doubt the winger will be returning the the M for S66. Moss has been active around the site and on discord, leading me to believe he won't peter out anytime soon as well. 2. RW - Emil Passerelli: 138 TPE @SparrowLTD Sparrow's TPE earnings probably don't jump out at anyone, simply based on the fact that he's been primarily claiming welfare instead of doing a PT. I think he's still a really solid option in this deep draft because of how consistent he's been with his claims every week. On top of welfare, Sparrow tends to do Trivia and Press Conferences, and he has a couple recruits under his wing (ha) that help both his TPE earning potential in the long run and the likelihood of him sticking around for seasons to come. Once again, combine the above with his activity and interaction with other members, and you have a solid depth prospect. 3. D - Apollo Hackett: 124 TPE @Renomitsu I would have to imagine that Hackett is flying under nobody's radar at this point. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to see a team like Riga, who could use someone like him possibly staying in the M another year, take him with a late 1st round pick. I know that may sound crazy considering how many players are already above 200 TPE in this draft class, but I think the long term TPE earning potential that Renomitsu brings greatly outweighs the short term benefits of taking someone with a high amount of TPE on draft day. Between donations, trivia, maximizing uncapped TPE opportunities, and doing a PT every week, Renomitsu has already shown that he's prepared to dig in and better his player. The fact that he was only ranked 40th in the latest S66 draft rankings means he could be the biggest riser in the weeks to come. 4. LW - Blake Laughton: 87 TPE @Grape This pick is a bit of a funny one. Grape went 3 full weeks after creating Laughton before claiming any TPE, but since then, he's been earning welfare solidly every week, with the occasional press conference, trivia answers, or even graphic sprinkled in. For whatever reason, I'm just getting a vibe that Laughton might be one of those slow burning picks, one of those that might stay another season or even two in the VHLM, but in 5 seasons' time is an integral part of a contending team's 2nd line. Honestly there's no real concrete reason to throw Laughton on this list, but I'm just getting a feeling. 535 Words, theme week.
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    Rule Change Proposition

    I generally don't share much in the way of my opinion publicly anymore since I am no longer in the BOG and just talk to @Devise about most of my thoughts. With that being said, I needed something to write about and both Devise and I were discussing something that was concerning to us. Obviously we saw the league make a change in the update scale a while back and I think it has been mostly successful in regards to shaping the players. With that being said, one thing has become quite clear over the last couple years, and is being magnified even more this year, and that is that goalies suck. Steadily as goalies from the older eras retire, we have seen a clear decline in numbers as shown below. I remember the days where a .917 SV% was considered quite poor and would rank you in the bottom half or even third in the league, and now it would put you as one of the best. S61 Goalie Stats Norris Stropko - .932 SV%, 1.64 GAA Marcus King - .928 SV%, 1.75 GAA Ike Arkander - .925 SV%, 1.74 GAA Shawn Brodeur - .920 SV%, 1.86 GAA Arvid Aamo - .918 SV%, 2.87 GAA Roger Sterling - .917 SV%, 3.53 GAA Tristan Iseult - .906 SV%, 2.73 GAA --------------------------------------- Average - .920 SV%, 2.30 GAA S62 Goalie Stats Norris Stropko - .928 SV%, 1.83 GAA Tristan Iseult - .917 SV%, 2.33 GAA Roger Sterling - .915 SV%, 3.40 GAA Shawn Brodeur - .913 SV%, 2.30 GAA Johnny Carlson - .913 SV%, 3.10 GAA Ismond Kingfisher - .908 SV%, 3.62 GAA Arvid Aamo - .899 SV%, 3.51 GAA -------------------------------------- Average - .913 SV%, 2.87 GAA S63 Goalie Stats Tristan Iseult - .924 SV%, 2.01 GAA Ismond Kingfisher - .923 SV%, 3.26 GAA Roger Sterling - .920 SV%, 2.34 GAA Alexander Pepper - .918 SV%, 3.28 GAA Kallis Kriketers - .915 SV%, 2.24 GAA Norris Stropko - .915 SV%, 2.32 GAA Shawn Brodeur - .904 SV%, 3.37 GAA Arvid Aamo - .900 SV%, 3.95 GAA ----------------------------------------- Average - .914 SV%, 2.84 GAA S64 Goalie Stats Norris Stropko - .930 SV%, 2.52 GAA Alexander Pepper - .920 SV%, 2.53 GAA Ismond Kingfisher - .919 SV%, 2.98 GAA Finn Davison - .918 SV%, 3.30 GAA Tristan Iseult - .916 SV%, 2.52 GAA Rhett Stoffiday - .915 SV%, 3.33 GAA Brick Wahl - .914 SV%, 2.73 GAA Kallis Kriketers - .913 SV%, 2.30 GAA Roger Sterling - .912 SV%, 2.64 GAA -------------------------------------------- Average - .917 SV%, 2.76 GAA S65 Goalie Stats Roger Sterling - .918 SV%, 2.48 GAA Ismond Kingfisher - .914 SV%, 2.71 GAA Alexander Pepper - .911 SV%, 2.55 GAA Johnny Carlson - .911 SV%, 2.70 GAA Brick Wahl - .910 SV%, 3.04 GAA Finn Davison - .907 SV%, 3.11 GAA Tristan Iseult - .907 SV%, 2.81 GAA Kallis Kriketers - .906 SV%, 2.52 GAA Justin Cole - .899 SV%, 4.13 GAA ---------------------------------------------- Average - .909 SV%, 2.89 GAA So what gives? Despite a minor uptick in numbers last season, we are seeing some of the worst goalie numbers in history. Could it be that we just have too many young goalies who are underdeveloped in the league? Perhaps. Lets take a ,look at the TPE numbers: Alexander Pepper - 791 TPE Ismond Kingfisher - 767 TPE Kallis Kriketers - 763 TPE Tristan Iseult - 758 TPE Roger Sterling - 691 TPE Brick Wahl - 544 TPE Johnny Carlson - 464 TPE Finn Davison - 464 TPE Justin Cole - 173 TPE Aside Cole, I don't really think TPE is ultimately an issue for the other starting goaltenders in the VHL. While there are no 1000+ TPE goaltenders, we have four above 700 and another right near it...numbers that used to be good enough to max almost all, if not all, the goalie attributes. While we don't necessarily want that amount of TPE to max goalie stats, it's pretty clear it has an effect even by just looking at Pepper, who despite having the most TPE does not have a single attribute past 94. Also, what looking at these numbers from the past few years has shown me is that Stropko should have easily won MVP last season. Not to bring up that wound again for @Bushito but his dominance of a position that has taken such a sharp decline over the years, was very impressive and certainly a bigger deal than anything any skater accomplished last season. Ultimately, this post is to propose a thought and I think we should perhaps scale back the update scale slightly for goaltenders. Not significantly or anything, but I do think it should be a little easier to max an attribute than it is for skaters, given that there are six incredibly important attributes for goaltenders and another that they still have to add to. I think it's great to see some better offensive numbers, but I am worried about our goaltenders when I know so many of the members with goalies have become discouraged (I know of at least three who are entering prime or are young who are already very concerned and talking retirement). While I don't think it will ever be an epidemic where we don't have enough goaltenders to fill the slots on our teams, I am concerned about longevity at a position that in the past already could be depressing for so many members and is seemingly even more-so now. Look no further than the current statistics of so many goaltenders who are north of 700 TPE. Kriketers...Kingfisher...Iseult...all struggling significantly and putting up statistics that in the past, would be considered nothing short of atrocious for a well-developed player. Give me your thoughts. Is it too early to pull the trigger on this? Should we make the change? Are these just a few outlier seasons? @Beketov @Quik @Will
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    Damn, we let Gritty score on us?
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