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    VHL All Star Skills Competition - S70

    Hello VSN Welcome to the S70 VHL All Stars Competition, presented by VSN. A recording of the commentary is available for you to listen to, or read below for the results. Spotify Link coming soon. Results Below: Final Results for the VHL All Stars Skills Competition S70! Congratulations to all participants!
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    Winter VHLM

    font doesn't really fit the imagine but it fits the name! p.s. pretend there's a Kings' logo. despite reminding myself every 5 minutes I still somehow forgot to add it before I flattened the image. so yeah I can't edit it. @Sonnet welcome to the KINGS!
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    The Return

    It feels good to be back. Now, instead of getting home after a long day and just watching tiktoks, I have something else to keep myself busy, which is nice. I'm excited for a fresh start with my new defenseman General Zod, which I got from a youtuber 2bcproductions who is a legend ( @InstantRockstar knows) . I originally always had in mind I wanted to play for the Hounds, but Gustav is no longer GM, and they aren't exactly successful so my plans changed. If they were good I likely would have signed there. I chose Houston because they are a very good team but they don't have an elite defense, so I could get first pairing minutes after a week or so, or maybe even right off the bat depending on what our GM does. For my VHLM player I want a good playoff contender but I still want to get minutes so I thought Houston would be a great fit. We shall see, but it's good to be back after about two months of inactivity.
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    me & ur ghost

    @jhatty8 @Pengu For Kastelic and Washington the week ending 2/30 I'm an idiot, February 30th doesn't exist. Pushing this one even further back to April 5 & 12 for Washington. I'll probably make another dozen graphics between now and then though so it doesn't really matter. Nobody reads this anyways. SOTW is a bop. love me some blackbear
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    @TacticalHammer @Sebster03 @Jayrad28 @Bucky___lastard @BladeMaiden 2nd overall as a team, top 5 in 4 out of 5 events
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    Sense of Urgency in Prague?

    Third year defenseman Wolf Stansson Jr. and the rest of his Prague Phantoms teammates are under intense scrutiny now. After hovering near the top of the European division for the first third of the season or so — Prague has been slowly but steadily dropping games and falling down the standings. Through 52 games, Prague now finds themselves a single point shy of the postseason. “Man that isn’t cool. I understand that we’re struggling at the moment and trying to tinker around with some things. But we’ve been on an awful slide lately and if we keep it up at this pace, we’re gonna miss the postseason... again. That’s some thing we really cannot afford this year as an organization. Not after the great start we had. Right now it’s crunch time. 20 games left in the season and we need to have the best of our players out there on the ice rink right now. No more games, tinkering around with stuff. We need to be all like, guns blazing through the final stretch and I hope that our coach/front office is aware of this.”
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    5 for 5! Thanks for setting this all up, this was a cool event!
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    Smitty showing up for Moscow! Also shoutout to @Berocka for being pretty much the only person to pronounce my name right lol.
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    A Fresh Start

    Thank god I can ramble about some VHL stuff for TPE; the creative juices aren't really flowing right now, so I'll go full meta and talk about some of my recent time (or lack thereof) on the site. So @GustavMattias has been flaming me a tad for disappearing into thin air and I feel like I should at least say a little something about why that might be. In all honesty, it wasn't one specific thing that led me to step back for a while. Rather, it was a combination of a few factors: Since Pepper had successfully combated all possible depreciation, there was no reason to keep earning and forcing stats to go up by a mere one point every week or two. I'd put a lot of work into getting the VHL/M merch store up and running, from making hi-res logos for every team, to giving each one their own distressed-type look, to making sure all of the uploads were sized and positioned correctly on all of the products There were few exciting things for Pepper to do, so I had no reason to actively check and follow sims. That last one is probably the easiest to talk about, so we'll get that one out of the way first; as he entered his final season, there was little left for Pepper to accomplish. The only thing he has left to do is hit 300 wins, which at this point feels more like a matter of time than a potential question mark. The second point is one that a lot of people probably aren't aware of. I did almost everything to set up the merch shop, minus the actual account setup and anything involving the monetization of sales. Aside from that, I had to make sure every team in both leagues was equally represented in terms of available merch, I had to make sure everything looked okay on the color choices we would provide by default, and I had to make corrections or changed when some logos got (somehow) flagged for copyright infringement. I put a lot of work into making sure everything was nice and presentable, and doing so much of it in such a small amount of time probably factored into my break quite a bit. But the first one, by far, was probably the biggest contribution to the break. At some point, earning TPE did next to nothing for me, so i decided to back away and put my efforts into other things that I wanted to get done. By this point, I was just waiting for the trade deadline so I could recreate and start over with a fresh coat of paint, so I saw no reason to continue grinding and ruin my will to get a new player off the ground. While my overall activity suffered, I feel like it was something I probably needed to do in order to ensure a smooth TPE whoring process for Winter. I think that about sums it up. I'm excited to get back to work, to get drafted to some new teams, and to meet some new faces as I climb through the ranks once again. Really looking forward to finally having proper linemates, I won't lie.
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    Winter [1/2]

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    VHL Stuff

    - There was a thread on whether Practice Facility on the portal was a bad idea and I was gonna contribute but it seems they eventually came to the same conclusion I had anyway, you just need more links on the portal. I would say this specifically for the main page of the portal, which probably could use something to advertise TPE opportunities, especially given the VHL Portal was the link used in the last youtube ad I saw. - Speaking of the main page, looks like we need a new News Manager. I don't understand why that only payed 1 TPE though, like surely if it's updated a decent amount per week, the payout should equal at least the same as say a Press Conference or Trivia? - Speaking of jobs, maybe we should reopen up HOF articles? Maybe I'm biased (correction: definitely biased) given I'm one of the ones awaiting a HOF article, but it's a little strange (especially given the VHL has never been more active than it is now), that it's actually a year today I was inducted into the HOF and my articles still pending. And let's face it, people love extra TPE.
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    Patrik Tallinder the future if Riga is impeccable at shooting
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    VHL All Star Skills Competition - S70

    Congrats everyone! Nice job @Patrik Tallinder on winning the accuracy shooting! congrats to @DMaximus for winning fastest skater!
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    Last week I did a graphic for our VHL Team Overall Ratings and also an article explaining the math behind how I came up with those numbers. Those ratings were based off the Full Rosters for the teams but this week I wanted to do something a little different. Allow me to introduce the Top 6's Overall Ratings where I use the same equations as I previously did for the Full Roster version except I will only be using the following for these Overall Ratings: Top 3 Forwards for Offence, Top 2 Defense-men for Defense, and the Starting Goaltender for the Goaltending stats. For the team's Total Overall I will be using the same 6 player's hence "Top 6's". Now it's finally time for the Top 6's Overall Ratings! NA EU
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    Europe Wins Bronze!

    Team Europe’s S70 World Junior Championship was one with many ups and downs. The team played well through the round robin finishing with a 4-2-2 record sitting only behind Canada. After Team World bested Team Asia in the quarterfinals the semis were set. A clash between two of the favourites being Europe vs. USA. The game was a defensive show by both teams. The US scored to take a one goal lead and that was the only goal scored until they sealed the win against Europe with an empty netter. This was a crushing defeat for Europe but they quickly turned their attention to Bronze medal game where they ended up facing off against Team World. Europe took care of business in the Bronze medal game by defeating Team World 4-2. Roque Davis put on an absolute clinic and contributed 4 assists in the process! GM Ricer13 is extremely proud of how well his team performed. Walking away with a Bronze medal in his first ever WJC is something he will never forget and looks forward to take another run at a championship sometime in the future. Thank you to those who host this wonderful tournament. I look forward to seeing these teams showdown again in S71! word count: 207
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    Let’s drink tequila and play some playoff hockey. Accepto mate
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    (S72) RW - Jungkok, TPE: 76

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    VSN WJC Daily Review #4

    Quarterfinals World vs. Asia With advancement to the Semi-Finals and a chance at a medal, Hulk Hogan's nWo held nothing back against Asia. With a dominant first period in which the nWo scored four goals, highlighted by Iangenere Risteneen scoring two goals in just over two minutes in the tail end of the period. Asia also committed three penalties, with Risteneen's second goal coming on the power play. In desperate need of an answer, Asia broke through with a Joakim Sakic goal early in the second period. The New World Order quickly responded with Lewis Dawson's second goal of the game, with Chad Magnum putting the nWo up 6-1 late in the second period. Suddenly, the game took a drastic turn as Asia roared to life. Enabled by careless penalties, Asia climbed back to within three on power play goals by Richard Penisson and Uhtred. However, disaster struck when Aleelee Kiak snuck a shot past Bennet Dahl with just four seconds left in the period to give the nWo a four goal lead. This would prove to be a deadly mistake for Asia, as a desperate rally in which they narrowed the deficit to 7-6 within the first eight minutes of the third period. Derik Eriksson got it started after a beautiful feed from Uhtred put him in position to beat Nicolas Fomba just eight seconds into the period. Two power play goals by Leon Gutzweiler later, the nWo's lead had shrunk to one. Dick Cheezy's second goal of the game less than a minute after Gutzweiler's second goal was effectively the dagger, as Asia had run out of gas. nWo escaped with an 8-6 win, earning a game against Canada with a chance at gold on the line. Semi-Finals United States of America vs. Europe After a disappointing round robin for both teams, a win in the Semi-Finals would immediately solve the problems of either team. Samuel Ross got the start in net for the United States, while Joakim Bruden started for Europe. Both needed to be at their absolute best for their respective teams, and boy, did they ever deliver. The first period was scoreless, although Europe failed on three power play opportunities, the United States also came up empty on a man-advantage of their own later on. We saw more of the same in the second period, with both teams failing to convert on their two power play opportunities. As the time ticked away, it was looking as if neither team was going to be able to score. Europe got two more power plays in the first half of the third period, but they continued to be stymied by Samuel Ross and the United States' penalty killers, who went a perfect 7/7 shorthanded. Joakim Bruden continued to be outstanding as well, stopping 37 shots. Unfortunately for him, he faced 38 shots, and that lone mistake came when Shawn Glade Jr. found Finnegan MacBurn sitting in the slot, and MacBurn buried the feed for the game's first goal with just under five minutes to play. The United States sealed the deal when, with Joakim Bruden pulled for the extra attacker, Thomas Landry II potted an empty netter with twelve seconds to go. They now awaited the winner of World vs. Canada to see who stood between the United States and the gold medal. World vs. Canada With a trip to face off against the United States for gold, the nWo came out guns blazing once again. Canada, however, struck first on Kristopher McDagg's goal. Undeterred, the nWo continued to rain a barrage of shots at Jacques Lafontaine, who surely was questioning the choices he had made in life during this game. Iangenere Risteneen broke through near the halfway point of the period to tie the game, a score that would hold going into the second period, and for much of the period, for that matter. However, Nicolas Fomba was beaten on a shot that was absolutely spanked by Hugh Jass on the power play later in the second period, with Erik Kellinger adding an even strength tally with less than three minutes to go. No one, however, was ready for what the third period would bring. After Blacker Velvet put the nWo down 4-1 just 30 seconds into the third, Hulk Hogan dialed his squad's attack up to 11, beginning the longest 20 minutes of Jacques Lafontaine's life. In the span of five minutes, he was peppered with shots by an nWo team desperate to keep their golden dreams alive, three of them beating him to suddenly tie the game at 4. The tie, however, was broken less than a minute later by Blacker Velvet's second goal. The nWo tied the game up again at 5 on Andrej Petrovic's second goal of the period. With overtime seemingly inevitable with Lafontaine's refusal to yield another tally against the nWo's onslaught, Erik Kellinger scored the game-winning goal with just over a minute remaining. The wild period was concluded with Justin Graves pocketing himself an empty net goal with five seconds to play, along with a massive hug from an exhausted Jacques Lafontaine. A rivalry as old as the sport of ice hockey itself. The United States of America. Canada. The gold medal on the line. It doesn't get better than this! Players Mentioned: Coming after the portal search feature works again.
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    Unpopular opinion time! A couple seasons ago (I think? Sometime in recent memory at least) it was announced that practice facility would now be made available on the portal, and the updaters fell on their knees and thanked the great portal overlord @Will. So did many others, myself included. To this day, portal practice facility remains one of the greatest technological advancements in VHL history, providing quick and easy convenience to everyone popping online every week. So why do I think it's problematic? Since practice facility was moved to the portal, we have had so many new players create...and then proceed to claim nothing but practice facility. No welfare, no press conference, no small articles. Just practice facility, week after week, and that's it. Claiming 2 TPE a week on a career path to nowhere, even at the VHLM level. I've even reached out to many of these players through a forum message, asking how things were going and reminding them that they could claim welfare as well if they had no time for PTs, and I haven't gotten a single response, nor have these players changed their earning in any way. I first noticed that this was happening shortly after the Great YouTube Disaster of S69 and it hasn't slowed down since. The links I dropped in there are only limited to players who created, did practice facility for three weeks or more, and then either went inactive or continued to do just that every week, still hanging around but in a manner that's 100% invisible. If we want to look at players who did one or two other things and then went back to only getting 2 per week, we can do that too, and even that doesn't cover people who only did practice facility for two weeks or fewer before leaving (and, trust me, there are a lot of links to throw in there as well). Sure, this happened to some extent before the shift, but it hasn't happened at nearly the rate we're seeing now. Retirements or disappearances at 32-34 after a couple practice facility claims have always been common, but never before did we see people going into the 50s on practice facility claims alone, and then being completely unreachable with advice. So what's happening? 1. We may be getting app-only users who neither look at the forum nor know how to use it. I have never used the app. I don't know what's on the app. I don't know how forum-functional the app is. According to @Enorama today in Discord, this is a possibility. If that's what's happening, then maybe it's time to annoy @Dil to make the forum more accessible on the app. 2. It may just be a YouTube thing. Something about a large part of the recent audience of YouTube recruits has led to our recruitment numbers being not at all as strong as they once were in recent seasons. Many of these PF-only players came from YouTube drives, so it could simply be a matter of the audience we're targeting. Might want to hit a different channel next time? 3. Having a TPE button on the portal may be legitimately messing with the ability of some people to understand earning, and in some cases, preventing them from figuring it out. Having one method of earning points in a different setting than every single other method of earning points can present a confusing situation. We may be getting people who think that practice facility is the only way to earn points. We may be getting people who, because of this false notion, simply do not care about the forum, and do not check it, not getting involved with their teams and not receiving the education necessary to become a solid earner. I'm not saying "let's take practice facility off the portal," but simply presenting a bit of a problematic situation that I feel this has certainly at least contributed to in some way. If we take it off the portal and bring it back to the forum, sure, everyone would hate it. The updaters would hate it even more. People would think I'm an idiot and probably still will even after going through my reasoning. So would putting practice facility on the forum be popular? Hell no. Would I want it to happen? Also no, but I'd hate it less than most people. This is more of a discussion thread than a suggestion. What do you think?
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    Gino, The Man, The Myth, The Legend: written by Pennypenny Gino DiGiannantonio, a man of pure unadulterated strength – a man with the nicest set of hair that anyone has ever seen in this stratosphere. This man is the man who is coming into the VHL with a vengeance. After all of the hate comments and unwanted friend requests on Facebook, Gino finally had enough with showing that he was just some man with funny hair and a degree in Dentistry; Gino wanted to prove the world how physical he really was. (Gino’s first year in the NBA accompanied by his wife) Gino had been a phenomenal baller over the years, becoming an unsigned free agent in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers from 2011-2015, this was before he ultimately pursued into a cosmetic dentistry career. Gino had a 3PT% of 39% and was challenging even Stephen Curry to out of the arena fights that caused even his own teammates to respect the man for who he was. (Gino’s memoriam to Kobe Bryant, photographed in 2013 when they took this wonderful photo together) Gino DiGiannantonio had been debating whether staying in the NBA was worth it though, as he struggled internally with the situation of whether he should continue his dentistry career. His ultimate decision led to the events that are presented today. His retirement match against the Minnesota Timberwolves saw him start off tremendously, scoring 20 points in the first quarter, along with 3 blocks, 2 steals, and 2 fouls. Gino was going off into the sunset, but unfortunately the second quarter spelled imminent disaster for the Cleveland native. LeBron James popped out from the crowd and started whaling on poor Gino. “This is what the fuck you get for never signing with your hometown you fuck!” Gino was beaten within an inch of his life by LeBron and caused a massive controversy in the NBA for the savage attack that happened during the NBA’s line of work. Adam Silver was on record saying “These are the best ratings we’ve ever had! Maybe we should let these fucks beat on each other more.” This was the end of Gino’s career as a LA Laker and resulted in a more somber sendoff as he was brought back into the locker room. A man who was scoring at a pace of 80 points for the night was now shut down. “I can’t believe it. He fucking boomed me. He’s so good, he’s so good, he’s so good” Gino had murmured to himself furiously as he watched the game from the 20-inch monitor in the locker room. It was later found out that despite no physical injuries – Gino had suffered the worst injury of all in sports. Gino had lost his confidence, and his groove. This wasn’t supposed to be a retirement match – this was just the end of the season; but now this was the end of Gino’s NBA career. A truly remarkable man, and a truly remarkable half decade run now came to a bitter and sorrowed end. The rehab of constant positive reinforcement was now in effect, creating an even stronger man that no one would have ever saw coming… This was the beginning of Gino’s redemption to becoming the greatest physical athlete the world had ever seen. Continue reading Gino’s redemption story next week when you subscribe to Pennypenny’s News Network! Where there’s news, there’s his two cents! Only $3.99 a month! Subscribe now for a special $1 for 6 months promo!
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    VHLM All Stars Skills Competition

    After the success of the VHL all stars competition, I thought I would create one for the VHLM. See below my original post. I have created an algorithm for the All Star Skills Competitions that were featured in the latest NHL all stars weekend. I want each of the VHLM teams to nominate one player for each skills competition. The competitions are: Hardest Shot; Shooting Stars; Fastest Skater; Accuracy Shooting; and Save Streak. The skaters nominated will go up against a random teams goalie in the Save streak. Points will be awarded to the players in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th and we will see which team has the best stars. @VHLM GM could you please nominate your 5 players (4 skaters and 1 Goalie) and for which event you wish for them to compete in, I will then do all the results by podcast and text for everyone to listen.
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    F1 Discussion

    I'm hoping to catch some races this season. Used to watch a ton as a kid, but not as much lately. Hopefully with Hulu I can!
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    F1 Discussion

    I don’t but we have friends that travel to Montreal for the annual F1 race
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    Official Degenerate/Gambling Corner

    moneypuck.com sportsinteraction.com and a spreadsheet I made myself.
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    GM 313: Moscow Menace vs. Prague Phantoms

    not sure why we gooned it up in the 3rd but whatever, points to play with. Baillie... *chef's kiss*
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    VHL All Star Skills Competition - S70

    FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY Also sort by place in the screenshots. Trying to figure out what happened hurts my brain.
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    Mexico City Kings Press Conference

    1) Ola Vikingstad is definitely one to watch out for. He's looking VHL-ready as it sits, so he could be a tough opponent come playoff time. 2) I would have to go with our upper-end forward core. We've got some guys that can get the puck in our next at the top of our lineup, and hopefully we can exploit that throughout the remainder of the season. 3) Robin Winter, of course. Can't believe this is even a question! 4) I'm always a fan of gear sponsorships, so I'd have to say someone like Warrior or CCM. A company that makes clean-looking goalie sets, for sure. 5) How high TPE players can flounder in the inescapable realm of mediocrity despite the amount of work they put in. 6) Vegas, baby! Nothing beats a good show, a high quality meal, and a night out on the strip.
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    Uh ohhhhhh 😬 I'll make sure to talk smack when the NLD rolls around
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    DC Dragons Press Conference

    1. Kastelic, Borwinn, Kriketers, and McWolf all retire after this season. Who has the best chance at a berth on the Hall of Fame? Tough call. Maybe Kastelic or Borwinn. 2. We're on a tear lately. Who's to thank for our recent success? Mr. John Frostbeard. And Guy Lesieur, of course. He makes Frosty better. 3. We need to pass one of Calgary, Seattle, Vancouver, or New York to make the playoffs. Who do we have the best chance to catch? I've been a proponent of Seattle not falling as far as some thought they will. So, I'm going to say New York. 4. We finished our season series against Vancouver with 5 wins and 3 losses. How does it feel to give it to those elitist assholes? Awesome! And it fuels my hope for our future. 5. Do we have any specific rivalry? There are other teams? 6. Who's a player on another team that you admire? Again, there are other teams?
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    LMAO how tf did @HulkHogan win shooting stars? Also sick banners and logo 😍
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    Bronze medalists!

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    Helsinki Titans Press Conference

    1. Julian Borwinn retired today (but will finish the season with the Titans), what parting words do you leave for him? Thanks for being a great teammate and enjoy your retirement and be ready for the HOF. 2. Alexander Pepper retired today (but will finish the season with the Titans), what parting words do you leave for him? Thanks for being another great goalie and teammate. 3. We appear to be comfortably nestled in a playoff position, where do you see us in the playoff power rankings? I think we will be in Top 5 in power rankings. 4. The VHL trade deadline is 3 days away; do you feel the Titans should entertain the trade market? It never hurts to take a look at what’s out there if it helps us this year and next. 5. What is the last movie you watched? Was it at home, Netflix, theater etc.? I just watched “ Lucky Day” on dvd last night. It was awesome. 6. What is your go to post game beverage? I only drink water.
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    Most of the Dragons declined to really show up and were only in the city to party apparently @DangerGolding with a big showing in the accuracy contest though!
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    (S72) RW - Jungkok, TPE: 76

    That and you'd name your player Jungkok anyway and we'd all figure it out in 5 seconds.
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    (S72) RW - Jungkok, TPE: 76

    @Sonnet just joined the Cartel are you next @tfong? We are the true underdogs this playoff and are looking to take out the top dawgs (we already have them on their heels). Quote with 'acepto' and you're part of the drug slinging Kings for life. - Motza
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    (S72) D - Latrell Mitchell, TPE: 30

    Welcome! I am the Assistant GM of the Yukon Rush and we want to sign you to our roster! You’ll start of on the second line and if you stay Active, you could be playing on the Top line ASAP! We won’t be competing for a cup this season but that means you’ll get lots of playing time and be able to build your stock for the upcoming draft! If you like what we have to offer “Quote” this offer and respond with “Accept” and we will get into our roster and on the ice right away! If you have any questions or need help with anything please don't hesitate to send me a DM! -Krice13
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    (S72) D - Latrell Mitchell, TPE: 30

    Why hello there Mr @dasboot I represent the Halifax 21st of the VHLM and we are looking for top prospects, such as yourself, to fill out our team for the upcoming season. We are a young roster and for that reason I can offer you top pairing minutes on the squad, and the opportunity to instantly become our best defence men. We have a new management team in place here in Halifax and would love to add you to our growing locker room. We have a solid group of guys on our team who would be more than willing to answer any questions you have about how the league works. Other teams will be by to give you offers so be sure to give them a listen and choose what you think is best for you. If you like what the Halifax 21st have to offer just quote this post and say 'Accept'!
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    I'm pretty sure winning while out shooting you 40-12 is not luck. Instead of focusing on relocating you should be thinking about renaming to a more appropriate name, something like the Mexico City Barons. Because you most certainly are not Kings.
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    (S72) D - Latrell Mitchell, TPE: 30

    Hey there @dasboot! Welcome to the VHL! I'm DoktorFunk and I'm the Assistant General Manager of the Mississauga Hounds! First off, I want to offer my support! This site can be confusing, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know! I'd be happy to help! Second, I'd like to offer you a spot on our roster. We are one of the most welcoming and helpful teams in the league. Myself and my GM @Berocka take pride in helping new players amd turning them into stars! We'd love for you to bring your talents to Mississauga! We need star defensemen. Also, Berocka is Australian as well, which can help bring a slice of home to this Canadian team! Anyway, if you'd like to sign to the team and join us, quote this post and say "Accept"! Either way, best of luck and have fun! DoktorFunk
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    (S72) D - Latrell Mitchell, TPE: 30

    Hey @dasboot - Welcome in the VHL. I am McWolf, the Saskatoon Wild's GM. Our team is just coming off a Founder's Cup winning campaign in Season 69 and, I won't lie, it hurt the future success of the team. That being said, the current season is soon to be over, so if what you are looking for is a place where your new player gets a lot of ice-time, with a dedicated GM ready to help you get going, hit me up. You'll be going through the dispersal draft next offseason anyway, so the decision you take now is only gonna affect where you play until the end of this season. Let me know what you think about this offer.
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    Last week was a busy one for GM, Diamond_ace as he rushed to try to resign all his pending free agents to contract extensions as the trade deadline quickly approaches. The team started the week announcing a 3 year contract extensions to Jacob Perry and a one year extension for Willie Dredge. That same day Perrin got a call from his GM to get the ball rolling on his contract negotiations. "I was out having a beer with Pearson so when I initially got the call from our GM I made the decision to just call him back the next day because I was plastered and since I am self representing myself in these negotiations I thought I'd better not make these calls in another state else than sober. When I got talk to our GM I told him that I was open to resigning but I had conditions to be met before I'd sign." After the phone call the next two days went quiet on that negotiation front, that's until the team resigned Wolf Stansson Jr. to a lifetime 5 year deal to stay with the Phantoms. " Wolfie made my decision for me as my condition to resigning with the team was for them to resign Wolfie first. If they wouldn't of signed Stansson, they wouldn't of signed me. Wolfie has been the only defensive partner I've played with at the VHL level and I feel that I woulnd't be the same player without having him on the ice with me. We've built good chemistry on the ice over the last 3 seasons together and we're good pals off the ice and I'm really happy that we can both stay here and make the Phantoms a winner. " Perrin signed a 2 year deal with the team the next day to stay on with the club @Cornholio @Jayrad28
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    im really just a piece of ham in a bacon world. damn.
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    Mexico City Kings Press Conference

    1. Currently we're on a 4 win streak, what have you been doing to help this win streak? Scoring, that's what Shush Does. 2. Who do you think is the most underrated on the team? Shush Nyko, he is the best player. It's actually probably Dylan Carpenter tho. 3. Mississauga is moving up on us, how can we keep them at bay? Shush Nyko needs to score more, that is how we would do it. We are already on a good run, so hopefully it stays. 4. There's been a lot of talk about expansion lately. Where would you like to see a team? Newfoundland CA, would be an awesome spot. 5. Are there any moves you think management should make coming up at the trade deadline? No, let's make a run. 6. In more somber news, Saskatoon's GM passed away IRL. Did you have any interactions or memories of Elmebeck you'd like to share? I didn't know him, but that is tough for any involved. Hopefully everyone is ok.
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    Mexico City Kings Press Conference

    1. Currently we're on a 4 win streak, what have you been doing to help this win streak? Now it's a 6 game streak, I've had a lower GAA and the team has been scoring a bunch. I've been making more saves when i have to and thats really helped the team out 2. Who do you think is the most underrated on the team? Someone like Crush Cile or Dylan Carpenter who is just an absolute puck magnet. as a goaltender players who block shots are my best friends 3. Mississauga is moving up on us, how can we keep them at bay? We could lose every game from here on out and mississauga wouldn't pass us. I don't really see the as much of a threat, there is a 19 point gap between us and as long as we keep winning like we have then that number is going to grow. 4. There's been a lot of talk about expansion lately. Where would you like to see a team? Personally a team a little closer to home, anywhere in France would be a good choice and i have plenty of good memories playing there when i was younger. 5. Are there any moves you think management should make coming up at the trade deadline? Not particularly, we seemed to have shored up our defense problem and we have some good recent success. Maybe if management can work some magic and get us someone amazing for cheap but that doesn't happen often. 6. In more somber news, Saskatoon's GM passed away IRL. Did you have any interactions or memories of Elmebeck you'd like to share? I did not know Elmebeck personally but from the accounts of people that did know him he seemed like an amazing fellow.
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