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    FREE TPE!!!

    In honour of your overlord's (that's me) birthday, everyone who likes this post gets 1 TPE. #teepz #lovevictator #tpeinflation
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    A Gift for Christmas*

    Welcome to the VHL Twelve Days of Christmas Version 2! Just kidding, last years Santa had to take a leave of absence due to post traumatic stress disorder after you all complained about his 12 Days of Christmas game. Merry Christmas* and of course Happy Festivus*. You are entitled to a free doubles week if you believe you were a good behaving member of the league this year. Like this post to claim your free doubles week for the week of Dec. 22-28. (12 free TPE instead of doing a point task, 13 for mag writers) *Insert your own belief here
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    DL LINK Password info inside zip. If you don't know the answer, PM me
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    VHL's Resources Christmas Pack

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    The Victory Hockey League stands for equality for all, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or religion. We cannot claim to be a league of acceptance while remaining silent in a time of turmoil, such as the one currently unfolding. The murder of George Floyd is only the tipping point in what has been generations of systemic racism, not just within the United States, but, around the world. As a league, we feel this is a time to show unity and support for those who fight for equal rights and assist those minorities who are most affected, as there is no place in the world for hatred due to the colour of one’s skin, or any other factor. While we would love to assist all foundations who combat racism, inequality, and social injustice, it is simply not in our power to do so. However, we have decided to run a Donation Drive so that we can assist, in some small way, those who are affected by the injustices that have occurred. The details of the Donation Drive may be found HERE. -Victory Hockey League @Commissioner @BOG @Members
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    RIP 701 - VHL Memorial

    I'm sure some of you already have heard the news but a former VHL member, and long-time sim league community member, David Theusch aka @701 passed away on Monday, April 13th. He was only 24 years old and his passing was tragic and unexpected. David was a bit of a polarizing member who was never afraid to speak his mind and bring his thoughts/suggestions to the community. This rubbed some people the wrong way but also endeared many people to him. Speaking from my own experience, Dave was a genuinely caring and friendly guy who, like most of us, used sim leagues as an escape from the tedious grind of day-to-day life. He was always down to chat about anything and was fiercely loyal to his friends. Although he hasn't been active on VHL for the past couple of years, he was an important and active member when he was here. He was a very underrated graphic designer and loved to represent his hometown of Minot, ND, playing a pivotal role in establishing/rebooting the Minot Gladiators VHLM franchise. I'm making this post in honour of his memory. Dave was somebody who, although I never met in real life, talked with very regularly. There was a good period of time where he and I spoke every day. He had a great sense of humour and was just very easy to talk to and was a major influence in helping me, and others, learn how to make graphics. He was always willing to help, give advice, or just shoot the shit. Over the past couple of years, as we got older and more irl responsibility took up our time, we slowly lost touch and the news of his passing hit me pretty hard. I truly regret not reaching out and catching up with him when I had the opportunity to do so. Regardless of knowing 701 or not, please feel free to pay your respects or post any memories of him you have in this thread. Also, I want this post be a reminder that, even though most of us have never, and will never, meet each other in real life, real human connections are made between members in our community and to be thoughtful of this. Let people know you care about them and that they've brought a positive influence to you and your life. RIP David Theusch. You were always a real one and a guy I'm proud to consider a friend. You will be missed. I'm also including a link to a memorial fund that was setup to support his family and help alleviate the financial burden of his passing and funeral. If you have ability, please consider donating to his memorial gofundme page: Here.
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    VHL SEASON 73 MOCK DRAFT Written by Christopher Miller With the Season 73 VHL Entry Draft approaching, I have decided to delay my next Historical Battle article for another week. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to drop my final Mock Draft for the rest of the Victory Hockey League. I do want to make it clear that despite now being the Assistant General Manager for the Malmo Nighthawks, none of my opinions come from any specific knowledge despite my own institution. No draft strategy has been discussed as of now with Frostbeard and therefore, this is a draft from a completely blind perspective despite public knowledge. Since the Expansion Teams are now properly slotted in, along with their compensation picks, this seemed like the best time to release my three round mock. Get ready to see fifty-two predictions on where these players may fall in line come draft night. Please keep in mind that the TPE totals may not fully reflect your current number in the portal since this article has taken a couple of days to complete. **Please note that "AVG" is determined by taking the average amount of Capped TPE earned in the weeks ending June 21st, June 28th, July 5th and July 12th. Each stat can be a maximum of 12.0" --- FIRST ROUND 1. DC Dragons: LW/C - Groovy Dood (Minnesota, 234 TPE, 12.0 AVG) @bigAL NHL Comparable - Sean Couturier Groovy Dude is certainly not the best player available, but I do feel that DC is going to be looking at a forward with this pick. Ultimately, this could very easily end up being someone like Jeffrey Pines, but I do believe that Dude’s agency has really made quite the impression on the league. Enorama sees one of the most active members in the league on and off the boards, and with the professional personality he has shown thus far, Dude seems to be the type that not only will be a great locker room presence, but may also be as loyal as they come. Dude’s VHLM totals this year don’t jump off the page or anything, but consideration does have to be made that he transitioned from a winger to a center and was playing lower in the lineup due to the talent that was in Minnesota. Ultimately, Groovy would finish with 57 points and 88 hits in 72 games, but it was the improvement he made over the course of the season that has gotten so much attention. Ultimately, Groovy Dude will not be the best player in the draft next season, but in six or seven seasons I could see him being one of the best as he has some of the best raw potential in this draft class. 2. Malmo Nighthawks: D - Tyler Walker (Saskatoon, 319 TPE, 11.0 AVG) @Advantage NHL Comparable - Alex Pietrangelo Tyler Walker could make an argument for the best player in this draft class (assuming we aren’t counting Frostbeard who will be forced to go later). Unlike Dude, Walker should be able to make an immediate impact in the VHL and was utterly dominant in the VHLM this season. With 115 points, 60 hits and 101 blocked shots in 72 games, Walker showcased his incredible skills against the VHLM best all season. Playing on the eventual Founders Cup Champions, Walker played a pivotal role in the regular season and playoff success of the team. He would lead the league in assists and led all defensemen in points while being the steadying presence on arguably the best blueline in the VHLM. Walker also would record 19 points in 18 games (including 7 goals) to go along with 36 hits and 28 blocked shots, during the playoffs. As the season went on, Walker started to play more physical which has made scouts salivate given the already incredible skating and two-way play that the Canadian defender possesses. With connections in Malmo due to his agency, this one seems like a sure-bet if DC lets him slip past the first overall pick. 3. Vancouver Wolves: D - Micah Adrienne (Las Vegas, 304 TPE, 12.0 AVG) @Poptart NHL Comparable - Ryan McDonagh Vancouver is in a pretty good position with the third overall pick. While they will watch Walker go to Malmo, they have to be pretty excited to pick up a defender that matches up pretty well next to him. While Micah Adrienne and Tyler Walker are very different defensemen, it is Adrienne that many feel may be the most ready defensively in this draft class. The pure shutdown defender recorded 72 points, 250 hits and 104 blocked shots in 72 games this season. His offensive performance was actually pretty impressive for the Aces this season, but it was his defensive showings that have vaulted him up to this position. One GM I talked to had this to say: “We have him higher than Walker in this draft. I think he fits better with our team as he is an absolute savage defensively and I love his instincts physically. You need to keep your head up going through the neutral zone, and that is such an intimidating factor that people don’t realize.” Adrienne comes from a reliable agency that produced former star goaltender, Finn Davison, but it is Micah that seems to be getting even more hype. The battle between him and Walker going forward will be interesting, but Vancouver just has to be happy to nab one of them. 4. Seattle Bears (via Prague): G - Jacob Tonn (Mississauga, 310 TPE, 12.0 AVG) @MexicanCow123 NHL Comparable - John Gibson Prague was ultimately likely to trade this pick as they don’t really need defenders or goaltenders and while someone like Pines would help them, there are a lot of quality forwards later on. Therefore, they traded this pick to Seattle to pick up a couple extra picks down the draft. Seattle has to be looking for a goaltender here to replace soon-to-be-retired Rayz Funk. Jacob Tonn has the third most TPE in this draft and is narrowly behind Walker, but as we know, goalies sometimes have to wait a bit longer. Thankfully for Tonn, Seattle springs to action and trades up to nab the BPA and their future star goaltender. Tonn recorded 45 wins this year to go along with a .893 SV% and 2.84 GAA, which is decent but not spectacular. One scout we talked to had this to say on his potential: “We like Tonn a lot. We have him second on our goalie rankings, due to his size, but I can understand why some would have him first. He really is a very well rounded goaltender, but I was a bit disappointed at times with his showing this year. My biggest question for me is his size as he is perhaps the smallest netminder we have ever seen get drafted into the VHL. His talent is there but I do have concerns there. Hopefully he proves me wrong.” 5. Toronto Legion: LW - Jeffrey Pines (Mexico City, 268 TPE, 11.5 AVG) @rory NHL Comparable - Teuvo Teravainen “Thank you very much”, should be the words that Peace uses after seeing Pines fall to five. The best forward in the draft (not including Frostbeard) ends up being the second one taken, and honestly this is mainly due to the presence that bigAL has shown in the league thus far. This is a pretty easy pick for Toronto who doesn’t need a goaltender, and while they could look to someone like Glade III, Stansson or Kramerev at defense, I think you just take the best player available here and with it being on-paper the best forward that was available to be drafted by teams that are not Malmo, you have to chalk this up as a huge win. Pines has shown to be a big personality already in the VHLM but he had the performance to back it up, recording 91 points and 107 hits in 72 games. Pines is a pass-first winger that plays a responsible two-way game, but he still managed to score thirty-six goals this season, so the scoring potential is definitely there. 6. Malmo Nighthawks (via Davos): G - Grekkark Gyrfalcon (Saskatoon, 269 TPE, 12.0 AVG) @Sharkstrong NHL Comparable - Connor Hellebuyck I am not really sure Malmo was looking at Tonn over Gyrfalcon due to their Assistant GM’s familiarity with the Wild goaltender, but Seattle taking him certainly made this pick a whole lot easier. Gyrfalcon is absolutely the polar opposite of Tonn, standing 6”8 and weighing 230 lbs. He was a brick wall for Saskatoon this year, propelling them to 37 wins, a 2.33 GAA and a .898 SV%. While Tonn has been getting a lot of the press as the top netminder, Gyrfalcon has slowly come along and put himself right in that conversation as well. One scout glowed about Gyrfalcon by saying: “He reminds me a lot of both Brick Wahl’s that played in the VHL. Both were massive goaltenders who had great hand speed and reaction time, and were really huge in key moments.” Gyrfalcon finished the playoffs with a 12-4-2 record, 2.95 GAA and a .890 SV% but really stepped it up for Saskatoon’s wins in the finals. 7. Chicago Phoenix: G - Jean Pierre Camus (Yukon, 256 TPE, 12.0 AVG) @solas NHL Comparable - Ben Bishop This seems like a pretty easy selection for Chicago. Having that first pick for Expansion teams seems like an easy attempt to get that franchise goaltender, and with Jean Pierre Camus on the board, this might be the biggest lock in the draft. Camus sits as the third best goaltender in the draft, but is neck and neck with Gyrfalcon, and not that far behind Tonn either. JPC played admirably for a mediocre Yukon team, recording a .906 save percentage despite having a 3.79 GAA and just 21 wins. Yes, he had the best save percentage of any of the top three netminders in this draft. Camus, like Gyrfalcon, is a massive 6”8 goalie with a pretty well-rounded skill set that should serve him well in the VHL. Coming from a pretty well known agency, I can’t see Chicago passing up the opportunity to get their franchise goaltender at this pick. 8. Los Angeles Stars: C - John Merrick (Mexico City, 234 TPE, 12.0 AVG) @Steve NHL Comparable - William Karlsson With a few solid goaltenders likely to get to the Expansion teams’ compensation picks, I see the run on goalies ending here. Los Angeles can look to pick up a center to play with the likes of Markus Nygren, Gary Neal and potentially even Sigard Gunner. Merrick is a two-way scoring center that played for a brief time on the Mexico City Kings this season. In 26 games, Merrick recorded a very respectable 6 goals and 10 assists, before having a solid 10 point in 18 game playoff campaign. It is important to note that given the stacked nature of Mexico City, Merrick was hardly the first option on the team and likely sacrificed some of his production because of this. Los Angeles will be nabbing a player from a pretty well-known agency with a build that should serve him well in the Victory Hockey League. 9. Helsinki Titans: D - Wolf Stansson (Mexico City, 220 TPE, 12.0 AVG) @ahockeyguy NHL Comparable - Jacob Trouba Some may be surprised to see Wolf Stansson going this high, especially given that there are defenders like Kramerev and Glade III still on the board, but you shouldn’t be. Wolf Stansson has been absolutely incredible since joining the league. Off the ice, the agency for Stansson has been near perfection when it comes to earning the development time necessary each and every week. On the ice, Stansson was an absolute monster this year for Miami. Stansson recorded 30 goals and 83 points to go along with 143 hits and 138 blocked shots. He was as well-rounded as they came in the minors this year, and I think that is one of the big reasons he jumps into the top ten for me. While he does currently sit fifteenth in development time, I see Stansson being a top ten earner in the long run, and bringing his two-way physical style to a top pairing in the near future. 10. Warsaw Predators: D - Shawn Glade III (Mississauga, 229 TPE, 6.0 AVG) @ShawnGlade NHL Comparable - Matt Dumba I do have to admit that I have Glade III falling a little bit due to him rubbing some people the wrong way in the past….but it’s time for that fall to end. Glade III projects as a talented two-way defender who doesn’t really dabble into the physicality as much. He was excellent for Mississauga this year with 83 points in their 72 game campaign. My other reason for Glade III falling slightly is a bit of inconsistency in his updates as of late (as seen by the average rating above). There is certainly a chance that he has just not updated everything yet, but it may be a cause for some pause on draft night. Ultimately though, the high-end potential is there and if anyone is going to take a risk, I think an Expansion team like Warsaw could use the experience and a potentially safer pick than some of the first-gens on the board. 11. London United: D - Kosmo Kramerev (Miami, 228 TPE, 10.25 AVG) @Mongoose87 NHL Comparable - Jaccob Slavin The league voted that Kosmo Kramerev was likely to go much higher than I have him selected, but ultimately I think this will be closer to reality. Kosmo Kramerev had a marvelous year for Miami this season, finishing with 106 points, 94 hits and 142 blocked shots. Kramerev is a shoot-first defender that plays responsibly enough defensively that he should be able to transition fairly well to the Victory Hockey League. His style of play is actually eerily similar to projected second overall pick, Tyler Walker. However, my main concern isn’t his ability to produce or his on-ice skill set. My concern is that he doesn’t max his development time like Wolf Stansson does. Now, with that being said, I definitely could see him jumping ahead of Glade III, but I do think some General Managers will value Shawn’s experience in the league, so ultimately I have London being thrilled to start their draft off with a first-gen defender. 12. Calgary Wranglers (via Seattle): RW - Patrik Laine (Houston, 201 TPE, 11.5 AVG) @PatrikLaine NHL Comparable - J.T. Miller When I originally was predicting picks in this draft, I had Patrik Laine slipping out of the first round. After all, there is a ton of talent that will go in the top fifty-two selections of this draft. However, after closer inspection I felt that Laine’s enthusiasm on and off the ice, to go along with his definitively impressive development time, was enough to see him slip into the first round. Since coming into the league, Laine has shown to be one of our most active draftees on the site. He’s also a force on the ice, finishing the season with 59 points in 58 games for Houston. The goal-scoring winger could be a great fit on a first line one day, or even anchor a second line by using his shot, size and two-way play to make an impact. With Calgary having the likes of General Zod, Latrell Mitchell and Edwin THE Encarnacion on defense, I see them focusing on forward and adding a potential star in Laine. 13. Moscow Menace: D - Matty Socks (Las Vegas, 187 TPE, 10.5 AVG) @fishy NHL Comparable - Jared Spurgeon “But Advantage, he is 22nd in TPE in the draft class”.....I do not care. Matty Socks should be a first rounder come draft night. Socks plays a very defensive style of play but has the ability to jump in when necessary, as demonstrated by his 57 point campaign with Las Vegas this year. Why the jump? Socks is one of the top earning players per week of late, and I think his impressive development will vault him over a few other options. Additionally, other than maybe one other defender, the draft pool at that position is about to fall off, and one look at Moscow’s roster will tell you that they need to look for a defenseman. Alex Letang is the only defenseman in their entire franchise that is young and has any future in the Victory Hockey League. After that, you are mainly looking at players already in their prime or past it. Therefore, I think Victor puts a premium on defense here and given that he is, in my opinion, arguably the best player available to be taken, I think this is a slam dunk selection. 14. Vancouver Wolves (via New York): C - Andre LeBastard (Miami, 225 TPE, 10.25 AVG) @Andre LeBastard NHL Comparable - Bo Horvat Andre has actually impressed me quite a bit since coming into the league. His 76 point campaign was very respectable and his two-way playmaking build should serve him quite well once he reaches the Victory Hockey League. LeBastard is a pretty consistent earner and really capped off his season with a tremendous showing in Miami’s one series. With 11 assists and 12 points in their 7 game series, LeBastard showed that he has the stuff to compete with anybody when the moments are at their biggest. LeBastard could look to stall and play another year in the minors, which could set up Miami for a potential Founders Cup run. Then look out cause I think LeBastard has the potential to be a high-end second liner and maybe even a first liner if his development continues to trend upward. 15. Prague Phantoms: C - Dakota Lamb (Miami, 199 TPE, 12.0 AVG) @dlamb NHL Comparable - Brayden Schenn For those that have not been following Prague, they want forwards. They have really no need for defense in the early rounds and they are set for goaltending at the moment. Therefore, I have them looking at three players here in Lamb, Volchenkov and Baillie Jr. Ultimately though, I know how much Jason loves selecting new talent to the league, and I believe the enthusiasm Lamb has shown will certainly serve him well. Another member of Miami that could return next season, Dakota will be looking to build off of his 37 goal, 93 point campaign. Lamb projects as an elite second line center who plays effectively in all three areas of the ice and boasts a heavy and accurate shot when found in the offensive zone. Another one of those really consistent updaters that could very well go higher than many expect come draft night. 16. Malmo Nighthawks (via Riga): LW - Marshall James Frostbeard (Mississauga, 328 TPE, 12.0 AVG) @FrostBeard NHL Comparable - Leon Draisaitl This is obviously the pick given that Marshall James Frostbeard is the selected player of the General Manager. Frostbeard has to be taken with one of Malmo’s first rounders, and since this is the last pick of the first round, this is really the only pick that is 100% set in stone come draft night. To many, MJF is the best player in this draft and is coming after a tremendous 39 goal, 87 point and 259 hit campaign. Frostbeard is the top developer in the draft, and will be a future franchise player for the Malmo Nighthawks going forward. --- SECOND ROUND 17. Prague Phantoms (via Malmo): C - Alec Volchenkov (Saskatoon, 201 TPE, 11.5 AVG) @SirRupertBarnes NHL Comparable - Paul Stastny Remember when I said that Prague wants forwards? After selecting Lamb with 15th overall, I think they look for another top forward at 17th overall. I’m not too worried about positions here with how flexible our league is in that regard, but I just think that Volchenkov is the best forward available. Despite a rather mediocre campaign with Saskatoon that saw Volchenkov record just 15 points in 60 games, many scouts have indicated that they believe Volchenkov has the raw potential to be a first round selection in this draft. He is a solid faceoff taker to go along with being one of the best skaters and playmakers in the entire class. His scoring ability leaves a lot to be desired, but I think with continued development, we could see Volchenkov flourish on whatever team drafts him in the VHLM this off-season. Then you can expect him in Prague who is looking to continue stocking up at forward in this draft. 18. Helsinki Titans (via DC): RW - Dan Baillie Jr. (Saskatoon, 214 TPE, 8.5 AVG) @wcats NHL Comparable - James van Riemsdyk I’ve seen a lot of people suggest that Baillie Jr. should go in the top ten in this draft, but I just can’t agree with it. I know the member has history with his last player in the league and is generally very well liked, but I do believe he doesn’t quite cut it compared to some of the forwards I have going ahead of him. In fact, I’d argue there are a couple I have going behind that I would probably look to first, but I do think his reputation will see him go here to Helsinki. With 44 points and 150 hits this season on Saskatoon, Baillie Jr. showed that he can play in every situation but is an extremely dangerous sniper who can skate with the best of them. However, my main concern is that his average updating totals for capped development time do fall slightly behind some of the other forwards that will go between ten and twenty, and that’s why I don’t have him as high as some. 19. Vancouver Wolves: RW - Oh Sens (Miami, 192 TPE, 12.0 AVG) @osens NHL Comparable - Jake Guentzel Oh Sens is one of those forwards that I think I would have ahead of Baillie Jr. going into this draft. He has been as consistent as anyone in this draft and brings a very solid two-way scoring build to the winger position on Miami, as demonstrated by his 28 goals and 61 points this season. While he will be entering into the VHLM Dispersal Draft, I think Sens will be one of the best scorers in the minors next this season, and be someone that can explode for them. With Vancouver having back-to-back picks and already selecting Micah Adrienne with the third overall selection, I believe we will see them go forward with both of these, especially given the talent available. 20. Vancouver Wolves (via Prague): C - Kevin King (Las Vegas, 173 TPE, 11.75 AVG) @IamMOOSE NHL Comparable - Tomas Hertl Kevin King is ranked twenty-fifth in development time but I have him slightly jumping here due to his consistent activity. He is another that is updating at a near-perfect rate and has been very impressive off the ice as well. With a build that supports a goal-scoring center that can bring intangibles to the game, I do think that King’s lack of production this season should not hurt him. Despite only recording 2 goals and 8 points in 30 games, I believe that Kevin King has the potential to still be an excellent second line center, and maybe even better than that if he keeps it up. There is another winger that could go here, but given that they already took Sens, I think King makes a lot of sense with this selection. 21. Warsaw Predators (Compensation Pick): RW - Jesper Norberg (Las Vegas, 172 TPE, 11.5 AVG) @jpsd NHL Comparable - Viktor Arvidsson Speaking of that winger, I have to think Warsaw would be thrilled to select Jesper Norberg with this pick. There are some pretty impressive goalies left and a really talented defenseman, but after taking Glade III in the first round I can’t really see them going back to the blueline. Additionally, they have another compensation pick at 24 and with multiple talented goalies left, and Chicago still to pick (not looking for a goalie after drafting Camus), they are still pretty much guaranteed to get one of the top goalies available. Therefore, Jesper Norberg is an easy pick especially given the impressive consistency he has already shown to developing in the league. While he still has holes in his game, mainly defensively, Norberg seems like a contender for one of the most improved forwards next season in the VHLM. It would not shock me if we are talking about how Jesper Norberg is a steal in five seasons, let's put it that way. 22. Chicago Phoenix (Compensation Pick): D - Mikeal Keef (Minnesota, 209 TPE, 6.5 AVG) @RStar NHL Comparable - Alec Martinez Chicago will say thank you very much for having Mikeal Keef fall right into their laps. The defender is ranked nineteenth in the draft for development time and is coming off a very successful season with Minnesota, that saw him tally 67 points, 127 hits and 89 blocked shots over the course of the season. Keef is a defense-first blueliner that doesn’t mind throwing his weight around and will jump into the play when necessary. His skating still needs to continue improving and I would like to see him handle the puck better before making the jump to the VHL, but I do see Keef being a real solid player down the road. My only real concern with him, and the reason he did drop for me, is that while he is a consistent developer, I do believe his ceiling is not as high as some of the players I have going ahead of him, like Matty Socks. 23. Los Angeles Stars (Compensation Pick): G - Ajay Krishna (Ottawa, 207 TPE, 12.0 AVG) @Hooperorama NHL Comparable - Jacob Markstrom With Los Angeles not having another pick until 28, I see them getting their choice of goaltenders here and letting Warsaw take whoever the Stars don’t want. Krishna definitely is a step up on the rest of the goalies for me and probably has the fourth best ceiling of any goalie in this draft. After a really successful campaign on Ottawa (36 wins, .891 SV%, 3.58 GAA), I am looking forward to seeing if Krishna can take the next step for the Lynx. Ultimately, Los Angeles will need their goalie and this just seems like a no-brainer here with Warsaw on deck and likely looking for a netminder themselves. 24. Warsaw Predators (Compensation Pick): G - Calvin Harvey (San Diego, 174 TPE, 7.5 AVG) @Mrpenguin30 NHL Comparable - Petr Mrazek Calvin Harvey is one of the more interesting prospects in this draft. I do think he is a pretty safe pick to become a VHL goaltender one day, but my main concern is that he ends like goalies like Clayton Park did in the past, and just maxes out as a decent goalie but not really the type of netminder you want to build around. He had a pretty tough campaign playing for the atrocious Marlins, winning just ten games and recording a .889 SV% and 4.45 GAA. However, that really isn’t indicative of his potential as they were barely a VHLM team at times. However, my concern is that I don’t believe his ceiling is as high as needed to become someone to build around. With that being said, if Warsaw feels that Harvey can at least be a solid goalie then I think they take a shot here and hope for the best. I do think Harvey should become a decent goalie and while I don’t see him as an elite goalie one day, the league has shown that you don’t necessarily need to have an elite goalie to find success. 25. New York Americans (via Toronto): RW - The Terrible Trivium (Minnesota, 203 TPE, 5.0 AVG) @der meister NHL Comparable - Michael Ferland One of the biggest drops in the draft for me is Trivium mainly due to his limited potential. I see his ceiling as a solid second liner that can score goals and play pretty good defense. Ultimately, there is a pretty good chance that he does go higher on reputation alone, but as the member behind him as already stated, he isn’t going all-out like he has in the past. True to his word, Trivium has been developing slower than some of the others in this draft, but has been consistently developing as well. He would be a great fit on any team looking for a guaranteed top six winger in the future but I don’t really see first line in the cards on a championship contender. 26. New York Americans (via Davos): D - Victor Grachev (Philadelphia, 157 TPE, 10.5 AVG) @KaleebtheMighty NHL Comparable - Nick Jensen Grachev is a late bloomer that has been flying up the draft charts for some. The defenseman played limited minutes on Philadelphia, recording 3 points, 46 hits and 22 blocked shots in 26 games. He plays a no-nonsense defensive style that relies on his above-average skating and occasional physicality. Grachev has a huge frame and will still need to grow in it, but has the potential to be a steady presence on a second pairing one day soon. 27. Chicago Phoenix: LW - S Kuchar (Ottawa, 145 TPE, 10.75 AVG) @S. Kuchar NHL Comparable - Anthony Duclair Speaking of late bloomers, Kuchar is another that has really shot up the mock drafts after a brief but very impressive 28 game campaign for Ottawa this season. Kuchar recorded 23 points and 26 hits in the stretch of games, and really showed off his elite shot and above-average skating. The sky is the limit when it comes to potential for this kid and we do see him as the type of guy that could even find his way onto a first line one day. With that being said, while it was an impressive run by him, there is some risk involved in trusting in that small sample size. 28. Los Angeles Stars: RW - Jeremy Lin (Mexico City, 158 TPE, 8.5 AVG) @jman9theman9 NHL Comparable - Tanner Pearson While I do believe that his potential isn’t as high as someone like Kuchar, I do also feel that Jeremy Lin will find himself being selected at some point in the second round. Lin is a consistent earner that doesn’t necessarily max his development, but should be able to put himself in the position to be a more-than-adequate second line player. This season with the stacked Mexico City Kings, Lin recorded 12 goals and 36 points during the 72 game campaign. With Los Angeles already taking a center and a goalie in this draft, I think they will see Lin as a potential replacement for guys like Gunnar and Nygren in the future. 29. Calgary Wranglers (via Helsinki): RW - Gary Rush (Las Vegas, 137 TPE, 7.5 AVG) @G_Rush NHL Comparable - Connor Brown An earner in a similar mold to Lin, Calgary will look to add another forward to their team to join Patrik Laine after they took him in the first round. Rush is similarly built to Laine with a large frame and a big shot to accompany it. While Rush only recorded 21 points in 72 games this season, he did have 13 goals and was a threat anytime he had the puck on his stick. I project Rush to be a glue-guy second liner that has the potential to score 20+ goals in the VHL one day. 30. Warsaw Predators: D - Han Jae Kuk (San Diego, 152 TPE, 6.0 AVG) @Dtayl NHL Comparable - Victor Mete The draft is starting to fall off in talent with only a handful or two of active developers left. Han Jae Kuk is one of them with a defensive style anchored by his skating and puck handling. Kuk recorded 34 points in 68 games last year on the abysmal San Diego Marlins, but did impress with 114 hits and 140 blocked shots. His defensive game has turned some heads and it will probably bait a team like Warsaw or another Expansion team who will be looking for future top four blueliners for their lineup. 31. London United: G - Drew Minott (Houston, 140 TPE, 9.0 AVG) @DreMin15 NHL Comparable - Thomas Greiss Not Cal Conway? I really feel that Minott has passed him at this point for me. I even think there is an argument that Minott has passed Harvey, but I went with more of a sure thing there. Drew Minott is still updating at a pretty strong rate and despite not being the best goalie available on paper, does possess the best potential of any goalie left. As stated already, I feel his peak might be just behind someone like Krishna. Minott spent the year backing up in Houston and recorded a 6-24-2 record to go along with a .858 SV% and 3.98 GAA. Don’t let the numbers fool you though as Minott is certainly a project pick. He is the type of goaltender that needs at least one season more in the minors, potentially even two, before being ready for the big time. With that being said, his development time could be accelerated in London that will look towards Minott being their franchise goaltender. 32. Seattle Bears: D - Kirishima Wakaro (Mexico City, 152 TPE, 5.5 AVG) @Snussu NHL Comparable - Ben Chiarot Wakaro is from an agency known for their dabbling in football and basketball. Now they are representing a player in Kirishima Wakaro who played last season on Mexico City and recorded 40 points, 144 hits and 77 blocked shots during his 72 game campaign for the Kings. Wakaro projects as a defensive defender that boasts a hard and accurate shot that he gets off a lot. I see him being a potential fourth defender on Seattle one day and someone that can be counted on in their rotation as while his ceiling isn't high, he is another that seems like someone you can count on to still develop consistently. 33. Moscow Menace: D - Jiggly Gumballs (Houston, 142 TPE, 8.0 AVG) @JigglyGumballs NHL Comparable - Brad Hunt Remember when I said Moscow needs a defense...well here we go again. I actually do believe that Jiggly could go earlier in this draft as he is one of the only players remaining that records a point task every week. If whoever drafts him can show him some of the other easy point opportunities, there is a chance he could become a max earner. Well who better to do that then the Victator himself? Gumballs projects as a defensive defenseman that could anchor a second pairing one day but just as easily could be a borderline second pairing defender if not guided well by management. 34. Vancouver Wolves (via New York): G - Cal Conway (Saskatoon, 181 TPE, 3.0 AVG) @Shaka NHL Comparable - Jack Campbell What a fall right? Frankly, it is deserved and one peek above to his average capped TPE total over the last four weeks will tell you why. Conway was one of the most talked about goalies going into this draft, even ahead of the likes of Harvey and Krishna, and was coming off an incredible campaign as the backup goalie on the Saskatoon Wild. Many saw him as next years best goalie in the Minors, but unfortunately Conway has tailed off of late. Whoever takes him will need to reach out and get him back on track but this pick certainly becomes more risky than expected, which is why he falls to 34 for me. Vancouver can afford that risk as they aren't in desperate need for a goalie with Spyro in the prime but may want to take a run at him with their team philosophy to start looking a bit younger. 35. Seattle Bears (via Calgary): LW - Rocket (Miami, 152 TPE, 7.5 AVG) @Rocket NHL Comparable - Jesper Bratt With one of the more interesting names in this draft class, Rocket is the sleeper pick that someone like Seattle would love to pick up. He is another forward that possesses a lower ceiling but a pretty high floor with a style centered around his skating and shot. Rocket should be one of the better performers in the minors next year on whatever team picks him up in the VHLM Dispersal Draft. 36. Vancouver Wolves (via Riga): D - Fat Palloon (Yukon, 142 TPE, 7.0 AVG) @UnkemptCL4PTP NHL Comparable - Brendan Smith After having a pretty wild season that saw the defender record 68 points, 186 hits and 220 blocked shots on the lowly Yukon Rush, whats not to like about the potential of a guy like Palloon. After going to forward and goalie with their last few picks, I see them going back to defense and taking the best player available. Palloon's game is built around his skating, passing and puck handling to go along with his physical defensive style. Always a threat to take the puck up the ice, Palloon will look continue to develop consistently in the VHLM next season. --- THIRD ROUND 37. Malmo Nighthawks: RW - Vlad Imir (Miami, 90 TPE, 8.0 AVG) @Big Dee NHL Comparable - Ryan Hartman Sitting 45th in TPE for the draft, this is another big jump for a forward on Miami. Vlad Imir was a late bloomer that struggled throughout the campaign with Miami, but really started to develop consistently towards the end. He is the guy I peg to be one of the most improved next year with his defensive play style serving as his foundation for success. I could definitely see a team in the draft look at him as a project pick that will develop into a solid VHLer if he continues his current trend. 38. DC Dragons: RW - Jeff Odinson (San Diego, 101 TPE, 3.5 AVG) @GoldGear88 NHL Comparable - Jesper Fast Jeff Odinson joined this draft less than a month ago which makes him one of the newest members to this draft class. With that being said, his 18 points in 30 games to go along with an unsteady but weekly development should serve him well enough to be selected either late in the second round or early in the third. Odinson is an interesting player due to his style of play that sees him as average at everything but not elite or bad in any area. If he can develop some higher end skills in some specific areas like skating, scoring or defense, you could be looking at a future VHL player. He is exactly the type of player that someone like Enorama could mold. 39. HC Davos Dynamo (via Vancouver): C - Empty (Halifax, 116 TPE, 1.0 AVG) @StamkosFan NHL Comparable - Casey Cizikas I was ready to not even have Empty get taken in this mockup. Despite being represented by a pretty recognizable player agency, Empty hadn't really taken the steps forward required to be selected in the draft...until recently. Empty is the opposite od someone like Odinson as he is really only good at two things. That is scoring and playing good defensively. And he is elite in both of those areas. Empty is a liability in every other regard but those skills alone get him drafted and if moulded properly, he could be a darkhorse to have a productive VHL career. 40. Helsinki Titans (via Prague): C - Janiina Juutila (San Diego, 109 TPE, 4.0 AVG) @Jansgasm NHL Comparable - Nathan Gerbe A Finn being taken by Helsinki? Yeah this wasn't a hard pick to make. Juutila has slightly fallen off in development but has the scoring ability to still make an impact and turn a few heads. This is a low risk pickup at this point in the draft with a decent reward id Juutila becomes more consistent again. 41. DC Dragons (via Toronto): RW - Bobbie Cheechoo (Miami, 107 TPE, 2.0 AVG) @Sharkie NHL Comparable - Martin Frk Not unlike Juutila, Bobbie Cheechoo has been a bit inconsistent in development late. With that being said, the Canadian winger is still progressing and has an impressive two way goal scoring play style that will prepare him well if he is to make it to the VHL. DC takes this low risk player as he is one of the only players left that is still developing. 42. HC Davos Dynamo: RW - Joromir Jagr (Ottawa, 115 TPE, 5.5 AVG) @Temppi NHL Comparable - Tomas Jurco Joining less than a month ago, this massive winger possesses the skating and scoring ability to be quite a threat in the future. While he doesn't have the potential of someone like Laine, Jagr should fit well on a second line one day if he can work on maintaining consistent updating to his development. At this point you need to go best player available and I believe Joromir Jagr is that guy. 43. Chicago Phoenix: D - Rick Osman (Halifax, 116 TPE, 1.5 AVG) @dylanjj37 NHL Comparable - Matt Benning Rick Osman hasn't updated recently but he was on quite a role there just a few short weeks ago. Possessing a very one dimensional defensive game, Osman recorded 36 points, 163 hits and 177 blocked shots for Halifax this season. Hes a longshot to make it but hes also pretty low risk given his production and the pick he is going at. 44. Los Angeles Stars: LW - Florent Vericel (Miami, 128 TPE, 0.0 AVG) @dart NHL Comparable - Charles Hudon Vericel, like Osman, has fallen off late and will need contacting after the draft for the pick to work out. With that beind said, Vericel had done quite a bit of developing prior to plateauing over the last month. Vericel is a two way scoring winger that with the right moulding, could be one to watch if he gets back on track. 45. Helsinki Titans: RW - Wayne Jetski (Halifax, 91 TPE, 0.5 AVG) @namanert NHL Comparable - Reid Boucher Bonus points for having one of the best names in the draft, Helsinki takes Jetski as he is one of the only players still earning development time every week. It isn't much and it's really just been showing up at the practice facility, but Helsinki will look to grab him and see if they can broaden his developmental horizon. 46. Warsaw Predators: C - Kevin Sterk (Houston, 82 TPE, 0.0 AVG) @TenZi NHL Comparable - Byron Froese Basically read above but it is Kevin Sterk going to Warsaw. Sterk is a consistent participant in practice but has not been able to really develop anywhere else. He is a pure scorer who will continue to try and take that next step. Unfortunately for Sterk, he could be a few years off of making the VHL and has a long ways to go to do so. 47. London United: RW - Theodore James St. Louis (Yukon, 96 TPE, 3.0 AVG) @Nick Kirkpatrick NHL Comparable - Logan Shaw Theodore is probably the second last player that will be taken that has even developed over the last few weeks. He is a winger that recorded 36 points in 50 games for Yukon this season. The defensive forward has a big frame and a big shot that when he decides to shoot, can find the back of the net with velocity. Probably have him a bit overlooked here compared to a few that went before, but I think the guys just doing practice facility have more potential than shown. 48. HC Davos Dynamo (via Seattle): D - Tim Kamashev (Halifax, 68 TPE, 0.0 AVG) @Ninjaboi NHL Comparable - Xavier Ouellet Like Jetski and Sterk before, Kamashev is a consistent participant in practice but has a long way to go if he wants to make it to the VHL. Kamashev has showed off some impressive skating but really is incredibly raw in a lot of other areas. With the right mentorship, maybe Kamashev can make it and I trust Gus as much as anyone with managing that one. 49. Seattle Bears (via Moscow): D - Zachariah Kisslinger (Mississauga, 68 TPE, 0.0 AVG) @Kisslinger NHL Comparable - Joshua Didier Despite not being an active developer of his skills lately, Kisslinger was seen recently hanging out near the practice facility. He garnered some attention given that we hadn't seen him in quite some time. The physical shutdown defender will look to build on this past season and hope to use it as momentum to make it to the VHL in the next few seasons. 50. New York Americans: RW - Keno Wolf (Philadelphia, 99 TPE, 0.0 AVG) @aCrypticPancake NHL Comparable - Curtis McKenzie Keno Wolf hasnt really been seen in a while but after putting up a respectable 31 points and 63 hits, he should find himself selected in the top three rounds. His development prior to disappearing was solid and if he can get back to that, then New York will have quite the pickup on their hands. 51. Prague Phantoms (via Calgary): C - Antti Paakkarinen (San Diego, 76 TPE, 0.0 AVG) @SeamusSv NHL Comparable - Liam O'Brien Paakkarinen was seen a little more recently than someone like Wolf but didn't put quite as much development time in prior to leaving. Paakkarinen is pretty well rounded but doesn't possess any above average skills that stand out to scouts. Time will tell on this one but we are at the point where we are far less likely to see future VHL talent. 52. Malmo Nighthawks (via Riga): C - Kirk Holloway (Ottawa, 86 TPE, 0.5 AVG) @ebay12 NHL Comparable - Laurent Dauphin The final pick of the third round and this Mock Draft is Kirk Holloway, a center who played for the Ottawa Lynx last season. He too disappeared of late but has shown some flashes of potential prior to doing so. He is another average everywhere and elite nowhere player, but still managed to record 22 points and 96 hits in 46 games this year. Word Count - 7576 @Members (Ya'll can enjoy the effort put in)
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    Change to Welfare/Pension Claiming

    Hello there, As of today, claims made under the James Platts Welfare Program or VHL Pension Plan can be automatically claimed on the Portal in a similar fashion to Practice Facility. These claims are not required to be approved by updater's and TPE will be awarded immediately. Note: The Portal automatically determines pension eligibility by looking at a user's past and current players. Some older, returning members may find they are only offered 4 TPE - this is due to previous players not existing on the Portal or not being linked to their user account. If this is the case, contact an admin or commissioner and we will manually approve you for the pension plan. Claims made under the VHL Partnership Plan with SBA and EFL are not quite as automated, but a post in a weekly welfare thread is no longer required. These claims can be made directly in the Portal by using the new "Affiliate PT" option under "Claim Capped" and linking to your PT on SBA or EFL. These claims will continue to be reviewed and approved by updater's. Full claiming instructions and eligibility requirements can be found here. At this time, there is no changes to the monthly Affiliate Check program and those will continue to require posting in a monthly thread. Obligatory @Members (don't hate me)
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    S73 VHL SEASON PREVIEW The S72 offseason has come and gone which means it is time for a new season of hockey to begin! We will be taking a look at the situation of all 16 VHL franchises heading into S73. We will be starting with the expansion teams and then be making our way up the standings from last to first. Without further ado, let us begin! Chicago Phoenix Expansion Team Honestly, If I am a Chicago fan right I would be pretty excited for the kind of damage this team will be able to do a few years down the road. You may not have the best roster right now, but it is filled with future stars. The forward core is led by Adam Syreck, Squirrely Dan, Vladimir Shaposhnikov and Milos Slavik rounding out the top-six forward group. In net, they have their first-round draft pick in Jean Pierre Camus. They are lacking a lot defensively with the only notable name being Nikita Kulikovich, but if their forward core plays well and Camus has a great season, they can be a dark horse playoff contender. London United Expansion Team London is another team that could do some damage if things go right. They have a solid offence with the likes of veteran forward Guy Lesieur along with some young forwards like Mac Hooper, Jay Jones and The Terrible Trivium. Defensively, they have James Rose who had a great season with the Houston Bulls in the VHLM last season. London’s biggest issue will be in the crease. Their starter going into this season will be Clayton Park, a career backup goalie who hasn’t fit too well into a starting role and this looks like his last season, so London may need a quick fix at goaltender but other than that I can see them possibly making a playoff push depending on what happens before the trade deadline. Los Angeles Stars Expansion Team I could see LA easily making the playoffs this season. They look to be in the best position out of all of the expansion teams. Offensively, they are led by veterans Sigard Gunnar and Tyler Barabash Jr while sprinkling in some youth with Markus Nygren, Gary Neal and first-round pick Jeffrey Pines rounding out the forward core. Defensively, They are led by the trio of Rusty Shackleford, Gert B Frobe and Kaspars Claude. The only issue I see in their team kind of like London is in the crease. They also have a career backup this time in Kolur Bjoernsson. It will only be like this as both their defence and goaltending will be rounded when second-round picks Jiggly Gumballs and Drew Minott are expecting to come up to the VHL. Warsaw Predators Expansion Team Warsaw is just like LA where their team looks like a fringe playoff contender, but can easily go further. Warsaw has the best centre depth out of all 4 expansion teams, with Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Zeno Miniti filling the roster down the middle. On the wings, they have 2 players with VHL experience in Dalton Wilcox and Damien Wolfe. Defensively, They have veterans Danny DeYeeto and Hugh Chan along with a younger player in Alex Bridges. Warsaw also has a solid goaltender in Nicolas Fomba. Mix this in with the first-round pick Dakota Lamb coming up to the VHL next year and this can be a dark horse candidate both this year and next year. Malmo Nighthawks Last Season: 26-41-5 (12th in VHL) Did not make the playoffs Malmo is a very different team from last season, having 3 first-round picks and nailing all of them. They still have a veteran presence in Aston Martin offensively but throw in young guns Chris Hylands, Ray Shields and top draft pick Marshall James Frostbeard and this team looks extremely dangerous offensively. This team was concerning defensively last year. What better way to fill that hole by taking the S73 draft’s top defender, Tyler Walker at 2nd overall. Mix that with the current core of Zyrok12 and Condor Adrienne and the call-up of Viktor Alexei Kamenov and this is a miles better defence then it was last year. In net, Malmo has long term stability in 6th overall pick Grekkark Gyrfalcon who is poised to have a breakout year in the VHL. This is a solid Malmo team that I can see as a dark horse candidate for a Continental Cup run. D.C. Dragons Last Season: 30-38-4 (11th in VHL) Did not make the playoffs. D.C. is one of those teams that can do some serious damage. They had a stroke of luck last offseason, moving up to 1st overall to select LW Groovy Dood. Dood has been working hard to fit in with the D.C line up for his rookie year in S73. D.C is led offensively by 2 young guns in Dood and RW Xaiver LeFlamant and veterans in Raleigh Ritchie, Mikko Aaltonen, Boris the Forest and Benny Graves, who is looking like he is prepared for a career year. Defensively, D.C is no slouch either being led by veterans Charles Drumm, Luciano Valentino, Ricky Johnson and a new younger defenseman in Liam Flaten. D.C also has more stability in goal as starting goaltender Stone Wolski did some hard training this offseason and looks poised to be one of the best goaltenders this year. With a team like that, you must be excited if you are a D.C fan as they could easily be a Continental Cup contender. I see them making the playoffs. Vancouver Wolves Last Season: 32-35-5 (10th in VHL) Did not make the playoffs Vancouver is a really unpredictable team. Keeping a lot of the players from last season but also sprinkling in some of the young talented players can do that to a team. Offensively, they are still led by centres Brock Louth and Andrew Su, but up the wings, they look deadly. On the right side, they have Jungkok, Gregg Stallion, Gino DiGiannantonio and Mat Tacco and on the left, they have Joe Proto. They will need to shift one or two of their right wings over to the left but they still a dangerous offence. The defence was a bright spot for Vancouver last season as they were 5th in the league in total goals against and they managed to grab Micah Adrienne at 3rd overall in the draft to further solidify their defence. Mix that in with the veterans in Jeff Downey, Andrej Petrovic and Griff Manzer and you have an excellent top 4. In net, they have stability in the starter position with Jimmy Spyro and they have Isak Sjostrom backing him up. If Vancouver can play up to their potential, they will be a tough team to beat this year, but it all depends on how they come out of the gate. They will be a playoff contender but the step to a cup contender depends on how things go. Toronto Legion Last Season: 33-35-4 (9th in VHL) Lost in Conference Semi-Finals to CGY 4-3 Despite how bad S72 looked for Toronto fans, they were in a playoff spot and managed to push the eventual conference champion Calgary Wranglers to 7 games. Not too shabby. Toronto could make a splash this year with an offence lead by Jeff Blaze, Teemu Lehtinen Jr, Chad Magnum and Kristopher McDagg. However, I expect incoming LW Joseph Gainer to have a good season. He is coming off a solid season in the VHLM and has developed nicely down there. Defensively, they are led by a young core of brothers in Gabriel and Leon Gutzwiler, Erik Killinger and a veteran piece in Fredrik Elmebeck makes for a dangerous top 4. In the crease, Toronto is no slouch either, having a solid young goaltender in Jaxx Hextall, who will only continue to get better. Add all of this to 5th overall pick John Merrick being ready to play for S74 and this Toronto team will get dangerous really fast. Prague Phantoms Last Season: 32-32-8 (8th in VHL) Did not make the playoffs Missing the playoffs was a bummer for Prague, who despite finishing better than the playoff-bound Toronto Legion ended up ultimately missing the big dance due to S72’s stacked European Conference. Prague has a powderkeg offence led by Thomas Landry II, Ondrej Ohradka, Dagmar Havlova and Alex Pearson. Defensively, they still have the 3 headed-monster of Cinnamon Block, Seabass Perrin and Wolf Stansson Jr. In the crease, they still have Virgil Ligriv in net for his last season but behind him is the young goalie Woody McPine, who was a force in the VHLM last year. Things can turn around for Prague really fast, with centre Andre LeBastard coming up from the VHLM next year. HC Davos Dynamo Last Season: 35-30-7 (7th in VHL) Lost in Conference Semi-Finals to RIG 4-0 HC Davos was absolutely steamrolled in the first round by the eventual champion Riga Reign in S72. This doesn’t change the fact they have a solid lineup, led offensively by SS Hornet, Jet Jaguar, Soren Jensen and Jerry Garcia. Davos’ defence remains mostly the same led by David O’Quinn and Roque Davis but Davos made a splash move to bring in Charlie Paddywagon from Calgary to round it off. Davos has the young up and coming Joakim Bruden in net who has a chance to have a great season. I see Davos returning to the playoff, but they can go farther than just playoffs. Moscow Menace Last Season: 35-29-8 (6th in VHL) Lost in Conference Finals to RIG 4-0 Just like Davos, a sweep at the hands of the eventual champion Riga Reign doesn’t take away how good the Moscow Menace was last season. Moscow still has a deadly first line with Nate Telker, Ryo Yamazuki II and Henrik Zoiderberg leading the way offensively but with upcoming stars Vin Calia and Lucas Brandt, those holes that come up once the first line leaves will be easy to fill. Defensively, they still have the deadly duo of Vladimir Pavlov and Oskar Lagesson but added the dangerous VHLM star Alex Letang to an already loaded back end. In net, they still have Raymond Bernard. This will be a tough Moscow team to beat this year and I expect them to be a cup contender. Helsinki Titans Last Season: 36-26-10 (5th in VHL) Lost in Conference Semi-Finals to MOS 4-2) Helsinki had a good season in S72, ending with a fantastic 6 game series against Moscow where they easily could have taken it. Helsinki is led offensively by a top line of Hiroshi Okada, Jim Bob and Erik Draven. They also have some solid 2nd line and depth pieces in Ben Hafkey, Jared Spaz and Valtteri Vaakanainen. Defensively, they have Erik Summers and Kyle Andersen leading the way along with rookie Spencer Elsby. In net, Helsinki has the two-headed monster in Zamboni Driver and Samuel Ross. Adding all of this with S73 draft picks Patrik Laine and Oh Sens coming in next season and Helsinki can easily win a Continental Cup. New York Americans Last Season: 38-26-8 (4th in VHL) Lost in Conference Finals to CGY 4-3 New York’s playoff run last year came to a heartbreaking end in game 7 against the Calgary Wranglers, giving up the game-winning goal with just 30 seconds to play. New York’s offence is still as dangerous as ever with a top-six forward group made up of Julius Freeman, Acyd Burn, Owen Nolan, Jerry Wang, Bjorn Scoringsonn and Richard Penisson. Defensively, they have the tenacious trio of Micheal Gary Scott, Lance Flowers and Hugh Jass. In net, it is also the same with A Red Guy being the starter. This team can easily make a cup run and I expect them to be a contender all season long. Riga Reign Last Season: 39-25-8 (3rd in VHL) Won S72 Continental Cup! The defending champion Riga Reign definitely have something to be proud of, going 12-1 throughout last year's playoffs and easily taking the Continental Cup and with a lineup like theirs, who says they can’t go back to back? They are led by the insane centre depth as you have Phil Marleau, Kyl Oferson, Pengu and Codrick Past roaming the middle. They also have Patrik Tallinder and Shush Nyko up the wings making this a dangerous team in the offensive zone. Defensively, they still have their top pair in Lincoln Tate and Guy Saskamoose. Those two will be just as dangerous this year. However, the biggest X-Factor in this team’s success lately, goaltender Greg Eagles. He was the big reason why Riga won the Continental Cup last spring and if he plays even close to the way he did in the postseason, I see Riga going back to back. Seattle Bears Last Season: 47-22-3 (2nd in VHL) Lost in Conference Semi-Finals to NYA 4-1 Just because Seattle lost in round 1 last season doesn’t mean anything. This team is still extremely dangerous, led offensively by veterans Scott Greene and Ambrose Stark as well as young stars Ola Vikingstad, Uhtred and Timothy Brown. Defensively, Seattle has Hulk Hogan, Berocka Sundqvist, Odin Omdahl and Randy Marsh rounding out an impressive top 4. In the net, Rayz Funk looks like he is going to play his final season, but Seattle was prepared and snagged top goaltender Jacob Tonn in the S73 draft to back him up and take the reigns once Funk retires. Seattle can easily go all the way back and win their 4th Continental Cup in 6 seasons. Calgary Wranglers Last Season: 49-16-7 (1st in VHL) Lost in Continental Cup Finals to RIG 4-1 Calgary went through a lot of games last season and ended up just short of a Continental Cup, but there isn’t any reason they can’t go back. They still have RJ Jubis, Kris Rice, Mikko Lahtinen, ACL TEAR and Willie Dredge leading offensively. Defensively, it is mostly the same, with Edwin THE Encarnacion and General Zod enforcing their will. Calgary traded Charlie Paddywagon this offseason, leaving a big hole there and it is expected that incoming rookie defender Kosmo Kramerev will fill that hole. Calgary still has Jacques LaFontaine in the net. The question for Calgary isn’t whether they can win a cup, the question is can they do it now? Their window is closing fast, the next 2 seasons are probably the best chances they will have at a cup run before they have to retool everything. Your move, Calgary. If you came here looking for a prediction, forget it. What I say now will either trigger one of three things and I will list them here. My predictions will be wrong by the trade deadline. I will predict the playoff picture correctly, but everything will just fall off at that point. My predictions will be wrong by the end of the first week. (2478 words, 13762 characters) - VSN Writer Patrik Laine
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    VHLM Commissioner Change

    I was going to wait until later to release a statement. I didn’t wake up this morning or go to bed last night thinking this would happen. I never ever had plans of stepping away. I feel like this is just a poor, poor misunderstanding where my wording was blown up and examined and taken out of context.. I don’t even know.. walking in circles.. especially seeing as my words came from the source itself.. I have given two years to the role as VHLM commissioner and as I mentioned, I never intended to step away ever.. and didn’t last night or this morning when I woke up.. I have missed family events, family suppers during Easter and Thanksgiving, Ive had situations where my grandfather passed away.. my girlfriend found out she has a tumor in May and very well could have cancer.. and my world is flipped upside down. The sadness I’ve had. The dreams I’ve had to which I wake up in the middle of the night with wet eyes crying.. and I was still here for the league, it’s members, the VHLM and my family who was the VHLM and it’s GM’s. I’ve never left. My activity has never lessened. I was always here at the moment of a ping, a mention, a message.. the moment my alarm rang at 0600 I was on and was here until the moment I put my phone down to go to bed.. I feel frustrated. I feel very heartbroken. I feel disappointed in the leadership and myself. I feel small. Similar to my Hall of Fame speech I got.. I was so excited to be recognized. I was so proud to reach that level. What I got was a very short, rambled paragraph on how I improved the league and am an asshole to some. I felt so incredibly small. I felt worthless. That I try so hard for everyone here to make this league as amazing as it is, as it’s become and as it will grow into.. and felt like it didn’t matter. I don’t know, VHL. Super sad day. I was booted without even being able to say good bye to people I spent all day talking with, helping.. they weren’t just GM’s.. they were my support.. closest thing to online pals and family I’ll ever have.. I am incredibly grateful for them.. With that being said, @VHLM GM , assistants and managers that I’ve had in the past.. I can’t name you all but every single one of you.. Thank you for the amazing 2 years. Yes, sometimes we disagreed. Yes, the M section was a UFC ring sometimes.. sometimes, you know, it even ended on bad terms a little bit and it was unfortunate because in the grand scheme.. I still have a spot for those people. We had many amazing times.. I’m sorry. I don’t even know how to properly thank you guys for being my family for all the hours, days and bad, happy and good times. I just want you all to know that I love you all as members and as people and it saddens me and breaks my heart. I’m really, really going to miss you guys and miss working/talking with you all each and every hour of the day.. I don’t know.. sorry this statement sucks.. VHL, VHLM.. thank you for the support. It’s because of you amazing people, all you different people, that have come together to make this place such an .. addiction. Such a strong hobby. Such a strong part of our lives.. it’s you guys that I always wanted to do right by. I put in the work and hours with the intentions to improve you and your experiences here. I’m not perfect. I’m so deeply sorry for the mistakes I’ve made and to anyone who have crossed swords.. I can’t thank you all enough I just don’t know how to express it and am struggling to find words to say.. I wish you all the best and all the love in the world. Keep making this place a better place than it was yesterday. Remember, mistakes happen. We won’t always agree and we’re such a large group of many differences but we all are here because we love this shit. You can still expect me behind DA BEARZ.. see you out there. Take care..
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    Checks media spot subforum Sees I'm out of claims Screams internally So welcome to another article! Here we'll be taking a look at how every VHL team is doing--now, yes, but more importantly, into the future. We'll see who's sticking around, who's leaving, how each team is set up for the draft, all that good stuff. If you like overly wordy analysis that takes up half your computer screen to say what could be said in two lines, you've come to the right place. So, let's get into it, I guess... NORTH AMERICAN CONFERENCE Calgary Wranglers On Pace For: 44-20-8 Current Standing: 3rd GM: @Bushito The Present: Calgary looks good this season, and that's thanks to a solid veteran core with one of the best defensive games in the league. With five players over 600 TPA and a blueline where the average exceeds 700, they're a hard team to crack. Among the veterans, center Tyler Barabash Jr, defenseman Brady Stropko Jr, and goalie JB Rift provide the team's strongest statistical showings, though talent in Calgary is very much spread across the board--despite the Wranglers' record and standing, you'd have to go to 19th on the points list to find Barabash, and the same or similar may be said about many other categories, indicating that there is no sole savior of the team and that it is working well as a whole. The Future: How the Wranglers look now is nothing compared to what they might look like in a few seasons. Prospects Sigard Gunnar, Hiroshi Okada, Kris Rice, RJ Jubis, and Jacques Lafontaine are all a season or two old and max earners (or close to max earners) on the brink of busting their careers wide open, and that's not even taking into consideration the two top picks in this past draft, Mikko Lahtinen and Edwin THE Encarnacion. If you think they've got a good team now, just wait--especially when they've got two first-rounders in S72. Best Case: "Best case" is wonderful to think about for a team in a situation like this. Calgary's got five players over 600 TPA right now, and they've managed to put together a solid roster that can win games already. I'm counting seven significant earners on this list alone who are ready to move to the next level, and that's not even looking at the rest of the roster, many of whom are respectable earners in their own right. So, best case scenario? Bush builds a dynasty out of this, going on a long run of success and winning a few cups. Worst Case: It's difficult to imagine what could possibly go wrong with a team that already seems to have completed a rebuild and are enjoying the post-tank success with much more and potentially much greater to come. A good look at the portal, though, combined with the questionability of some recent events, could even put Calgary under in a few seasons, though that assumes that all that can possibly go wrong does. For one, only four players are signed through S72, and none are signed through S73. For the Wranglers to keep any of their players past that point, they'll need a few good re-signings--though, admittedly, chances are low that everyone decides to bail. The team was briefly put in jeopardy for a brief period of time last season, though, when a large part of the roster retired due to internal conflict. Though the team looks to have sorted things out since, it will be necessary for management to continue to monitor its locker room in order to actively avoid the worst. Players mentioned: D.C. Dragons On Pace For: 29-33-10 Current Standing: 9th GM: @Enorama The Present: At the moment, D.C. is a bit below average, but that's a good deal better than they were a couple seasons ago when expansion hit. They actually have more players above 600 TPA than Calgary, at seven compared to Calgary's five, though the pieces aren't quite fitting together in the same way. Next to nobody is seeing individual success--Mikko Aaltonen, the team's point leader, is 23rd on the league leaderboard, while in categories like hits and shots blocked Dragons are barely breaking into the top 40. Even Kallis Kriketers is having his worst season since S64. D.C. does have a roster that looks good on paper, though, and that much is contributing to a just-about-average level of team success. The Future: D.C. is one of the league's youngest teams, with almost two-thirds of the active roster being either S68 or S69. Whatever's going on there with player retention is working--Luciano Valentino and Mikko Aaltonen are already signed for the rest of their careers, while John Frostbeard just picked up a two-season extension. In the S69 draft, too, they were able to pick up Benny Graves, who stated before the draft that no matter where he was drafted, he planned to stick with them long-term. Other notables picked up in recent drafts, too, include Guy Lesieur and Ricky Johnson, while prospect Derek Eriksson continues to maintain a respectable earn rate in the minors and Eno's GM player, George Washington, is another career-long Dragon at forward. While they've got a first-round pick in both of the next two drafts, it's imperative that they select a goalie if they can't get one in free agency--Kallis is out after this season and backup Pekka Pouta doesn't have future face-of-the-franchise potential. Best Case: The best case for D.C. is that career signings and player retention are what will lead to them winning. While the Dragons have a couple picks to work with, it really won't be much, so maintenance and growth of the current roster will need to be management's number-one priority. If it works out, though, and they're able to free up some cap space by letting a few inactives go and securing a good goalie before long, D.C. will be a team to be reckoned with in a season or two. Worst Case: Career signings are a double-edged sword. On one hand, you're quite possibly locking up the future core of your team and ensuring its success for seasons to come. On the other, though, now you've got a massive contract on your hands that can limit cap space and make movement difficult. There's also the question of goaltending--will the Dragons be able to find a legitimate, long-term starter in time to catch their roster in full swing? The future doesn't look bad, but D.C. will have to jump through a few hoops to get there. Players mentioned: New York Americans On Pace For: 35-29-8 Current Standing: 6th GM: @Esso2264 The Present: New York looks pretty good on paper--nine players above 600 TPA and a good crop of young talent--though they're currently enjoying a fairly average place in the standings because for some reason they keep losing to Davos. Fellow baguettes Joel Ylonen and Joseph McWolf make up the team's veteran leadership, and while New York is yet another team barely cracking the top 40 in points (only two players in that range, with none in the top 30!), goaltender A Red Guy is enjoying a reasonably decent season, coming in at .918 SV% and 2.36 GAA. Overall, not half bad with a decent shot at playoff success. The Future: The Americans are a young team who look like they've got a bright future--S67 steal and TPE whore Boris the Forest is locked up for the rest of his career, and with recent selections like Lance Flowers, David OQuinn, Soren Jensen, and Owen Nolan leading the prospect pool, New York will break the curse of the S60s and will once again become one of the teams to beat. There's one obvious concern, though--a huge portion of the roster is in their contract year this season. Notable names that could be out the door next season include A Red Guy, Thorvald Gunnarson, Lance Flowers, and Ryo Yamazuki II, and that's not even considering forced retirement of McWolf or the tragic departure of Elmebeck, which will cut out half of the Americans' blueline. If players can be re-signed, this might not be a big deal, but it's a definite concern nonetheless. Best Case: In short, New York re-signs the players that matter and make a good choice with their first-rounder in this offseason's draft, maybe cashing in on defense. If this can be done, there shouldn't be any major concerns going forward--having so many contracts end in one season does raise concerns, but it also allows a team to decide who to keep and who to move in a much more flexible manner. Next season's cap should be easy to navigate, and if the right players are convinced to re-sign, the Americans will continue to be a threat. Worst Case: You can probably guess the worst case by now--basically, everyone leaves and New York gets thrown back into the void only a couple seasons after crawling out of it. They're in danger of losing both of their goalies, all but one defenseman, and two active forwards, and if all this happens, New York will find it difficult to stay afloat. Their last first-round choice was a bust as well even though I told Esso to pick him, as Iangenere Risteneen hasn't been seen for a while. So, if the next draft sees a similar miss, it's difficult to imagine the Americans remaining competitive, and even more difficult to imagine them finding legitimate success. Players mentioned: Seattle Bears On Pace For: 38-29-5 Current Standing: 8th GM: @Banackock The Present: There's no time like the present to be in Seattle. Winners of the last two cups, the Bears are feeling good behind (as I'm holding back snarky Hounds-related comments) a strong showing from their S67 draft class. Acyd Burn, Ambrose Stark, Henrik Zoiderberg, Scott Greene, Sundqvist, LeGrande, Hogan, Funk--they're all S67, and only four members of the current roster aren't. There's a good chance that they'll continue to find success this season as well--with nine players above 600 TPA, they're a much better team than their eighth-place standing suggests. The Future: When most of your roster is S67, and six of them are signed through S73, you'll be in the running for a while. Though Seattle doesn't have any prospects in the minors at the moment and won't have any homegrown replacements for its current players for a while, they also don't have much to worry about at the moment. The main concern for Seattle, at the moment, is cap--salary goes up as more TPE is earned, and if the season ended today and restarted tomorrow, they'd be $1.5 million over the cap, even if Jack Lynch is left to free agency--and that's assuming nobody else goes into a higher bracket (a few are close right now and will likely break it by then). They'll be in deeper trouble cap-wise if they use either or both of their two first-rounders in the coming draft on players who will be playing up. So, while the future is still bright, there will need to be at least one cap dump trade to get there. Best Case: The best thing that can happen to the Bears here is trading away an older, more expensive player (best choice would be Slade, though he's got a no-trade clause) and then using picks to fill in the gap left in the lineup by that player. Then, by the best-case model, that player fits in nicely and the Seattle machine keeps running. Keeping every asset will be impossible, so the best case is simply a smooth transition past the inevitable loss of current strength that keeps the team moving forward and on top. Worst Case: Sure, Seattle will end up temporarily a little bit worse after this coming offseason. As has been said a million times here already, someone valuable has to go. Worst case? Robbie chooses to exercise the no-trade clause and takes up $4 million in next season's cap space. If that happens, Seattle enters cap hell and needs to offload someone right on top of their career, in their fifth season. At that point, they've taken a step into "sell players for future assets," which is a major step running contrary to the current plan. It won't be the end of the world, but it could knock the team out of elite level long enough for the S67 class to start depreciating--and at that point, it's time for this team to start finding replacements. Players mentioned: Toronto Legion On Pace For: 26-36-10 Current Standing: 11th GM: @Peace The Present: There isn't much to be said about Toronto's roster at the moment. They're plagued with inactives, have only one first-round draft choice, and have a thin prospect pool with a few inconsistent welfare earners. The lone bright spot on the current roster is Chad Magnum, this past season's 5th overall selection and a max earner who was shipped off to Toronto as part of a large players-for-picks deal that saw Toronto's first-rounder in the coming draft go to Davos (let's not talk about what I did with it after that). Other semi-actives on the Toronto roster include Nethila Dissanayake, a former Saskatoon player who may remain loyal to current Toronto management, and Aron Nielsen, a S66 first-rounder making a recent return from inactivity. The Future: It generally isn't a great sign when the most impressive player out of the "present" group is also the most impressive player in the "future" group, but here we are. Magnum is the only player currently owned by Toronto who has future star potential. One player retires next season, and all but three are set to enter free agency, with only a few able to be re-signed as actives. Though the Legion's late first-rounder will almost certainly be burnt for Erik Killinger, Peace's player sitting near the top of the S71 class, Killinger and Magnum are the only two definite pieces they've got in place at the moment and more than time will be necessary to make them competitive. Best Case: The few active prospects they have ramp up their earning game enough to at the very least provide solid depth, and the rest is done through creative trading, free agent signings, and smart drafting, if it takes long enough to do that they'll have the picks to do it. They'll likely go through a couple more rough seasons, but will be reasonably well-set for the future in good time. Worst Case: Management is unable to make anything happen within a few seasons. Magnum becomes impatient with the consistent lack of success and leaves in free agency, or he sticks around and the process takes long enough that he and Killinger don't have many prime years left when Toronto begins to compete. Players mentioned: Vancouver Wolves On Pace For: 47-18-7 Current Standing: 2nd GM: @Beaviss The Present: There's a lot to like about the Wolves. They've got a small roster of only twelve players, but ten of them are over 600 TPA and two--HHH and Freeman--are over 1,000. Those two sit in the league's top 10 in points, spearheading the Wolves' current success. Goaltender Greg Eagles is enjoying a fantastic season in net, and there isn't a weak spot on the team that would lead one to believe that it might be going otherwise. The Future: Though Vancouver is a bit older than some of the other teams on this list, that's certainly no major concern at the moment. They'll have Freeman, Downey, Eagles, and very likely HHH through S73, they have not one but two max earners in net (backup Jimmy Spyro says hi), and to go with a long list of draft picks, they've already got prospect Griff Manzer maintaining a respectable earn rate in the minors. The Wolves have pretty much reached any GM's dream spot--to have a good team and the future assets to keep it going. Cap shouldn't be an issue next season, either, as 5-million-dollar defender Tzuyu retires and they'll be able to trade a lower-TPA player like Jerry Wang or let Kevin Low go to free agency if that isn't enough of a discount. Best Case: Beav continues to lead the team to success and smoothly transitions it into the next era. They're perfectly set up for this, and if this is done right they'll be a consistent threat to any other team in the league for, well, as much of the future as can be reasonably imagined with their current assets. Manzer comes up and continues earning well enough to become a legitimate part of the gameplan, either Spyro or Eagles is flipped for big-time draft capital or a star at some other position, and the team cashes in at the draft with some solid picks. Worst Case: It's very tough to imagine a worst case here, but one thing or another might go wrong. Tzuyu is out the door, and Kevin Low might be, and if both leave, the roster is left without a fourth defenseman--and the third will be Manzer, who will still be relatively low on the TPE chart. Micheal Gary Scott satisfies his lifelong dream of going off to Seattle in free agency, and Vancouver whiffs on its first-rounders in both of the coming drafts. These are still events that the Wolves will be able to recover from, but it won't make the transition between solid teams a simple handoff. Players mentioned: EUROPEAN CONFERENCE HC Davos Dynamo On Pace For: 18-42-12 Current Standing: 12th GM: GM Himself, @GustavMattias ego grows audibly The Present: OK, fine, let's talk about how Davos is doing right now. We suck! But that's OK, we've got our actives. As far as this season goes, Davos player leadership consists of a few older and largely inactive individuals--Materazo (our only player above 600 TPA, but at least that's one more than Toronto) is putting up great numbers on both ends of the ice, while John Madden and Anthony Matthews represent the other two pre-S66 players contributing to our game at forward. On the back end, goaltender Samuel Ross recently returned from inactivity and has been earning well since. Overall, sure, we're last in the standings, but it's a rebuild, so that is to be expected. The Future: Oh boy, the future. That's what we're all about. Let's talk about that--four first-round picks in the next two seasons, and five seconds. To go along with that, we've got a couple Davos-for-life players on defense in Fernando Jokinen and Andrej Petrovic, and there's also Milos Slavik at forward with the potential to be a decent second-line player on a good team. Winger Alex Bridges leads the pack among prospects, with a decent earn rate and solid team activity. Best Case: The best case is, obviously, that I nail it in the draft and build the best team in the league. There's nowhere for this team to go but up, and there's potential to go way up if things are managed well. We've got the prospect pool and the younger players to build a future support structure already, but the star power needs to be obtained from somewhere else, and the draft is where we'll do it. Worst Case: I run the team into the ground by being an idiot, making stupid decisions, and not drafting well. If I do, too, it's entirely my fault--I was handed a perfectly set-up team and now it's on me to work with that. And if I'm stupid enough, it won't happen quite the way anyone here in Davos is hoping. I'm still unproven as a GM on the VHL level, and if it turns out that I suck at it, that will be the team's greatest enemy. Players mentioned: Helsinki Titans On Pace For: 37-30-5 Current Standing: 7th GM: @Jubo07 The Present: The Titans sit in seventh place at the moment, and they're hanging on to the last bits of their former glory days. Julian Borwinn, Joey Boucher, Sidney Crosby, and Alexander Pepper are all in their last seasons, and it looks like Helsinki is doing what they can to make the best of it. They've made some moves to secure some players from S66 and later--Ben Hafkey, Erik Draven, Erik Summers, and Guillaume Fontenette come to mind--and have built a decent roster with dreams to compete and bring what's left of the @Quik era to an end with a bang. The Future: I came into this one thinking that this segment would be all about how the Titans need to rebuild, scrap everything, become the next Davos and all that stuff. It turns out that that isn't really the case, though--Helsinki has easily the best pool of VHLM prospects that the league has to offer, and many of their players from S66 or after will be sticking around for a bit. Though a step back is expected, it won't be nearly as drastic as one might believe. Virgil Ligriv will likely take over in net, while the others mentioned above will make up the future core. Among the prospects, Jared Spaz and Ike Bennett come to mind as two that do 6-point tasks with a decent earn rate, and there are many more welfare earners who should be up in a season or two. It seems that a retool, not a rebuild, is in order, and for that Helsinki management is grateful. Best Case: Though it's unrealistic to expect Helsinki not to take a step back, a best case scenario leads one to believe that they'll be able to emerge from the transition in only a season or two without ever tanking or being at the bottom of the league. They'll have at least two solid earners next season, and likely a bit more than that, with a first-round pick in the draft, another first-rounder in S72 when Jubo's recreate comes up, and the cap space to accommodate some free agent signings or perhaps a big-ticket player or two in a trade. If all goes well, the Titans will once again stand atop the league with an entirely different roster in not too much time. Worst Case: The worst case scenario in this instance is simply that the retool might not be done in a matter of one or two seasons. It might take a bit longer to develop the prospects--assuming, of course, that they all continue to develop and none go inactive--and by that point players like Hafkey, Fontenette, and Ligriv will be significantly affected by depreciation and well on their way to retirement. Assuming Helsinki does attempt a successful retool--and I maintain that they should, regardless of what the worst case scenario says--their prospects need to maintain their earn rates. If management isn't able to flex their player retention muscles, the Titans will be left with yet another aging roster, this time with nowhere else to go but a complete rebuild. Players mentioned: Malmo Nighthawks On Pace For: 31-38-3 Current Standing: 10th GM: @Advantage The Present: Malmo is the league's most unlucky team, and (I hope) I'm not just saying that because I play there. With eight players above 600 TPA, right up there with the more above-average teams in the league, they've still managed to be...not that great, currently sitting in 10th place. Much of the roster is in the S66-S68 range, with players like Jerry Garcia (ahem), Phil Marleau, and Michael Johnson representing the first generation of the team's history. Further supplemented is the blueline, with the likes of Condor Adrienne, while the forwards lines are graced by the presence of Aleksander Rodriguez and Dan Wilinsky. There's a solid roster there, but one that simply is not working. The Future: If you thought D.C. was notorious for career signings, then take a look at Malmo's finance page and think about how wrong you were. Every player in the S66 class or after on the 600-TPA-or-more list is locked up for most or all of the rest of their career, leaving Malmo (on paper) very set up for the future. Though Dan Wilinsky is retiring this season and Ryan Sullivan Jr the next, the Nighthawks will see first-round prospect Lewis Dawson promoted next season and will then have the cap space for a move or two to be made, and perhaps a signing as well. Best Case: Everything finally clicks for Malmo after two seasons of underwhelming sim results, and they're able to enjoy success because of it. Marleau finally finds his place on the team, Garcia stops taking so many penalties, and the Nighthawks are back on top of the league with seasons to go on the big-boy contracts. Management hits on the first-rounder in S72, and all is well. Worst Case: SimonT continues to vomit all over Sweden and Malmo's current roster simply doesn't do the trick. The career signings given to half the team begin to hurt the team rather than help it, as moves should be made to bring Malmo back to where it should be and it becomes difficult to ship people off elsewhere, particularly now-inactive Rob Mattalex, who will cost any team taking him on $4 million per season, even after depreciation hits. Malmo is unable to scrape together enough prospects for a successful retool and goes the way of the Helsinki worst-case. Players mentioned: Moscow Menace On Pace For: 48-17-7 Current Standing: 1st GM: @Victor The Present: "Top of the League" is really all that needs to be said about Moscow at the moment. They've got eight players over 600 TPA, and while that isn't top of the league, they're making it work. A veteran core including Jet Jaguar, Randoms, and the venerable Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen lead the way at the moment, and there's a ton to like on the leaderboard--six out of the top ten point scorers are from Moscow: Jaguar, Randoms, Smitty, Gritty, Mat Tocco, and the highly underrated Dan Baillie, a player who isn't a household name but has contributed almost a point per game in his Moscow career while also showing his two-way ability by consistently reaching impressive hit totals. Moscow is dominant this season, and it's hard to imagine anyone getting by them in the playoffs. The Future: The future looks good in Moscow, more so than one might expect from a look at the finances page. Though Smitty and Gritty are officially set to enter free agency after this season, neither one has historically been prone to leaving a team, and it's easy to see both re-signing. As far as younger players go, the Menace don't have much in the way of prospects, but they do have a good amount of draft picks in the coming drafts, as well as TPE whore Raymond Bernard in net, active long-term signing Nate Telker at forward, and GM player Vladimir Pavlov on defense to keep the ball rolling (or, "keep the puck moving," I guess?) into the next generation of Moscow players. Best Case: Smitty and Gritty re-sign and stick with Moscow for the rest of their careers, as does Jaguar. The Menace make some good draft choices and maybe a signing somewhere along the way, and remain a good team for the foreseeable future. One can afford to run the team conservatively at the moment, too, as more than enough cap space will be freed up by the retiring Randoms to retain the current roster should they decide to stay where they are. Worst Case: Smitty and Gritty decide to take their orange fur elsewhere and the Menace aren't as menacing in S71 after, well, not making signings like Smitty and Gritty. They remain mediocre--think of a big buff dude grimacing at you rather than scowling in terms of menacing quality--but aren't top of the league. They'll have space to work with, both cap-wise and draft-wise, but Victor, being the idiot that he is in this worst-case model, somehow manages to screw up both, missing signings and picking busts, until Moscow has an aging and top-heavy roster ready to tip over. As you can see, this worst-case scenario takes a whole lot of screwing up to achieve, but it's the most realistic out of everything as there isn't really much that can go wrong. Players mentioned: Prague Phantoms On Pace For: 37-25-10 Current Standing: 5th GM: @diamond_ace The Present: Prague is getting off to a better start than the other S67 expansion, D.C., and they're doing it with a super balanced roster. With only two players above 600 TPA, but tons in the 500-600 range, the Phantoms are making a name for themselves through depth, teamwork, and a little bit of sim luck. Current Prague veterans leading the way include Roll Fizzlebeef and Brick Wahl, though the roster runs a bit deeper with many noted players from S66-S69 seeing themselves in supporting roles. Though it could be argued that they're playing a bit above their caliber at the moment, the Phantoms are a decent team that happens to be very, very balanced. The Future: Prague's got three players--Alex Pearson, Jacob Perry, and Wolf Stansson Jr--signed through S73, with Seabass Perrin and Cinnamon Block representing a couple young bright spots on defense with solid earn rates and bright futures. Solomon Crawford isn't the fastest earner, though likely figures to be the starting goalie once Wahl is out. The Phantoms don't have many draft picks, with one first-rounder next season representing the only significant pick held by the team, but if the current roster is able to be retained successfully, they could be in more serious contention in a season or two. Best Case: The best case here isn't really as dynasty-ish and high up as some of the others, but it's still an optimistic one. Prague's future lies in retention--if they lose some players to free agency, which is possible, they may end up making some signings of their own, but the smartest way to develop the Phantoms is simply to just wait for the current roster to develop and reach a higher level of competition. After a hit in the coming draft's first round, the Phantoms sit back and wait--the defense breaks into the next level, Pearson steps it up at forward, and Prague earns a spot near the top of the league in an undisputed manner. Worst Case: Prague picks a bust next season and growth of the current roster proves to be of questionable effect. Block, Perrin, and Stansson should stick around, but most others on the team are welfare earners with second-line potential. The team also has no real star power at forward, a part of the ice a good deal more important in this league than the blueline. In this case, we'd see less of management running the team into the ground and more of the team running itself into the ground--most of this plan is dependent upon the team's ability to improve itself, and if it fails in that regard, there won't be much to see in a few seasons. Players mentioned: Riga Reign On Pace For: 42-23-7 Current Standing: 4th GM: @hedgehog337 The Present: Riga's got seven players above my arbitrary 600-TPA standard, and as has been the norm as long as I've been in this league (since the prime days of Preencarnacion and Cast), plenty of star power. They seem to have transitioned well between rosters, keeping Ryan Kastelic, the TPE whore who makes most other whores look like nuns by comparison, throughout that entire period. The current stars of the team include Kastelic, Lincoln Tate, Apollo Hackett, and former Davos franchise goalie Finn Davison, acquired this past offseason in a deal which gave Kallis the chance to be shipped out to D.C.. The Reign are strong as always, and though they aren't on top of the league, no major concerns are present as far as this season goes. The Future: Oh, look, Riga has a good team and a good set of picks again. I'm hardly surprised--this has, of course, been the case for most of the time I've been in this league. With three first-rounders in the next two drafts, Riga is there to make a big splash with their selections, and they'll be strengthening an already good team with a decent prospect pool--they've got a few decent earners in the VHLM, but forward JaredN and goaltender Nicolas Fomba, who projects as a solid backup, are the top two in that regard. With the current roster, the entire blueline is signed through next season, though only two forwards will be around for sure--with the rest either retired or hitting free agency, an overhaul up front might be necessary. Best Case: Hedge re-signs who he needs to at forward and Riga solves their goaltending problem, either through the draft or a trade. He's able to use some free cap space left in the absence of Kastelic to seduce bring in a solid player up front, and Patrik Tallinder and Guy Sasakamoose continue on their young talent track and develop into legitimate stars. Solid draft choices are made, Riga continues to be a good team, and nobody is surprised in the slightest. Worst Case: For a team where everything has gone right in recent times, what could possibly go wrong? The worst that can happen to the Reign at the moment is a loss of just about their entire forward personnel--Kastelic will be forced out, and should the others choose to exercise their right to test the market, it could thin the team out quite a bit more. Davison retires before Riga is able to find a legitimate replacement, and the team effectively becomes limited to its strong defensive core only. Though this situation is unlikely, some smart management will be necessary to avoid it. Players mentioned: Word count: 5,711. Apparently it's a 20-minute read too, hope you enjoy it. Thank God for multi-claims, because I might need them in the next few weeks. See you in a month!
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    In true whoring fashion. Anyone who 'likes' this post will get a Shoutout in honour of my ~11K post party. Between the three movements of the boards we've kinda lost count but this is more of shameless 'like' boosting than a party. I haven't decided if it will be in shoutout form or storyform. I'll let the alcohomahol decide. I WRITE ON SUNDAY SO PREEZ LYKE.
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    Being a Girl in the VHL

    What it has been like for me as a female in the vhl.. (Note this is just how it has been for me. Other females could very well feel differently.) I found this league off a YouTube video of someone talking about it (I don’t remember who) and thought it would be interesting to try out for myself. I was very much so prepared to be one of the few girls in the league as most things like this are male dominated most of the time. At first I was quite hesitant on here and didn’t really tell anyone my gender because I was frankly afraid of how people would react. In the past I would be treated weirdly because I am not a man and it scared me that it would happen again. I didn’t want to be treated differently. I wanted to be viewed as just another person playing a game to pass time and meet new people. As I got more comfortable in my first locker room (Yukon rush) I felt comfortable enough to tell the people in there.I finally told them I was in fact a female and explained to them why I didn’t say earlier and told them that I really do not want to be treated differently because of my gender because I was here for the same reason they were. That locker room to this day is still one of my favorites because they were so genuinely accepting and didn’t really care. It gave me the confidence to be more open of who I really am. They didn’t change how they acted (honestly they got weirder) instead they continued to be who they were beforehand. I was not treated differently and they really didn’t make me feel any different then one of them. So thank you to everyone in that locker room but special shoutout to: Ricer, Cow, Alex, Dylan, and LPOS for being genuinely great people. As I got moved around I didn’t tell most of my other locker rooms because it didn’t feel right. I did tell one other one and they reacted the same way Yukon did. However, with a couple of the other locker rooms I’m in I’m not going to lie I haven’t because of the fact of being scared of reaction. There’s a part of me that feels like I already don’t fit in, in some locker rooms and me saying I am a girl would just make it more awkward. I already feel as though I’m so different from them just in a personality way that now adding that gender difference would only make it worse. Although this could very well just be me overthinking things to an extreme. Generally for me being a female in the vhl has been a very welcoming experience. I haven’t really had negative feedback from the people I have told (which is everyone now) but more just the fear of negative feedback coming. Thank you to any and everyone who didn’t change how they acted when they found it because it makes me a whole lot more comfortable knowing that they aren’t going to change because of my gender and that I’m not holding back their personality because of that. So I would like to say to anyone who reads this: please please please if you find out a user is the opposite gender please don’t treat them differently. We are all on here for the exact same reason and them being a different gender shouldn’t change how you act. I can’t speak for all females on the platform but to me I want you to act the exact same way. We are humans too. word count: 616
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    Season 71 return?

    Things are going well, for those who are curious my son has taken to the chemo well. Things looking up, my wife and daughter are both in good health. My job, settled down again after our usualy christmas rush people blowing fuses left and right trying to make beautiful houses for the holidays. The few months fully away from the league, and the about half a year i was barely active. Given me a nice breather. I dont really desire to join this season. As the draft just occured, or is going too soon? So figure another couple months away for another season will give me a nice breather. It also brings me to my next topic. As always my player will be russian national, he will be a Komarov. However i want to give the league, the choice in his first name, can not be Sergei, Vladimir, Pavel, or Evgeni as they have graced the league already. As well as what position/player arch i should be. I will rule out goalie right away as i was never a TPE whore, to be an elite goalie so that position makes no sense. @Members
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    2020 Donation Drive Announcement

    As announced in our statement regarding the Black Lives Matter Movement, the Victory Hockey League will be opening up our Christmas Charity Drive up early this year, as a means to help in some small way those affected by racial inequality. We have decided to pledge up to $500 to two charitable organizations TBD (1 American organization supporting BLM, 1 Canadian organization supporting Indigenous Peoples). We will be matching member donations up to this amount, and dividing the total evenly, between the two foundations. All donations made explicitly for this drive will be used 100% to go to these causes. Any donation of $5 or more will allow you to claim 5 Uncapped TPE. Should we reach our goal of $500, all members will be eligible to claim a free doubles week, regardless of if you made a donation or not. A thread has been created in our League Donations section, and can be found HERE. If you would like to donate to the cause, please do so through the league’s paypal, and post your Transaction ID in that thread. As previously mentioned, all donations will be used in full, with none going into the league's account. UPDATE: The league has selected the two organizations that will be receiving the funds raised by our members. The first of which is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which, if you are unaware, is an organization that was founded in 1920 "to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person" in America. As one of the leading organizations in defending minorities, as well as a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, we feel the ACLU represents exactly what the world needs as they push for change to bring equality to all, in a nation that has been divided for too long. The organization that will be receiving the other half of the funds is Spirit North, a group that works with indigenous youth in Canada "find the courage to take on any challenge, develop leadership skills, improve their health and wellness, discover new talents and unlock their limitless potential." As the indigenous peoples have faced extreme hardships throughout Canadian history, it was important for us, as a league with a primarily Canadian member-base, to look within, and see what change we can help enact at home, as we aim to improve as a community on all levels. Another note is that, as those of you who are in our affiliate league, the EFL, will know, they have also started a donation drive to support the BLM movement. As affiliate leagues who are both working towards the goal of helping minorities and marginalized peoples, we have decided that anyone who donates to the cause in one league, may claim the donation bonus in the other. For example: As someone who donated to the VHL Donation Drive, you would be eligible to claim a free week + 5 uncapped TPE in the EFL, while anyone who donates in the EFL may claim a doubles week in the VHL. With that said, we will be closing the donations on Friday, June 12th @ 5PM ET, and splitting the donations equally between the ACLU and Spirit North. As the league has shown an incredible amount of support, and we close in on nearly $2000 pledged by our members, we have decided that, should we hit the $2000 milestone, all members of the league will be eligible to claim an additional 5 Uncapped TPE. The positivity and support shown to helping the causes stated have been nothing short of incredible, and while this is not the purpose of the drive, we believe that you should all be rewarded for your kindness and generosity. FINAL UPDATE: Donations have been submitted to both the ACLU and Spirit North. I want to take this time to once again thank everyone for their generosity, and express how proud we are of the community as a whole. The Community perks (Doubles Week + 5 Uncapped TPE) for hitting our goals of $500 and $2000, respectively, will be claimable until the end of the Season 73 Theme Week. Thank you, Victory Hockey League @Commissioner @BOG @Members
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    VHL Code of Conduct Policy

    VHL Code of Conduct Policy @Members Recent events within the league have made it clear that the VHL, both historically and currently, has been running far too much of a "Laissez faire" approach in regards to policing the use of insensitive slurs and other language. Not everyone in the league will obviously agree with how these events went down but the point remains that our approach has simply been too relaxed and things have gone too far without the administration necessarily realizing it. This is not simply in relation to the board, or the discord, or any members in particular but is a wide spread problem across multiple areas of the site and it's due time something is done about it. Ultimately the VHL was founded in an interesting time for the internet, 2007. It was a different place back then, a rather toxic place if we are being honest. However it is not 2007 anymore. The kind of words we have seen weren't acceptable (but perhaps more tolerated) back then and they certainly aren't now. To give a few examples, though they should hardly be necessary, using words like gay or retarded as synonyms of stupid is ridiculous and long past its expiration point. This isn't about censoring your posts, being Social justice warriors, or arguing about meaning of words changing over time but rather about the league being inclusive to all its members and potential members. With that in mind, moving forward, the league shall be more proactive in avoiding these types of slurs. Staff using them will be treated more severely for obviously reasons but from the top down we expect to see uses reduced and will be punishing those who do not wish to comply or clearly skirt the rules when looked at in context. Punishment will be determined by the blue team on a case by case basis but can include: • Warnings • Removal of job positions on the site • Temporary or permanent suspensions from discord, the forum, or both • PT Bans, both full and partial Punishment will depend on how severe and how frequent the offences occur and will be made more severe for repeat offenders. It is not a matter of wanting to ban members for this sort of thing but we will if we have to. Quite frankly it's an easy thing to avoid and isn't something that should be a problem in 2019. We will be leaning on our mod team as well as the BOG and general member base to make sure that people who are using insensitive language towards others or groups; whether intentionally targeted or otherwise, are punished accordingly for it. In addition we will be subdividing the Discord better to hopefully spread discussion from general and make it easier to watch for things. In this vein we will also be doing a search at the end of the week of discord and the forums for key words and phrases to keep an eye on things. In general things will fall under the guise of our already in place rules regarding Drama, Fighting, and trolling but with special attention paid to people making claims in general instead of specifically targeted. Our aim, as I said, is not to censor but to make the VHL a welcoming place for everyone. Obviously this did all stem from an event as I alluded to and there are certain members who shall be receiving punishments for their involvement in that event. The league recognizes that, while these rules were not in place at the time, members were warned to not provoke any further action and to stand down. Instead of doing so several members took matters in their own hands and made an already complex situation far worse for themselves and for the league. For their part in all this the following members shall receive the following punishments: @Josh: 1 week PT ban (as in max cap is 6/12) @Banackock: 1 week Update ban @DilIsPickle: 1 week Update ban @Nykonax: 1 week Update ban @jRuutu: 1 week PT ban (as in max cap is 6/12) @Matt_O: 1 week PT ban (as in max cap is 6/12) I know you guys likely won’t be happy about these but it’s what we deem fair given the situation that was either caused or exacerbated by your behaviour. It is our hope that these punishments are the only ones we require in the subject. Given that it’s Thursday and the cap has already likely been hit for you guys the punishments will be served next week. It is our sincere hope that the VHL can move on past our old behaviour and into a brighter, more welcoming era. We hope you can all understand that this is not an attack on your rights as members but simply a policy to make sure that your right to speech does not infringe upon the rights over others to enjoy the league. Re: SBA Affiliation In addition to the above code of conduct the league would like to make a mention of the SBA affiliation which was recently dropped because of the above mentioned issues. The league has been in talks with the BoD of the SBA but is not making this code of conduct simply to appease them or to get back the affiliation. If things improve and those discussions do continue on the right path it may happen some day but that is not our main goal and is out of our hands. However we do recognize that stopping SBA affiliation claims on our end, which was done while we sorted things out, is unnecessary and does negatively impact some of our players. For this reason, regardless of our affiliation coming back or not, and to alleviate the concerns of 90% of the population about how their dual membership of the VHL and SBA will be affected, we will continue recognizing SBA PTs as valid VHL PTs in line with previous affiliation agreements. Our updaters were told to put a hold on, not deny, any claims made while the affiliation welfare was down and they have also been instructed to approve back claimed ones for this past week if the PT week was missed by dual membership members. Sincerely, @Commissioner @BOG
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    Season 73 VHL Expansion!

    S73 Expansion Friday, June 12th, 3:00PM EST @Members In December of 2017 the VHL made a very difficult decision to revert our expansion and return to the original 8 teams that we had when the league began. If I'm being honest with you all this was done as a last ditch effort to try and save the league which was floundering at the time. Recruitment was way down, old members were burning out, and the league could not adequately sustain 10 teams anymore, thus the unfortunate demise of the Cologne Express and Stockholm Vikings. It took just over a year before we added another team, the Moscow Menace, to the mix in January of 2019. After that things took off. Only 2 months later we added the Malmo Nighthawks and then 6 months after that both the DC Dragons and Prague Phantoms. In under 2 years the VHL went from 8 teams, the lowest it ever had, to 12. But we aren't done. It is my absolutely amazing honour today to announce yet another expansion to the VHL and this time it's our largest expansion in league history. Bigger than Moscow or Malmo, bigger than DC and Prague, even bigger than the three team expansion the VHLM went through when Moscow was added. Today we announce that four new teams will be joining the VHL for the start of S73 which will bring our total up to 16 teams. Double what we had when the league began almost 13 years ago and more impressively double what we had in December of 2017, not even 3 years ago. This is thanks, in no small part, to the amazing work of the @Recruitment Crew bringing in members like crazy, as well as the Dev Team (who can't be tagged but are no less appreciated) who continue to make the VHL portal the best site extension the sim league community has ever seen. It's also thanks to all of you though, we're a community first and whether you wear many hats or just "member" you are no less appreciated. When the VHL started with 8 teams people thought it was too much, that it couldn't be filled. To see the league double in size is absolutely phenomenal and I can't express how amazing it is. Who am I kidding though, none of you want to read about me getting nostalgic any longer. We've got some teams to announce do we not? Let's cover North America first and then travel east. So, starting on the west coast we find ourselves in the city of angels. The VHL has gone a long time without the glitz and glamour of Hollywood but no more. Let me introduce the Los Angeles Stars! Moving east we hit another city that has been sorely missing out on a VHL franchise for what seems like far too long. Once ravished by a fire and burned to the ground this great city rose from the ashes which brought inspiration to it's VHL team, the Chicago Phoenix! With the North American conference handled we head across the pond to the European conference. Once known for expanding it's empire across the globe the United Kingdom has been sorely missed in VHL expansion for too long, that changes now with the London United! Last but certainly not least the VHL moves once again into uncharted territory for the league, Poland. Once nearly completely destroyed by war this great city refused to go down without a fight. That fighting spirit lives on in the Warsaw Predators! The league would like to extend its greatest thanks to @Da_Berr who put together the Stars and United logos for us as well as the @VHL GM 's and @BOG who have kept the lid on this closed over the past few months to keep it a surprise. This is an absolutely amazing achievement for the league and we're excited to see how adding four new teams shakes up the landscape of the league. Now then, to business. There are also going to be some fairly significant changes to league rules and scheduling that are required to make 4 teams work. Season 73 VHL Expansion Draft We'll start with the S73 Expansion Draft, which will obviously be the largest in league history. In order to accommodate that fact there will be more than players from existing teams up for grabs. In fact, there will be supplemental picks in the 2nd round of each of the next two VHL Entry Drafts (S73 & S74), as well as the opportunity for the expansion teams to select their own draft slot for the S73 Entry Draft! The full details of the S73 VHL Expansion Draft can be found below. Scheduling / Playoff Format With 16 teams, there will obviously be a need for a new scheduling format, as the current 8/8/5 format would result in a nearly 100-game schedule. Going forward, teams will play Divisional Opponents a minimum of 6 times per season, Conference Opponents a minimum of 5 times per season, and Cross-Conference Opponents a minimum of 4 times per season. The remaining games will be randomly decided by the STHS Scheduling formula. This is subject to change if testing proves the math wrong but is the intention. The next major scheduling change, as a result of growing to 16 teams, is the need for a new playoff format. With 4 expansion teams added to the mix, the playoff structure will expand to 10 teams, 5 per conference. The playoff format will be as follows: Draft Lottery / Draft Lottery Tournament With 6 teams now missing the playoffs, there will be some major changes to the Draft Lottery format. The first of which is the need for new Draft Lottery Odds. For the purposes of the Draft Lottery, all teams that miss the playoffs will be considered seeds 11-16 in the Regular Season Standings, and their draft odds will start as: "Draft odds will start? Draft Lottery Tournament?" Indeed, with so many teams missing out on playoff action, the league has decided to add a new wrinkle to the Draft Lottery, which is a tournament that will decide the final Draft Lottery Odds, the format for the Draft Lottery Tournament will be as follows: So, in conclusion: 4 new teams, new scheduling and playoff formats, new Draft Lottery Odds and Draft Lottery Tournament. Much excitement, and much congratulations to everyone who made this possible. As the league enters its 13th year of operation it is a source of pride to see the community grow to where it is today, and where it can continue to grow as we move forward! @Commissioner @BOG
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    Patrik Tallinder

    [VIDEO] S71 Draft Promo

    I know It’s not perfect, but it took a ton of time to make lol
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    First Annual VHL Charity Drive!

    Hello @Members! ’Tis the season of giving and while the VHL is doing it’s part for you all with our 12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza we thought that as a league, we could be doing more. That is why we are announcing today the first of what will hopefully be an annual VHL Charity Drive! What does this mean? It means as a league we’re opening up our hearts, and wallets, to those in need this holiday season. Specifically the league has chosen the Make a Wish foundation as it’s charity this season and we are asking you all for donations. All proceeds from this will go directly to the charity with the VHL taking 0% off the top, none of it comes to us. So how does this work? A topic has been opened in our donation section and can be found HERE. When you donate just post your confirmation ID in there so we can add it to our total and not confuse it with regular VHL donations. This of course does not fall under the “one per season” donation rule since it isn’t for the VHL. For a donation of $5 or more (you can donate as much or as little as you'd like) you’ll earn 3 TPE. Donating more does not earn you more but it is obviously welcome. In addition, everyone who donates will be entered into a raffle for some extra prizes at the end that aren't TPE based but should be fun. Don’t think we aren’t doing our part as well though. As a thank you for your generosity, the league will match the sum of total donations of all members up to $200 so the more you all donate, the more we will donate. In addition, if the league matching is maxed out (aka if league donations get to at least $200) all members, regardless of if they donated or not, will receive a free doubles week. Donations can be made to the league using our normal link which we will sum up (with proof of amounts) and donate in full to the charity likely around New Years, again with proof of amounts. However if you’d like to donate on your own directly to the charity in order to get a tax receipt (which the league cannot legally supply) you can provide proof of that as well and we will count it the same as a donation through us. In addition to this, if you'd like to donate to a different charity that’s alright as well. Again, simply provide us with proof and we’ll count it for your rewards and our matching. I would like to thank @Banackock for the original idea behind this, I certainly hope it can become a yearly thing. I would also like to thank @gorlab for the above logo as well as @Motzaburger for one he made but we aren’t using for this announcement specifically. Happy Holidays everyone, @Commissioner @Admin @BOG
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    Like the post and you will get a sig from me. Gatta make a stash before school starts again so like awaaaay
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    S72 VHLM Expansion

    VHLM EXPANSION It's no secret that the VHLM has had an awkward format for a number of seasons now, with 11 teams being in the league for the past 6 seasons. Well, the league has decided that it's finally time to round that number off and add #12. I could keep writing things to extend the length of this paragraph, or I could tell you the name of the team...I'm sure you would rather the name, so without further ado, the VHLM's newest franchise: With 12 teams, there are of course some rules that need to be addressed, as changes include the introduction of Divisions, and a schedule that will follow that of the VHL. There will also be a new playoff format that will be introduced. Oh, and there won't be an expansion draft, either. The changes are as follows: Division Theusch Division (701) -> HFX, PHI, MIA Glasser Division (DA) -> MIN, OTT, MIS Corcoran Division (Corco) -> SSK, LVA, YUK Kendrick Division (Kendrick) -> MEX, HOU, SDM Each of these members for whom the divisions are named after, have made a large impact on both the VHLM, as players, GMs and/or commissioner, as well as the VHL as a whole, and are wholly deserving of the honour! Playoff Format Each Division winner will be guaranteed a home playoff spot, while the next 4 teams in the playoffs will be decided by Wild Card format. Each playoff round will be determined by a best of seven series. Expansion Draft What? No Expansion Draft? No, rather than having an expansion draft, the Marauders will be receiving a compensation pick at the end of each round, which will be the 13th draft slot. S72 Dispersal Draft The Marauders will draft from the 10th slot in each round of the Season 72 VHLM Dispersal Draft. --- Welcome and good luck to the Miami Marauders!
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    Annual Charity Drive: 2019

    League donation to Make a Wish. In total we received $807 directly and decided the league matching needed to do more than $200 since you guys all hit that in about half an hour. So we added an extra $500. This is on top of the $565 we raised that the individuals donated straight to multiple charities. Including @tfong's record $400 donation to the Calgary Food Bank! The total that the league and its member base donated was $1,872.00! Good job everyone! Special thanks to @Banackock for bringing this up and pushing us to do this drive. As a reward all members, regardless of if they donated or not, will receive a free doubles week (6 uncapped with the completion of a Media Spot/Graphic etc) Now we can strive to beat this amount next year! -Blue Team
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    Minor Change (Press Conferences)

    Hi @Members, There is 1 small change to announce this off-season but I think it's a pain point we will all appreciate being addressed. The number of questions required to earn 1 TPE in Team or Player Press Conferences has been reduced from 5 to 3. Revised Press Conference Rules: All players can earn up to 2 Capped TPE per week through Press Conferences, by way of any combination of the following: 1 TPE for asking 5 3 unique questions in any team or other players press conferences 1 TPE for answering 3 questions in your own team or player press conference @BOG
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    Light textures

    DL : http://www41.zippyshare.com/v/DChhRHRP/file.html
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    Welcome again to my expectation’s media spot! Where I go through the most in-depth power rankings post you have seen yet! This is where I rank how each team will perform, and I also project their wins and losses over the season! Incredible! Mind you, I can’t account for things like trades, busts, people leaving, signings or TPA growth. Basically, all the independent variables that a teams TPA is depended on. Which is why the result at the end of the season might be VERY different. Method If you want to know my method, you can read this. There will be a bunch of formula and math jargon going on here. You can feel free to skip this and just look at the list. My feelings won’t be hurt. This was a two-step process. The first step was figuring out the baseline wins and losses for every team. Then the second part was adjusting the number of wins and losses total so that it fit the 432 games that are played in the regular season. I took all the teams’ players and threw them onto a spreadsheet. Then I added up all their TPAs together. From when I did this segment the last season, I discovered the TPA per point was 29. Meaning for every 29 TPA a team had, they got a point in the regular season. I used this as a baseline. I had to round to the nearest whole number because you can’t have half a point. Halifax has 603 TPA on their team. 603/29 = 21 When I did that for every team, I got a small problem. It totals up to 350 wins and 514 losses. I wanted both numbers to be at 432 because there are 432 games played in the season. So, I needed to do some adjusting by spreading out 82 wins among our 12 teams. How did I get to decide how many wins a team got? I’m glad you asked! I added up all the TPA in the league from all the teams. It turned out to be 20,303 TPA. I then divided the amount of TPA each team had to get a percentage. Again, I rounded to the nearest whole number because you can’t have a part of a win. It’s either you lost, won, or went into overtime. There is 20,303 TPA in total. Halifax contributes to 0.03% of that. 20,303*0.03 I used the 0.03% TPA contribution that Halifax had as the amount of wins they would get from the 82 left over. Because they had 0.03% of the TPA in the league, they would get 0.03% of the 82 wins available. Halifax has 0.03% of the TPA in the league. There are 82 win up for grabs. 82*0.03 = 2 Congratulations Halifax you just got yourself two more wins! Because of the rounding, there were two more wins than I needed this way. Philadelphia was supposed to get 2 wins out of that slice of pie, but I cut them because they had the lowest amount of TPA. Sorry Philly fans. I’ll be going down the list in reverse order. From the worst team to the best. You won’t believe who’s first! Philadelphia Reapers Grade: Rebuilder Record: 9 - 63 - 0 Points: 18 Philly stands strong at 524 total TPA in their roster. Philly saw most of their players move up to the VHL or get drafted high in the S73 Dispersal Draft They’re going to be settling into rebuild territory for a while. There isn’t much else to say about this season for them. The Reapers might spare some of their players by trading them away to contending teams. I mostly mean their goaltender, John Poremba, for a 1st and other assets to a team that needs a goalie. It will be interesting to see if Philadelphia can post a better record that last seasons Houston Bulls. Halifax 21st Grade: Rebuild Record: 13 – 58 – 1 Points: 27 Halifax is poised slightly higher than Philadelphia. Not that it matters down at the bottom of the league. With 603 TPA on their roster they could squeak a couple more wins out. Next season Halifax is going to be completely insane. Even though they won’t be dong great this year, you can watch out for them in the future. There aren’t many all-star talents on the 21st. Which is okay, because even the greats had to start somewhere. Their best player, Hex Valentine, is a piece that you might see ship off. Consider this season for Halifax a bit of a quiet one as they explode into S74. Mississauga Hounds Grade: Rebuild Record: 18 – 53 – 1 Points: 37 Mississauga is singing the same song as the rest of the rebuilders. However, with a couple more pieces to fit into their roster next season. They sit with a steady 851 total TPA at their disposal. This will be a forgettable season in their history. Yet an important one in their rebuild as they try to gain as many picks as possible. Micheal Mac and Gavin Harris lead this team as their best forward and defender. Harris is a solid defensive defenseman that can lay out the body. The two way player Mac will be looking to lead the team in points and goals. Depending on their aspirations, could be trade bait or pieces for Mississauga next year if they stay under the 250 TPA limit. Mexico City Kings Grade: Rebuild Record: 21 – 50 – 1 Points: 43 Mexico City went all in last season trying to hoist the Founders Cup. With one draft pick for this season, Ottawa’s 1st, and a squad lacking a bit of depth, this season might be a bit tough. There’s 970 TPA on this roster so they’ll break 1000 in no time. The Kings wont be the worst team in the league. Mexico is a team that still has some very good pieces. Their top pairing defensemen, Chance Rust and Kirishima Wakaro, would be a good enough pairing for almost any team in the league. The depth isn’t there. With one solid defensive and offensive line Mexico is going to be a seller as the season progresses. Yukon Rush Grade: Hopeful Record: 27 – 44 – 1 Points: 55 Yukon is the first team on the list to break 1000 TPA on their roster with 1247. It’s possible that Yukon can turn it around with a goalie prospect for next season. This is an upswing season for the Rush. There were great selections in the draft. The first line of Jeff Odinson, Alek Andreshnikov and Vlad Imir will only look better as the season moves along. The back end and goaltending pose a few questions. It isn’t to say that Yukon can’t perform this season with the skaters they have on their roster. But if they want to unlock the full potential, looking for a starting goaltender and defensemen would help solidify a possible 1st round upset. Las Vegas Aces Grade: Hopeful Record: 32 – 40 – 0 Points: 64 Las Vegas isn’t as good as last season. They’re in the middle of the pack with 1495 TPA in the locker room. I would say Vegas will be a .500 team by the end of the season. Coming into the playoffs might be able to turn an upset but won’t go far. Watch this age well. There are still good pieces on Las Vegas that are going to hit the TPA cap. Nils Fiedriksen, Onde Sandstrom and Gary Rush are all going to be excellent talents come the playoffs. With some signings and a couple trades Las Vegas could push themselves from hopefuls to contenders. Houston Bulls Grade: Contender Record: 39 – 32 – 1 Points: 79 Houston is almost a purely offensive team. Sitting with 1820 TPA in their roster. Being in their LR, I will say there are quite an active number of members. Compared to the other top teams in the league though, the numbers say they will get 39 wins. The Bulls are a team that will get better with time. There is a considerable amount of star talent on this team. Which will be a trend the farther down the list we go. S74 prospects include Aloe Dear, Venus Thightrap and Markus Schauer, who are all top 10 prospects. Riley Knight and Drew Minott are veterans of the club and tie things together nicely. This is a Houston much different from the one last season. San Diego Marlins Grade: Contender Record: 44 – 27 – 1 Points: 89 San Diego came out of the last draft looking at cup contention. 2066 TPA is in their locker room, the first team to break the 2000 TPA mark. The S73 draft treated them well. They quickly sprouted from going 2nd last in the league, to potentially in the top 5. That’s a very good climb. The Marlins are looking high and mighty as the first real contenders for the founder’s cup. There are two players that start at the cap already for the Marlins coming into the season. 1st overall selection John Merrick and Pietro Angellini. Doug Dimmadome is a solid starter that will be an elite goaltender come the playoffs. Don’t sleep on Marlin prospects Ryan Shwartz or John LeClair II. The left wingers that will be key pieces as the season goes along. Ottawa Lynx Grade: Champion Record: 52 – 20 – 0 Points: 104 Ottawa, my former team, is looking poised as one of the top 4 teams in the league. It’s a close race between them and their former first round opponent Saskatoon. Perhaps the two cats will have a rivalry going this season? Their S73 draft set them up for this season so you can look for them to make the most of it. It won't be difficult for them to make the most of their 2425 TPA either. Spearheading the charge is their 2nd overall selection Alec Volchenkov. The two-way passer with a build unlike most in the VHLM. Ajay Krishna is an absolute STUD in the net and is easily the best goaltender in the league. Jiggly Gumballs and Mikeal Keef lead this Ottawa defense. With defensive builds and an elite goaltender, good luck scoring on this Lynx squad. Saskatoon Wild Grade: Champion Record: 52 – 19 – 1 Points: 105 The team that is almost tied, but eclipses Ottawa by a single point, is Saskatoon. It would be a disservice to forget to mention they are the S72 founders cup champions. While they did lose good pieces in the dispersal draft, McWolf left this team in capable hands. This team isn’t just good, they’re going to be eying up the cup as one of the favourites to win. This team has a very solid 2462 TPA to start. Keith Krestanovich, Dan Baillie Jr, Bobby Wyman and Emi Rune are your top liners for this team. Cal Conway is another top goaltender in the league. With a good balance of scoring and defense, expect this team to just play solid hockey throughout the season. S73 will be a ride to the playoffs. Minnesota Storm Grade: Champion Record: 59 – 12 – 1 Points: 119 Minnesota finished top of the league last season. There's an incredible 2752 TPA in that locker room. Though they didn’t win the founders cup, this team is poised to go right back again. Under normal circumstances a team with 2752 TPA in their starting roster would be enough to put them as the best in the league. This time around, it’s not the case. The storm have the players and the experience needed to go deep in the playoffs. Shawn Glade III and Ziarie Anigbogu are both 250 TPA and their starting pairing defensemen. Elite. Couple that with Cole Newhook, Jer Lefebvre and John Brewitt on your first line and you have the elite players needed to make other teams shudder. The scoring on this team is deep too. Joe Exotic and Jack John make excellent depth pieces. Miami Mauraders Grade: Champion Record: 66 – 6 Points: 132 3088 TPA. Last years Minnesota Storm had finished the regular season with about the same number. Miami is an absolute unit. They are the clear winners of the last draft and the favourites to win the cup this season. Can’t wait to see Miami dominate this season and work into a finals cup run. Eight players in the 200 TPA range and five of them being at the cap already. Miami was fortunate enough to win the Patrick Laine sweepstakes, for starters. I could talk about the talent of Andre Lebastard, Dakota Lamb, Oh Sens, Wolf Stansson, Matty Stocks, Kevin King, Victor Grachev or Luke Thornton. But honestly, that was enough and I’m already past 2000 words. Final Standings Table: Thanks for reading and I hope that my standings are accurate! Enjoy! Words: 2118 Mentions (I just finished and this is a lot of mentions, very sorry): @ahockeyguy @IamMOOSE @fishy @Jtv123 @KaleebtheMighty @osens @PatrikLaine @Andre LeBastard @dlamb @GoadenGoalie35 @Joe Exotic @JBrew42 @GrittyIsKing09 @Jer_Lefebvre @ngine4 @ShawnGlade @Shaka @Boragina @wcats @Lefty_S @Emi @JigglyGumballs @Hooperorama @SirRupertBarnes @Esso2264 @Enorama @flyersfan1453 @Steve @okifenoki @Renomitsu @BladeMaiden @DreMin15 @KnightRiley @Biggreen10 @fonziGG @G_Rush @CrlineDijohn14 @DrHexDex @LastOneUp @BigIrish @turkey2349 @Snussu @GoldGear88 @PuckPushers @Big Dee
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    RIP 701 - VHL Memorial

    So I know this is a little odd, signing up just to post here, but I saw some familiar names and wanted to share my thoughts about one of my best friends and truly a rare dude, David. I apologize that this is going to be long, but David was truly one of my best friends and I’ve just needed an outlet to express these emotions. We met in the SHL when I was around 12 (almost 24 now) and we instantly became friends. We both shared many similar interests and we just clicked. We’d spend all night gaming, or later on, FaceTiming with some drinks or maybe a little joint in hand. I remember all those late night Kik’s a couple have alluded to, David just had such a joy for life and an infectious personality. And something I can never thank him enough for is he was always there for me, especially the last few years as I dealt with depression issues. He talked me down from so much and was a genuine friend that cared about my wellbeing. A couple of years ago, I unexpectedly lost a close relative to mental illness. Guess who was there every time I needed to vent, or every time I just needed a GTA session with the boys to escape? David was. Out of the kindness of his own heart, he even made the program for my uncles memorial. He was there for me every step of the way man, he truly fucking was. We talked for years about one day trying to get a place together in the location we both dreamed of, Colorado. A couple weeks before he passed, he texted me (in typical David fashion) a picture flashing some money telling me he wanted to come out to where I live to kick it for a few days. We talked about maybe the end of this year as the right time, but we never got there. We literally grew up together and never lost touch, something I can’t say for most people I grew up with. I just hope he knew the love I had for him, something I didn’t express to him as much as I should. Losing my brother from another like David has left such a massive void, but it’s been amazing to see the comments from all the people he touched in his short time on this Earth. And thank you guys for giving me this outlet to let all this out, it’s something I’ve needed to do. Until we meet again, I love you and RIP my brother.
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    Hello @Members As some of you have likely noticed by now @Quik went on vacation and has simply fallen off the face of the earth, or at least the face of the VHL. In light of this the former blues and I have convened and decided that's likely time to add a new member to the Blue team to help lighten the load, especially going into the off-season. Quik will remain on board in the event of his return (at least for now) but in order to help keep the site running smoothly we would like to officially announce that @Beaviss is joining the blue team! At the current moment Beav will continue to oversee the @Recruitment Crew while he trains up a new head for it in addition to taking on his new commish role.
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    Ottawa Lynx Logo Change

    As the league evolves our logos must evolve with it. Not just to stay current but to bring new life to some old franchises. The Blue team have decided that every couple seasons we are going to tackle a logo or two to change and / or refresh in the VHL and the VHLM. Our first logo is a team that is very near and dear to me since it was the first team that I was the General Manager for. It's also one of the only logos that doesn't match its name. This is not a Lynx: This is! Thanks to all the hard work from @Motzaburger for his original design and @Da_Berr who made some minor tweaks.
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    Personal Announcement

    I've got a couple of you on Facebook that would have seen this already. Just wanted to share it so everyone here is on the same page. I have every intention of keeping my usual level of VHL activity but obviously that could change so we'll see how things go. I just wanted you all to know about it.
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    VHL / SBA Reaffiliation

    Hello There, As some of you may remember we used to be PT affiliated with the SBA ( Simulation Basketball Association ). After some discussions regarding affiliation and what that might look like, I'm pleased to announce that we have come to an agreement with the SBA. We are now going to re-introduce our PT affiliation between our two leagues. What this means is that when you complete a Point Task (Graphic, Media Spot, Podcast) you may claim it for 6 TPE in all three leagues ( VHL, EFL, SBA ). This reduces the load on the average user regarding burn out, resulting in being able to participate in all three leagues without having to complete tasks in all three. Fine Print: - You can now use SBA Point Tasks as Affiliate PT's here, and vice versa. This now means that once again, any PT in the EFL, SBA, or VHL is applicable as an Affiliate PT in all three leagues. - You may once again earn a second Affiliate Check TPE in the VHL, using affiliate Articles (Affiliate Check Rules). - Free Weeks earned via Seasonal Donations/Premium will be honored cross-league. Note: individual free weeks bought in the SBA will not be honored. - Theme Weeks may be exchanged cross-league, once per season, during the week each league hosts theirs - All Auto-12 claims will once again be in effect cross-league. Effective immediately, you can now claim PT's in the SBA. You can find info about their league Here Sincerely, @Commissioner Team
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    250+ Premium fonts

    A value of more than 3500 $ for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. at 20 likes, you have them. I know how you feel Link : main.zip Bonus : 30Fonts.4-9.rar
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    like dis post for a tbh

    Pls like n il make in fan 570 series
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    Stepping down as Trivia Head

    The announcement last night (or this morning for me) about outlawing trivia answer sharing has caught me off guard. When I first read it I assumed that I had somehow slept through February and March and it was now April Fools Day but reading further I realised it was not a joke. The decision seems to have been taken as a snap decision within about an hour last night on Discord. I did not go onto Discord last night so was completely blindsided by it, but although a word of warning would have been nice given I created and run the thing, that lack of consultation is not why I am stepping down. No, I am stepping down because I do not want to be associated with such a draconian measure. I have never outlawed anything other than people literally replying to the thread with the answers because that completely defeats the point. If people want to rely on their teammates or friends, it never bothered me. The spirit of trivia for me is effectively twofold. You have a group of people who genuinely enjoy finding the answers and will do so regardless of how easy it is to get them anyway. That's the real target audience. But then you have most of the league who don't necessarily know or care about finding the answers and just want the TPE. And there is nothing wrong with that. I am a firm believer that even by blindly filling out the form every week without doing the research, a member who does that for many weeks and seasons will pick up some VHL history they wouldn't otherwise know. And that to me is still a win and helps carry the league's legacy as the longest lasting sim league because we still have an appreciation for long-gone players and seasons. So with that in mind, effective tomorrow I will be stepping down as head of trivia after paying out the week 2 answers for S70. If the league's stance changes I will be happy to resume the role, but if not it's been a good ride but you've made a mistake.
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    League Changes

    Hi Everybody! @Members As has been teased all off-season long, there will be a few changes to league operations, ranging from scheduling, to transactions, to point task changes, to another change that many have been asking for for quite some time. Without adding too much fluff, I’ll get right into the changes that are coming, as there are quite a few. 1. League Divisions As was announced with the unveiling of the expansion franchises, the league will be moving to divisions for the first time. As the league has always been wont to do, we are taking advantage of these divisions to pay homage to some of our history. In the past, we have named awards after players, and builders alike, and that trend continues with our four new divisions, named after past commissioners who have made great contributions to the league. 2. Schedule With 12 teams, the league is facing another first in its history, as we move towards a weighted schedule. Teams will face competition from their own conference for 42 games (minimum 8 per opponent), while playing 30 against the opposite conference (5 per opponent). 3. Conditional Trades Effective immediately, teams may now add conditions to trades, so long as they do not circumvent any other rules regarding player movement, including, but not limited to: Traded Draft Pick restrictions or Violating the integrity of the league. o Any, and all, conditions must be explicitly stated at the time a trade occurs, and agreed upon by both parties. Once a condition is agreed upon, make sure to tag a commissioner, who will add a condition tag to the thread, to be followed up on upon completion of the condition(s). o All conditions must convert prior to the conclusion of the following off-season. o Any draft pick that is part of a condition may be traded in a separate trade, so long as the receiving team understands that there are conditions attached to that pick § i.e. If Helsinki makes a trade with Davos, guaranteeing the higher of two 1st round picks held, then trades the other 1st round pick to Toronto. Toronto would receive the lower of the two picks, while Davos receives the higher. o The League Office holds the right to veto any conditional trade it feels circumvents league rules. 4. VHLM TPE Cap With the rise in TPE around the league the past few changes, you may have noticed that it is now more difficult for rookies to make an impact, especially if they are coming in just above the current VHLM TPE Cap. With that in mind, the Board of Governors has approved a raise of the VHLM TPE Cap from 200 TPE to 250 TPE, effective in Season 69. 5. VHLM Achievement Tracker One other change the BOG has decided upon, is that Season 67 will be the final season that VHLM Players collect the Achievement Tracker. Instead, it will now be replaced with the VHLM Graduation Bonus of 20 Uncapped TPE. All players, starting with S69 Prospects, will be eligible for this bonus, as soon as they earn 251 TPE. 6. Multi-Claim Podcasts Something that has been brought up recently has been the legality of claiming podcasts over multiple weeks. As with Media Spots, Podcasts can run much longer than the required minimum, and there is also the possibility of having multiple members participate in a podcast. With that in mind, the BOG has created new rules regarding the length of podcasts, and for how many weeks each participant may claim them. The following chart displays how long a podcast must be to claim multiple weeks and/or claim as a group. This means that members may now claim up to 4 weeks per podcast, while group podcasts have a set of guidelines for claims as well. Podcasts may not be claimed for more than 4 weeks. Podcasts with more than 4 people cannot be claimed by a 5th (or more) member. 7. Re-Roll Change While the league has always allowed position switches mid-season, re-rolls have been relegated strictly to the off-season. After much debate, the BOG has decided to allow in-season TPA re-rolls, beginning this season. The only caveat to this change is that re-rolls may not be purchased during the same season as a position switch, though purchasing both in the same off-season will still be allowed. Additionally, while it has never been allowed, a formal rule will now be put in place restricting TPA Re-Rolls between the Trade Deadline and the date of Depreciation. 8. Lottery Changes Yes, something many have voiced an opinion on. The league has heard your complaints, and strived to find a solution that better works for everyone, which we believe we have found. Effective immediately, the league’s lottery format will be receiving an improvement for the better. The prizes will remain the same, but the “tickets” will be seeing a drastic change. Lottery entries will now be based on Capped TPE earned each week, which will be calculated every Tuesday, while the draw will take place Wednesday or Thursday of each week. Each Capped TPE will be worth 1 entry to the lottery, with a maximum of 12 entries per member. The monthly draw will be calculated on the 5th of every month, taking into account each week that ended in the previous month, allowing those who missed the weekly draws a chance to take part in the monthly draw. Entries will be capped at 12 per member, per week that is in the draw (will vary from 48-60 depending on the month). There will still be two draws, one for VHL Players, and one for VHLM Players. Should a member have two active players, playing in both leagues, they will only qualify for the VHL draw. 9. Test Simming Finally, we will end with another topic that has seen some hot debate, of late. As the current Update Scale has been discussed as being too light, the League has greenlit a test that will run during Season 68. Higgins will be simming, in conjunction with the VHL schedule, using a harsher scale that the league would like to test. He will be using live updates, just as the regular sim does, and converting them to the harsher scale. Depending on the success of this test, it is possible this new scale will be put into place starting in Season 69.
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    Annual Charity Drive: 2019

    Eyy charity it's lit.
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    Renders Gallery

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    Ban Thread

    Devise22 has been suspended from posting for 25 hours for letting me down. VHL Awards Ceremony hosting contract torn up with Laichly Rift's Pajodcast as we sign a better deal with Blades of Steel. Laich this if you feel justice is served.
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    VHL Weekly Review - S73 Week 1

    Welcome to the first edition of VSN’s S73 Weekly recap (Games 1-126). We’ll cover a host of things in this recap each week including highlights of important VSN happenings, three stars of the week, power rankings, rookie profiles, and anything else of importance. Speaking of other VSN content, make sure to check out the other great work from the greater VSN family! Here are a few handy links to check out, from our weekly podcasts to in-depth history articles, scouting reports, and more! Top 25: #5 - #1 | S73 Season Preview | VHL Awards | VHLM Awards Recap Before I get into the real recap, I would just like to take a second to welcome @PatrikLaine to the VSN family, he will be working with me each week to bring the VHL Weekly to your screen. We also have new release time for the article. Instead of the usual Sunday release, we will now be aiming for a mid-week release. Lastly, after reviewing how last season went, we have decided to change up our power rankings format. No longer will we be ranking each conference, but we will have an overall Top 8 that dynamically changes based on weekly performance. With those formalities of the way, let’s take a look at this week’s action! We’ve had a whirlwind start to this expansion season, and our goalies are feeling the full effect as scoring seems to be on the rise, with 19 hat tricks and only 7 shutouts in the first week. We have rookies scoring at an increased rate, and some new stars are emerging as the old guard ages and gets ready for retirement. There are numerous players poised to be on point per game pace this season, and I would hate to be a goalie in this new era. Who knows if this will keep up as the season goes on, but it’s looking like we might be out of the dead puck era that has plagued the league as of late. 3-Stars First Star Sigard Gunnar (LAS) - 14 G, 18 A, 2 Hat Tricks Second Star Greg Eagles (RIG) - 0.943 SV%, 1.58 GAA, 7 wins Third Star Lincoln Tate (RIG) - 1 G, 23 A, 28 SB Power Rankings Players featured on this week’s Power Rankings are Acyd Burn of the New York Americans, Ben Hafkey of the Helsinki Titans, and General Zod of the Calgary Wranglers We have the wonderful @Pengu to thank for this season's amazing power rankings graphic This season is off to a surprising start, and no one could have predicted these power rankings. Finishing in 1st in this week’s rankings are the New York Americans, who rode a fast start to the season to a 13-2-1 record and 1st place in the VHL. Not too far behind in 2nd place are the red-hot Helsinki Titans. Helsinki starts the season with a 5-5 start but has won 6 in a row thanks to great performances from goalies Zamboni Driver and Samuel Ross. Next up in 3rd place are the Calgary Wranglers, who just like the Titans, rode 6 straight wins to end the week in 3rd place after a bad start. Coming up in 4th are the defending Continental Cup Champions in the Riga Reign, who despite only sporting a 10-6 record, have been getting excellent performances from goaltender Greg Eagles. In 11 games this week, Eagles won 7 games and had an 1.58 goals-against average to go along with a 0.943 save percentage through all 11 games. Up next in 5th is HC Davos, who started the season off strong with a 9-4-3 record this week. Our 6th place finisher this week is the Vancouver Wolves, who had an 8-6-2 record this week and have had a breakout rookie in Gregg Stallion. In 16 games this week, Stallion had 4 goals and 7 assists for the Wolves. The Seattle Bears finished this week in our 7th spot. Seattle started the season off strong with a 9-4 start, but have started to skid recently, losing 3 in a row to end the week. Concluding our list are the Prague Phantoms. The Phantoms started the week with a disappointed 6-7 record, but they have since won 3 in a row. I see them moving up into the top 6 next week. This first week was full of surprises and one can only wonder what else will happen as the week continues. Notable Games Game 1: New York Americans vs Calgary Wranglers We didn’t have to wait long this year to get a great game, and we would get our first goal of the season early. Hugh Jass would put one in the back of the net for the Americans just 1:52 into the game. New York would extend their lead to 2 on a late goal by Owen Nolan. It was 2-0 New York after 1. New York wasted no time extending the lead again. A power-play goal from Lance Flowers just 1:15 into the second would make it 3-0. However, Calgary would respond quickly as just 2:25 later, they would get a power-play goal of their own from Latrell Mitchell to cut the lead to 2. The rest of the game was about New York’s goaltender, A Red Guy. New York wanted to sit on their lead the rest of the game and it was evident by the shot totals. After Calgary’s first goal, New York was outshot 43-11. Red Guy would stop all 43 of Calgary’s shots in the final 36 minutes to preserve a win for New York. Game 65: Helsinki Titans vs Riga Reign Our second notable game is a clash between Helsinki and the defending champs in the Riga Reign. It didn’t take long for Riga to open the scoring, getting a goal from Codrick Past just 1:41 into the first. Despite this early setback, Helsinki would strike back late in the first on a goal from Valtteri Vaakanainen with just 49 seconds left in the first period. It wouldn’t take long for Riga to regain the lead in the second as Guy Saskamoose would score just 2:34 into the second to put Riga in front 2-1. Right after that goal, tensions between the two teams rose and we saw a fight between Phil Marleau and Jim Bob. The fight ultimately ended in a draw. After this point, it was all Riga the rest of the game. Across the last 2 periods, Riga would score 4 more goals after that fight, getting them from Shush Nyko, Patrik Tallinder, Lincoln Tate and Codrick Past’s second of the game would wrap up a 6-1 win for the defending champs. Even though Riga dominated with a 6-1 victory, the final shots were 35-35. Riga just made the most of their opportunities and pulled away from Helsinki early in the third. Game 68: Los Angeles Stars vs HC Davos Dynamo Our final game this week brings us to a showdown between HC Davos and the upstart Los Angeles Stars. Davos would jump out early, gaining a 3-0 lead just 12:24 into the game on a goal from Robin Winters and a pair of goals from Soren Jensen. However, LA would score 2 goals in 1:14 just a few minutes later to cut the lead to 3-2, receiving goals from Nate Wright and Markus Nygren. However, Davos would put an end to the late period surge from LA, with Fernando Jokinen scoring with just 1:16 left in the first to stretch Davo’s lead to 4-2. Davos came about battling to begin the second, leading in the shot department 11-6 in that period. Their determination would pay off early as Soren Jensen would pot his hat trick goal just 4:06 into the second to restore Davo’s 3 goal lead, making it 5-2. LA would get one in the middle of the second from rookie Jeffrey Pines to cut the lead to 5-3. The lead would be extended back to 3 just 4:17 later on Soren Jensen’s 4th goal of the game. He was having a night to remember and this would put his club up 6-3. LA wasn’t finished and just 1:35 later, Tyler Barabash Jr would score on a great breakaway feed from Sigard Gunnar to cut the lead to 2 again. We would head into the 3rd with the score being 6-4 in favour of Davos. The third was very quiet after the first two periods. Both goalies stood strong in net, stopping every shot in the 3rd as Davos would win a wild one over the LA Stars 6-4. Soren Jensen had a night to remember, scoring 4 goals in the win. Events of the Week Fights Game 1 - Kris Rice and Owen Nolan fight The first game of Season 73, was a rematch of last season’s North American Conference Finals, and there was still bad blood between these two teams. Towards the end of this one, with about 5 minutes to play a fight broke out between Owen Nolan and Kris Rice. The fight was pretty even with both players landing some punches, and it ended as a draw. However, being the instigator, Nolan was sent for an early bath by the referees. Game 10 - Mac Hooper vs. Alex Pearson As the game progressed, and tensions grew higher and higher between these two teams, a fight broke out between Mac Hooper and Alex Pearson. Perhaps Hooper was taking out all of his frustration on Pearson’s face because he wound up as the clear winner, and both men were sent to the dressing rooms as there were less than 5 minutes to play. Game 13 - Micheal Gary Scott ejected It’s tough to pinpoint just exactly what set Micheal Gary Scott off here. Perhaps feeling the pressure of a tie game, Scott went on an expletive-filled tirade, directed at one of the referees. At first, it seemed like he just had a complaint to make, but after the yelling continued for well over a minute, the refs had seen enough and Scott was ejected from the game and given a major penalty for Abuse of Officials. Game 56 - Lewis Dawson vs. Scotty BigShotty This game was the start of 4 in a row between these two division rivals, and the tone was set by these two heavyweights midway through the first game. It was Lewis Dawson who had the upper hand on Scotty BigShotty and he was able to land some nice shots and eventually send Scotty tumbling to the ice. Game 111 - Owen Nolan vs. Benny Graves This was actually Nolan’s 3rd fight of the week, but the 2nd that is featured this week. After falling behind in the 1st period, Benny Graves decided to try and swing some momentum his way by picking a fight with Nolan. However, he met his match and the Americans rallied behind that fight and marched on to a 5-2 victory. Game 121 - Mikko Lahtinen vs. Andrew Su Last year’s most improved player, Mikko Lahtinen was ejected after this fight for instigating, and he even took the loss on this one as well. This fight happened less than 2 minutes into the game and set the tone for a game that was extremely close and really could have gone either way. Hat-Tricks Game 7 - Jeff Blaze Our first hat trick of the season goes to a rookie! In his first game in the big leagues, Jeff Blaze defied all expectation and scored a marvellous hat trick that announced his arrival to the league with a splash. He will be thrilled to have hit the ground running. Game 8 - Ray Sheilds On the same night, Malmo’s off-season acquisition made an instant impact by notching a hat trick in his first game for the club. He scored 3 goals which would’ve won the game single-handedly for Malmo, but he was also the lone assist on their other goal. Game 21 - Sigard Gunnar A player who was selected in the expansion draft by the Los Angeles Stars, they must be ecstatic with the production of Sigard Gunnar early on. He notched his first hat trick of the season against the Toronto Legion, and his 3rd ended up being the game-winner. Game 34 - Scott Greene The veteran Seattle forward Scott Greene had a phenomenal outing against the Chicago Phoenix and scored a hat trick in a 6-1 victory. His 2nd and 3rd goals were scored only 23 seconds apart in the 3rd period which all but confirmed Seattle’s victory. Game 44 - Valtteri Vaakanainen This game between conference rivals and playoff hopefuls was just what we expected. A close-fought battle all throughout but Valtteri Vaakanainen stood out among the rest because of his hat trick that propelled Helsinki to an important win. His goal just 6 seconds into the 2nd period proved to be the game-winner as well. Game 46 - Damien Wolfe Damien Wolfe has earned himself the honour of scoring Warsaw’s first franchise hat trick. The Warsaw forward had a solid outing against the Moscow Menace in this one, and Wolfe did everything he could and more to help catapult the Predators to a 5-2 victory. Game 54 - Raleigh Ritchie This game was all offence from both teams. In this 8-5 D.C. victory, Raleigh Ritchie found himself all over the scoresheet and topped off a great night with a hat trick to boot. He will be looking to build upon this and hopefully have a breakout season for the Dragons. Game 55 - Sigard Gunnar & Jerry Wang This is Gunnar’s second hatty of the week. The LA man is absolutely tearing it up for his new team and turning heads all around the league. This hat trick helped Los Angeles hand the undefeated at the time, New York Americans, their first loss of the season. The very same game had a hat trick from the Americans themselves. Jerry Wang notched 3 tallies of his own to match the Stars, but it just wasn’t enough to get them the win. What an offensive performance shown by both of these players in this one. Game 62 - Adam Syreck Another rookie scored the first hat trick of his career, and this time it was Adam Syreck of the Chicago Phoenix. This one will also go down as the first in franchise history so Syreck will be ecstatic about that. He helped his team to a well-earned victory over last season’s finalists, the Calgary Wranglers. Game 64 - Condor Adrienne & Ray Sheilds Who knows what was said before these two before the game, but they must’ve had money on who would score more. We had a pair of hat tricks from the Malmo men in a 6-2 win over Warsaw. Condor Adrienne had a hat trick of his own before Sheilds decided he had seen enough and went out and scored his own! What a show these two put on, and all fans of Malmo will have left the arena happy. Game 68 - Soren Jensen Jensen scored his first hat trick for HC Davos after being traded in the off-season due to cap restraints. He actually had 4 goals in this game, and his General Manager will be happy that he is proving to be an effective acquisition. This game will hopefully be just a taste of what’s to come from Soren Jensen in an HC Davos sweater. Game 86 - Uhtred Seattle finds themselves with another hat trick, and this time it comes from Uhtred. He helped sparked a magnificent comeback from the Bears as they stormed back from a 5-1 deficit in the 3rd period, to come out on top as 6-5 winners. Uhtred completed his hat trick with two key goals in the final frame and the team was able to rally behind that and come up with a winner with less than 2 minutes to play. Game 103 - Thomas Landry II & Boris the Forest Another game with duelling hat tricks, and what a game it was! Thomas Landry II opened the scoring for Prague and potted another goal before the 1st period had ended. The Phantoms actually had a 4-1 lead and things looked to be over already. However, up steps Boris the Forest, who had his own idea for how things should be going. He scored 3 goals in the 3rd and Landry actually completed his hat trick in the middle of Forest’s scoring spree, but the hat trick from Boris was enough to lift D.C. to a 6-5 comeback victory in this action-packed game. Game 104 - Jerry Wang Another player who found himself with two hat tricks in the first week. This time it’s Jerry Wang of the New York Americans. He got off to a quick start in this game, scoring two goals in the 1st period. It wasn’t until midway through the 3rd where he was able to complete the hat trick. The Americans absolutely exploded offensively in this one, with 68 shots on target and coming out with a 6-2 win. Game 114 - Kris Rice In this victory over the Legion, Calgary Wranglers forward Kris Rice found his name on the scoresheet 3 times. Two early goals in the 1st period for Rice helped set the tone for Calgary and they kept that rolling all throughout the game. Rice was able to notch his 3rd tally early on in the 3rd period and helped to send Calgary fans home happy. Game 116 - Jerry Garcia Davos fans will be thrilled to see Jerry Garcia score his first hat trick of the season. In this close game against the Seattle Bears, Garcia was the star of the show. He helped break the deadlock in the 3rd period between the two teams, and he was able to complete the hat trick on an empty net after some unselfish play from his fellow teammates. Shutouts Game 14 - D.C. Dragons vs. Toronto Legion Our first shutout of the season was awarded to Jaxx Hextall of the Toronto Legion who is looking to have a breakout season this year. Only 15 saves in this one, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable than any other shutout. Jaxx will be happy to have started off his season in excellent fashion as this shutout came in only the Legion’s second game of the year. Game 36 - New York Americans vs. D.C. Dragons New York and A Red Guy pick up their first shutout of the campaign, coincidentally also against the Dragons. ARG is coming up on the tail end of his career and has shown early on that he will be among the top candidates for an Aidan Shaw trophy come the end of the year. He made a solid 26 saves in his first shutout of the season and will surely be looking to pick up more as the season progresses. Game 67 - Toronto Legion vs. London United Jaxx Hextall finds himself with another shutout in this phenomenal performance against the new boys in town, the London United. This one was truly earned by Jaxx, as London peppered him with 35 shots, but he stood tall and had an answer for everything. Some help from the forwards allowed Toronto to run out as 3-0 winners in this one. Game 84 - D.C. Dragons vs. Calgary Wranglers In bizarre fashion, we have 3 separate goalies who picked up their first shutout of the season against the D.C. Dragons. Jacques Lafontaine is the most recent addition to the list, as he stopped 13 shots en route to a 3-0 victory. He didn’t see a lot of rubber but that can sometimes work against goalies, but Jacques did not let it phase him. Game 97 - Seattle Bears vs. D.C. Dragons The Dragons must feel like some kind of sick joke is being played on them, but that is not the case. Rayz Funk finds himself among one of four goalies to earn their first shutout of the season against the D.C. Dragons. This one wasn’t a show-stealer from Funk, but a solid 16 save performance is exactly what he will need to kickstart his season. Game 102 - Malmo Nighthawks vs. London United Similar to last season, we have an emergency backup picking up a shutout victory. This is a weird one, as this is actually London’s first-ever franchise shutout. The emergency backup here is a bank teller by day and backup goalie by night, and he managed to stifle the leading scorer in the league and last season’s top point scorer as well. What a performance from the backup, he will go down in London United history, that’s for sure. Game 123 - D.C. Dragons vs. Seattle Bears Our final shutout of the week finally goes to Stone Wolski of the D.C. Dragons. After being shutout 4 times of their own throughout the week, Wolski had seen enough and stopped 40 shots in what will probably go down as one of the best individual performances of the entire season! Seattle did everything they possibly could to put one past Wolski but he rose to the occasion every time. Rookie Spotlight @Pengu again with another amazing banner. Just because you are a mid to late-round pick, doesn’t mean you can’t play better than a higher pick. This is especially true for Mickey Dickson, a former 2nd round pick from the S71 draft says that draft position doesn’t ultimately reflect how good a player is. “I want to show people that even though I am a lower round pick, I can produce points and have a positive impact on the team I play for” After 3 years in the VHLM, Dickson is ready for his first pro season. Dickson, currently playing on the Malmo Nighthawks, has 3 goals and 10 assists for 13 points in 11 games so far. When asked about the totals, Dickson said he could never have imagined this. “I wasn’t expecting to be above 20 points this season, and I’m already at 13 in 11 games. I have a point per game and even though it is early, I have been able to put effort into my game to start my rookie year off so well.” Dickson spent his first three professional seasons playing in the VHLM for Minnesota, Mexico and Yukon. He put up 187 points in 214 VHLM games and 32 points in 32 playoff games. He is often remembered for being one of the VHLM’s best performers in the clutch. When asked about Malmo’s early successes, Dickson says there is still a lot ahead. “I think we have played extremely well so far. Better than I certainly expected and better than I think a lot of people expected. I do think we will make it to the playoffs, however, I do not know that we will make it past the first round but if we do I don't expect us to go further than the second round. I think next season will be our season to really go deep.” Dickson says he still believes he can be a big player for Malmo all season long. “You always want to win and help your team. It's easy to want to play well when you have a great team and management behind you. You want to win for the guys you are working with or for. I want to be able to contribute to my team and help us win games and the only way to do that is to play my best.” However, the most underrated part of Dickson’s game is his 200-foot aspect. Throughout his VHLM Career, he was always a plus and had a career Plus/Minus rating of 79 in the VHLM. He also had the defensive skills to stand up and play against the VHLM’s best lines. It is currently looking like Malmo is a contender for the S73 Continental Cup, and I can certainly say that Dickson will be a big part of Malmo’s push for a championship.
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    Houston Bulls GM

    With Sonnet not continuing in his role as Houston Bulls GM given the promotion to VHLM Commissioner alongside me, the position was technically open as soon as the regular season ended. While we could wait until after the playoffs, it might be better to get the new GM into the role early, so there's time to take stock of things with the team, and figure out where to go from there. Taking from our pool of applicants in the general thread, the candidate in question has been approached and after a few questions, has been given the job. Congratulations: @VHLM GM @VHLM Commissioner
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    Who has caught my eye?

    Hello, everyone. I hope all your weekends went well and you're all bracing yourselves for Monday. My lazy ass is just getting off a nice long stretch of days off and won't be finding my way back to them for another 10 days starting tomorrow. Figured it was likely best to get this out of the way now as opposed to waiting until some time this coming week. My initial thoughts of this season's theme for theme week was pretty damn good but heading into it I didn't know what to expect. Like I did, I just wasn't sure it was going to be this good. What I seen was some pretty good retention, a lot of members being noticed for their hard work, dedication and care they show towards the league and a lot of deserving members were shown a lot of great love over the last little while. I guess now it's my turn to write that little bit of a media spot. Fortunately, I've spent the last 24 seasons as a very dedicated, passionate GM of the VHL, as well as the last 2 years up until recently as the VHLM's almighty and powerful ruler. Working both of these roles for the league has given me the ability to look, hunt and interact with a massive amount of members - new and old. For me, this was something I really liked about the job. I got to notice people. I went out of my way to notice people who just signed up for the site, got to know them and helped get them a little bit hooked or going. It's a cool feel. So when I seen this being the theme for the up coming weeks or whatever, It really made me pumped on who I could talk about. Now, some of these guys are getting love for different reasons. Some of these guys are a little older, some are a little newer but I figure I might as well crunch some words, kill a week with theme week pay (Whatever the hell it is. How much do I claim for theme week? lol) and then maybe slap another week off. Without anymore blabbering, who has caught my eye as members in this league? 1. They're the people that made me want to listen to podcasts. I've been on these sites for something close to what feels like 10 years. I'm not entirely too certain on the correct time but it's been a damn long time. I joined SHL in S2-3 and they're in the 50's or something now (I'm 1/10 active there). During this large amount of time, I've never had a strong interest to ever listen to a podcast. I don't think they were really boring. I just don't think I could sit there and listen to something that long and really care about it. I'm not entirely too sure. Maybe, getting older and all that, it also appeals to me differently now than it would have in the mid-to-late teens. HOWEVER, this all changed when @Berocka started kicking out his podcasts. I didn't miss a single one and would be like "yo, when's the next one at?". They were that awesome. Then I gave @DoktorFunk and @DarkSpyro a chance and liked it just the same. These 3 guys joining arms is always the best. I haven't quite dipped fully into that video one yet but dudes, good shit. It's super awesome to see you guys create this atmosphere over the last few months. Maybe people are going covid-crazy, but I appreciate the amazing dedication you guys have to the VHL. 2. Your name is something I like. You've grown on me, but I knew you would. The moment you joined the league, I was a fan of you. Your name was sweet. I don't know if it's your real one or a made up one, lmao, but who cares. Legit name. I've been a big fan of making my players Russian's or Swede's throughout the many years on these sites. I've always enjoyed your coverage of media and work you put out and unfortunately, you have to play on @hedgehog337's damn team! @Patrik Tallinder Keep up the great work, man. 3. Similar to above. Very much so. Maybe it's because I like the NHLer who actually goes by this name. He's sweet. I think he has a lot of potential and could be a better player than what he is. To think of it, this is basically describing both of these guys - real NHL player and the VHL man himself. Every time he does something around the league or on the Discord, I feel a positive vibe and such from him. You can tell he's super interested in the league and with the few discussions I've had with him, I was really impressed and excited to see what he becomes. He currently leads while the main GM, Sonnet, temporarily steps away from his duties due to personal reasons. While this not being the best circumstance to get his foot in the door, I always had a feeling he'd fine a way. @PatrikLaine Be the Patrik Laine both the Winnipeg Jets AND the VHL need. 4. He's a good, dude. He's a teacher that teaches. @bigAL He's a new dude around the league but he's grown fast as a member. I remember when we were first discussing him coming on board as an Assistant GM in the VHLM and we were comparing the top 2 guys for the job. They were both good candidates while also being fairly different and both would have done well likely in the role, however, bigAL has really done some good stuff. Whether it was in the VHLM GM section or private discussions or in general or whatever the hell, he's always been an awesome person to talk with. I think he will do a lot of good things in this league as long as he doesn't go crazy. Not the wrong crazy anyway, lol. 5. DA BEARZ Now, I do believe I am slightly over 1,000 words which was my main goal here. However, I don't feel like it was enough love given. During my time as VHLM Commissioner, I was always, always keeping my eye on members to see how retention was going but to also see who could very well be the next VHLM GM in the league. There was a few times we took gambles on pretty new members, or members that were first gens, and it largely paid off. Some hiring's were even a little bit of a surprise to some but honestly, very few were bad. I say it like that because I'm sure there had to of been one dud. We ain't perfect, ahah. It was also an an opportunity to keep my eye on everyone else so that each and every time we hired someone or whatever, we were doing what was best for the VHLM. Some people that have surprised me or that I've really noticed doing good by the league are @Zetterberg @Jubis@rory @a_Ferk, @Tate-> always have to throw the gentle giant on the list, @FrostBeard -> amazing dude, hardworker to make VSN great again, @Mr_Hatter -> for letting seattle go 3/4 , @Hooperorama @Aye my name jeff @BigTittySmitty @gorlab -> Enjoy seeing you back in a league that I am in.. @Elijah (Fong's Son) -> For making VHL explode with activity lmao, @BladeMaiden -> You know what for, but well drive the people crazy with this tag. @Joe Exotic -> For quality netflix during covid-19, @Kevin King, @Kekzkrieg -> I feel like I love every Erik Karlsson sig you do, lol There's many more but I could go on forever. Keep up the good shit my dudes. Thank you for making this place diverse and TYPICALLY awesome.
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    A lot of people have spoken up about these topics, many times over the years, and today they still lead to a constant debate. As such, I would like to speak on these topics and speak my mind because I feel like a lot has gone on here in the past that has either been overlooked, taken in poor terms, lead to members leaving and such, and so I would just love to explain my personal experiences with both these topics, as despite being a white male, I've sadly had to experience both. On January 27th 2010, my best friend in the whole world came out as gay. I've known this kid since I was 4 years old, and I was the first person he told. I was very accepting of the matter, as its none of my business to what he does, and I was proud of him for taking that leap. He hadn't told his parents yet, who are very strict Christians may I add. He also hadn't told anyone else at school or told anyone else really at all, so he was still very much 'in the closet'. Keep in mind, we were like 16-17 here, and bullying was unfortunately as big if not worse back then for anything deemed out of the social 'norm'. So come our final year in high school, he finally outted himself, and the bullying was surreal. I got suspended in school for beating up a kid who beat up my friend, I shoved them in a locker and locked it, but I was mad that my friend was being bullied for his choices, it sickened me. I got the worst call of my life 8 days after my birthday, July 19th, 2012, we had just graduated literally a month ago... and I get the awful news that my friend couldn't handle it anymore...and hung himself in his closet. He left a note, you could literally see the tear marks left as he was writing this damn thing, and I still have it to this day because its the last thing I have of his, as well as some pictures. To this day, I regret that I could not protect him more, and pride month, pride in general, I always support, not just for him, but all of the people in the world just like him facing the same horrible reality. So how does this tie into BLM? Well, I've always been the kind of guy to just want to be friends with people, Idon't care your gender, your race, your anything, if you're cool, if we share the same likes and interests, its very likely we'll become friends because I just am that type of person. My friend, who was from a broken black family, was also a very, very close friend of mine, for years, we met in grade school and never lost touch. One day, he was with his other group of friends, and as they told me due to their recollection, someone or a group of people started opening fire on their group. Keep in mind, they were barely adults, this was around college time. More information came out about this, it was a very "white" dominated group that shot into that group. I lost my best friend because of the color of his skin...all because someone felt they were better than them. It came out that it was 100% a hate crime towards his race, and they didn't even know who he was. He was just in the 'wrong place, at the wrong time'. So why am I posting this? Well, because I have experienced both ends of it. I've lost a lot of friends along the way to this bullshit we call a society and the 'norms' of society. I am a white, straight man, but that doesn't mean I don't see what kind of shit is going on in the world. To anyone, who falls into the categories that are always attacked on a daily basis, please know I stand with you, I support you, I am with you all the way. And if you need an ear, a shoulder, someone to talk to, I will talk to you. I will NOT give up on you.
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    VHLM Commissioner Change

    As some of you have already noticed, @Banackock has stepped down from his position of VHLM Commissioner, as well as his position in the Board of Governors. We would like to thank him for all the time and effort he has put into the position. He has overseen the largest growth period ever in the VHLM, and has put more hours and late nights into the job than could be reasonably expected. With that said, @Sonnet has agreed to take up the vacant Commissioner post, effective immediately. We believe he is a great choice for the role as someone who does fantastic work with VHLM players on a daily basis, and that, along with @diamond_ace, he will only expand on the fantastic groundwork already laid out in the VHLM. Again, thank you to Bana for all your work, and best of luck to Sonnet!
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    Welcome to the first edition of VSN’s S72 Weekly recap (Games 1-119). We’ll cover a host of things in this recap each week including highlights of important VSN happenings, three stars of the week, power rankings, rookie profiles, and anything else of importance. But first, make sure to check out the other great work from the greater VSN family! Here are a few handy links to check out, from our weekly podcasts to in-depth history articles, scouting reports, and more! | The Talent Behind the Trophies | S72 Top 25 | Future Watch | Under 250 | Recap In the process of on-boarding tons of new staff at VSN, our first edition of Weekly Review is slightly delayed. We will be covering ten days of sims instead of the usual seven, but that just means we will be reviewing a quarter of the season in a single post. I would like to introduce @Hylands33, who will be joining me to write Weekly Review this season. We will be trading off which segments we write, but every issue will be a collaboration. In addition to that change, there are some minor format changes as well. Power rankings will be a little more fleshed out and will have amazing graphics from our graphics team to illustrate them. Similarly, Rookie Profile has been updated to Rookie Spotlight and will sometimes include interviews and flashing personalized graphics for each highlighted player. Anyway, there are lots to cover so let’s get to it! Offences around the league are lighting it up and many goalies are suffering the consequences. Of course, it is early to make this type of proclamation, but is it possible that the VHL may finally be seeing the end of the low-scoring “dead puck” era of the last several seasons? With six hat-tricks and only eleven shutouts this week we have seen a lot of high-paced, high-scoring, exciting hockey games. To add to that excitement, we had an extremely close field for most of the week. Calgary began to pull away and D.C. began to fall back, but the middle ten teams are all within six points. It is still very early to tell how things will shake out, but there are teams at the bottom of the table at the moment with a lot of highly talented stars. Presumably, some of those stars will be looking at hunting a cup this season, which could mean we will get an action trading block this season. 3-Stars First Star Condor Adrienne (MAL) - 17 G, 22 A, 1 Hat Trick Second Star Jacques Lafontaine (CGY) - 0.935 SV%, 1.89 GAA, 2 SOs Third Star Hunter Hearst Helmsley (VAN) - 13 G, 19 A, 32 P Power Rankings A huge shoutout to @Pengu for this amazing graphic. European Conference Week 1 of S72 has come to a close and the European Conference couldn’t be more of a toss-up. Just 6 points separate the 6th placed Malmo Nighthawks and the 1st placed Helsinki Titans. Earning our top spot in the power rankings for this week, boasting an impressive 7-3-0 record on the road, the Helsinki Titans are off to a very strong start after having the leagues 2nd worst record just a season ago. The rest of the conference is simply too close for comfort! We have 4 teams sitting within two points of each other occupying 2nd through 5th place, and as it stands right now Moscow is the unlucky team sitting outside of the playoffs. With a game in hand, HC Davos Dynamo have been given 2nd in the power rankings, and if they take advantage of that game in hand they can put a little bit of distance between them and the rest of the pack. Coming in at 3rd and 4th respectively are the Riga Reign and Prague Phantoms. Both of these clubs are neck and neck right now but will find themselves amidst a losing streak as we head into the start of week 2. Moscow has a game in hand on both Prague and Riga but ultimately are on the outside looking in as they are just one point shy of the Phantoms, and tied with the lowly Nighthawks. A slower start than what GM Victor Alfredsson would have hoped for, but their +4 goal difference, which is good enough for second-best in the conference, and riding on the back of some great goaltending by Raymond Bernard, paints a happier picture than what the standings suggest. Taking our last spot at 6th place will be the Malmo Nighthawks. Perhaps a bit of a surprise to much of the league the Nighthawks are keeping right on pace with the rest of the conference. An impressive 39 points in only 20 games by star defenseman Condor Adrienne has the rebuilding team right in the thick of the playoff race so far. Is this an early indicator of things to come this season? If so, buckle up your seatbelts, because this is going to be a wild ride to the playoffs. North American Conference Somewhat of a different picture is being painted in the North American Conference compared to the European. Rightfully earning top spot, Calgary has managed to jump out as early favourites with a 5 point lead, +24 goal difference and a stellar 9-0-1 home record. Currently, on a 7 game winning streak they have managed to propel themselves right to the top of the standings not only here in the power rankings, but, they also sport the league's best overall record. In 2nd on the power rankings, the Seattle Bears are currently hot on the trail of 1st placed Calgary. With a similar, but not quite as impressive home record of 7-3-0, the Bears find themselves sitting 5 points back and have to be looking towards making another deep playoff run after last season’s success. Coming in at 3rd, the Toronto Legion find themselves tied with Seattle on points. After an otherwise strong start to the season, things have cooled off slightly in Toronto, but that’s not to say they are on a downward spiral. Currently occupying the final playoff spot in the conference, and 4th in the power rankings we have the Vancouver Wolves. Their record is just slightly above .500 right now, having gone 10-9-1 through the opening 20 contests. Perhaps their time at the top of the league is up? Sitting by themselves in 5th place this week we have the New York Americans, who have seen a bit of a turnaround as of late after having a poor start to the season, and they now find themselves hot on the heels of Vancouver. With 20 points and 3 wins in a row, they are 4 points clear of the last-placed D.C. Dragons. 6th spot this week will go to none other than the D.C. Dragons. Not at all the start that GM Eno Rama was hoping for, but not all hope is lost yet. Looking at their roster, you cannot help but notice just how solid it is and you would think the Dragons. will be able to find their feet over the coming weeks. Things can turn around quickly in the VHL and you may find yourself on the right side of a long winning streak. With one week played, some may be jumping on the Calgary bandwagon right away, but a strong week from the defending champs has kept them within reaching distance. Notable Games Game 19 - Calgary Wranglers vs. Seattle Bears When the top two teams of the North American Conference meet, you don’t expect the type of shellacking we saw in this game. Calgary held the Bears to just fifteen shots while putting up forty of their own. Charlie Paddywagon showed why he is among the best defensemen in the league right now with involvement in each Wranglers scoring play and a three-goal game. Other Calgary stars also made an appearance on the scoreboard, such as Mikko Lahtinen and Tyler Barabash Jr. The only extremely notable Wrangler missing from the scoresheet was RJ Jubis. For Seattle, you couldn’t really ask more from Rayz Funk. He stopped thirty-seven of thirty-nine while being pummelled by double-digit shots in every period. Game 94 - Helsinki Titans vs. Toronto Legion A culmination of three games played between these teams this week, this game presents us with two of the biggest surprises this season. Toronto was counted out by most and Helsinki by many coming into the year, but they each find themselves in the top five in the standings. Out of the three games played against each other, you can’t get much closer than walking away with four points to three in the standings. The Titans outshot the Legion in every period until overtime, but Toronto was efficient and regulation ended 2-2. Once in extra time, the Legion turned it on with six shots in two and half minutes and Chad Magnum closed it out with a magnificent goal. Game 96 - Moscow Menace vs. HC Davos Dynamo Last season’s punching bag, the HC Davos Dynamo against the European Conference Champions and cup finalist Moscow Menace. The tables seem to have turned dramatically this season as Davos holds a three-point lead and second place in the conference at the end of the week. Built on an extremely young core, the youth showed up with SS Hornet, Robin Winter, Alex Bridges, and Roque Davis all making significant contributions. It is hard to mention them, however, without also mentioning the great veteran leadership they are receiving from the likes of ACL TEAR and Acyd Burn. Events of the Week Fights Game 25 - Helmsley beats up Stark Coming into the season, many expected these to be the best two players in the league, so we can’t ignore it when such talents drop gloves with each other. Just as in the stat sheet, Hunter Hearst Helmsley got the better of Ambrose Stark in the fight. However, Seattle did walk away with the win, so it wasn’t a total victory for HHH. Game 55 - BRAWL! Our first line-brawl was perhaps a bit small to call that, but we did have two sets of combatants, Nethila Dissanayake beat up Owen Nolan and Chad Magnum beat up Micheal Gary Scott, as well as three related minors to Erik Killinger, Lance Flowers and, Bjorn Scoringsonn. MGS was also given a game misconduct for instigation, but it was a dirty period all around as Leon Gutzwiler was still in the box for Unsportsmanlike Conduct when the fight broke out. Game 57 - Drumm beats up Gritty and Su Sometimes winning one fight isn’t enough for a player. After Charles Drumm beat up Gritty less than six minutes into the game, he picked another fight with Andrew Su just five minutes late. Once again handing out a beating, the refs decided they had seen enough of Drumm and ejected him from the game. Game 63 - BRAWL! This fight was a little larger than the last brawl, but the fights were far less decisive. Gritty and Blake Laughton went to the ice quickly after dropping the gloves, Gino DiGiannantonio and Kefka Palazzo fought for a while but landed few punches, and Brock Louth and Alex Pearson fought to a draw despite each landing solid blows. Andrew Su, Griff Manzer, and the rest of the skaters on the ice received minors for their involvement as well. Hat-Tricks Game 17 - Jerry Garcia This is the Davos team we saw brewing last season, just shy of being a contender but with s handful of high picks to fill the holes. Jerry Garcia had been a Malmo Lifer with consistently underwhelming numbers and brief glimpses of greatness. On this Dynamo roster, he appears to be the centre of attention and primary scoring outlet. With three assists from David OQuinn, Garcia has earned our first hat-trick of the season. Game 24 - Ben McGirr In the rematch of our first hat-trick, Ben McGirr heard that hattys were on the menu. It would have been difficult to come out of this 8-6 barn burner without at least one hat-trick, but it is always surprising when the player scoring thrice is on the losing side. McGirr scored all three during Prague’s five-goal first period before HC Davos answered with five unanswered to take back the lead. This game could only be described as a goalie’s worst nightmare. Game 49 - Killy Foilen Killy Foilen had a slow first season and a decent sophomore year, but I can not overstate how much scarier Moscow becomes if Foilen develops into a serious offensive weapon this season. With three of the Menace’s four goals this game, Killy had their opener, the game-winner, and the nail in the coffin eight minutes into the third. Game 82 Scott Greene In what was one of the least disciplined games we’ve seen in some time, with fourteen powerplay opportunities between the two teams, scoring chances abounded. Scott Greene took advantage in the first period, scoring three in a row for his hat-trick. Two of the three came on the powerplay in a crazy period that saw four powerplay goals. Game 105 - RJ Jubis RJ Jubis got off to a hot start in this one, bringing the Wranglers out of the first period with a lead after giving up a goal in the opening minutes. Then, it was Jubis again who was called on when Prague was surging to try to time the game in the third to put a nail in the coffin and finish his hat-trick and the game. Game 110 - Condor Adrienne Picking it up in the final seconds on an empty netter, Condor Adrienne already had a three-point game before finishing his hat-trick. In fact, he had a three-point period in the first, with two goals and an assist. Prague did claw back to within one, allowing Condor the shot at the empty net, but Adrienne and the Nighthawks held them off for the win. Shutouts Game 15 - Moscow vs. Helsinki Our first shutout of the season comes at the hands of Raymond Bernard and the Moscow Menace. It looks like this team is setting out early to put to rest any questions about whether they can maintain their pace from over the past two seasons. With an impressive twenty-nine save performance, Bernard is quickly silencing any detractors. Game 26 - D.C. vs. Toronto It hasn’t been a great start for the Dragons, but a shutout against a top-five team is a good way to show that you can still hang with the best of them. Stone Wolski put up twenty-nine saves in his first shutout of the season. This goal-starved game was scoreless until early in the third when D.C.’s powerplay unit came through with the game-winner. Game 27 - Helsinki vs. Riga Perhaps a little upset with being the first team of the season to be shutout, Helsinki showed us that they were capable of holding an opponent scoreless as well. I believe a shoutout is in order to Nicolas Fomba, Riga’s backup goalie, who actually saved one more shot than Michael Johnson, on a great twenty-seven save performance. However, it was Johnson who remained perfect, stopping all twenty-six for his first shutout of the season. Game 29 - Calgary vs. New York None of our shutouts so far have come easily, but goalies keep stepping up to the task. In this match, Jacques Lafontaine faced twenty-eight shots, stopping them all. He did have one advantage provided by his team, their excellent discipline. Calgary spent only four minutes on the penalty kill the entire game compared to just over eleven minutes with the man advantage. Game 42 Seattle vs. Toronto There may be nothing sweeter in the VHL than when your backup goalie earns a shutout. Thorvald Gunnarsson stopped twenty-seven shots to make Toronto the first team this season to be shut out twice. Seattle dominated the first two periods but allowed Toronto some offensive opportunities in the third. A backup goalie with a three-goal cushion would receive no grief for letting one in that scenario, but Gunnarsson stood firm. Game 65 - Riga vs. Toronto In a little bit of payback for their own scoreless games, the Toronto Legion decided to bring someone else to their level by handing Riga their second shutout. Actually being outshot by the Reign, Jaxx Hextall stopped twenty-six pucks in what looked like it would be a scoreless regulation game. However, in the seventeenth minute, Kristopher McDagg finally managed to put one past Greg Eagles to win the game. Game 66 - Moscow vs. Helsinki In a repeat of their first meeting, Raymond Bernard has shutout the Helsinki Titans for the second time this season. This time, it was an incredible performance with forty-one saves, which has a good chance of standing the test of the season as the most saves in a shutout. Moscow produced a goal in each period to complete the eerie similarity to these teams' first meeting this season. Game 107 - New York vs. Moscow Although Bernard has been excellent so far this season, A Red Guy got the better of him in this match. This was the first shutout we’ve seen this season where the goalie faced less than twenty shots. With nineteen saves, Guy came in just under that mark. He did face some challenges in the first and third periods but only saw one shot throughout the entire second. Game 108 HC Davos vs. Riga Both Greg Eagles and Samuel Ross had eighteen saves in this one, but it was Eagles who was flawless. This was certainly a slower game, but those can be challenging for goalies as well when you go long stretches without facing a shot. Greg did a great job of staying on his toes between high-danger situations and keeping the pucks out when it mattered. Game 112 Calgary vs. D.C. Becoming the second goalie to record two shutouts this season, Jacques Lafontaine joins our string of sub-twenty save shutouts in the latter part of this week. Calgary struggled to maintain any offensive pressure after the first twenty-four minutes, but by then the damage had been done and they had a four-goal lead. From there, it was just a game of keep-away to close out the game. Game 115 - Seattle vs. Toronto Riddle me this, the team that everyone doubted is now tied for second in the league and yet, somehow, they have still been shutout more than any other team. Seattle managed a crushing fifty shots, but, lest you think they kept the puck in their opponents’ zone all game, Rayz Funk still had to make thirty-four saves to earn his first shutout of the season. Rookie Spotlight SS Hornet Another huge shoutout, this time to @Motzaburger for these great graphics. Being drafted #1 overall in the VHL doesn’t always mean you’re destined for greatness. The spotlight that inevitably comes with the first selection can sometimes eat away at a young player’s career. In an exclusive interview with the hottest rookie talent in the VHL, SS Hornet opened up about the pressure that comes along with the first pick. “I know I'm expected to perform right from the start of the season, so yes, it adds a bit of pressure. It pushes me to try and do my best on the ice every shift; I want Davos to be proud of their first selection”. The robot’s algorithm has managed to synthesize a voice that can now answer any questions we have and has made a statement that it is ready to perform at the highest level. SS Hornet first started its career with the Houston Bulls in S70 and put up a respectable 20 points in 22 games as well as 3 points in 8 playoff games. S71 saw it selected 4th overall in the VHLM by the Las Vegas Aces where it managed to produce at over a point per game pace with 87 points in 72 regular games, evenly split with 41 goals and 41 assists. The playoffs were more of the same where it racked up 17 points in 12 games and helped lead its team to the Conference Final which the Aces lost to the Yukon Rush. However, it’s been a somewhat rocky start to Hornet’s career in the VHL. Its point production has been very good, it is currently leading all rookie scoring at the time of writing. Having said that, when you look further down the stat line, Hornet has amassed 29 PIMs in 19 games. When asked about its high penalty minutes, it had a rebuttal to the critics, saying “You can look at my 29 penalty minutes and think I'm a senseless goon, but really I have only put my team in a shorthanded position twice. 25 of these 29 minutes are from fights and ejections. About these though, I'm really unsure about what happened. I'm not really a fighter, these just kind of happened. It's hard to explain”. Perhaps it is not discipline that is the problem, but maybe lack of a proper enforcer on Davos that leaves Hornet having to defend itself. Its first fight in the big leagues was in its debut, drawing with Kyl Oferson, which shows it’s ready to be a physical force, but some finesse is needed to keep it on the ice and out of the sin bin considering the same fight had it ejected half-way through the game. Perhaps the algorithm is having a hard time fine-tuning the necessary aggressiveness that will give it an edge on the ice. Having said that, you simply cannot look past the pure scoring ability of this sentient android, and it would not surprise me to see it continue its amazing point production. HC Davos is currently sitting on a plethora of young talent and they find themselves right in the middle of a playoff battle. Time will tell if these young stars can build a strong core for Davos to be contenders for many seasons to come and you would have to assume that SS Hornet will be right at the forefront leading the way. “I wouldn't be too surprised if we made the Continental Cup finals out of the European Conference this season. We have a balanced crew of veterans and rookies. Every season, some veterans will leave and new rookies will take over their spot in the league. We'll be good for a while”. Hornet seems to be under the impression that the window of opportunity is open for Davos right now and they are ready to make a surprise run to the Continental Cup finals.
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    Anyone who watched the stream already knows but hot damn did it like generating the same number multiple times. 2 people won twice despite having over 100 numbers to choose from. Of course we want the prizes to go to as many people as possible so they didn’t ACTUALLY win twice, I just hit re-draw on the lower tiers. As I mentioned on the stream, if you would prefer a prize in a lower tier than what you have won just let us know and we’ll accommodate that instead. We’ll be getting in touch with all the winners soon to get shipping and stuff sorted out. So, enough talking, who won? Tier 1 - $10 VHL Donation x10 winners - No actual cash value but the equivalent rewards of a normal $10 VHL Donation. You can claim your prize in the regular donation index, just link back to here to show you won. @eaglesfan036 @DaftRaincloud @JeffD @Cusemode @Jayrad28 @ROOKIE745 @Grant @PadStack @McWolf @KC15 @GRZ* * I feel bad because I looked at the wrong number and initially announced the winner as GRZ. Considering this prize costs the league nothing I have decided to give it to GRZ as well on account of the confusion. Tier 2 - VHL Merch x5 winners - Beaviss can confirm but we were aiming for a $20 value here so I believe this means a VHL T-Shirt. He can also confirm if the designs for every team are ready or if it will be a VHL Logo version. The blue team will be in touch with you about claiming this to get your sizing and shipping information. @Sonnet @diamond_ace @Phil @Beaviss @Peace Tier 3 - NHL 20 x3 winners - A copy of the latest VHL ripoff EA Sports NHL game for whichever console you’d like. The blue team will be in touch with you about claiming this to get your console choice and shipping information. @studentized @Motzaburger @Patrik Tallinder Tier 4 - NHL Jersey x1 winner - Finally the big boy. $250 value to a single person. A Jersey of any NHL team and player (or custom) that you’d like. The blue team will be in touch with you about claiming this to get your sizing and shipping information. @MMFLEX Congrats to all who won and I hope you all enjoyed your VHL 12 days of Christmas!
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    VHL 12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza!

    VHL 12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza! Hello VHL and Merry Christmas! Now obviously It’s not yet Christmas but there’s a good reason for starting the festivities early. Seeing as it is the VHL’s 12th year we thought we’d have a bit of a Christmas party for you guys and offer the 12 Days of Christmas: VHL Edition! So what exactly does this entail? Well, each day for the next 12 days we will open a new topic that will reveal a gift on the above tree. To claim the gift all you need to do is post in the thread BUT each thread will be locked after 24 hours so you need to be quick to grab your gifts. On it’s own this doesn’t seem like much of an extravaganza though right? Well, we most certainly are not done there! While obviously the benefits of coming on and claiming the gifts every day are good, they aren’t as much as we would like. Therefore after claiming certain amounts of days (1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12) members will be entered to win some great prizes that will be drawn for on Christmas day. The more you claim during the 12 days, the more entries you have for the prizes AND only people who claim the the most days (10-12) will be entered to win the largest prize. So what are these prizes? Well that’s a secret for now but rest assured that this is the single largest giveaway the VHL has ever done. We’re talking about 19 individual prizes and some of them are quite something. So, if you want to win, keep your eyes peeled and come claim your gifts from now to Christmas eve to have the best chances! The first claiming topic will be going up within the next few hours! @Members Please note each individual day will NOT have the members tag, this is just for the main announcement. You gotta keep on top of things yourself to get your gifts.
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    Dilly Dilly

    Why I've Been Gone

    While very few of you actually know who I am or that I even existed. I'd like to apologize to those that I have possibly let down, especially the Philadelphia Reapers team that ever so slightly missed out on the playoffs. For the New York Americans, who decided to draft me 53rd overall, I'm glad you didn't waste an earlier pick. What most of you don't know is that Zepheter is my brother, and he tried his hardest to keep me active here. We both took a break to start playing hockey around the beginning of summer. While he came back, a very close friend of mine passed away, which made it difficult for me to return. I'd rather not go into the specifics, as it is very personal to me. This is a shitty position because of all that happened throughout the duration of my inactivity. I missed out on a lot of major tasks such as theme week and other offseason point tasks that would've potentially helped boost my rating quite a bit. I'm looking forward to playing my last season with the Reapers and if I can muster the motivation to stay active, continue my career with New York. Hope to see many of you in the future.
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    Happy Birthday VHL!

    Happy Birthday VHL!  For any of you who are unaware, today, Thursday July 18th, 2019 marks the 12th anniversary of the VHL opening its doors, all the way back on the original Invisionfree forum that many sim leagues used back in the day. A lot has happened over the years, as nearly 100 of you described last year.  With our birthday comes the annual tradition of gifts for all the league’s members, in exchange for a small amount of work, of course. This year, we are asking all of you to come up with at least three creative player names* to be used in replacing the bots in the sim, including at least two skaters and one goalie. If you'd like, you can specify which league and/or team the name would go on. As a reward, you will receive 12 Uncapped TPE, as well as a Doubles Week to be used with a Point Task submission in the next month**. The ones we like the best will be used to replace the generic "TEAM C1" names currently in the sims.  *Please remember that the league does not condone the use of slurs or foul language in the naming of its players. **Uncapped TPE and Doubles Week must both be claimed by the week ending August 18th 
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    For Elme

    To anyone who knew Elme, or even didn't know Elme, I'd like to pay tribute to someone who left us far too soon. The word "strong" gets thrown around a lot, during tragedies (such as the Boston Marathon Bombings) or losses. Today, we not only lost a friend, a family member or just a colleague in the VHL, we lost a strong individual who was kind, big hearted and most importantly, respected around the community. You are all more than welcome to wear this in your sig, something simple but with a strong message, and something to show our appreciation for the life that was, and will forever be, #elmestrong Cheers ya'll.
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    Retiring from the VHL

    Wow, so this is the end. Almost eight years and all of the bullshit. I was actually going to wait til the World Cup but quite frankly what's the point and I don't think anyone's even thought about organising that. Not worth it. Greg Clegane turned out to be the perfect farewell tour. Pretty decent considering I earned like 40% of his TPE before the draft. No regrets + CLEGANEBOWL. But I had made up my mind a while ago. I had almost left in S46, then again in like S50, and well it really shouldn't be a shock to anyone. I haven't actually put effort in for a year and a half. I'd do a shout-out list for everyone but there's too many to name. I have had so many great interactions over the years but it's time to cut ties. I mean, I don't have to, but I think it's what I need in my life. Plus I could never be a welfare player, my ego demands instant gratification. Of course many people have left before, some silently, some publicly, to return anyway. Without doubt I'll still be popping in. But I started in 2009 in Canada and since then I have slowly and surely removed all connections to that life – mainly the hockey sites. This was the last one. And if I had to pick out one highlight it wouldn't be all the great locker rooms, the time as commish, the GMing, or the Thunderdome fights. No, it's the endless joke about me being an old man. I never revealed my age, for a good reason at the start, but then it just became amusing to see everyone add at least 5 years to me. FFS guys, I'm only 21 in March. Peace you beautiful bastards.
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