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    Houston Bulls GM

    With Sonnet not continuing in his role as Houston Bulls GM given the promotion to VHLM Commissioner alongside me, the position was technically open as soon as the regular season ended. While we could wait until after the playoffs, it might be better to get the new GM into the role early, so there's time to take stock of things with the team, and figure out where to go from there. Taking from our pool of applicants in the general thread, the candidate in question has been approached and after a few questions, has been given the job. Congratulations: @VHLM GM @VHLM Commissioner
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    Good day VHL Community and Top of the morning to you, especially to the focus of this article - S73 VHL Draft Class. With S72 having surpassed the 50 games played mark and less than 20 games left it's CRUNCH time. Since we’ve last checked in “VSN’s Top 24 Early Standouts” there has for sure been what some may call chaos, I view it as excitement and more unpredictability. This Draft has some very exciting prospects headlined by MJF @frosty the without question top player of the S73 Draft class Marshall James FrostBeard along with superstar defenceman Tyler Walker and a handful of great goalies in Tonn, Gyrfalcon and Camus all slotted to go 1st round. Along with the unforgettable John Merrick showing flashes of Hall of Fame play as well as a blood relative to the legendary Glade family as VHL players and GM, the youngest highly touted defenceman Shawn Glade III. With the recent news of the VHL’s 4-Team Expansion announced for this offseason creates even more variables and “chaos” for Current VHL GM’s; Let the fun begin. From first glance, it’s easy to see this is not the deepest draft class and a major drop nearing round 3. It's important that I clarify and we are making this clear these “Rankings'' are not a Mock Draft, it is who VSN’s Scouting Department believes are the best picks at each spot without any connections to the teams making the selection nor Positional Value (Pure Rankings). These rankings are based and referring to play progress before the playoffs* The VSN Scouting Department with the amazing crew of scouting experience run @Patrik Tallinder The Director of Scouting and Assistant Director @Spence King have spent countless hours watching every VHLM game travelling across North America and not to mention the passing WJC and now playoffs. A major factor the scouts highly value in a player is consistency (being active weekly/levels of participation) extensively tracking weekly opportunities claimed even as far as the differences between total capped and uncapped TPE earned. VSN scouting Staff are always keeping a VERY close eye on each player’s activity trends and participation in the community. Let’s get ready to rumble! here are VSN’s S73 Draft Mid Season Player Rankings: #1 - Marshall James Frostbeard- 300 TPE Trending down, Low risk, High potential If anyone is shocked to see the MJF trending “down” is the sole reason that @frostbeard is a VHL GM himself and has his player’s rights protected in the draft and he is the clear cut #1 Overall prospect in this draft. #2 - Tyler Walker - 281 TPE- No trend, Low risk, High potential Tyler is the ultimate coaches player, he does everything you ask of him and is always in the right place at the right time, no player other than MJF has shown more consistent growth/Activity and development in their game other than Tyler. Whichever team drafts this young man will be getting a future franchise defenceman that will play MANY games in the VHL and very soon. #3 - Jacob Tonn- 276 TPE No trend, Low risk, High potential Jacob Tonn has proven to be a steal for the ages, with the hounds able to draft some great players and snag Tonn in the later rounds is truly unbelievable that any GM let this young man go past the 1st round let alone outside the Top 5. Tonn is having a fantastic season in his draft year proving to have the potential to be a future starter and potentially star goaltender in the VHL #4 - Micah Adrienne - 276 TPE No trend, Low risk, High potential Micah is by far one of the best defenders his age in a long time. Micah is easily one of the leagues top 5 Defensive defencemen with way above average defensive IQ, amazing body checker with terrifying hits combined with his smooth skating and puck handling make him a real contender for the #1 overall pick come draft day. Biggest Flaw is his terrible discipline. #5 - Jeffrey Pines- 240TPE Trending UP, Low risk, High potential Jeffrey was on a tear after the WJC and really proving the league his playmaking abilities are just as strong and he might actually be a stronger playmaker as well as really fine-tuning his work in the defensive end and proving to be one of the most hated players to play against in the league. Jeffrey has a very bright future in the VHL his potential is sky high and he can fit any role his team needs for him. #6 - Grekkark Gyrfalcon - 228 TPE Trending UP, Low risk, High potential Grekkark Gyrfalcon is what some scouts are calling “The safest pick”. This due to the fact that Grekkark is affiliated with the EFL and is guaranteed to cap out with 12 TPE with his EFL Job alone. #7 - Jean Pierre Camus - 217 TPE: Trending UP, Low risk, High potential J=ean Pierre Camus is our third goalie in the top ten and he's there for a reason. JPC may not have the wins like the other goalies but the skill is there and it’s evident. Truly an exciting player to watch. Camus with a record of 18-42-4 is still currently the league leader with the highest Save % of any starting goaltender. His lightning-quick hand speed combined with incredible style and rebound control and jaw-dropping reaction time #8 - @ShawnGlade III- 213 TPE Trending down, Moderate risk, High potential Shawn is right there with Tyler and Micah in terms of potential. The relative of the legendary Shawn Glade gives us some insight into the hockey blood in this player and his dedication and consistency. Shawns defensive IQ always has him in the right position at the right time. Glade III has an amazing first pass out of the zone to go along with his ability to rush the puck with his strong puck handling and skating abilities. #9 - Groovy Dood- 206 TPE Trending UP, Low risk, High potential Groovy Dude AKA @bigAL The AGM of the new VHLM expansion Franchise the Miami Marauders. Groovy has proven to be extremely active and one of the most consistent draft-eligible players continually increasing his draft stock. Mr Dude is arguably the top playmaker in the draft. His defensive abilities are also what really separates him apart from the other players in this class is his obvious effort and dedication consistently week in and day out and will always give you 110% effort. #10 - Kosmo Kramerev- 204 TPE Trending UP, Low risk, High potential Kosmo is in the top 10 of the league scoring not only as a rookie but also as a defenceman. Kramerev so far in 64 games is 1 point shy, sitting at 99PTS and going to hit the 100 PTS plateau as a rookie. The difference between Kramerev and the “Big Three” Walker, Adrienne and Glade is that Kosmo is a much more offensive-oriented defensive player while saying that he does not lack in defensive abilities and has amazing defensive skills. #11 - John Merrick- 179 TPE N/A, Low risk, High potential John Merrick looks to be a very promising and potential first-line centre in the VHL. Merrick, the User @Steve recently retired unexpectedly Guy LeGrande early and was not expected to recreate LeGrnade had 1177 TPE already and still had 2 seasons to go. That says a lot right there about Merricks potential. Merrick is already proving to be a great 2-way centre, He has the size and strength to go along with his great puck handling and skating abilities. #12 - Wolf Stansson - 190 TPE Trending UP, Low risk, High potential Wolf Stansson was a hot name on Trade Deadline day, and with that being no surprise. Wolf has proven to be the next name on this list of extremely talented 2-way defenders. Wolf plays with an edge to his game and can really bang bodies on the ice and I mean that literally by an “edge” Wolf has learned to master body checking and cutting off the rush with huge hip checks always making clean hits and is never afraid to sacrifice his body. #13 - Dan Baillie Jr – 194 TPE Trending UP, Low risk, High potential Dan Baille Jr “The Junior Rocket” has been trending up and up all season and the ski is truly the limit for this man. His skating is out of this world and without a doubt the most accurate and quickest shot in the draft, Baille Jr goal and assist totals in SSK do not reflect his skill or potential. Baille is going to have a very great and long career in the VHL. #14 -Andre Lebastard- 189 TPE Trending UP, Moderate risk, High potential Probably the best Faceoff man in the draft if not the VHLm.Amazing 200-foot player, Fantastic passing IQ and accuracy, Logs Massive minutes and can shut down and play with the league's top lines, needs to work on his strength #15 - Patrik Laine - 174 TPE Trending UP, Moderate risk, High potential The hottest thing in Houston right now, Laine is one of if not the most active prospects in the pool and is continually opening more and earning a lot of attention and this spot in the rankings. Laine is the most well-rounded prospect ranked to go in the first round with equally strong skating, puck handling, scoring and defensive IQ but still has a long way to go before being VHL ready anytime soon. #16 - Mikeal Keef - 195 TPE Trending UP, Low risk, High potential Mikeal will more than likely be playing in the pros next year, whichever organisation is lucky enough to snag this franchise defenceman will be smiling ear to ear when they call his name to the draft stage. The 6’4 205 lb smooth-skating defenceman excels the most in his own end with his jaw-dropping hits. #17 - Cal Conway - 179 TPE Trending UP, Moderate risk, High potential With his eye lightning, fast hand speed and reaction time Cal has shown many flashes of stardom. Just look at his numbers and its easy enough with an outstanding .913% Save percentage and almost under 2 Goals against a game at 2.07 GAA. #18 -The Terrible Trivium- 189 TPE Trending UP, Low risk, Moderate potential Trivium is built like a truck and if he can turn that weight into muscle he could very well be one of the VHL’s power forward winger for many years to come. His fantastic positioning when backchecking, a total 200-foot player. His Shot is his best asset registering 297 shots on net in 72 games played. #19 - Oh Sens - 162 TPE Trending UP, Moderate risk, High potential The Japanese sensation and fan favourite in Miami Oh Sens has a well-rounded skill set with his puck handling and powerful shot make him such an exciting winger. Very strong player physically, look for next season to be a breakout for this young man #20 - Ajay Krishna - 152 TPE No trend, Low risk, High potential Ajay was once considered the clear cut safest goalie available after the big 3 all set to be taken in the 1st round. Krishna skill is definitely there and with his reaction time paired with his size, his potential in the crease is sky-high. Ajay had a very strong start to the season with high activity and looked to be a lock for the 1st round however the second half of the season Krishna’s progression noticeably declined. Krishna still has time to prove himself as a 1st rounder if he can return to his early-season progression. #21 - Dakota Lamb - 173 TPE Trending UP, Moderate risk, High potential The most skilled Faceoff man in the draft Dakota Lamb has amazing offensive capabilities with his combined skill set of skating puck handling and offensive IQ. Being the most skilled at FO points doesn't always win you the most Faceoffs, Dakota has to put on some serious strength to turn those skills into an invaluable asset. 22- Calvin Harvey - 156 TPE Trending down, Moderate risk, Moderate potential Calvin Harvey has had a rough go this season in San Diego much like the rest of his marlin teammates, he was peppered with shots and really had no chance to ever develop confidence on the ice. He has very good reaction time and a nice Style control. #23 - Matty Socks - 161 TPE Trending UP, Low/ Moderate risk, Moderate potential Matty Socks has been playing phenomenal for the Aces all season. Extremely consistent and without a doubt one of the most skilled defensive defencemen in the draft class as well as the entire league. Along with strong offensive IQ and powerful skating. With some filling out in strength and conditioning as well as passing accuracy socks could be another diamond in the rough #24-Kevin King - 145 TPE N/A, Moderate risk, High potential The player with the most intrigue other than John Merrick. Kevin King has only had a short time to prove himself and even with minimal ice time. However, his skills do all the talking. Scoring and defensive IQ are way above most in the class and especially at this position. King has the best faceoffs skills by far in the draft class. With building strength and continuing to progress at this level don't be surprised if Kevin King is a 1st round pick on draft day. #25 - Han Jae Kuk - 132 TPE No trend, Low risk, Moderate potential Han was at one point the hottest name on the trade block with his great early start to the season, but just like the marlins did this season, Han Jae looks to have drowned. He is borderline inactive and potentially falling out of the top 40 if that were the case. Jae Kuk’s has incredible defensive abilities and above-average skating, he has the skill and potential the issue is an effort right now. #26 - Alec Volchenkov - 156 TPE Trending UP, Moderate risk, High potential Alec Volchenkov is definitely our most interesting and unique player in this draft class and by unique, i am referring to his playing style. Volchenkov is the definition of a Shut down player. His scoring abilities have much work to be done, however, his Faceoffs and defensive play in his own end are above most forward in the VHLM. Volchenkov has the potential to be a lifelong role player in the pros and I could even see him being a team's 1st line Center one day. #27 - Jesper Norberg - 142 TPE N/A, Moderate risk risk, High potential Jesper Norberg has come into Vegas hitting the ground running harder than every pair of dice in town combined. This Swedish winger comes over with a diverse skill set highlighted by his IQ in the offensive zone. His passing, puck handling and skating are showing improvements daily along with an impressive build, very strong on his skates. #28 - Florent Vericel - 126 TPE Trending down, High risk, High potential The Quick sharpshooting Canadian forward signed early in the season with the newly expanded VHLM franchise in Miami. Florent proved very quickly that he is a consistent and very strong shooter. His shot combined with his speed is by far his best attribute at his ability to find the shooting lanes. Strength along with Puck handling is in need of improvement. #29 - Fat Palloon - 122 TPE Trending UP, Moderate risk, High/ Moderate potential Mr Palloon has been on the scouts’ radars from the minute he stepped on the ice with his incredible defensive positioning and willingness to put his body on the line to block shots and passing lanes. Palloon’s season has been somewhat of a roller coaster in terms of production. As of late F.Paloon has made huge strides in his passing accuracy and skating. If he can maintain this progression as of the last two weeks this could be a steal in the draft. Still has a lot of practice to be done over the offseason. #30- Jeremy Lin - 136 TPE No trend, Moderate risk, Moderate potential The once highly touted prospect Lin has fallen and continues to do so, his activity and progression have hit a hard standstill. With his quick and accurate shot combined with his ability to rush the puck up the ice on his own proves lin has the skill. The question mark is consistency. #31 - Kirishima Wakaro - 134 TPE No trend, High risk, Moderate/Low potential Kirishima went ghost a couple of weeks this season where is progression really hit a standstill. Wakaro is still quite the question mark for scouts with his activity being monitored very closely. Kirishima has shown moments of stardom from the beginning of the season with his defensive and offensive abilities and positioning along with his skating. #32 - Rick Osman - 108 TPE Trending UP, Moderate risk, High potential Rick Osman the giant on skates and one of the tallest players in VHLM history Rick a massive 53 banked TPE. His activity has been consistent, never capping out but consistent every week and if Rick can use this offseason to diversify his skill set. Right now his defensive IQ is great but he is really lacking a lot of fundamentals at this level, and must really work on those if he's to ever play in the pros. #33 - Gary Rush- 115 TPE: Trending UP, Moderate risk, Moderate potential Good 2-way forward with equally strong offensive and defensive IQ. Showing consistent growth in Skating and puck handling. Needs improvement in the weight room and work on checking #34- Rocket - 130 TPE Trending UP, Moderate risk, Moderate potential Rocket is a really solid welfare prospect who takes advantage of uncapped opportunities as well. He usually earns 6-8 capped TPE, and whatever uncapped TPE he can get his hands on as well. There’s a good amount of potential in him as a scoring winger, and hopefully, his steady progression keeps up. #35 - Bobbie Cheechoo - 97 TPE Trending down, High risk, Moderate potential A prospect battling with inactivity at the moment, Bobbie Cheechoo is a pure goal scorer with an exceptional combination of skating and a heavy shot. If he can return to form, there’s definitely some potential here. #36 - S Kuchar- 113 TPE N/A, Moderate risk, Moderate potential Late season signing with the Lynx after they shipped out their top two forwards Kuchar picked up the slack with ease, averaging almost 4 shots on net per game and registering a point per game. Kuchar is proving he can score in this league #37 - Empty - 110 TPE Trending down, High risk, High potential Started off very hot in Halifax scoring over 50% of their goals in his first 10 games played. Incredible offensive abilities and very good defensive IQ, his progression however after the WJC has come to a standstill and Empty has become a real question mark going into the draft. #38 -Keno Wolf- 99 TPE Trending down, High risk, Moderate potential After showing a promising first three weeks, Keno Wolf has only earned 2 TPE over the last 2 weeks, which is quite worrying. If he comes back, it would be good for him to work on his puck handling, which seems to be a weakness as of today. Being able to claim 6 TPE welfare, Wolf shouldn’t have too hard of a time getting back to where he was just a couple weeks ago; It’s just about finding the time and motivation to stay consistent. #39 - Peekay Soupcan - 88 TPE Trending down, High risk, Low potential Peekay has recently gone inactive, a promising youngster started off very strong with consistent activity and production, his scoring and skating are his greatest attributes, if Peekay remains on this trend he will be as quiet as his recent activity. #40 - Victor Grachev- 129 TPE Trending UP, Moderate risk, High potential Very Intriguing prospect Victor is a 1st-time VHL User as well as this being his first experience with any Sim League and he hit the ground running! Grachev has used literally every opportunity to earn the most TPE possible since joining and the effort he has put in so far is incredible, consistency will be the big factor with him. Phenomenal Defensive D-man, very good 1st pass and puck handling knows his role and plays it well. Still needs to fill out his frame and fine touching his overall skill set. Dont be surprised if he goes in the 1st round - "Spence King" #41 - Ben Mills- 73 TPE Trending down, High risk, Low potential Pint-sized Ben Mills started off the season strong playing much more minutes in Mississauga. As the season has progressed it seems as if Mills is going to be a Welfare/Practice player only and if that at best with his inconsistency has him trending down. Good defensive skill and potential, fairly well-rounded skill set, his development seems to have just hit a dead end. #42 - Jiggly Gumballs - 122 TPE N/A, Moderate risk, High potential In only 16 games played and being in VHLM for 2 weeks, Jiggly Gumballs has shown signs of greatness and potential stardom. His defensive abilities and positioning in his own end are impeccable and might be the best shot-blocker I’ve ever seen. Very well rounded skill set and sure to skyrocket up the list if this activity trend continues. #43 - Wane Jetski - 87 TPE N/A, Moderate risk, Moderate potential Scouts have only had a short time to view Jetski since recently joining the league. His scoring touch and skating abilities are what stand out the most. Still needs work in the defensive end along with his hand-eye puck skills. #44 - Theodore James St Louis - 90 TPE Trending UP, Moderate risk, High potential In his very short time so far in the VHLM Theodore James St Louis has made a great impression on VHL scouts his very well rounded game and truly game-changing ability when he’s on the ice for his team. Much about TJS is still unknown as to what role he will take on, St Louis has a very diverse skill set and could potentially be the steal of the draft if his activity spikes. #45 - Teriyaki Chicken - TPE 78 Trending down, Moderate risk, Moderate potential Teriyaki is definitely one of the smaller D in the league but he is built like a truck. His biggest assets are his Checking and defensive skills, a very good stay at home defence. Needs to really work on his passing and puck handling #46 -Drew Minott - 120 TPE Trending UP , Moderate risk,High/ Moderate potential The sky's the limit for this big lanky Goaltender with a very well rounded skill set, the sample size is small so far, Minott continues to show impress scouts more every game. #47-Joromir Jogr - 107 TPE Trending down, Moderate risk, Moderate potential Jogr has gone dark for a while, a very fluid skater and knows how to use his body to create scoring chances, very high hockey IQ and shows flashes of greatness. Really need to work on his passing accuracy #48 -Tim Kameshev - 64 TPE Trending down, High risk, Low potential Kameshev is almost strictly a practice player as of recently however has shown moments of great potential, his skating is what separates him from his peers. Needs a lot of improvement and a big increase in fine-tuning his entire skillset. That's a wrap for our Mid Season VHL Draft Coverage if you enjoyed reading this don't forget to check VSN for regular updates!! We've got A LOT of content being put out almost daily! Don't forget to tune into some of our other amazing material such as - Weekly VHL and VHLM articles. A new feature “Deep Rewind” and learn more VHL history. Keep up with the news in the scouting department getting to know all about the VHL’s Future stars and in-depth look with each VHL Franchise’s prospects pool @VSN | VHLM Weekly | VHL Weekly | Behind The Trophy | @Andre LeBastard @wcats @Mongoose87 @solas @der meister @RStar @Shaka @Dtayl @Hooperorama @Sharkie @dylanjj37 @osens @jman9theman9 @dart @Steve @PatrikLaine @dlamb @fishy @SirRupertBarnes @Mrpenguin30 @IamMOOSE @jpsd @KaleebtheMighty @Dtayl @Snussu @UnkemptCL4PTP @S. Kuchar@JigglyGumballs @G_Rush @DreMin15 @Temppi @aCrypticPancake @Patpou22 @Ben Mills @Hpep @namanert @Nick Kirkpatrick @Sharkstrong @rory @ahockeyguy @Ninjaboi @FrostBeard @Advantage @Poptart @MexicanCow123
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    Thank you all for your nominations! I can now reveal the following members will be going on the ballot: @Banackock @DMaximus @Enorama @Jubis @PatrikLaine @Renomitsu @Ricer13 @rjfryman @Sonnet @FrostBeard @Doomsday The following members also received 1 vote each so congratulations to you too: @Beaviss @DarkSpyro @bigAL @der meister @diamond_ace @dlamb @DoktorFunk @Jericho @probably not noah @GustavMattias @Jubo07 @McWolf @Motzaburger @JigglyGumballs @Mr_Hatter @Patrik Tallinder @Quik @Tagger @twists @Zetterberg and me - aww thanks
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    Erik Summers

    VSN Weekly Review - S72 Week 5

    Welcome to the final edition of VSN’s S72 Weekly recap (Games 371-432). We’ll cover a host of things in this recap each week including highlights of important VSN happenings, three stars of the week, power rankings, rookie profiles, and anything else of importance. Speaking of other VSN content, make sure to check out the other great work from the greater VSN family! Here are a few handy links to check out, from our weekly podcasts to in-depth history articles, scouting reports, and more! Ringless | Under 250 | VSN Australia | Talents Behind The Trophies Recap At last, we have reached the end of another season and there was a lot of excitement this week. Scoring seems to be returning to the league as hat-tricks once again outnumber shutouts and there is no greater evidence of this than the fact that we have a hundred-point player for the first time in four seasons. Congratulations to Condor Adrienne on that accomplishment. One thing that was very clear this week was the importance of having a strong goalie, even in these high-scoring matches. Goalers like Jacques Lafontaine, Raymond Bernard, Samuel Ross, and Michael Johnson all came in clutch when their teams needed it most this week. It will be interesting to see what effect spreading the talent around the league more has on the trend toward higher scores as we expand to sixteen teams next season. With so many teams already looking to retool in the coming season, it will be interesting to see which ones are forced into a multi-season rebuild as the talent pool becomes smaller. But this is a recap, not a prediction, so let’s get back to it. There were several tight playoff races this week and several teams showed us that these playoffs could truly be anyone’s game. The Riga Reign and HC Davos Dynamo both entered the playoffs on a bit of a rough week, so their first-round matchup might be more exciting than your typical one-seed vs. four-seed competition. Meanwhile, teams like the Helsinki Titans and New York Americans entered the playoffs strong but both find themselves matched up against teams who boasted much higher goal differentials in the regular season. Even the Toronto Legion encouraged us to be on the lookout for upsets as they beat the best team in the league, the Calgary Wranglers, just to make it into the postseason; calling into question just how their first-round meeting would go. As we enter the playoffs, there is always a sense that anything can happen, but that feeling seems especially pronounced for some reason this season. Regardless, I am pumped to get to see some exciting games in the last instance of the eight-team playoff format. 3-Stars First Star Jet Jaguar (DAV) - 10 G, 10 A, 57.03 FO% Second Star Hulk Hogan (SEA) - 3 G, 12 A, 20 SB Third Star Samuel Ross (DAV) - .915 SV%, 2.64 GAA, 1 SO Power Rankings European Conference The final power rankings of the season are here and the European Conference had an epic 3 team battle to the finish. The top of the conference was wrapped up with Riga taking the top spot, a spot which they held for a good portion of the season after their somewhat slow start. Helsinki climbed back up into 2nd place, winning their division and secured the critical home-ice advantage for their playoff series with Moscow. Now here’s where things get interesting. The last 2 playoff spots had 3 teams fighting it out, right up until the last games of the season. Moscow, who are in 3rd place almost solely thanks to the remarkable season of Raymond Bernard, seem to have risen from the dead and claimed their spot in the postseason. Holding the last spot, in somewhat of a surprise, we see HC Davos who started out the season extremely hot, but stumbled their way through the meat of the games and eventually found their game again as the season ended. The blockbuster acquisitions of Jet Jaguar and Hunter Hearst Helmsley seem to have taken time to adjust to the team, but who knows what could happen if both stars heat up come playoff time. Devastatingly, the Prague Phantoms will miss out on the playoffs this year, and the gap was just too much to overcome on the final day. They hold on to 5th spot in the rankings and will be looking ahead to next season where they will hope to improve on this one. Finally in the last spot are the Malmo Nighthawks. The game plan was to tank this season, and they did just that, ending the season with the worst record in the league and earning highest odds for the upcoming Season 73 Draft Lottery. North American Conference A bit of a different story over in the North American conference, as all the playoff spots were pretty much accounted for heading into the final games of the season. Front runners all season long, the Calgary Wranglers finished hot and held an 8 point lead over Seattle as the season came to a close. They are the only team to break 100 points this year. Seattle came close to bursting through the 100 point marker, but fell just short and finished 2nd on 97 points. The race between these powerhouse teams was a joy to behold all season long, and Calgary slowly pulled away with their insane consistency. The gap between Seattle and New York is quite sizable, at 13 points, but the Americans have earned a playoff berth as well as a matchup against the Bears in what is sure to be a thrilling contest. Taking the last playoff spot, and in 4th place, we have the Toronto Legion, who really stumbled to the finish line. A 4-6-0 record in the last 10 games was barely enough to edge out the Vancouver Wolves who ended up finishing just 1 point out of the playoffs, even after trading away most of their star players. The Wolves accepted their fate as outsiders pretty early in the season, but they were nearly gifted a playoff spot in what turned out to be a somewhat weaker North American conference. The D.C. Dragons will be pretty upset with how the season went, not many people had them down as bottom feeders, but owning their own 1st round pick which is a lottery pick after this disastrous season, has to be seen as a success and they will be looking to pick up a piece to add to their core in the upcoming draft. Notable Games Game 411 - Malmo Nighthawks vs. HC Davos Dynamo This week was a lot more of a nail-biter for the Dynamo than I’m sure they would have liked. First, they were passed by the Moscow Menace, then they quickly for the Phantoms right at their heels. However, HC Davos entered this game with the ability to nearly cement their place in the postseason. They stepped up to that challenge. The Rogue Davis to Jet Jaguar connection was strong as Davis assisted Jaguar on the first three Dynamo goals. In that span, they gave up one goal to the Nighthawks but that would be the only one. They went on to score two more before the final buzzer, but the last fifteen minutes of this game were mostly just keep-away. This was a game Davos was expected to win, and they did, but it was far more important than it seemed. With a loss in the match, the Dynamo would have put their playoff hopes in serious jeopardy. Instead, they got Riga in the first round, may God have mercy on their souls. Game 425 - Riga Reign vs. Seattle Bears For the Riga Reign, their road to the playoffs, though more secure, was a bit bumpier this week. Despite entering the week looking to have secured the first seed with a nine-point lead over the Helsinki Titans, by the time it was all said and done, that lead had dwindled to just four points. Despite Guy Sasakamoose having one of his best games of the season, and certainly his best period, the Seattle Bears matched them goal for goal, even taking a lead for eight seconds in the second period. As we neared the final minute of play, it looked like Riga might have finally secured the win, but with just sixty-two seconds left Seattle tied it again. Overtime was not enough to settle this one, so it was off to the shootout to find a winner. Ambrose Stark scored immediately for the Bears but that was matched in the second round by Codrick Past. It was Scott Greene in the third who would finally give the Bears another lead, one that would end the game. Game 429 - Calgary Wranglers vs. Toronto Legion Lastly, we have the story of another team just trying to hang on. After a shockingly strong start from the Toronto Legion, they slowly crept back down the standings as the season stretched on. At the other end of that spectrum, the Vancouver Wolves started slower than expected but stayed in close competition for a playoff spot throughout the early weeks. However, in a move that made very little sense before we all knew about the coming expansion, the Wolves management decided to liquidate many of the teams best assets and seemingly forgo all hope of a playoff run. But as the season wound down, these two teams found themselves closer and closer in the standings. That led the Legion to enter one of the toughest games of their season in a must-win position. It did not look good as the Calgary Wranglers scored first with a goal early in the first, but Toronto retained their composure. In the second period, they answered with two of their own and that would be it for the scoring. The Legion had won and with that, they would finally return to the postseason. Events of the Week Fights Game 379 - Lahtinen beats up Gutzwiler I’m sure you are familiar with the saying, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Well, I can’t think of a better example of that than this smackdown. Certainly, Toronto came into this game with a plan to play a physical game and throw the Wranglers off their grove. That started just twenty-one seconds in the game and a fight broke out between Mikko Lahtinen and Gabriel Gutzwiler. However, just as Gabriel lost the fight convincingly, so too did the Legion come up short in this match. Game 388 - McDagg vs. Laughton There weren’t a lot of fights this week so I chose this opportunity to highlight a reformed man. Back when I was writing recaps of every single fight in the league, I wrote Blake Laughton’s name more than any other, and, while he certainly gets in a scrap now and again, I have noticed a drastic decline in his thuggish behaviour. Perhaps, he was a little out of practice, as Kristopher McDagg wiped the ice with him in this fight. Hat-Tricks Game 379 - Kris Rice Kris Rice opened the scoring, scored in the middle of the game, and closed the scoring to complete his hat-trick. With assists from Charlie Paddywagon, who also had a three-point game, on each of his first two, Rice quickly put the game out of the Legion’s grasp. With his final kill-shot in the first half of the third period, Kris finished his first hat-trick of the week. Game 396 - Kris Rice That’s right, I said, “of the week.” Just a couple games later, Kris Rice was back at it again. This time it was the Helsinki Titans that felt his wrath, but the Calgary Wranglers spread the points around with four separate players racking up three tallies on the point sheet. Rice and the Wranglers had an explosive first period where he scored two of their four goals. They went silent for the second before scoring again just seconds into the third. Just a short while later, Kris completed his second hat-trick with the final goal of the game. Game 400 - Jerry Garcia In the middle of what looked to be a crazy comeback story in the making, Jerry Garcia found himself on the unfortunate end of a losing hat-trick. Despite scoring the first three goals of the game, with Jet Jaguar contributing primary assists on all of them, the Phantoms clawed their way back to eventually take the day. For a brief moment, it looked like they might be able to knock the Dynamo out of that final playoff spot. Game 411 - Jet Jaguar After their loss to the Phantoms, HC Davos had to work hard to hold onto the final playoff spot in the European Conference. The veteran Jet Jaguar took that to heart. Scoring the Dynamo’s first three goals of the game, all on assists from Roque Davis, it was just his second that ended up being the game-winner. But late in the third, Jaguar made a statement, finishing his first hat-trick of the season. Game 413 - Mat Tocco The Vancouver Wolves were another team in the hunt for a playoff spot this week, and Mat Tocco brought us a little bit of that old magic for which he is known. Ending the night with four points, he netted two of his own in the second period and completed the hat-trick in the middle of the third. Although I am sure he would have liked a shot at the postseason, this has to be a satisfying way to close out the season. Shutouts Game 401 - Vancouver vs. Toronto There were just two shutouts this week and this one had a lot of significance in the final standings. Toronto finished just one point ahead of the Vancouver Wolves, so they ought to be crediting Jaxx Hextall and his amazing performance in this game with saving their season. Hextall stopped all thirty shots he faced to hold on to just a 2-0 victory and send the Legion to the postseason. Game 432 - New York vs. HC Davos In the very last game of the season, HC Davos entered knowing they had fended off the Phantoms at their heels, but that didn’t mean they had nothing to prove. All season, I have heard about how great a contender the Dynamo could be if they made a play for a goalie. Samuel Ross wants to put that thinking to bed. There is nothing better than entering the postseason with a goalie on a hot streak and a twenty-eight save shutout is a great way for Ross to start one. Rookie Spotlight Joakim Bruden A huge thanks to @Zetterberg for this great graphic. Joakim Bruden played 3 seasons in the minors, all for the Ottawa Lynx. He enjoyed a stellar career there, managing to win an amazing 121 of 152 total regular-season games. On top of that, an incredible 2.53 GAA in the minors over those 3 seasons is quite the achievement as well. He made the playoffs in each season and improved every time as well. It took them 3 tries, but they eventually won the big prize in Season 71, only losing twice throughout the entire playoffs on the back of some wonderful performances by Bruden. This season, he made the jump to the big leagues and showed to the world that he is a young goalie to keep an eye on. There were only a handful of rookie goalies this season, but Joakim stood out from the rest by leading most of the stat categories. In 15 games, he had a remarkable .914 save percentage and 2.70 goals-against average, both of which put him in first place among rookies. He picked up 5 wins, to 7 losses, which is a very respectable record for a rookie and he will be looking to build on this very successful rookie campaign. I think it’s only a matter of time before Joakim will take over as the #1 in Davos. He has shown he has the fight, passion, and most of all, skill to compete in this league. His mechanics are solid and he has a great foundation to build upon. Going forward, he will likely need to work on the more physical aspect of his game, like size and agility before he can break into that group of elite goaltenders. As long as Joakim keeps improving at this rapid pace, we have quite the prospect on our hands here and I am quite excited to see how his career develops.
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    Hello, and welcome to another edition of Under 250: The VHLM Report. In these series, we will be taking a look at the trends and topics from the past week in the VHLM. What twists and turns will our minor league hold? Stay tuned to find out! Also, make sure to check out the wide variety of content here at VSN. There are in-depth weekly updates and an award tracker for the VHL, a great podcast, and daily WJC coverage when it starts up, among other informative articles. Check out our latest instalments here: VSN Weekly Review | Talents Behind The Trophies | Ringless | Deep Rewind First Round Review This year’s first-round had some results that were a bit unexpected based on the final standings. The Minnesota Storm ended up leading the league by a mile in the regular season, and once the playoffs arrived, they struggled. The Saskatoon Wild and Philadelphia Reapers pulled away from the chasing pack as well in the regular season, carrying that momentum forward into the playoffs, and what looked to be the hardest-fought series between the Mexico City Kings and Las Vegas Aces was fairly close, but not the closest. Minnesota Storm vs (8) Miami Marauders This series put the 122 point Minnesota Storm up against the expansion Miami Marauders, who with 62 points, had only slightly more than half of what Minnesota did. Most would have expected this series to be a sweep, or at best 5 games. That’s why they don’t play these games on paper. Minnesota ultimately did advance past this series, but it took the full complement of games to do it. Miami taking the top seed to 7 is a fantastic accomplishment for the expansion franchise in its first season, and they should be proud to have done it. However, having that taste of victory in their mouths only to have it ripped away cruelly, in the end, will just leave these guys hungry for more heading into next season. Saskatoon Wild vs (7) Ottawa Lynx Ottawa, the other playoff team besides Miami without really that strong a performance in the regular season, performed a bit more closely to what might have been expected. This series was never close, with Saskatoon taking the win in 5 games, and most of the actual games weren’t that close either. In the three worst losses they were outscored a total of 20-5, and those aren’t the type of scores you’d write home about, even as an underdog. The 4-2 loss in game 2 wasn’t bad though, and they did win a game, although 4-3 in overtime is not the most convincing of wins. Philadelphia Reapers vs (6) Mississauga Hounds This is a series that perhaps should have been closer than it was. There was only a 17 point gap between these two teams in the regular season, so Mississauga certainly competed well enough to look like a threat. Ultimately, Philadelphia had been favoured for a reason and made that perfectly clear in the series, but this is one that should easily have gone to 6 or 7 games. Instead, the Reapers finished their business in 5, and the Hounds were unceremoniously removed from the playoffs in the same number of games as the Lynx who were a significantly worse team. Unlike the Lynx though, the Hounds made some of their losses competitive, with games 4 and 5 in the series only going Philly’s way by a goal each. Mexico City Kings vs (5) Las Vegas Aces This series was easily the headliner of the round going in, based on expectations. These teams finished only a single point apart, and they both spent the season among the more competitive teams. Both would have harboured dreams of a playoff run as well, so it was especially harsh on one of them that they ended up facing each other. That team ended up being the Aces, a team with a lot of late regular-season drama over a sudden influx of players. These players obviously didn’t end up helping them quite enough as the Kings dumped them out in 6. Interestingly, thanks to a single 8-2 drubbing in game 2, Las Vegas actually outscored Mexico City over the course of the series, but it’s only the wins that count and the Aces couldn’t find enough of them in total. Second Round, As It Stands This leaves us with only four remaining teams, and it’s the top teams in the standings who advanced. There haven’t been any upsets yet, at least in terms of series wins (there have been in terms of individual games and competitiveness of series) so we find our semifinalists all with a real chance to win the cup. Can Minnesota, the regular season favourites, shake off the playoff jitters that nearly removed them unexpectedly in the first round? Can Saskatoon and Philadelphia, two teams with not much between them in the regular season, produce a close and exciting series? Minnesota Storm vs (4) Mexico City Kings This series was expected to be a rather wild one, and so far it has not disappointed. Minnesota would have assumed they were the better team coming in, but after their performance in the first round, Mexico City will have liked their chances as well. As it stands, it’s been a fairly close one, 3-2 in favour of Mexico City. Most of the individual games have been close as well, with the exception of a 7-0 Kings win. The series could still go either way, but since the Storm can’t afford another loss, it’s just about favouring the Kings right now. Saskatoon Wild vs (3) Philadelphia Reapers One seed apart. Separated by 3 points. Both took their opening series in 5 games. If there’s one series that would be expected to come down to the wire, this is that series. So far, it has lived up to that billing in terms of the total games (3-2 in favour of the Reapers) but not so much in terms of the scores. There has only been a single game that has been close, a 3-2 overtime win that went Saskatoon’s way, whereas the other Wild win and all of the Reaper wins have been blowouts. 5-2, 6-2, 5-1, 6-1. As with the other series, it favours Philadelphia slightly because they only need to win a single game, whereas Saskatoon can’t afford a loss, but it’s still up for grabs. Playoff Performers Each of the remaining teams, should they win the cup, will have a few players to look at as the reason they’ve reached their goals. Potential playoff MVP candidates, should things go their way. Some teams will be more of a team effort than others, but every team has its standouts. If Minnesota wins If Minnesota wins, it will likely be due to the lead from the back style of defender Liam Flaten. 16 points leads a team with fairly spread out offensive contributions and the fact that he’s done it while also defending and preventing opposing goals makes it all the more impressive. Squirrely Dan has been the best of the forwards, with 14, followed by three players on 11. If Mexico City wins Mexico City’s case is harder to make, but Jeffrey Pines just about edges it out for right now. 14 points leads the team, but there’s also a 13 from Jay Jones, a 12 from Arthur Dayne, an 11 from Chris Hylands, and two 9s. They’ve been the definition of a team effort. Of note is the fact that Zamboni Driver has played the most minutes and faced the most shots, but the actual goaltending stats don’t stand out enough really. If Philadelphia wins Here’s the team where the goalie has the best case. John Poremba is the best among both SV% and GAA among goalies remaining in the competition. He’s also tied for the most wins. Adam Syreck has put up 16 points so far, carrying on right where he left off from the regular season, and arguments could be made for Jer Lefebvre and Spencer Elsby depending on how they perform going forward. If Saskatoon wins Looking at the way the stats have broken down for Saskatoon so far, their best case is probably Kazimir Komarov at the moment, with his 16 points leading the team. King Kruul and Tyler Walker aren’t too far back, and as they’re on defence, that would likely be taken into consideration. Four other guys in double figures for the Wild, most notably Adam Frence, but any of these would need a final round push to breakthrough. That’s all for this edition of Under 250: The VHLM Review. Thank you all for reading, and stay tuned next week for the inside scoop on all that’s going on in the league. Until next time! GMs: @McWolf @Spartan @DMaximus @Motzaburger @Rayzor_7 @rjfryman @iRockstar @DoktorFunk @Ricer13 @Dil @MexicanCow123 @ColeMrtz Players mentioned: @Gooningitup @Kachur @LefLop @Advantage @Spade18 @Spence King @CrlineDijohn14 @Jer_Lefebvre @Tape-to-Tape @rory @Infernal @Hylands33 @TTtheT @jacobaa19 @flatl99
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    Another exciting regular season has come to a close. That means we can dole out some regular season awards! Welcome everyone to the 7th Annual Unofficial VHL Regular Season Awards honoring S72! Thank you to everyone that reads this. I’m always looking for new award ideas. Please keep the award suggestions coming! These awards have been created by me. There is no voting process and they are not officially recognized by the VHL Board of Governors. I wrote descriptions for most of these award names in the original award post. Let’s get things underway! The Pylon Award (worst +/- rating) – Jack Feriancek @Jackie4967 Malmo claimed the bottom 6 spots for this award, with Jack leading the way with a -59. Previous Pylon Award Winners: Season Player + / - S71 John Madden -43 S70 Bert Meyers -45 S69 Basaraba Moose -57 S68 Sven Hitz -58 S67 Piotr Jerwa and Nethila Dissanayake -34 S66 Bryce Zhields -49 The Gandhi Award (least penalty minutes, min 1,000 minutes played) – Jared Spaz @Spaz Spaz just met the 1,000 MP requirement for this award. But he did and claims it with 2 PIM in 1,106 minutes played. Special recognition to Patrik Tallinder @Patrik Tallinder (4 PIM, 2,150 MP) and Dean Clarke @Kyle (4 PIM, 2,166 MP) Previous Gandhi Award Winners: Season Player PIM Minutes Played S71 Soren Jensen 4 2016 S70 Denver Wolfe 2 1988 S69 Hugh Chan 4 2050 S68 Jack Lynch 0 1473 S67 Diljodh Starload 0 2091 S66 Beau Buefordsson 0 1939 Oh what’s this?! A new award, snuck right into the middle of the presentation?! It can’t be… Yes it is! A new award! A lot of people can accumulate penalty minutes, but it takes a special person to get major penalties. The Major2 Award aims to award this special player we can now call the major of majors. The award is given to the player who has the most major penalties. The Major2 Award (most major penalties) - Mikko Lahtinen @Beketov Mikko topped the league with 9 major penalties this season. Congratulations on winning the 1st ever Major­2 award! The Timex Award (received most hits) – Anthony Matthews @Anthony Matthews Matthews led the league by getting hit 274 times. The same number of times last season’s winner, HHH, was hit. Previous Timex Award Winners: Season Player Hits Taken S71 Hunter Hearst Helmsley 274 S70 Hunter Hearst Helmsley 282 S69 John Madden 357 S68 Mikko Aaltonen 297 S67 Rauno Palo 302 S66 Beau Louth 300 The John Wayne Award (most shots on goal) - Jet Jaguar @gorlab Jet launched an impressive 425 shots on goal this season. Previous John Wayne Award Winners: Season Player Shots Taken S71 Scott Greene 402 S70 Juilius Freeman 453 S69 Juilius Freeman 452 S68 Rylan Peace 466 S67 Matt Thompson 495 S66 Shane Mars 533 The “Hit the Broadside of the Barn” Award (most own shots blocked) - Henrik Zoiderberg @HenrikZoiderberg Zoiderberg gets the award with 122 of his shots being blocked. This won over 2nd place finisher and last season’s winner, Guy LeGrande (120 OSB). Previous HtBotB Award Winners: Season Player Own Shots Blocked S71 Guy LeGrande 122 S70 Shawnomir Jagr 129 S69 Julian Borwinn 136 S68 Rylan Peace 144 S67 Beau Louth 153 S66 Oyorra Arroyo 142 The “Can’t Hit the Broadside of the Barn” Award (most own shots missed) – RJ Jubis @Jubis Jubis matched the winning total from last season, 299 missed shots. Really?! You couldn’t have missed just one more to make it an even 300? Previous CHtBotB Award Winners: Player Season Shots Missed S71 Guy LeGrande 299 S70 Juilius Freeman 343 S69 Elias Dahlberg 320 S68 Rylan Peace 351 S67 Beau Louth 364 S66 Roctrion King 372 The New Shin Pads Award (most blocked shots) – Condor Adrienne @OrbitingDeath Condor had this award on lockdown since the very start of the season. He blocked 188 shots, 33 more than the next best player. Simply amazing! Previous New Shin Pads Award Winners: Season Player Shots Blocked S71 Aron Nielsen 153 S70 Guillaume Fontenette 145 S69 Guillaume Fontenette 166 S68 Seabass Perrin 207 S67 Piotr Jerwa 170 S66 Lando Baxter 189 The Tired Legs Award (most minutes played) - Condor Adrienne @OrbitingDeath and Zyrok12 @Zyrok These two teammates tied for this award, both playing exactly 2,227 minutes. Oddly enough STHS figured this to mean that Condor played 30.93 minutes per game while Zyrock12 played 30.94 minutes per game. Not sure how that works out, but nice job guys! Previous Tired Legs Award Winners: Season Player Minutes Played S71 Juilius Freeman 2189 S70 Juilius Freeman 2164 S69 John Madden 2259 S68 Mikko Aaltonen 2290 S67 Shawn Glade 2226 S66 Robert Malenko 2324 The Snap! Award (most power play minutes) - Micheal Gary Scott @Motzaburger In a fitting celebration, Micheal Gary Scott organized the entire office to film a music video to “The Power.” He nabbed this award with 340 minutes on the power play. Previous Snap! Award Winners: Season Player PP Minutes S71 Juilius Freeman 364 S70 Juilius Freeman 372 S69 Elias Dahlberg 368 S68 Joseph McWolf 351 S67 Beau Louth 437 S66 Jake Davis 412 The 1 vs. 100 Award (most time on penalty kill) - Cody Smith @cody73 Prague must take a lot of pride in winning this award. They dominated this category, taking the top 7 spots. Cody took home the award with 356 minutes killing penalties. Previous 1 vs. 100 Award Winners: Season Player PK Minutes S71 Jacob Perry 344 S70 Jacob Perry 380 S69 Wolf Stansson Jr 328 S68 Jack Lynch 353 S67 Aron Nielsen 374 S66 Lew Bronstein 352 The Sean Archer Award (highest face-off win %) - Hunter Hearst Helmsley @Beaviss After being unseated by Jet Jaguar last season, HHH worked hard on his face-off game and reclaimed the title by winning 62.35% of his 3,086 faceoffs. Previous Sean Archer Award Winners: Season Player Face Off Pct S71 Jet Jaguar 61.84% S70 Hunter Hearst Helmsley 60.78% S69 Rauno Palo 59.45% S68 Podrick Cast 62.56% S67 Beau Louth 63.09% S66 Rauno Palo 63.10% The Castor Troy Award (lowest face-off win %, min 1,000 faceoffs) - Richard Penisson @bluesfan55 With Zeno retiring, this award was open for anyone to nab. Richard Penisson rose to the occasion. He only won 38.13% of his face-offs. Maybe blood was flowing to the wrong head during face-offs? Previous Castor Troy Award Winners: Season Player Face Off Pct S71 Zeno Miniti 42.07% S70 Zeno Miniti 42.07% S69 Zeno Miniti 32.27% S68 Gritty 36.31% S67 Gucci Garrop 35.07% S66 Bryce Zhields 30% The Triple Deke Award (most penalty shot goals) - Sigard Gunnar @Big Mac 6 must be a magic number for this category and for Gunnar. He wins this award in consecutive seasons with 6 penalty shot goals. Micheal Gary Scott @Motzaburger also scored 6 penalty shot goals, but needed 14 attempts, giving Gunnar the award. Previous Triple Deke Award Winners: Season Player Penalty Shot Goals S71 Sigard Gunnar 6 S70 Owen Nolan 6 S69 Owen Nolan 6 S68 Jorgon Weyed 6 S67 Veran Dragomir 8 S66 Leph Twinger 5 The Rocky Award (most fights won) – Kristopher McDagg @Viperxhawks19 What a mess this category is. 10 players tied for the league lead with 2 fights won. Ok, so let’s eliminate anyone who lost a fight. Down to 5 players. Now what’s more important? Winning a higher percentage of fights, or having more fights without losing? 3 players went 2-0-0. (Sigard Gunnar @Big Mac, Boris the Forest @chillzone, and Charles Drumm @frescoelmo). Is that better or worse than McDagg’s record of 2-0-4. I’m saying McDagg is more impressive, so he gets the award on the tiebreaker over everyone else, including Jack Feriancek @Jackie4967 (2-0-3). Previous Rocky Award Winners: Season Player Fights Won S71 Owen Nolan 3 S70 RJ Jubis and Ambrose Stark 2 S69 Edward Vigneault 4 S68 Tyler Barabash Jr 2 S67 ACL TEAR 6 S66 Ryuu Crimson 4 The Glass Joe Award (most fights lost) – Roll Fizzlebeef @TacticalHammer Roll claims the award with a dismal 0-3-1 fight record, losing the tiebreaker to Pengu @Pengu who had more draws going 0-3-4. Previous Glass Joe Award Winners: Season Player Fights Lost S71 Benny Graves and John Madden 3 S70 Walter Clements 3 S69 Rusty Shackleford 5 S68 Podrick Cast and Jordan Tonn 2 S67 Kronos Bailey and Hunter Hearst Helmsley 4 S66 Rauno Palo 3 The Stars Award (most stars won) – Julius Freeman @rjfryman Julius received 25 total stars this season. Sigard Gunnar @Big Mac tied with Julius with 10 1st stars. Previous Stars Award Winners: Season Player Total Stars S71 Hunter Hearst Helmsley 28 S70 Randoms 25 S69 Julian Borwinn 27 S68 Matt Thompson 32 S67 Rauno Palo 25 S66 Matt Thompson 28 The “Always a Bridesmaid” Award (most stars without winning 1st star) – Lewis Dawson @Kendrick Leiws won 13 stars this season without ever winning the 1st star. Impressively, 10 of those were 2nd starts. So close Lewis! Previous Bridesmaid Award Winners: Season Player Stars S71 Condor Adrienne 12 S70 Luciano Valentino 6 S69 Tzuyu 12 S68 Zeno Miniti 9 S67 Dan Baillie 13 S66 Mikka Pajari 7 The Biggest Backpack Award (player with the largest difference in points from the rest of their team) - Benny Graves @STZ Benny scored 13 more points than anyone else on D.C. The smallest difference in the history of this award. Previous Backpack Award Winners: Season Player Point Difference from nearest teammate S71 Roque Davis 20 S70 Julian Borwinn 22 S69 John Madden 28 S68 Mikko Aaltonen 28 S67 Podrick Cast 23 The Anniversary Award This award goes to the player whose total points rank matches the season number. This season was season 72. That means this award goes to the player who finished 72nd in total points. The winner of this year’s Anniversary Award is… Ondrej Ohradka @animal74 Somehow, as we keep moving down the rankings, the points keep going up. Great depth we got going on here! Ondrej scored 51 points this season, landing him in the 72nd spot in the rankings. Previous Anniversary Award Winners: Season Player Points S71 Elasmobranch Fish 46 S70 Orion Slade 44 The Egghshell Award (goalie with most overtime losses) - Michael Johnson @fonziGG In his final season, Michael Johnson set a career worst 9 overtime losses. That’s enough to win the Eggshell award. Previous Eggshell Award Winners: Season Player Overtime Games Lost S71 Jaxx Hextall 11 The <Insert best slasher movie of all time title> Award (most PIM by a Goalie) - A Red Guy @.sniffuM I’m still looking for suggestions for this award’s title. Share your favorite slasher film title with me. A Red Guy sliced and diced his way through the competition to win with 12 PIM. Previous <slasher> Award Winners: Season Player PIM S71 Greg Eagles 10 The Poke Check Award (highest % of penalty shots stopped, min 10 penalty shots against) - Virgil Ligriv @MMFLEX Vitrgil stopped 83.3% of the 24 penalty shots taken against him. Previous Poke Check Award Winners: Season Player Penalty Shots Stopped S71 Greg Eagles 79.30% Phew that is a lot of hardware! That concludes our ceremony. Thank you for reading. Congratulations and/or condolences to all the winners! Have a good night!
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    Patrik Laine: Online Q&A

    Introduction Hey guys, Patrik Laine here. Thank you all so much for the questions you sent in to me last week. I may not get to answer all of them but I will certainly be doing this again. I made the Q&A completely anonymous, so lets begin! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do Pineapples belong on Pizza? I personally don't have Pineapples on my Pizza, but if you like it then you can have them on it. I don't have a set opinion as it all comes down to personal preference. What does your average day look like during the offseason? I usually wake up at 7:00 AM and go for a shower to start my morning. Once I am out of the shower, I have breakfast and watch the morning news. Around 9:00 AM I will step on the ice and practice my deking until 10. From 10 to 11, I practice shooting and from 11 to 12, I practice defending one of one. I have lunch around 12:30. At 1, I go back on the ice and practice skating until 2. From 2 until 4, I practice checking and using my body to get the puck. I usually have dinner around 5 PM. I studying film from 4-6 and this includes watching film during dinner. Usually the rest of my night is spent relaxing or meeting up with a couple buddies to play scrimmage hockey. If you could be on a team with someone from your draft class who is NOT CURRENTLY on your team, who would it be? I would probably choose to play on a team with Matty Socks (@fishy). I've watched quite a bit of his film with Vegas and he is a big part of their success. How do you think you will fit in as a VHL player? My biggest asset is my shot so I would probably be a goal scorer but I could also play power forward with my huge frame. It is up to the coaches to use me in the best way for the team. Where are you staying this offseason? I'm currently in Finland with my family, but next week I'll be heading to Winnipeg for a few days to practice with their NHL team. After that, I will head back to Finland to be with my family for the VHL and VHLM drafts. What is your game day routine? I always start my mornings off just like I do in the offseason. I arrive at the rink around 9 AM for the morning skate. I go and have lunch at the same restaurant in Houston with Jiggs (@JigglyGumballs) and Minner (@DreMin15). After that we head back to the rink to do some drills in the afternoon. Around 4, we will have the team meal. We go into the hallway about 2 hours before the game to play some soccer and football to warm up. In the 15 minutes leading up to warmups, I always tape my sticks and make sure my gear is ready to go. What is your pre-game ritual? I always tape my sticks the same way no matter what. Other then that, I always tap centre ice before a game and give Minner a tap on the pads. What did you think of your season in Houston? Given the circumstances and the position of the team when I signed, it was good. I averaged over a point per game and led the team in goals and if I can stay in Houston we can be a serious threat next season. Do you hope you stay in Houston? I mean, I have nothing bad to say about Houston. It's been good so far but the VHLM is still a business and I can be traded or picked up by any team so those are my kind of comments. Who do you think was the X-Factor of that Houston run at the end of the season? Definitely Minner. He kept us in all of our games and he stole some games we should have lost. What is your favourite thing to do for fun? Pickup hockey is always fun during the summer, especially when the weather gets warmer. Who is your hockey idol? I didn't really have a favourite player, but my favourite team was definitely Helsinki. Growing up in Tampere which is also in Finland it was the logical choice. If you could be drafted by any VHL team, who would you pick? I wouldn't pick a VHL team based on whether I like them or not. Each team now is neutral and I want to go to a team that wants me to be a franchise player for them. Did you pull off any pranks this season? Yeah, actually. I got Jiggs with the classic tape on the skate blade trick. I put hot sauce into Minner's water bottle. The funniest one however, was when I changed the name tag on Jiggly's jersey. I changed the tag to say "Kick Me" instead of "Gumballs" and he had no idea I did it until after the game. They certainly got me back throughout the year but we had fun joking around with each other. Have any GMs talked to you yet? Yes, 2 GMs have talked with me but nothing is set in stone yet. I really won't know where I will end up until draft day. Are you nervous about the draft? Not yet. I am still a bit nervous but I won't feel the nerves until the draft gets closer. Have you been watching the VHL and VHLM Playoffs? Of course. It's always good to see some high intensity playoff hockey even if you are not a part of it. Who was the biggest joker in the Houston locker room? Definitely Jiggs. He put water into my stick one practice and man was I not ready for it. He got Minner, Geesus and Rose pretty good too so it wasn't just me. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion Once again, I would like to thank everyone who sent in questions even if I wasn't able to answer them. I definitely will do another one of these pretty soon. (1028 words, 5726 characters written by @PatrikLaine)
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    Player Name: Patrik LaineRW | 6' 5" | 205 lb. | Age: 18 | | Patrik Laine is an 18 year old right wing born in Tampere, Finland. Patrik signed with the Houston Bulls on a 1 year, 1.5 Million dollar contract in S73. In his contract year, Laine put up 27 goals and 32 assists, good for 59 points in 58 games and also threw 118 hits. He is projected to go in the 2nd round of this year's VHL draft. He is often looked at as a sniper-power forward hybrid. Laine has the shot of a great goal scorer and the frame of a big hitting power forward. Laine is also exposed in this year's VHLM Dispersal Draft and can be selected by any VHLM team. Going into next year, Laine is expected to stay in the VHLM and will most likely playing top minutes with a VHLM club. STRENGTHS: Shooting: Laine is one of the best snipers in the VHLM, almost averaging 0.47 goals per game as a rookie and tacking 21 of his 27 goals as 5 on 5. His biggest strength is his wrist shot. He can score with his wrist shot from almost anywhere on the ice. His wrist shots are faster and harder then most slapshots. However, his biggest special teams threat is his one timer. He has a cannon of a one timer that can be poison to a team's penalty kill if left open. He can still rip his one timers with 5 on 5 ice as well. Defence: Laine is a great defensive winger. He can use his speed to hustle back down the ice and his big frame to knock opponents off the puck in the defensive and neutral zones. Laine can also use his big frame to block shots that are heading towards his goaltender. He was a big part of Houston's late season surge as he was playing top minutes and rarely was on the ice for a 5 on 5 goal and was also one of the featured players on Houston's penalty kill that was great down the stretch. Puck Handling: Laine is great with the puck. He can deke around almost any defender and is excellent with control of the puck. Laine struggled early in the season with constant turnovers marking his first 29 games but practiced and picked up his deking game down the stretch and was great with the puck the last 29 games of the season. Laine will only get better with this and this is a green light for any team. WEAKNESSES: Doesn't use his big frame to his advantage: Despite Laine having a massive 6' 5" frame, he does not hit a lot. This is not to say Laine doesn't hit at all as he recorded 118 hits in 58 games last year, but he doesn't use his big frame as well as he could. This can easily be worked out of Laine's game and can help him to be a better play driver without the puck. Strength: Laine has a big frame but at the moment is not very strong. He has a hard time pinning other players against the board without having the advantage with his frame. He can easily work this out but it was a part of the reason he had more turnovers then takeaways last season. PERSONALITY: Laine has a big personality. He is a leader in the locker room and loves interacting with the media and the fans. He puts the team's interests over his own interests most of the time and has publicly said that in a certain situation, he would be willing to take a team friendly contract in order to help his team compete for a championship. He was a bright light in the Houston locker room last season even during terrible losing streaks and can make and keep a locker room alive. COMPARABLES: Using NHL players as our comparables, Laine's current comparable is Kaapo Kakko. If Laine puts the time in with his work ethic which we have seen, he has the ability to turn into a superstar. If he does become a superstar, he would be just like Alex Ovechkin. (697 words, 3603 characters) @VHL GM @VHLM GM
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    S. Kuchar

    So far my thoughts on this league

    Hey! So in 11 June 2020 I joined this league. I have gotten this site from one YouTuber. I came to this site and created my player and sign a contract in the VHLM for Ottawa Lynx. I started earning TPE through some easy tasks like welfare.... I really have been enjoying this league because it is a lot of fun. I think this is great idea of making great community not only in real life hockey.This can be a lot of fun for somebody who can play real life hockey and wants to see their player develop. So far I am playing for Ottawa Lynx in the VHLM. We are currently in the playoffs in first round losing against Saskatoon Wild 1-3 for them. Hopefuly I can become one day a superstar in this league. What I also like about this league is that it is so realistic. For example you have draft here, real GM, and a lot more stuff that makes this even better.
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    Hard to believe we are already four episodes into this series. I'll be displaying my thoughts on who is the MVP for each VHLM club in this episode. Keep in mind, this is for the REGULAR SEASON. Playoffs will be discussed later. Let us begin: PHILADELPHIA REAPERS: G John Poremba (@CrlineDijohn14) Considering that the Reapers loaded up at the deadline to make a push for a cup, Poremba was the biggest piece to this puzzle before the deadline. Across 69 games this season, Poremba went 50-14-5 with a .904 Save Percentage, 2.35 Goals Against Average and 8 Shutouts. His play in the playoffs has been just as good, going 7-2-1 in 10 games so far this postseason. MEXICO CITY KINGS: RW Chris Hylands (@Hylands33) After being selected 1st overall in the VHLM Dispersal Draft, Hylands was a top player in the league this season. He notched 52 goals to go along with 55 assists in 72 games, totalling 107 points and was a +51 down the stretch. SASKATOON WILD: G Cal Conway (@Shaka) Now, this is probably a controversial pick on my part, but Conway was one of the best goalies in the league in his backup role in SSK. He only played in 21 games, but he went 17-2-2 with a .913 Save Percentage, 2.07 Goals Against Average and 2 shutouts. Not bad for a backup that only played 3 games the year before. MINNESOTA STORM: G Woody McPine (@HearnNation67) McPine was an absolute brick wall this season in net for Minnesota. He started all 72 games this season, going 60-10-2 with a .900 Save Percentage, 2.25 Goals Against Average and an astonishing 9 shutouts. He was a big reason why Minnesota was a contending team all season long. MIAMI MARAUDERS: C Dakota Lamb (@dlamb) Lamb was a big part of Miami's surprising playoff appearance in their first season. Dakota was playing over a point per game, notching 93 points in 72 games. Even though Miami was knocked out in 7 games, Lamb had 13 points, 7 of which were goals in those games. LAS VEGAS ACES: D Alex Letang (@Spartan) Letang was an absolute force for the Aces this year. Putting up 20 goals to go along with his league-leading 94 assists (tied with Tyler Walker from SSK) for 114 points. In 6 playoff games this postseason, he notched 7 points and had 13 shot blocks. OTTAWA LYNX: LW Adam Syreck (@Spade18) I know I will get these comments, so I will address them now. Yes, Syreck is no longer with the Lynx after being traded at the deadline but he was playing like an MVP for Ottawa before being traded and was part of why Ottawa was in a playoff spot in the first place. He notched a total of 58 goals, 89 assists and a league-leading 147 points between both OTT and PHI (most of them coming with OTT) and has continued this elite level of play so far in the playoffs. MISSISSAUGA HOUNDS: D Shawn Glade III (@ShawnGlade) Glade was a force for the Hounds this year, notching 19 Goals and 64 for 83 points in 72 games this season. He is now projected as a first round draft pick in the upcoming VHL draft. HOUSTON BULLS: G Drew Minott (@DreMin15) Minott was a big part of Houston's last season turnaround. Before signing Minott, Houston had compiled 2 wins in 40 games. After signing Minott, they had 6 in their next 32. He will be a big part of Houston's core going into next season. HALIFAX 21ST: G Hex Valentine (@DrHexDex) Valentine was a huge part of a Halifax team lacking a true offensive star. He won 21 of his 72 starts and recorded 2 shutouts this season. YUKON RUSH: G Jean Pierre Camus (@solas) Camus was a bright spot on a disappointing season for the Rush. He notched 21 wins and 3 shutouts in 72 games and had an impressive .906 save percentage through those 72 games. SAN DIEGO MARLINS: D Han Jae Kuk (@Dtayl) During an abysmal season for the Marlins, Kuk stepped up to the plate. In his rookie season with the Marlins, he recorded 34 points in 68 games. However, his biggest impact was without the puck, recording 114 hits and 140 blocked shots in 68 games. Summary: These are my picks for VHLM team MVPs. The next episode will be my review of the S72 VHLM Playoffs. (737 words, 4007 characters)
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    Vancouver Wolves Team Annoucement

    The Vancouver Wolves would like to thank @rjfryman for everything he has done for the organization! He went from #2 overall franchise player for the Wolves to an Assistant General Manager and really excelled in the role. He helped me coordinate trades as well as helped me make super important roster decisions. He helped keep me on the rails. Congrats on getting your own team the Houston Bulls we wish you all the best! With our long time AGM @rjfryman deservedly getting his own team down in the minors the Wolves have been in the hunt for a new Assistant General Manager. We had lots of applicants but unfortunately we can only hire one person for the role. We wanted someone that could inject some life into the Locker-room and have an outside perspective on everything VHL and the Wolves. That all being said the Wolves are proud to announce that we have hired: General Manager of the Vancouver Wolves -Beaviss
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    I feel honoured to be apart of this group. Thank you to everyone who voted for me.
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    007 - First Graphic Post

    James Bond - C - Former secret agent, new draftee Excited to be here and getting ready for VHLM's next season! (sorry phone viewers, sigs look squished for ya!)
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    Season 71 - PT1 In this i will be talking about the Positive moments and players from when i first signed with the Houston Bulls and recapturing the moments that made it great and fun even through the losses. I'll be talking about the players on the team and where they ended up at the start of S72. Gregg Stallion: A player born out of Belgium standing at 6'0" signed with the Houston Bulls as a right winger near the start of the season. Throughout the season Stallion became a star player for the Bulls putting up 44 goals and 51 assists fora total of 95 points, from start to finish Gregg was a monster on the ice, but not just on the ice off the ice too getting into trouble on the streets and in bars. Off the ice he may and been a crazy drunk causing mischief and put the Houston Bulls Manager Sonnet in debt for years to come with his habits even managing to cost him money playing on the European team , he was the best at turning our losses into wins with his crazy antics and being able to turn the mood around in the locker room. Near the end of the season the Bulls almost made it into the play offs and he was a huge part of the run, rallying up his team for it but coming up short. The season after we would see Stallion being drafted at 15th overall to the the Vancouver Wolves, and for the VHLM dispersal daft to the Las Vegas Aces Where he put up 48goals and 58 assist for a total of 107 points, even making playoffs with the team which is still ongoing. On a more personal note it was a joy being on the team with @SweatyBeaver not just for his entertaining stories (they were all great) but also helping me and other new members on the team out when needing it. It was a pleasure sir good luck with the Vancouver Wolves. John Poremba: American born goaltender signed with the Houston Bulls at the beginning of the season a played the full season with the team. Porembas number aren't the best but playing a bottom team that scraped for the play offs it's not that surprising, with 18 wins and 48 losses John was the backbone that kept Houston in the running for play offs and you could see the improvement he made to his game without the help he deserved. Just like me @CrlineDijohn14 may not have gained as much as he could have but continued to earn the minimum he could, talked and joked with the rest of us and helping out where he could. The off season seen John getting drafted 31st overall to the Calgary Wranglers, and 34th overall to the Philadelphia Reapers along with Houston Teammate Jer Lefebvre. Playing with the Reapers was definitely beneficial to John, with 50 wins and 14 losses, a huge reason for the Reapers making it onto the play offs. Jer Lefebvre: Fellow Canadian born center man, standing 6' 3" joined the Houston Bulls later into the season playing 38 games and getting 5 goal and 14 assist. Being a late joiner on a bad team there wasn't much expected from the newcomer but he didn't let that hold him down and as the season went on he continued to grow and be a presence on and off the ice, hes a great player to have and an even better teammate in the locker room with his positive attitude even in the losses. Along with others Lefebvre joined in the fun that was Stallions antics and became a main presence on the team. Following S71 Jer was drafted by 23rd overall by the HC Davos Dynamo and along with other Houston teammates to the Philadelphia Reapers 19th overall. His season with the Reapers has been a great one with almost recording 100 point season at 91 points, 29 goals and 62 assist, Jer has shown how much he has grown from the start, and form my short time with the Reapers earned himself being name the assistant captain on the team which was more then earned. Honestly cant wait to see what @Jer_Lefebvre do great in the play offs, he was a great teammate in Houston and was always fun and positive in the Houston discord, hope you guys win the play offs. And lastly @Sonnet, I'm honestly glad I decided to sign with the first person that offered after my initial remake player, allowing me to play under him. I'm sure i would have gotten the same experience where ever I signed but glad it was Houston. From the beginning he's done everything a gm should do and as a player everything you could hope he would be, he's almost every question i have had and even the times he didn't he doesn't seem to hesitate to find the answer, at least to me anyway. Hes made my little time in the VHL easy and simple, welcoming to the environment of the league being a great leader overall. I can honestly say Sonnets been the biggest inspiration to stay in the league making it enjoyable for me week to week in the discord, keeping me interacted with the team going along with @SweatyBeaver stories with questions in the pressers and in the discord it was the season of 'drinks on Sonnet', its made my time fun and enjoyable, easy to navigate the league, how to earn to make growth in my player when I decide to earn for him. All around hes been amazing to my knowledge of the league, makes being in the discord enjoyable whether it be conversing or helping you with problems you may have, thanks bud. To summarize, @SweatyBeaver Frickin Hilarious bud, great reads to get a laugh, and still managed to cost Sonnet money playing for Europe in the wjc, @Jer_Lefebvre Great and positive guy who you want in the lr for his personality alone, @CrlineDijohn14 May not be the biggest earner but our time in Houston was fun when you were in the conversations, best guy, @Sonnet Best (1031 words, Will claim for two weeks when the next season starts if I Can, and whenever we find out it starts.
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    Tagger's All-VHL Two Line Challenge

    So during the early days of the UK lockdown when all sports were postponed, Sky Sports (A UK sports media company that has about 5 channels) had to find a way to fill their programming schedule and one of the things they had was "Carra's Challenge", which was named after the creator of said challenge former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher. The idea behind Carra's Challenge is that he'd have people pick their best XI (eleven players in a soccer side) with different parameters on who they could select in said XI. For example, one required you to name a best XI of players who were relegated, but no players could share the same nationality or team. So I figured I'd do something similar with the VHL. My challenge is as follows: - Pick a two line team (6 forwards, 4 defenseman, 1 goalie) from players who have played in this VHL season. Forwards can play anywhere along the forward line but cannot be picked as defenseman and, in turn, defensemen cannot be selected as forwards. - No player can share a nationality or a VHL team with any other player selected for the team. For this challenge, I will say that the team they represent currently is the only one you have to worry about (E.g. Jet Jaguar played for Moscow and Davos, but you only have to count him as a Davos player) although maybe I'll do another one later which makes a traded player counts for both teams he played for to give an extra challenge. - Once you've picked your two line team, you can add a player from the team you haven't picked as a spare. They can be either a forward, defenseman or a goalie, but like the other players, they cannot share a nationality with one of the other players. So this was my attempt at the challenge: Forwards (LW - C - RW) Julius Freeman - Jet Jaguar - RJ Jubis Mat Tocco - Hiroshi Okada - Mikko Aaltonen Spare: Chad Magnum Defensemen D - Condor Adrienne - D - Berocka Sundqvist D - Vladimir Pavlov - D - Cinnamon Block Goalie G - Greg Eagles My biggest deliberation was whether to put Michael Johnson in instead of Greg Eagles and put either Phil Marleau or Kyl Oferson as the second line center instead of Okada, but I went with the current best performing goalie in the playoffs.
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    Miami Marauders (late) playoff preview.

    Miami Marauders in their first season in VHLM have made playoffs. It didn't come without controversy, because until the first game Marauders still didn't know if they will be in the playoffs. Previous years there was a rule that wild card is being decided between conferences - from each conference, 2 teams went to playoffs as wild card teams. But this was not the case for this year. Marauders were playing great hockey, that's why league needed to change some rules. If rules would have stayed the same, then Marauders would have to miss the playoffs but Yukon Rush would make them because they would be in those 2 wild card spots, but Marauders were on much more difficult conference and even though Miami had 16 points more than Yukon, they would miss the playoffs because 2 stronger teams were in front of Marauders. After all the difficulties, Marauders were able to play in playoffs and they had to start against one of the strongest teams in VHLM - Minnesota Storm. And boy have they started impressively. Marauders started the series 2-0 and even in 1 game absolutely dominated Storm and won 5-1. Although series are now at 3-2, Marauders have looked scary and Minnesota Marauders definitely have to be creative in the way they are playing against Miami. This is no shock that Marauders are playing that good against Storm. They were quite an inconvenient opponent for the strong Minnesota team. Marauders were 3-5 against Minnesota team, although on paper it may sound like a bad record but Minnesota had only 10 losses and 3 of them were against Miami. Thanks to @bigAL, who let me to use this picture and information. No one predicted a clean sweep for Storm, but no one saw Marauders leading it all. What is really amazing, that Marauders have taken Storm to OT in all losses. That means, that Marauders has got what it takes, but in both games something missed. After the first 2 games, Minnesota Storm General Manager addressed the media and said that their players had some flu and that is the reason for unconvincing play in their home venue. A close source to us has called it a stupid excuse for bad showing from Minnesota. But Storm has kicked back a little and they have made the series go from 3-1 to 3-2, which is a little bit more convincing, but they are still on the edge of the blade. The main thing that we should point out, that Miami Marauders have been put together only this season and they are still a young team with room to grow next season, but Storm is a pretty experienced team for juniors and they have few players, who could be MVP candidates. Miami Marauders key players G- Bacon (@Bacon). He has been the main guy for Miami Marauders. In playoffs, he has put up the best save %, which is really admirable for a goalkeeper who is playing against one of the strongest teams in VHLM. Bacon has been tormenting Storm players on the ice and in their nightmares. The first few games Marauders were able to outshoot Storm players, but next games Minnesota were back to their usual domination in shots and then the main saving went to Bacon. In these series, a lot will be dependent on how Bacon plays in goal. Marauders have been showing some signs of heavy scoring, but sometimes they forget about defending their own goal, but thankfully in the goal, they have Bacon who will save the team from even the most desperate situations. One thing is for sure in these playoffs - Bacon really loves bacon, so if Marauders feed their goalie with some bacon, I think they will be on the right track to get to 2nd round! D- Kosmo Kramerev (@Mongoose87). This player has been a point machine in playoffs and in the regular season. In regular season Kosmo was 6th defenseman in points with 106 points, which is absolutely insane for a player who is playing his first regular-season in this league. But he has not slowed down a bit in playoffs too. Kramerev has started off in 5 games with 12 points (6+6) being the most productive player in playoffs. Scouts around the league have been saying, that this offensive defenceman is a stud that every team would like in their teams. Right now Miami is the lucky one with this wonder kid and it will be interesting what he will be able to do in future but right now he is doing all the right things on the ice and that is why Miami Marauders are beating Minnesota Storm! D- Wolf Stansson (@ahockeyguy). Wolf has been the second-best defenceman in Marauders. He has been overshadowed by Kramerev but that doesn't mean that Stansson is much worse. Kosmo Kramerev is a little bit more experienced when last season he fought in playoffs, but Stansson has been an excellent rival because they have been fighting beside each other and also it has helped to improve them both in better players. Stansson is better on the defensive side, that is why this duo has worked really well. Kramerev insane offensive giving and Stansson helping out on offense but also helping out Bacon. Without Stansson Marauders would be hard to keep goals against on the lower side. Wolf will probably get in a good team that will know how to use this jewel. D- Eoin Byrne (@LatinViking). Irishman has jumped in the team with full force. Although he joined the team later in the season, in his 5 games in playoffs he has shown his contribution on defense. He is definitely a keeper for next season in Miami because he is not like most of the modern defenceman here. Lately, most of these defenceman's has been offensive players, but Byrne is a defensive defenceman, who likes to get a juicy block in the game. In the locker room teammates have said, that he always keeps everyone entertained and will always put the team first and then everything else. LW- Florent Vericel (@dart). In the regular season, there was a lot of hype about Vericel scoring ability, but Vericel didn't score as much as everyone thought. Only 22 goals and 47 points were not what Vericel was hoping, but playoffs have come around and Vericel has blowing horn off left and right. He has scored 4 goals in 5 games and he is not showing any signs of stopping. If this is how Vericel plays, then VHL better holds on, because if he keeps up with his training, he can be serious trouble for goalies there. Vericel has been finding his groove all season and he has finally found it. Miami is really hoping on Vericel to make all the shots, because every shot counts against Miami, and Marauders are hoping to defeat Storm and who knows, Vericel could be the hero of the series! LW- Rocket (@Rocket). Rocket and Vericel are fairly similar in terms of their story. Both of them struggled in the regular season and now are doing wonders for their team. Rocket is a real rocket on the ice and off it. He is always really nice in the locker room but on the ice, he could beat a rocket to the other side of the rink. Rocket is not scared of physical game and he can take a hit too. He is training hard and could be a really useful player for some VHL teams but now he is all playoff zone and he is trying to do everything in his power to make sure Marauders doesn't lose and they are still able to go on. Rocket has got a strong shot and he can beat every player in the league on skates. If you see Rocket going on breakaway, good luck on catching him! RW- Bobbie Cheechoo (@Sharkie) One of the Marauders players with a memorable name, but not only his name is memorable, but his style of play and how humble he is off the ice. Cheechoo may not be sniping that many goals like Jonathan Cheechoo did in his best season, but Bobbie is giving Marauders a playmaking help, that is needed in this team because Miami has got a lot of great snipers. In playoffs first 5 games, Bobbie Cheechoo has got 4 assists and 0 goals. Cheechoo is thinking about his teammates on the ice and is always finding the right pass to finish the play. Cheechoo is always finding the right words to make teammates feel good. RW- Oh Sens. This Japanese wonder kid has taken VHLM by a storm and he ain't stopping yet. One of the key things about this player is his game on both sides of the ice. He can skate really fast on the breakaway, make a dangerous shot, and will be already back at his side of the ice to help Bacon and defense out. Sens has got a terrific shot and he will make every goalie be scared. Either scared of being hurt mentally or physically. Oh Sens has not been a new name for media, because earlier this season he got into a scandal about being a drug lord and his innocence is still not proved. He is being set on trial after the season and everyone will know the truth then. But while it is not happening, Oh Sens is focusing on playoffs and trying to destroy Minnesota Storm. Oh Sens has helped his team with 2+2 and positive +/-. If we are talking about +/-, then Oh Sens in the regular season had the best +/- in the team and that proves how good Sens is on both ends of the ice. Time will show how good will Oh Sens be, but he is eligible for this year's VHL draft, like most of Marauders team and he is being predicted to be 2nd round pick. Any team that lands him will be sure to get the steal of the draft! C- Dakota Lamb (@dlamb). Arguably, the biggest steal of the last VHLM draft. Watching his play, you can never have enough. His play has had a lot of comparisons of Patrice Bergeron, but everyone can already see, that a new legend is growing there. His insane playmaking skills haven't gone unnoticed. In his 72 regular-season games he gathered up 93 points, of those points 56 were assists. He was feeding his teammates really well! But he is really good at defense too. Because of his great showing in defense, he gathered second-best +/-. Rumors around the league are saying, that a lot of VHL teams are interested in this stud and after he is done with Marauders this season, he is gonna be picked pretty high. There were talks, that Lamb would slow down as the season went further, but now on playoffs, he has shown the opposite - he has increased his productivity. In 5 games 9 points. That is an insane stat line and Marauders will be hoping Lamb to keep it up, so Miami can pass on further on playoffs. C- Andre Lebastard (@Andre LeBastard). Not only he is the 1st line center for Marauders, but he is the captain of the battleship. He is a traditional playmaker center, who feeds his snipers with passes all night long. Lebastard was pretty dominant in the regular season, being able to put up a point per game all season, but he has been having Minnesota Storm for lunch these series. In 5 games, he has racked up 10 points and amazing 9 assists. Teammates love playing beside him not only because of his sharing of passes but also because he is so humble and nice in the locker room. Lebastard always checks up on his teammates and helps them every way he can, just like a good captain should. And he is continuing to steer the battleship in the right direction because Miami is in the lead in playoff series. This dream team was put up together by the best general manager in the league - K-Rice @Ricer13 who found all of these steals in the draft and was helped by, always helping, BigAl. This team has got a big future in front of them and most of these players will be big stars in the big league. Time will only say who of them will be the best in the future, but one is for sure - they are doing the best they can right now and they are seeing only one thing in their eyes - beat the living crap out of Minnesota Storm. Go Marauders Go! /exactly 2100 words, 4 weeks free for me/ THIS WAS MADE EXACTLY BEFORE GAME 6, SO READ WITH CAUTION!
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    Why to pick Adrienne over Walker

    With the Season 73 VHL Draft coming up after the Las Vegas Aces with the Championship, there is an important question to ask, who should you choose, Tyler Walker or Micah Adrienne? Well, how about I help you with that. Tyler Walker was a -10 in his rookie season with the San Diego Marlins. Why would you want someone that had a negative impact on his team. Micah played 4 more games than Walker did and had a +15 in the rookie season. So clearly, you should pick Adrienne. Look at the defensive attributes. On defense, you want Checking and defense. Tyler Walker has 50 checking and 80 defense. Micah Adrienne has 69 checking (nice) and 87 defense. Why do you want someone that is purely offense on your team? No one likes a showoff. Walker had 60 hits on his opponents. You want someone who is soft and refuses to hit someone? Mich Adrienne had 250 hits. You do the math, do you really want someone who cannot hit. Also, if you want someone who puts stuff into scoring, at least make sure he scores more goals. 23 goals is more than 21 by my last count. So, there, why would you choose Tyler Walker? I am not seeing the evidence. @Advantage I hope you enjoyed this piece of humor. I do plan on keeping up our rivalry for a while, so enjoy the ride.
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    First year of VHL

    Now that the first season of Dakota Lamb's career is officially in the books, I would just like to take this article to reflect on everything that happened and everyone I met along the way. First of all, I want to talk about the franchise that took a chance on me, the Miami Marauders. Right off the bat, Miami had my heart, as they took me and a friend I knew prior to VHL (@osens). This eased the transition into a new group of people who I had never so much as said "hi" to before. As the season progressed, I met a lot of cool new people in that locker room, and while there are too many people to mention here, if you are reading this you know who you are. Special shoutout here to Miami management. You guys are awesome. The "us vs. them" mentality we rallied around throughout the season is something so fun and what makes me happy to call myself a Marauder. We exceeded expectations in all meanings of the phrase, making the playoffs and pushing the 1st seed to 7 games. In both the social and on-ice aspects of my 1st season, I would call it a resounding success. I wasn't sure at first if i would stick to VHL, as I thought it would be something I could only commit to as a side thing once in a while, however over the last month or 2 I have grown to love this place, always making time for it and being excited to strengthen both my writing and graphic skills on the side. Being a huge fan of hockey, especially in the world we are now in, i'm glad i'm here. To anyone I talked to over this past season, thank you for making this 1st-genner feel welcome and accepted, and I am excited for what the future brings for me in this league. #dlamb1strounder #GOMarauders
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    Ajay Krishna

    - Ajay Krishna - G | 5th Round 63 pick It was draft day night, VHLM. Everyone eager to find themselves a new home among the pros. Every pick pulls out the energy in you. It summarizes your hard work you had put in throughout your life on the ice. Every athlete will be pleased to go in the first or second round, but that is always not possible. The draft is always a gamble, never know if they are gonna be a bust or a superstars or even a late round steal . Let me introduce you to a hard working athlete, the name is Krishna, Ajay Krishna. An Indo-american , grew up near Los Angeles, California. He had a nice work ethic, learnt from one of his favorite VHL Veteran player Jet Jaguar( @gorlab) and. One of the best C in the league, currently playing for HC Davos. He had a nice 1 week training with him before the draft. This would hence boost his draft reputation and stock. BUT no! He would wait all the way till the 5th round and was given a chance by defending champions Ottawa Lynx. You could find his personal thought on this here .Even though he did not like it, that was what it was supposed to be. From the bright side he was given a chance to start for the team as a goaltender. Ottawa Canada was where he was supposed to go now! Even though being far from home (India) he felt like it was his new home, thanks to coach @DoktorFunk and his goalie and assistant coach @DarkSpyro. He learned a lot from them, especially how to go about when it was time for VHL. They kept on calling him an steal of the draft. Even made an poster for him. Poster made for Ajay when he was drafted by the staff members Ottawa will be called his turning point, he had made friends with VHL player and Canadian Timothy Brown and many others. He would potentially play with rebuilding Ottawa lynx a push them towards the playoffs,. He had an impressive career with 0.891 save % , which many provoked as one of the best right now. As of where he came from, no one knows. He kept his personal details very secretive. He does press conferences once per week, giving only 2 words answers. Overall Ajay is now entering the S73 VHL draft. He will be looking to go in the first round. He has been trying really hard to do so.
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    S72 World Cup GMs

    Successful candidates are: Team Canada: @Hylands33 Team USA: @Banackock Team Nordic: @Dil Team Western Europe: @twists Team World: @Emi Team Mercs: @Nykonax Congratulations and good luck!
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    S72 World Cup GMs

    Good luck and have fun! Obviously cheering for Canada so go get 'em @Hylands33
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    Shoutout to those who nominated me. It has only been a month and a half but I love this community!
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    super excited to be the AGM of the LA Stars!!!!
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    Ever since their very productive partnership together in Riga for 6 seasons, it looks like the Moscow and Riga GMs just can't get enough of each other. First, Podrick Cast was traded from Riga to Moscow and they promptly met in the Moscow's first playoff appearance in S67. Now, they're on a streak of 4 straight conference final appearances in a row. The Reign won in S69 before the Menace came up on top the past two seasons, including en route to the S70 Continental Cup. Moscow has never gone through a postseason without meeting Riga and fans are already booking tickets to Latvia for next season's playoffs. This has only ever happened twice before in VHL history, peculiarly in the same 4-season spell - New York and Calgary, and also Helsinki and Riga both met every season from S31 to S34. New York and Riga took the first 3 series, before Helsinki and Calgary avenged their losses en route to an enthralling 7-game finals in S34. However, only 3 of these 4-season streaks were conference finals: Riga beat Helsinki in the first round in S31, while Calgary's win over New York was also only in the first round in S31. Therefore, this is the first time ever that the exact same conference final has been played out for 4 seasons in a row. Are Riga and Moscow sick of each other? Will anyone stop them from going again in S73? And does either have a chance at the Continental Cup this season? I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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    Spirit of Competition

    It has always been an unwritten rule that teams are not to blatantly tank, and were to put forward their best possible roster. Due to there not always having been enough human created players to fill a roster, rules were never formalized to prevent playing CPU players over human created ones, whether the human created player was active, inactive, or retired. That is no longer the case with the introduction of the Spirit of Competition Rule: You may notice that the cutoff of 250 TPA was noted several times, in regards to goaltenders. For several years now, there has been an unofficial rule (as in, it has not been in the VHL Rule Book, but has been noted for General Managers in the GM Forum) that teams may not play weak goaltenders in the place of bots, which have been set to 200 TPA for many years. Starting in S73, all CPU Goaltenders will be uniformly set to 250 TPA, with matching attributes and bio-metrics for each goal tender, removing any potential for variance in CPU Goalie quality. As well, there will be an amendment to the Louth Rule, to clarify any potential issues with regards to backup games, which will now read as:
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    “Begin by seizing something which your opponent holds dear; then he will be amenable to your will.” - Sun Tzu A hockey player's main weapons are his stick and skates, thus these are the things they hold dear. Without them, the player is useless in the icy battlefield of the rink. In my experience in prank warfare, targeting these items are some of the oldest tricks in the book. Though for proper effectiveness, stealth and proficiency is required. It is preferable if the locker room is empty, if not you must have allied who are willing to participate in this strategy. Then you must act swift like lightning. The stick must be untapped and filled with water then taped in the same way again to prevent suspicion. The skates must have only one clear layer of tape. For you must keep the tampering hidden. It is key to not be caught off guard, For it can be a fatal blow to your operation. A true strategist in the art of prank warfare should know their target's behaviors and routines. Wars are always won with information. Without the information collected, it would be a lost cause. Once the mission is complete, it is even more important to leave without a trace. Leaving tracks could give the enemy suspicion of tampering, so one must leave the room as it was in the beginning. To push for true effectiveness, it is recommended to tamper with all of the sticks in the enemy's possession. For it will prove that they are unable to do anything but to bend to your will. If everything is executed perfectly. Then the battle would be won. Useless effort would be exerted lifting and using the stick, and the skates would render the enemy immobile and open for attack. "The greatest victory is that which requires no battle." - Sun Tzu. A victory that requires no battle, or effort in this form of prank warfare is the simple bottle of water. You needn't be swift, only silent. A simple unscrewing of the cap and the enemy's desperation for replenishing bodily fluid is all that is needed for victory. Once the battle is won, it is best to offer another bottle as a sign of reconciliation. However, a true master will use this as a crushing defeat. The second blow will have an already demoralized enemy defeated. If not, the anger of revenge can be used in the battlefields of the rink. Providing a one man army who can challenge all those who oppose. It is also of best interest to target your entire team as your enemies in the field. Prank warfare is of good intention and not made to single one out. Prank warfare can be rewarding, but those you have won against will rise up against you in retaliation. For that one must be prepared beforehand to prevent such retaliatory advances from taking place. One must also be aware of the same strategies used in battle, for it can be effective against the initial user as well. Caution is of utmost importance, for it will prepare you for the long war ahead. However in the end of the day, bygones be bygones, and those who were once enemies may share a drink celebrating the battles they fought. Note: This is a bit different for this weeks article lol (and no this part isn't me just pushing for 500 words the article is already above I think). But I think it would be interesting to detail my locker room shenanigans in a sort of fun, poetic (if you even call it that XD) sort of way with this new series. Wiggles, Wobbles, and Jiggles will be back but this week's article is a nice change from the usual.
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    Interview - Hounds Early Round Exit

    Climbing their way into the Postseason, Mississauga had high hopes for the Founder's Cup but were forced to an early round exit following a 4-1 Series Loss to the Philadelphia Reapers. Throughout the season Philadelphia had menaced Mississauga, some saying that a VHLM Rivalry was brewing between the two teams. VHLN Interviews Second Line Center, Pietro Angellini, on his thoughts regarding the postseason play, the regular season, and where he intends on going from here: Interviewer: "A tough outcome for the Hounds tonight. Elimination is never easy to stomach. How are the Hounds feeling in the locker room?" PA: "We are all disappointed, that is obvious. We fought hard and became a close group on and off the ice and to lose the way we did in the first round to Philly, man, it just sticks with you. It's a tough pill to swallow." Interviewer: "No doubt. But a lot of promising things seemed to come out of the Hounds this season. Some blossoming players and some interesting developments" PA: "Absolutely, Mac @LastOneUp and JaredN @jared had tremendous seasons. I think they carried the whole squad a lot of the way. They tore up the scoresheet and made the players around them better. Brewittt @JBrew42 and Gainer @joeg had great seasons in their own right and are only getting better and better. And, never to be forgotten, our stoic Goaltender, Tonn @MexicanCow123 gave everything he had to push the team to the be the best we could be. All in all I look back and think the season was a success even if we are dealing with an early round exit." Interviewer: "The Hounds dropped some close games here and there. What do you think makes the difference?" PA: "I think we had some miscues up front. I think I could have been better defensively, personally, and plan on working on that in the offseason. In my opinion, our blueline, led by Burrows @Walter Fizz and Glade @ShawnGlade did everything asked of them and drove play forward while playing responsibly. We were a young squad and I think we will all be better with some more time to develop. That is what the VHLM is all about. We're all working hard to be better and play up top in the VHL." Interviewer: "Well said. You mentioned your offseason work is going to be focused on defense, how do you plan to go about that?" PA: "I am hoping to join the big guys from the Moscow Menace in offseason camps and learn from the best. Defense wins championships and, as a center, I need to be a two-way-player, no question about it. I plan to train even harder than I did last offseason and come into S73 as a stronger force than ever." Interviewer: "We will be watching your progress. Anything to say to close out the season?" PA: "We gave it all we could, Hounds Fans. We'll be back next year better than ever. Everyone stay safe, help others in need, and be excellent to each other."
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    Spirit of Competition

    I can confirm we wouldn't be implementing this unless something has caught our eye and made it clear we need to do so.
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    Congratulations to Ottawa on another quality season, but I'm not done with these #SaskyBois just yet!!
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    Landry II

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    When many people recall the greatest game of hockey they’ve ever watched, they think of games like the Miracle on Ice, or the Canada 2010 Olympic Gold Medal Game. However, with me being the oddball that I am, I prefer games like when the Canadiens lost to Columbus 10-0 that one time. Alternatively any time the Leafs play Boston in game 7. So it is with great pleasure that I recap my second favourite game of the VHLM regular season, this matchup between Miami and Houston. Preview This was a game that didn’t really matter a whole lot standings-wise. The Houston Bulls had a historically bad season, winning a mere 8 games. Miami on the other hand had a pretty firm grasp on the final wildcard spot, with Yukon and Halifax both tanking their seasons. It was expected by anyone with half a brain cell to be an easy win for Miami, but the result was not so simple. First Period If you take a quick look at the index and look at the shots category, you can immediately see this was a period that Miami completely dominated on paper. With the shots being 16-3 in the first in favour of Miami, your first thought should be “Wow, this is going to be a blowout”. Houston had other plans, however. At 6:40 in the first period Casey Scott scored on Miam’s goaltender Bacon, on what was only Houston’s second shot of the game to open the scoring. To add further insult to injury, Riley Knight Gee scored 39 seconds on Houston’s third shot of the game and last shot of the period, making the score 2-0. Miami had a dominant second half of the period allowing Houston no shots and restored the lead in similar fashion to Houston’s two quick goals. Kosmo Kramerev scored at 16:44, and Dakota Lamb scored a minute and two seconds later at 17:46. Second Period You can expect that Miami’s coach was furious after the first half, kicking garbage cans, throwing water bottles, et cetera. You would expect that they would go out there and really stick it to the worst team in the league. However, in hilarious fashion Houston forward Wilhelm von Luxembourg won the opening faceoff back to Riley Knight Gee, who skated into Miami’s zone and scored 10 seconds into the period. At this point Miami’s goaltender had a save percentage of .250, which is just awful. It’s really a wonder that Bacon stayed in the game at this point. The rest of the period was largely uneventful. The period ended with the shots tied 5-5, and Houston leading 3-2 thanks to Gee’s second goal of the game. Third Period If Miami’s coach wasn’t completely livid after his team’s poor performance in the first, you can rest easy knowing he probably had a complete mental breakdown following the second. Miami really had to pull up their socks, and they did just that. Houston was completely shut down in the third, only managing a single shot. Miami’s offense on the other hand was running on all cylinders. Drew Minott, Houston’s goaltender, really had a workout facing a ton of shots throughout the period. It’s pretty likely that Miami had most of the possession of the puck as well, considering Houston only had one shot. Things were looking pretty good at this point for Miami, but they had just one problem. They were shooting on net like madmen, but none of their shots seemed to actually be going into the net. With time winding down and Houston still in the lead, the announcement came; “One minute remaining in the third period”. It was at this exact moment that Bacon was pulled from the net. They were hoping for a miracle. Miami only managed a single shot on net in that final minute, and it was a desperation shot by Rocket with 9 seconds remaining. It was a miracle that didn’t occur, although on the other side of the ice a miracle had happened for Houston. They won a game. 677 words, using for week ending July 5th
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    Kings pushing hard

    Big first series we had. Apparently Kings do trump Aces. I have been playing poker wrong for many years it seems. A brutal series that was full of battles won and lost. In the end, the Kings won the war, and I mean war. Our best players were indeed our best and a bit of help from the others, success was finally ours. Now we will see if the Kings can weather the Storm. A big team that plays the game hard. Each team finding a way to dominate and then get dominated. A strange set of games that should produce some entertaining hockey. The Kings, while not at the top of the food chain, are a scrappy bunch and should offer up some rough play and highlighted skills from our top guys. Trying different strategies and line combinations should keep our opponents guessing. There is a good feeling in the Kings' locker room. Winning at all cost is the theme of the week. We will see how it all plays out on the ice, where it matters.
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    Enjoy the day, Americans.. please make safe choices today lol..
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    Awesome. Thank you to those who nominated me!
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    Hiroshi Okada

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    seems like @Pengu has decided to pull Ryuu Crimson more history incoming gg Moscow and see ya in next conference finals. I guess.
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    Mikko Lahtinen - Jet Jaguar - Acyd Burn Chad Magnum - Scott Greene - Mat Tocco Condor Adrienne - Lincoln Tate Luciano Valentino - Vladimir Pavlov Cinnamon Block Michael Johnson
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    Best VHL teams on home ice S58 to S72

    HOME ICE ADVANTAGE The Calgary Wranglers went an astonishing 29-4-3 at home during the S72 regular season. After seeing this i wanted to see how they stack up against the other great teams who have performed well on home ice. I will look at the past 15 seasons and choose one team per season. Percentage of points won on home ice and home wins will carry weight towards ranking teams. Season 72 Calgary Wranglers RANK 1 OF 15 Record: 49-16-7 Home: 29-4-3 Away: 20-12-4 (105 PTS) Victory Cup: YES Continental Cup: Unknown The Calgary Wranglers picked up 58.1% of their season points on home ice. Highest differential on this list. They lost only 11.11% of their home games in regulation. Tied for lowest on this list. Season 71 Seattle Bears RANK 15 OF 15 Record: 43-23-6 Home: 23-9-4 Away: 20-14-2 (92 PTS) Victory Cup: NO Continental Cup: YES Seattle lost 25% of their home games in regulation and collected 54.35% of their points during home games. Season 70 Moscow Menace RANK 7 OF 15 Record: 50-17-5 Home: 27-6-3 Away: 23-11-2 (105 PTS) Victory Cup: YES Continental Cup: YES The last team to record a 50 win season. Moscow lost 16.67% of its home games in regulation and collected 54.29% of it points at home. Season 69 Vancouver Wolves RANK 13 OF 15 Record: 51-20-1 Home: 27-8-1 Away: 24-12-0 (103 PTS) Victory Cup: YES Continental Cup: NO Surprised they only had one OTL all season. They lost 22.22% of their home games and picked up 53.4% of their 103 points at home. Season 68 Seattle Bears RANK 14 OF 15 Record: 49-16-7 Home: 25-11-0 Away: 18-13-5 (91 PTS) Victory Cup: NO Continental Cup: YES Seattle makes the list twice already. They collected 54.95% of their points at home. The Bears also lost 30.55% of their games at home, the highest so far. Season 67 Toronto Legion RANK 12 OF 15 Record: 53-12-7 Home: 27-6-3 Away: 26-6-4 (113 PTS) Victory Cup: YES Continental Cup: NO 53 wins woooo! The Legion were almost identical home and away tho. 50.44% of their points came from home games. the lowest so far. Season 66 Helsinki Titans RANK 4 OF 15 Record: 55-14-3 Home: 30-4-2 Away: 25-10-1 (113 PTS) Victory Cup: YES Continental Cup: YES Wow 55 wins and 30 home wins ! Helsinki lost only 11.11% of their games at home, The same as the s72 Wranglers. The titans collected 54.87% of their 113 points at home. Season 65 Toronto Legion RANK 11 OF 15 Record: 47-18-7 Home: 26-7-3 Away: 23-11-2 (101 PTS) Victory Cup: NO Continental Cup: YES Starting to see a trend between being the best home team and winning the Continental cup. Toronto lost 19.44% of its home games in regulation. 54.45% of their points grabbed at home. Season 64 Riga Reign RANK 10 OF 15 Record: 51-16-5 Home: 28-7-1 Away: 23-9-4 (107 PTS) Victory Cup: NO Continental Cup: NO The only great home team to not win the Victory or Continental cup so far. 19.44% games at home were regulation losses. 53.27% of points picked up at home. Season 63 Riga Reign RANK 9 OF 15 Record: 51-13-8 Home: 28-5-3 Away: 23-8-5 (110 PTS) Victory Cup: YES Continental Cup: YES Lost only 13.89% of home games in regulation. 53.64% of their points won at home. Season 62 Calgary Wranglers RANK 6 OF 15 Record: 60-9-3 Home: 30-4-2 Away: 30-5-1 (123 PTS) Victory Cup: YES Continental Cup: YES The most dominating team on the list but they were just as good away as home. 11.11% of games at home were regulation loses. 50.41% of points picked up at home. Season 61 Calgary Wranglers RANK 5 OF 15 Record: 54-17-1 Home: 29-6-1 Away: 25-11-0 (109 PTS) Victory Cup: YES Continental Cup: NO Lost 16.67% of home games in regulation. The percentage of their points won at home is 54.13%. Helsinki was a close 2nd this season. Season 60 New York Americans RANK 2 OF 15 Record: 58-12-2 Home: 31-4-1 Away: 27-8-1 (118 PTS) Victory Cup: YES Continental Cup: NO The most home wins in the last 15 seasons at 31. Tied with lowest percentage of home games being regulation losses. 53.39% of points collected at home. Season 59 Toronto Legion RANK 3 OF 15 Record: 53-15-4 Home: 29-4-3 Away: 24-11-1 (110 PTS) Victory Cup: YES Continental Cup: NO Lost only 11.11% of home games in regulation. 55.45% of points collected at home.( 2nd best ) Season 58 Toronto legion RANK 8 OF 15 Record: 53-12-7 Home: 29-5-2 Away: 24-7-5 (113 PTS) Victory Cup: NO Continental Cup: NO Another team that was almost equally good home and away. 53.1% of points collected were on home ice. - Best home team wins Victory Cup 10 out of the last 15 seasons or 66.67% of the time. -The best home team wins the Continental Cup 50% of the time Ultimately ranking these teams was difficult. I got the S72 Wranglers at number 1 because i am biased and honest it seems. At least honest about being biased. Calgary's 58+ % of their points taken on home ice is the highest. So technically they were the best team on home ice vs being away. Anyways i hope you enjoyed a glimpse into past seasons. JUBIS OUT ! 870 WORDS
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    Firm handshakes to all of Calgary. One hell of a series. Great season, Legion, we'll be back.
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    MI6 Hockey News - Episode 1

    MI6 Hockey News - Episode 1 The Man Behind the Number 007 Interviewer: Good evening and welcome to MI6 Hockey News. My name is Harold and I'm joined today by Bond....James Bond. *inserts a huge grin* I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm just a huge fan of yours. Bond: No no, thank you. I appreciate it. Harold: Now let's get down to business. What we all want to know is...what happened? Why did a big shot agent like yourself leave the world of secrets and danger for a take a sports? Bond: Well you see Harold, I loved what I did. The adventure, the danger, the secrecy of it all, but what I really miss is everyday life. I miss waking up and not having to worry about who I'm going to save today or who I'm going to have to hunt down, let's not forget about the ladies though... but in all seriousness, little does everyone know I'm a huge hockey fan. Ever since I was a little boy it gave me an excitement like no other. Back during agent training we had a hockey league just to exercise and have a little fun ya know, but now that my time is coming to an end (retirement) I'm looking for something new. Harold: I never would have guessed! That's incredible! What do you think you will bring to the VHLM and VHL in the years to come? Bond: I want to bring entertainment, excitement, fun, and passion to the league. I want a team who's not afraid to go out there and win but can have a fun time in the locker room. I'm still working on my skills but give it some time and I'm going to be all you talk about!...hopefully Harold: Well with that being said it's time for our first commercial break. Don't go any where! Coming up next we ask Bond all about those heart throbs he got to mean...did any of them steal his heart away? Find out, right after this.... *fades to black* *commercial with Billy Mays comes on* Word Count: 344
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    Lee Xin - RW Mississauga Hounds

    Made this sig for @Blazzer. If anyone likes my renders I am open to taking requests and would be happy to work one up for anyone who asks.
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    Quik's Sig dump

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