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    GM 36: Riga Reign vs. Helsinki Titans

    1. Helsinki Titans , Jared Spaz 1 (Erik Draven 3) at 10:43 @Spaz Congrats on your first career goal and multi-point game!
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    Hi VSN Listeners Do you feel spoiled cause this is 3 podcasts in 3 days! You all read the title and know that this podcast is with Shawn, the previous GM of Davos. He is here to let everyone get to know him and to show the league he is keen to stick around and put the past in the past. I hope you all enjoy and as I put in every podcast put questions, guest recommendations or nominate yourself as a podcast guest here: https://anchor.fm/berocka-vhl/episodes/VSN-Australia---Meet-the-Member---Episode-8---Guest-ShawnGlade-ec0cn0 https://open.spotify.com/episode/4JCS4xVkwIgAkiv6A1IR3t Hope you enjoy @ShawnGlade can claim for 1 week
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    Mississauga Hounds coach benched Mac to protect him Mexico Post Game – Mississauga Hounds Right Winger Michael Mac was polite about being benched during the first night of action, but his team spoke for him. GM Berocka said after the game that he rested Mac because he thought Mexico and Saskatoon would be "taking liberties" with the rookie forward as he is just getting over a shoulder injury. A shoulder he relies on to get off his best asset… that powerful shot. Berocka said Thursday that Mac didn’t like being a spectator. "I believe he wasn’t OK with this when I told him at game time that he wasn’t playing anymore," Berocka said. "Michael wants to be on the ice. As much as he wants to be out there, my job as GM of the Mississauga Hounds is to do what’s best for the organization in those times, and what was best last night was to keep him in the press box until he is 100%. Two games in one night is not easy on the body. "There was no sense exposing him out there. He’s a big-time player for us and we’ve talked about it with my partners between games that we all agreed that it was best for him. I was not surprised by his reaction. He was not happy." Until he is fully healed and back in the lineup, Mac seems vulnerable to bigger teams team that play a heavy game. But he’s not deterred for Night 2 in the VHL. Berocka confirmed that Mac is at 100% and ready to go for the Hounds. Mac was also sure to mention the first line minutes and Powerplay time that was promised, and he is expecting. "Watching the guys out there skate in a 5-2 game, in a physical game like that, I want to be out there with them," Mac said. "We looked like we could really use my offense against Mexico City. But you’ve got to listen to the coach. He knows what’s best. He wanted me to rest. I’ll get my chance here soon and will show you what I’m made of."
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    Smitty appears to be passing the baton to Pavlov.
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    Interview with Woody McPine

    Woody McPine is a young goaltender with tremendous potential to do big things in the league. Under contract with the Prague Phantoms in the VHL, he is currently the starting goaltender for the VHLMs Minnesota Storm. Everyone knows that goalies are the weirdest players in the league, so we did a little investigating into the off-ice lifestyle of Mr. McPine. Question: First off, Woody, what’s your gameday ritual look like? Woody: Wake up, make breakfast. 3-4 eggs, some bacon, toast, and a smoothie. Go for a pregame skate, go home/ back to the hotel eat lunch and laze around a bit. Probably play some Chel or Fortnite. I’m bad at both. Then have a nap, eat some dinner and head to the rink and pump some tunes and chill until its time to get ready. Q: Any go to songs on your pregame playlist? Or just a random shuffle? W: I start off with just a random playlist, depending on my mood, and then end with some classic pump up tunes. Some Guns N’ Roses, ACDC, Motley Crew, Crazy Frog, and Weird Al are always in there, as well as some local bangers like The Trews, Craymak, Joel Plaskett, Sloan. I always end off with the greatest Nova Scotia party song of all time, The Mull River Shuffle by The Rankin Family. Gets me amped as all hell. Q: What do you do on your days off? W: I like to sleep in and have a late brunch at little local spots. I’m a big fan of discovering new brunch places when I visit a city. Then I head to the gym for a couple hours before heading home to watch Netflix and lose at video games. After dinner I like to go for a walk around the city, get some fresh air. Sometimes I check out antique and thrift stores. I’ve got a huge pin collection back at my parents’ place, so I’m always looking to add to that. Then head home or to one of the boys’ place and have some beers. Q: Now, you grew up in a small town. How has that helped you on your path to success? W: Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money for video games and things, so I was often outside. I think that helped a lot with general fitness because there’s not a lot of sitting around when you’re outside being a little shit. We played a lot of street hockey, backyard baseball, and climbed a lot of trees. I was a bit reckless and was never afraid of hurting myself which I think is part of why I found my place on the ice as a goalie. Q: If you weren’t a hockey player, what do you think you’d be doing? W: I wasn’t a very good student in school, so college or university definitely wouldn’t be an option. I’d probably be at home working the family tree farm, on my way to co-ownership with my brother. Word Count: 501
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    Town of Salem - S71

    Well he could be hung, but that would be a whole different thing, and I would prefer not to know.
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    Lucas Brandt Press Conference

    Hey @twists couple questions if you have the time; 1.) How long have you been playing hockey and where did you get your start 2.) Best chirps you use out on the ice? 3.) Finally if you see Justin Trudeau ot on the ice will you sign his stick for hin, thanks Vyn
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    @Josh @Dil Can we add a column in the portal to say "active" or "inactive" if they haven't updated in since 2 weeks? I'm referring to the GM only view under the "manage team" section so it would look like as follows: plz and ty bbs
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    The French Captain

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    Moscow Moscow Moscow
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    How Long Do Points Take to Approve?

    I explained in the PM that was sent along with the denial. Basically you've misunderstood what press conferences look like here, have a look at other threads for examples.
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    Lafontaine stood on his head in this one
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    @McLovin showing off his shootout prowess
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    See @GustavMattias this is exactly what i meant. You upped your scoring and we lose two in a row today.
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    Valentino with 17 PIMs lol. Apparently DC and Davos must be rivals now because holy hell was it a bench brawl?
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    Town of Salem - S71

    Bye everyone guess I'm not supposed to post in here anymore love you all
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    How Long Do Points Take to Approve?

    False Make sure you're reading the pinned guidelines in each point task subforum carefully. They have a lot of valuable info.
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    S71 Prague Captains

    This team has really turned a corner last season and this season, compared to earlier than that. So many good candidates, and it's hard to narrow them down. Did a team vote and it turned out to be a tie between Pearson and Perrin, with Fizzlebeef third. I'm breaking the tie, and calling Perrin captain as I see him all over the boards with articles and that talking about Prague. Appropriate though - we have one from the expansion draft, one from the first regular draft, and one from the newer acquisitions. C - Seabass Perrin A - Alex Pearson A - Roll Fizzlebeef
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    S71 VHFL Group 17 - Complete

    G - JB Rift here's to that 1 TPE as idk what I'm doing haha
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    S71 VHFL Group 17 - Complete

    @ColeMrtz you picked Guillaume Fontenette, Berocka Sundqvist and then Hugh Jass. One too many dmen. Pick a forward!
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    Lucas Brandt scored his first goal in his first VHLM game. It's lit!
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    S71 VHFL Group 17 - Complete

    G - Raymond Bernard 1 TPE payout here I come !
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    Without knowing how long it will take for the virus to run it course, or medical professionals to come up with a vaccine it's anyone's guess. I believe the NHL will do everything they can to finish the season. Not having some conclusion to the season would leave huge ramifications to the CAP next year. League, owners and the PA would all like to avoid that. I think if they can start games in August, they may just be able to squeeze in the end of 2019/2020 season and playoff. Take a couple weeks off at the end for draft and free agency then fire up the 2020/2021 season say mid November. Condensed the schedule a bit and finish the season/playoffs around the beginning of July. Then 2021/2022 is back to normal
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    Prague off to good start

    So far, the Prague Phantoms are 3-1, and the only game we've lost was 1-0 to Riga in a defensive stalemate type of game. Roll Fizzlebeef is tied for the league lead in points with 8, with Oscar Lagesson (Moscow) and Julius Freeman (Vancouver). Brick Wahl is in 3rd in GAA, highest among starting goalies, and 4th in SV%, behind only Michael Johnson among starting goalies (considering that in both cases Greg Eagles is the VAN starter, although he and Jimmy Spyro have played the same amount). Right now there's a 3 way tie at the top of the EU standings, between Prague, Malmo, and Moscow, although one of our wins was over Malmo if that affects any sort of tiebreakers or the like. The only team ahead of us on points (and they're not in the conference, so not a concern) is Vancouver, whose one loss came in overtime rather than regulation. It's very early yet, but this is the type of start that could contribute to a promising season for the Phantoms. The only thing even slightly disappointing so far, other than the loss, was Gert B Frobe's fight streak is now over, as he lost to Phil Marleau.
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    By Marc Slavin, The Leuven Observer. Leuven, Belgium-Mila and Nicolas Stallion knew that their son Gregg was different from the rest of their children. The family of 5 grew up on a small farm outside of Leuven and while Gregg's two older brothers continued in the family tradition of farming, Gregg was different. Nicolas Stallion often finds himself recalling the start of Gregg's love for hockey; "When he was young he was fascinated with the sport of hockey, none of our other sons were interested in the sport but Gregg was really passionate in playing this sport so I found a team in the city of other kids his age and we started to help Gregg practice and get into the sport." For Gregg this was the start of a new trajectory that would completely overtake his life as he grew up in rural Belgium. In front of the local media before his last game in Leuven, Gregg was choked up in his words "My parents were so supportive of me and really did their best to help me achieve this crazy goal I had. My Dad would drive me into the city everyday so I could practice with other kids, my coaches were so supportive and I really am thankful for these people that believed in me. My mom and my brothers never made fun of me or anything for my wild dream." This was Gregg's last game in front of his local team and nearly all in attendance would give him a standing ovation as he netted the game winning goal in overtime. "Gregg is going to go far" Coach Louis Branc told reporters. "I am so proud of his development and I believe he will have great success on the world scale." Though the team eventually fell short of the championship coach Branc would not stop singing the praises of his young star player. "Gregg put it all on the line and ultimately we lost to the better team in Brussels, it was not Gregg's fault at all, he was the one who lead us and kept us in the series." Gregg is now looking to the VHL as his goal and the next step of his already illustrious young career. "I obviously have to put in a lot of work but I am hungry and motivated to make it in the big leagues. I would watch these players and games as a kid and they inspired me to play the game of hockey and I hope that there are kids who could watch me and get inspired to play this amazing game." Gregg has risen to world wide prominence and has some buzz from audiences in bigger hockey markets, to them Gregg is 'The Belgian Beauty.' This moniker began as his highlights went viral on YouTube and were featured on many popular sports networks. "I started getting messages from fans around the world telling me that they thought I was a really good player and that the wanted to be like me." Gregg said beaming with his trademark infectious smile. Many scouts are saying that the sky is the limit for Leuven's own Belgian Beauty and for Nicolas and Mila they cannot believe that their sons crazy dream is now a very real possibility. "No matter what happens we are so proud of him." An emotional Mila told reporters "To the world he is the Belgian Beauty but to us he's our son and we will always be his biggest fans." 585 Words Using PT for Mar. 22-28. (Please give feedback so I can learn and figure out how to do all this well, thanks)
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    addition to team management in portal

    I would imagine it's super simple. Going to do my routine mention that this kind of stuff is the career I'm heading into, and I'm happy to help with portal/web dev stuff if it's needed.
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    Las Vegas Aces Press Conference

    1. How do you feel we did in the draft? We won the draft for sure for sure 2. What are your expectations for yourself this year? I want this to be a breakout season for me 3. What are your expectations for the team this year? Im looking to finish at the top 4. What are your thoughts on the captains? Everything has been good 5. Who will come out on top this year? We are...DUH 6. Who can be a surprise contender this year? It could vary but we just have to stay on top
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    The VHL NHL 20 Quarantourney

    I am so interested in owning you all on NHL online, so major yes.
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    Introducing Michael Mac to the VHL

    Written by Harvard's top scout, Dan Schulman. He is one of college hockey’s most exciting young players and one of the most scrutinized. At 25 years old, he has developed in the AHL and is a far more experienced rookie than many of the others in this rookie class. We don't expect he will be in the minors long after signing a $1.5 million contract with the Mississauga Hounds. We anticipate he will quickly make a name for himself and get the call up. Coming into S71, no collegiate player had a more glaring spotlight on him than Harvard freshman Michael Mac. The Mississauga, ON native has handled the exceedingly high and sometimes unrealistic expectations with grace, dignity and humility throughout the season. In the process, he has become far more than the “one dimensional” player that some have labeled him. Mac ranks fifth on the VHL Scouting’s Final Rankings. While he is projected to be in the top five, he could possibly be any teams first choice due to his offensive ability. Mac played two seasons with the Canadian National Team Development Program (CNTDP). In his final season, Mac amassed an astounding 108 points (62 goals, 46 assists) to lead the team. His 62 goals set a new program single-season record. During his tenure with the CNTDP, Mac participated in numerous international tournaments. In his last year, he led Team Canada to a gold medal at the IIHF World U-18 Championship in the Czech Republic and earned the IIHF’s Directorate Award as the tournament’s most outstanding forward with 18 points (Eleven goals, seven assists) in six games. Mac concluded his freshman campaign leading the nation in rookie scoring with 68 points (35 goals, 33 assists). His 33 assists as well as his points per game also led all rookies. His 68 points and 15 power play goals both rank first on his team. He has notched at least one point in 38 of the 39 games he has played in this season. In eight of the 28 games, he has posted three or more points. Mac is a marvel to watch. He combines dazzling moves with excellent hockey sense, tremendous poise and confidence with the puck, a tireless work ethic, and a very professional approach to the game. Mac is a player who can make those around him better and has the ability to make things happen. In an interview with Hockey’s Future just prior to the conclusion of the 2014-2015 season, Harvard head coach Don Lucia articulated his praise and assessment of his opponent. “Michael has had a tremendous year for us. He’s been a big reason why we won the MacNaughton Cup (WCHA regular season champions). A freshman like Mac who can come in and do what he’s done, it doesn’t happen very often. He’s matured and growing both as a player and as a person. What I’ve been impressed with is that he’s been a good listener and teammate and he’s actually done everything that we’ve asked of him. I think he’s a pretty happy kid right now, which is nice to see.” One attribute that immediately jumps out about Mac is his extraordinary skating ability. His explosive speed and effortless strides are what set him apart from just about every other player in the nation. No doubt we look forward to watching him in the VHL.
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    Yeah because nobody is active who doesn't update every two weeks....oh wait.
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    addition to team management in portal

    But how would you dictate it? By the rules it’s based on posting, not something the portal can read. Literally every off-season when we set the free agency we have to go through by hand and set all the actives. I get the idea, I’m just not sure what criteria it’s working off of. Maybe if instead of active / inactive it showed their last update week and highlighted it red if it’s been more than like 3 weeks? That would likely be quite easy to code portal side.
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    Lucas Brandt Press Conference

    Hey @twists, a couple questions for you. 1. What made you decide to sign with Mississauga? 2. What are your goals for this upcoming season? 3. Do you have a specific team you hope to be drafted by next year?
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    The Tape

    Alexander Pepper, The Houston Bulls General Manager has been up in arms all week about one of the team's newest players. It was hard to get a direct quote out of him, but the situation seems to revolve around a certain press conference answer given by defenseman Ken Fury, which allegedly reads as some sort of coded message. If the Houston GM is to be believed, this message is evidence is a spine-chilling declaration that could forever alter the course of his life. "I don't know where he found it or how he got it, but he has the tape," he shouted frantically while digging through various desk drawers, making a mess of the room as he pillaged through years of old files and documents. "I thought I'd finally destroyed every last copy, every last rip of the damned thing, but I think that fucker knew something I didn't. Maybe he's got the right contacts, maybe he just got lucky, but no matter how it happened, the only thing I know for a FACT is that I'm in deep shit." Pepper declined any further comments, opting instead to furiously type out a few emails before urging the press to "get the hell out" of his office. We'll continue to report on the story as further discoveries are made. Featured: @KenFury
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    Jass Tallies First VHL Points

    Hugh Jass was drafted 7th overall by the New York Americans in the most recent VHL draft. He was selected with the intentions that he would fill the hole left by retiring Joseph McWolf, and also with the hope that he would blossom into a similar player, one that would play at a high level at both ends of the ice. Well this past Wednesday, Jass took a step in the right direction in his first taste of VHL action. In game number one, New York took the win against Toronto. Jass didn’t add anything on the scoreboard, but he did block two shots in just over 26 minutes of play. He also played a key role in penalty killing situations. In their second game, the Americans fell to the Wranglers, but Jass saw an increase in ice time and was able to notch his first (and second) career VHL points. Both of New York’s goals came in short handed situations and Jass assisted on both, in over seven minutes of penalty kill time and over 27 minutes on the ice total. Jass definitely has impressed in his first two games, but for Jass to really make an offensive impact, he’ll need to earn his way onto the powerplay, a situation in which he excelled in his VHLM career, when he lead the league in power play goals in his final season.
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    First Graphic

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    VHL and Covid-19

    Since the early ending or "postponing" of the NHL season, the VHL seems to have persevered through what can only be called a once in a lifetime pandemic. With several players in the NHL having confirmed cases of the virus, the players in the VHL seem to thrive in health and are preparing for another great season. I took a small survey of around 100 people. It consisted of 50 within various regions of Canada and 50 within various regions of the USA. The results were astounding. People said they would be more likely to watch the VHL than the NHL now due to how the Covid-19 issue was handled. 95 out of 100 participants decided that they were going to start watching the VHL instead of the NHL from now on. One interviewee even mentioned "It's crazy to me that one league can have such an incredible handle on things, while another allows players and staff to get sick". I don't know whether our players and staff are super human, invincible, or maybe even from the future, but I do know that the VHL won't be having any difficulties with the dangerous virus anytime soon. As always be safe and follow the advice below:
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    Las Vegas Aces Press Conference

    Week Ending 29th 1. How do you feel we did in the draft? We picked up some really strong players and have set ourselves up for a run for the cup. 2. What are your expectations for yourself this year? Build skills and adapt to the new league. The level of play will be a big step up, but surrounded by the players and coaches we've got in Vegas, I'm confident I can succeed. 3. What are your expectations for the team this year? We're looking to finish at or near the top. 4. What are your thoughts on the captains? Leadership has been great so far. 5. Who will come out on top this year? I'm looking forward to the Aces coming home with the cup. 6. Who can be a surprise contender this year? Hard to say, there's a bunch of teams who could spike a few big wins and steal the thing.
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    Boubabi Portfolio

    My personal favorites of yours: Love the lighting, colors, and text on this one so much. Always been a fan of your lighting but this one is especially good combined with the text/effects. (IIRC this might have been an open collab from a sig tournament back in the day or something? I remember seeing Koradek made a sig with the same render and similar layout) The colors, text, stock(s) used, and layout, this is all just really good. Really unique composition that you don't normally see in sigs, and I feel like the lighting and blur effect make this all fit together perfectly. I could have picked almost any sig you made for a Stockholm player since they're basically all fire. But I absolutely love the texture of this sig, as well as the subtle colors. Maybe my favorite of yours? Hard to pick favorites, so much of this is really good tbh. Too many to choose from haha
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    Reviewing Re-work

    I feel like this could've used some graphics and a bit of color.
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    This is change therefore I am outraged
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    Changes to Uncapped TPE Opportunities

    Take more away? Why? You still have to be active to get everything you changed. Inflation that bad of a thing? Why? I see this as a step backwards. Most of the new members seem to go away rather fast, this will not be good for retention in my opinion. I must be missing the "Big" picture.
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    Hi yus it is u pls shut down leeg dis is srs i demand it thx ps stay aliwe bumpin uglies esp u wictor ur old
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    Crawford a bust?

    2nd year goaltender Solomon Crawford had a ton of potential when he was drafted into both the VHLM with Mexico City as a 1st overall pick and also with Prague as they tabbed him to be their future starting goalie and help lead the team from the start of their expansion era to one of glory. Unfortunately, that potential seems to not be as present as Crawford has not developed much and has not looked all to comfortable in the net for the Phantoms so far in his young career. You can definitely see some progress however as he is doing better than last season as he has been able to learn a bit from veteran netminder Brick Wahl who was acquired to bridge the gap for Prague to turn to Crawford eventually. Maybe it has worked a bit and maybe Crawford can carve out a niche in the league as a decent goalie. He needs to get back to development and plans to. Crawford has hired a veteran goalie coach to assist with him on off-days and in the off-season so that he can hone his talent and become the goalie that Prague needs. Sitting at 5 wins, 8 losses, and 5 overtime losses, he needs to be better so Prague can be a playoff team in the future when Wahl is gone.
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    They call me the cabbage in the rough!!
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    Gustav's Guide to Building [2/2]

    ^Hiding the intro because it's no longer super relevant. Enjoy the guide! GUSTAV'S GUIDE TO BUILDING (Hopefully Better Than That Other One) If you're new, welcome to the VHL! If you're not, I have no idea what you're doing here, but thanks for stopping by and I hope you learn something nonetheless. I've decided to throw together this guide to building as a less confusing alternative to the already existing guide. Whether you use this one, that one, or neither, I hope I can make things a bit less confusing with this post. To start, let's look at the attributes for skaters: Checking: The higher this stat is, the more hits your player will record. High checking will also give you lots of penalty minutes, especially in the VHLM, but if you're building a physical player, there's nothing wrong with upgrading this attribute. Eventually, it's a good idea to combine high checking with a bit of discipline if you're seeing your penalty minutes fly through the roof. Fighting: This one is pretty self-explanatory. The more you upgrade fighting, the more fights your player will get into. Not good for the team, but some people like to upgrade fighting nonetheless. Discipline: In theory, this attribute should lower the number of penalties your player takes. In practice, it's proven to do next to nothing unless a good amount of TPE is put into it, making it not the best attribute to upgrade on the VHLM level. Some say that it does help in the long run, though, so it's not a bad idea to upgrade if you're running up penalties. Be warned, though: if you upgrade discipline, hits will go down. See if you can strike a nice balance between hits and penalties, though I'll be the first to say that this is a difficult task. Skating: Upgrades to skating make your player faster and can also help with positioning. In my opinion (and that of most others), skating is an important one to upgrade. Some believe it doesn't do much, but most players that you'll see out there have significant upgrades to skating. Part of decision-making formula*. Strength: Sounds important, and it is, though at a secondary level. Strength is sort of a "helper" attribute for a whole bunch of stuff: for one, it makes a player harder to knock off the puck (though puck handling will also accomplish this), and for another, it makes a player's checking slightly more effective. It also plays a minor part in face-offs and fighting. Mostly, strength should be reserved for your player's build after you've already put a good amount of points into it, but once this is the case, upgrades to strength aren't a bad idea, and it's my opinion that every skater should have at least 70 strength eventually. Puck Handling: Underrated and important! Good for just about any build. It is exactly what it sounds like--a player with good puck handling will have a hard time losing possession, and this is more important than most realize in the simulation. Also helps with tipping and stealing the puck. If a player has skating upgraded, puck handling should be upgraded as well. Face-offs: A good face-off rating is essential to any center's build, and reasonably OK, though not a priority, for any forward in general. Being able to get possession right away (especially if your goalie has solid rebound control, which we'll get to later) is imperative, especially in the defensive zone. Passing: Another "exactly what it sounds like" attribute. Very helpful--turnovers are frequent when passing is low, and this isn't something you want for your player. Upgrades to passing, no matter the build, are helpful and should be done. Part of decision-making formula*. Scoring: Yet another "exactly what it sounds like" attribute. The higher this rating is, the better your player will be at, well, scoring. This is helpful in just about any build but defensive defenseman (where it's ok to upgrade, but should certainly be secondary). Part of the decision-making formula as well*. DEFENSE: Defense is, in my opinion, THE MOST IMPORTANT ATTRIBUTE FOR ANY POSITION, BUILD, OR WHATEVER. Every player, regardless of what type of player they are, should, as I see it, upgrade their defense rating to at least 70 in the VHLM. Many all-time great VHL elite scorers have a defense rating of 99, with the trend becoming all the more frequent in recent seasons. Upgrading defense not only makes your player valuable on both ends of the ice, it also makes a player more likely to track down a loose puck, which is also helpful on both ends of the ice. It will also make your player more adept at intercepting passes, which can lead to some great chances, especially if your player is a forward. I HIGHLY recommend that everyone, regardless of position or build, upgrade defense, and do so significantly. Penalty Shot: This attribute makes your player more successful in both penalty shots and the shootout. Not too useful, but almost nobody ever upgrades it. Putting even 5 or 10 TPE into it will give you an edge over most goaltenders, but again, keep in mind that this stat isn't all too important. If your player has needs, address them first. Leadership: Arguably the most worthless one on the board. There are but a few who think leadership does anything at all. Theoretically, it will help your team's morale and make them more consistent, but you'd need everyone strongly upgrading leadership for this to make any sort of difference. It's just not worth it. *Decision Making Formula: Passing, scoring, and skating are all part of the "decision-making formula." Basically, the more you have one of these attributes upgraded, the more likely your player is to choose that course of action when carrying the puck. For example, a player with scoring upgraded more than passing or skating is most likely to shoot the puck, rather than pass to set up a play or attempt to skate to gain better positioning. It's advisable to stagger these stats a bit so your player isn't indecisive--if scoring is more important to you than passing, put scoring about 10 points ahead. If passing is more important than scoring, put passing about 10 points ahead. In my own personal opinion, skating doesn't have to be staggered, and can be upgraded just as much as your top preference--common sense dictates that if you're carrying the puck, you will either have to pass or shoot, so in the end, to me, this doesn't make much difference. If you upgrade skating significantly, however, you'd better also upgrade puck handling to make sure you can pass or shoot in the first place. Now for goalies! Skating: This attribute affects a goaltender's ability to move around, both in the net and out of it, to play pucks, for example. This is an important attribute for goaltenders, though not a top-tier one. Size: Fun fact--although you get to choose your player's height and weight during creation, that information actually has no bearing on your goalie's performance. A goalie can, by official height and weight, be built like Shaq, or like Peter Dinklage, and neither will have any sort of advantage size-wise over the other in the sim. This attribute is actually what makes the difference--the higher a goalie's size rating is, the more area that goalie will cover without even having to move. Agility: Agility will make your player's movements more natural, making this attribute an overall boost to quickness. It's helpful as a supplement to already-upgraded stats, but isn't a substitute for any of them. Rebound Control: It doesn't matter what kind of save a goaltender makes--if the puck goes right back out to an opposing player with a wide open net, the outcome won't be very good. A solid rebound control upgrade gives a goalie the ability to stop the puck and hold onto it, something of higher importance than most realize. Centers be warned, though--to get the puck out of the defensive zone after the goalie hangs onto it, you'll need to win the face-off, so be sure to upgrade your face-off rating! Style Control: This attribute is far more important than it sounds on its surface. Upgrades to style control will allow your goalie to be a good deal more consistent in the course of a game, maintaining the same style of play throughout. If a goalie doesn't do this, the game can fall apart and get blown wide open, so it's best to have this one taken care of. Hand Speed: This attribute will increase your goalie's hand speed (no, really). It's also quite important, as anyone who knows hockey even a little bit knows that the glove is one of the most important pieces of equipment a goalie has, being extremely versatile and mobile. Making sure your goalie can use it well is one of the secrets to success as a player. Reaction Time: While skating and agility help to make sure that your goaltender can move around easily, reaction time is what makes sure your goaltender makes a move in the first place, before the puck goes in the net. While skating and agility are important, reaction time outdoes both. Penalty Shot: This one will improve a goalie's ability in both penalty shot situations and in shootouts, but nothing but. Though not the most useful, putting even a little bit into this stat can give a goalie an advantage, as not many skaters upgrade it either. Leadership: See above under skater attributes. Long story short, don't bother. So, how should you distribute your earnings among your player's attributes? A general comment here: STHS (our resident sim engine) tends to favor a few high-ranking stats over a lot of mid-range or low-ranking ones in a balanced build. That said, don't go too extreme--don't do something like upgrading scoring to 90 while not touching anything else--but to start, consider upgrading your top 4 or 5 to 70, one at a time. Then, either upgrade those further, go for some others, and just be creative--there's no single way to build a player, and there's no single road to success. Look at some high-TPE VHLers, as well as a few VHLMers with experience, for a good model. There's room for creativity, for sure, but there are definitely guidelines to follow. Also, remember up in the skater section, where I said to keep scoring and passing about 10 TPE apart? Yeah, that. Don't make them equal. Now to break down, in general, how to build a few different types of players: Offensive Forward: What to upgrade to 70 first, in order of priority: 1. Scoring or passing, whichever is more important to you 2. Take the other, whether scoring or passing, and upgrade to 60 3. Defense 4. Skating 5. Puck Handling **Somewhere in here, add face-offs if you're a center** Secondary upgrades (not as important): -Strength -Discipline -Face-offs (if you're not a center) Level 3 (below secondary, upgrade if you want): -Checking -Penalty Shot Useless: -Fighting -Leadership What to move past 70 first: -Scoring or passing, whichever you've chosen -Defense Sample 250-TPE build (not an exact requirement, just my idea of a solid scoring forward. If you want a playmaker rather than a scorer, just take the values for scoring and passing and switch them): Defensive/2-Way Forward: What to upgrade to 70 first, in order of priority: 1. Defense 2. Skating 3. Puck Handling 4. Passing 5. Scoring to 60 **Add face-offs in here if you're a center** Secondary upgrades (not as important): -Face-offs (if you're not a center) -Checking -Strength -Discipline Level 3 (maybe address at some point): -Penalty shot Useless: -Fighting -Leadership What to move past 70 first: -Defense -Skating -Puck Handling Sample 250-TPE build (not a requirement, just my idea of a good start. If you want to go shoot-first defensive rather than pass-first, simply take the values for scoring and passing and switch them): Physical Forward: What to upgrade to 70 first, in order of priority: 1. Defense 2. Skating 3. Puck Handling 4. Checking 5. Passing **Add face-offs if you're a center** Secondary: -Scoring to 60 -Face-offs (if you're not a center) -Strength -Discipline -Fighting (maybe) Level 3: -Penalty Shot Useless: -Leadership What to move past 70 first: -Defense -Skating -Puck Handling -Checking Sample 250-TPE builds (not to be taken as absolute requirements, just general guidelines): Offensive Defenseman: What to upgrade to 70 first, in order of priority: 1. Defense 2. Scoring 3. Passing to 60 4. Skating 5. Puck Handling Secondary: -Checking -Strength -Discipline Useless: -Face-offs -Penalty shot -Leadership What to upgrade past 70 first: -Defense -Scoring -Skating -Continue to upgrade passing evenly with scoring Sample 250-TPE build (a general picture of what a good offensive defenseman looks like. If you want a pass-first offensive defenseman, switch scoring and passing): Defensive/2-Way Defenseman: What to upgrade to 70 first, in order of priority: -Defense -Skating -Puck Handling -Passing Secondary: -Checking (Primary, if you'd like to be physical) -Discipline -Strength -Scoring (if you're going pure defensive, I'd argue that you don't have to upgrade this at all, at least in the VHLM--in the VHL get it up to 70. If going more two-way, keep this at least 10 behind passing) Useless: -Face-offs -Penalty shot -Leadership What to upgrade past 70 first: -Defense (should ALWAYS be highest) -Skating -Puck Handling Sample 250-TPE builds for both pure defensive and two-way builds (not exact requirements or formulas, just an example of a good build): For Goalies: This one is a bit more complicated. If you're a goalie, there are 4 attributes you want to get up to 70, right away, and keep at the core of your build, no matter what it is. They are: -Rebound Control -Style Control -Hand Speed -Reaction Time After that, you have just a little bit of freedom. Upgrade the following to about 60, then continue upgrading more or less evenly with the primary attributes. -Skating -Size -Agility If going for a butterfly-style goalie, skating and agility are the way to go. If going for more of a stand-up guy, put some emphasis on skating and size. Penalty shot is on the third priority level here, and as always, don't bother with leadership. Sample builds for 250-TPE goalies (not exact guidelines, just examples): Hope this helps. Build on and have fun!
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    Riga, Latvia - Stunned Latvian viewers watched their beloved Riga Reign get swept by Davos in last week's playoffs. After all of the talk about a great regular-season record against the Dynamo and several predictions of a Riga series win, the Swiss put on three convincing victories in Games 1, 2, and 4, and a close-but-no-cigar Game 3 overtime win. The Reign players seemed similarly distraught. "We had their number in the regular season, that's not a question in my mind," said Reign rookie Apollo Hackett after an overtime loss, "but the lights get a little brighter in the playoffs, and not all of us on Riga have been here before. It takes a little getting used to. We'll just have to come back better next season, and you can bet that we will." The Reign have over a half-dozen rookies on their roster last season, a result of carefully-curated trades. Though this season's team was young, GM Benjamin Zeptenbergs in fact has another player or two likely to be called up next season, to say nothing of Season 67's upcoming draft class. With Preencarnacion, Cast, and Saint all getting older, there seems to be a short- and long-term window for championship aspirations - but with this regular vs. playoff season dichotomy, some fans aren't sure what to expect. One upset fan was heard shouting from the stands at the end of game 4, "Ryuu and Rylan basically dad-dicked us. The hell's up with that?"
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    Beginner advice for using Gimp?

    1) The best way to do it is either using the PEN TOOL to create a "path" around the outside of just the render, then turning it into a selection, and clearing/erasing the background. For forum signatures, though. I find using the eraser tool (or applying a LAYER MASK to the image and then using a BLACK hard brush) to just manually erase out the background is good enough and produces a result similar to what you'd get with the pen tool. Because forum signatures are lower-resolution, using eraser/black brush on a layer mask doesn't look as bad as it would if you had a huge resolution image. - To do this, you take your image, you apply a LAYER MASK to it, and then you take a HARD BRUSH and basically erase out the background. There's no easier/quicker way to do it than manually tracing/erasing the background. You could try using the MAGNETIC LASSO TOOL but it'll look like shit. 2) Go here: https://fonts.google.com/ 3) This question is way too open ended to answer. IMO the best advice I can give you is to ditch GIMP, get a cracked version of Photoshop CS5 or CS6, then download/install the TOPAZ LABS plugins (Topaz Adjust, Topaz Clarity, Topaz Clean 3) and the GOOGLE NIK plugins (Analog Efex Pro 2, Color Efex Pro 4, Viveza 2). These plugins MAY be compatible with GIMP, I have no idea. You could research it yourself. Making sigs is basically composing multiple images (background, render, stock images, text) and using different LAYER PROPERTIES.... i.e. most of your "stocks" you probably want to set the layer property to LIGHTEN or OVERLAY or maybe HUE. You should also use ADJUSTMENT LAYERS like Curves, Exposure, Levels and maybe Photo Filter and Gradient Map on pretty much every signature. Adjustment layers give the signature a more uniform look/lighting situation, and prevents the obvious-looking "layered" sig where you can clearly tell the layers apart because there is no blending/uniformity between the background, render, stocks, etc. You can pretty much youtube "GIMP tutorial layers" or "GIMP tutorial Curves" or "GIMP tutorial ______" (any word I wrote before) for more info..... but yeah, abandon GIMP for Photoshop CS5 or CS6. Here's a well-made sig, and although this is a speed video and not a tutorial/walk through, you can still see how much work/layers/adjusting goes into a "good looking" sig:
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