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    Unpopular opinion time! A couple seasons ago (I think? Sometime in recent memory at least) it was announced that practice facility would now be made available on the portal, and the updaters fell on their knees and thanked the great portal overlord @Will. So did many others, myself included. To this day, portal practice facility remains one of the greatest technological advancements in VHL history, providing quick and easy convenience to everyone popping online every week. So why do I think it's problematic? Since practice facility was moved to the portal, we have had so many new players create...and then proceed to claim nothing but practice facility. No welfare, no press conference, no small articles. Just practice facility, week after week, and that's it. Claiming 2 TPE a week on a career path to nowhere, even at the VHLM level. I've even reached out to many of these players through a forum message, asking how things were going and reminding them that they could claim welfare as well if they had no time for PTs, and I haven't gotten a single response, nor have these players changed their earning in any way. I first noticed that this was happening shortly after the Great YouTube Disaster of S69 and it hasn't slowed down since. The links I dropped in there are only limited to players who created, did practice facility for three weeks or more, and then either went inactive or continued to do just that every week, still hanging around but in a manner that's 100% invisible. If we want to look at players who did one or two other things and then went back to only getting 2 per week, we can do that too, and even that doesn't cover people who only did practice facility for two weeks or fewer before leaving (and, trust me, there are a lot of links to throw in there as well). Sure, this happened to some extent before the shift, but it hasn't happened at nearly the rate we're seeing now. Retirements or disappearances at 32-34 after a couple practice facility claims have always been common, but never before did we see people going into the 50s on practice facility claims alone, and then being completely unreachable with advice. So what's happening? 1. We may be getting app-only users who neither look at the forum nor know how to use it. I have never used the app. I don't know what's on the app. I don't know how forum-functional the app is. According to @Enorama today in Discord, this is a possibility. If that's what's happening, then maybe it's time to annoy @Dil to make the forum more accessible on the app. 2. It may just be a YouTube thing. Something about a large part of the recent audience of YouTube recruits has led to our recruitment numbers being not at all as strong as they once were in recent seasons. Many of these PF-only players came from YouTube drives, so it could simply be a matter of the audience we're targeting. Might want to hit a different channel next time? 3. Having a TPE button on the portal may be legitimately messing with the ability of some people to understand earning, and in some cases, preventing them from figuring it out. Having one method of earning points in a different setting than every single other method of earning points can present a confusing situation. We may be getting people who think that practice facility is the only way to earn points. We may be getting people who, because of this false notion, simply do not care about the forum, and do not check it, not getting involved with their teams and not receiving the education necessary to become a solid earner. I'm not saying "let's take practice facility off the portal," but simply presenting a bit of a problematic situation that I feel this has certainly at least contributed to in some way. If we take it off the portal and bring it back to the forum, sure, everyone would hate it. The updaters would hate it even more. People would think I'm an idiot and probably still will even after going through my reasoning. So would putting practice facility on the forum be popular? Hell no. Would I want it to happen? Also no, but I'd hate it less than most people. This is more of a discussion thread than a suggestion. What do you think?
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    As the title says, one random player from each team, see if it’s good enough to win. Worth pointing out that I’m writing this as I’m making the picks (E.g. I don’t know the rest of my roster when I’m writing the description for the first pick) so it might not make complete sense unless read start to finish. Calgary Wranglers RW - Kefka Palazzo That clown from Final Fantasy VI is one of the lower TPA players on the Calgary roster but is still more than good enough to provide something for this random team. With scoring and defense at 95, he’s leaning towards being most effective at both putting the puck in the net and picking up the loose pucks that don’t find the net. While he’s not a strong passer, probably the area of most concern would be how easy he is to force off the puck in comparison to most of his VHL peers, which 83 Puck Handling and 44 Strength DC Dragons C – George Washington Despite only being in his second season, the former president of the United States of America is a very well-rounded player and is already closing in on 700 TPA. With 99 scoring and 90 passing, he’s more than capable of playing the role of both a scorer and a distributor, and his 80 faceoffs are impressive for a young center. Like Palazzo, if there is a weakness in his game, he doesn’t yet have elite puck handling capabilities (85), but his 70 strength will help counter that to some degree. New York Americans RW – Ryo Yamazuki II Yamazuki is very much a hybrid of the first two entries on this list, albeit weaker. Like Palazzo, he leans a lot more towards scoring than passing, however Palazzo edges him in scoring (Ryo has 90) and like Washington, he’s upped his strength to 70 to counter his lower puck handling, but his puck handling is also a bit less than Washington (Ryo has 80). Please random.org, do not give me more forwards. Seattle Bears RW - Jack Lynch Apparently random.org does not care for people who try to sway his randomizer and dumps me with not only a forward, but the only inactive skater on the Bears roster. He’s arguably the second best at handling the puck, with the second highest skating and puck handling on those I’ve picked to this point, but he’s also only at 87 scoring, which considering his passing is at 82, means he leans more towards shooting and 87 scoring may struggle to consistently challenge the top goalies. Toronto Legion RW – Matthew Kai Another inactive, although picking from the Legion, I guess I’m just glad I got one of the better inactives. Kai is simultaneously our most aggressive player to this point (with a whopping 58 checking) and our worst defensive player (his 78 defense is the eighth worst out of all the VHL forwards). His 78 puck handling is also very low for a VHL skater, but at least he’s got 78 strength and 86 skating to help with that deficiency. Vancouver Wolves RW – Jerry Wang At this point, I’m starting to believe random.org has a weird fixation with 400 TPA RW’s given that this is now my fifth of those and I’ve now gotten Wang from a team where every other skater was above 600 TPA. This isn’t a knock on Wang’s activity (he is active, he’s just in the early phases of his career) but it’s crazy how, outside of Washington, everyone has been so alike thus far. Despite his TPA, Wang is actually tied with Washington as the top player in Skating to this point with 90, however his defense is the second lowest so far (85) and Wang also makes us 6/6 in players who favour scoring. Maybe a trip to the European Conference will give us what we need to compete? HC Davos Dynamo C – Bert Meyers OK, nevermind that optimism I had for a second there, it’s Davos. Having not been active since his first VHL season, it’s pretty impressive to see Meyers at 390 TPA, however this does make him our weakest player to this point. Funnily enough, he has as much in faceoffs (80) as Washington does, which at least gives us a consistent face-off presence over multiple lines. He’s also our only player to this point who favours passing, however his 85 passing is not actually that much better than those who lean towards scoring (Washington has 90, Lynch and Kai have 82). Helsinki Titans D – Erik Summers Holy shit, we finally got something that’s not a forward! Honestly I’d have been happy with Summers either way; his skating (90) and defense (95) ties with the best players in those categories on our team and he’s a pretty decent goal threat as well with 90 Scoring. If there’s one thing of interest is that, despite Summers being a defenseman, the team is still lacking in physicality as he only has 50 checking, but this does also mean we aren’t going to be giving any stupid penalties. Malmo Nighthawks D – Jerry Garcia Wow, not only do I get another defenseman to help round out the roster better, but this also is the first time I’ve drawn the highest TPA player on a given team! Garcia gives us that physical edge we’d been missing with his immense 90 checking, but he’s also our new leader in skating, puck handling, passing and defense (all of which are at 99!). A first line of Garcia and Summers would at least put up a strong fight against any other VHL team, but we still really need a goalie in front of them and the window of opportunity to grab one is shrinking. Moscow Menace C – Jet Jaguar Everything’s coming up Milhouse now as we snag our second team-leading player in TPA in a row! While he doesn’t have as many 99’s as Garcia (his lone 99 is in scoring, which ties him with Washington), he is exceptionally well rounded with six attributes over 90 and his passing sitting at a strong 88. He also becomes easily our best player at the face-off, with the second highest face-offs attribute in the VHL (only HHH has more than Jaguar’s 95) accompanied by the fourth highest strength attribute in the VHL. Prague Phantoms G – Brick Wahl Perhaps the greatest comeback since Lazarus, after a shocking first half, the randomizer has given me a third straight team TPA leader and a goalie to boot! While this won’t be mistaken for Wahl at the peak of his ability (currently lying 6th in Overall rating out of the VHL goalies), it’s still very much a reliable goalie that could do a more than good enough job for the team in between the sticks. Given that I’d have settled for Solomon Crawford at this point, I’m more than happy to grab the much better goalie. Riga Reign LW – Patrik Tallinder A bit of a drop off from the last three picks as Tallinder is the second lowest player on the Reign in TPE, but he still ranks as arguably our best winger, so I can’t complain really! Tallinder’s biggest strength in regards to the rest of the roster is his puck handling, as outside of Jaguar, none of the other forwards can top or even match Tallinder’s 90 in that attribute, and he combines that with a very strong 95 scoring to make him a very credible offensive threat. However, as another forward with just 40 checking, this does mean that only Matthew Kai has any form of checking on the front line. Final Roster I’m going to treat this like as if I were the GM of the team, which means I’m able to position change anyone who hasn’t posted in a month. Given Jack Lynch made a one-off post on January 20th, he’s saved from a position change and so I’ll be moving Matthew Kai and Bert Meyers to defensemen. Forwards LW-C-RW Patrik Tallinder – Jet Jaguar – Jerry Wang Kefka Palazzo – George Washington – Ryo Yamazuki II 3rd Line Winger – Jack Lynch Defensemen Jerry Garcia – Erik Summers Bert Meyers – Matthew Kai Goalie Brick Wahl Final Verdict Well thanks to our haul from the European conference, I reckon we’ve got Davos and Toronto beat at least. I don’t think though that the team is quite well rounded enough to be considered favourites though. I think the real question is could this team make the playoffs? Yes, we’ve got elite talents like Jaguar and Garcia and a solid net-minder in Wahl, but our second line of defense leaves a lot to be desired and our wingers, while developing well for the most part, aren’t quite there yet. So I’m going to give this team a rating of fringe playoff team and, if we were to make it to the playoffs, a convincing first round exit. Although then again, the playoffs in STHS are a savage beast that care not for any previous form, so basically I’m saying Simon Tremblay’s got it down for this team winning it all! For 3 Weeks (Starting W/E 2/16)
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    Keep the button in the portal and if they click the button it brings them to the forum
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    fuck no it wasnt a mistake tf r u high gustav i didnt even read your 3 page article and i can already tell you your just plain fucking wrong
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    im really just a piece of ham in a bacon world. damn.
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    A Good Look at Every Team's Future

    Checks media spot subforum Sees I'm out of claims Screams internally So welcome to another article! Here we'll be taking a look at how every VHL team is doing--now, yes, but more importantly, into the future. We'll see who's sticking around, who's leaving, how each team is set up for the draft, all that good stuff. If you like overly wordy analysis that takes up half your computer screen to say what could be said in two lines, you've come to the right place. So, let's get into it, I guess... NORTH AMERICAN CONFERENCE Calgary Wranglers On Pace For: 44-20-8 Current Standing: 3rd GM: @Bushito The Present: Calgary looks good this season, and that's thanks to a solid veteran core with one of the best defensive games in the league. With five players over 600 TPA and a blueline where the average exceeds 700, they're a hard team to crack. Among the veterans, center Tyler Barabash Jr, defenseman Brady Stropko Jr, and goalie JB Rift provide the team's strongest statistical showings, though talent in Calgary is very much spread across the board--despite the Wranglers' record and standing, you'd have to go to 19th on the points list to find Barabash, and the same or similar may be said about many other categories, indicating that there is no sole savior of the team and that it is working well as a whole. The Future: How the Wranglers look now is nothing compared to what they might look like in a few seasons. Prospects Sigard Gunnar, Hiroshi Okada, Kris Rice, RJ Jubis, and Jacques Lafontaine are all a season or two old and max earners (or close to max earners) on the brink of busting their careers wide open, and that's not even taking into consideration the two top picks in this past draft, Mikko Lahtinen and Edwin THE Encarnacion. If you think they've got a good team now, just wait--especially when they've got two first-rounders in S72. Best Case: "Best case" is wonderful to think about for a team in a situation like this. Calgary's got five players over 600 TPA right now, and they've managed to put together a solid roster that can win games already. I'm counting seven significant earners on this list alone who are ready to move to the next level, and that's not even looking at the rest of the roster, many of whom are respectable earners in their own right. So, best case scenario? Bush builds a dynasty out of this, going on a long run of success and winning a few cups. Worst Case: It's difficult to imagine what could possibly go wrong with a team that already seems to have completed a rebuild and are enjoying the post-tank success with much more and potentially much greater to come. A good look at the portal, though, combined with the questionability of some recent events, could even put Calgary under in a few seasons, though that assumes that all that can possibly go wrong does. For one, only four players are signed through S72, and none are signed through S73. For the Wranglers to keep any of their players past that point, they'll need a few good re-signings--though, admittedly, chances are low that everyone decides to bail. The team was briefly put in jeopardy for a brief period of time last season, though, when a large part of the roster retired due to internal conflict. Though the team looks to have sorted things out since, it will be necessary for management to continue to monitor its locker room in order to actively avoid the worst. Players mentioned: D.C. Dragons On Pace For: 29-33-10 Current Standing: 9th GM: @Enorama The Present: At the moment, D.C. is a bit below average, but that's a good deal better than they were a couple seasons ago when expansion hit. They actually have more players above 600 TPA than Calgary, at seven compared to Calgary's five, though the pieces aren't quite fitting together in the same way. Next to nobody is seeing individual success--Mikko Aaltonen, the team's point leader, is 23rd on the league leaderboard, while in categories like hits and shots blocked Dragons are barely breaking into the top 40. Even Kallis Kriketers is having his worst season since S64. D.C. does have a roster that looks good on paper, though, and that much is contributing to a just-about-average level of team success. The Future: D.C. is one of the league's youngest teams, with almost two-thirds of the active roster being either S68 or S69. Whatever's going on there with player retention is working--Luciano Valentino and Mikko Aaltonen are already signed for the rest of their careers, while John Frostbeard just picked up a two-season extension. In the S69 draft, too, they were able to pick up Benny Graves, who stated before the draft that no matter where he was drafted, he planned to stick with them long-term. Other notables picked up in recent drafts, too, include Guy Lesieur and Ricky Johnson, while prospect Derek Eriksson continues to maintain a respectable earn rate in the minors and Eno's GM player, George Washington, is another career-long Dragon at forward. While they've got a first-round pick in both of the next two drafts, it's imperative that they select a goalie if they can't get one in free agency--Kallis is out after this season and backup Pekka Pouta doesn't have future face-of-the-franchise potential. Best Case: The best case for D.C. is that career signings and player retention are what will lead to them winning. While the Dragons have a couple picks to work with, it really won't be much, so maintenance and growth of the current roster will need to be management's number-one priority. If it works out, though, and they're able to free up some cap space by letting a few inactives go and securing a good goalie before long, D.C. will be a team to be reckoned with in a season or two. Worst Case: Career signings are a double-edged sword. On one hand, you're quite possibly locking up the future core of your team and ensuring its success for seasons to come. On the other, though, now you've got a massive contract on your hands that can limit cap space and make movement difficult. There's also the question of goaltending--will the Dragons be able to find a legitimate, long-term starter in time to catch their roster in full swing? The future doesn't look bad, but D.C. will have to jump through a few hoops to get there. Players mentioned: New York Americans On Pace For: 35-29-8 Current Standing: 6th GM: @Esso2264 The Present: New York looks pretty good on paper--nine players above 600 TPA and a good crop of young talent--though they're currently enjoying a fairly average place in the standings because for some reason they keep losing to Davos. Fellow baguettes Joel Ylonen and Joseph McWolf make up the team's veteran leadership, and while New York is yet another team barely cracking the top 40 in points (only two players in that range, with none in the top 30!), goaltender A Red Guy is enjoying a reasonably decent season, coming in at .918 SV% and 2.36 GAA. Overall, not half bad with a decent shot at playoff success. The Future: The Americans are a young team who look like they've got a bright future--S67 steal and TPE whore Boris the Forest is locked up for the rest of his career, and with recent selections like Lance Flowers, David OQuinn, Soren Jensen, and Owen Nolan leading the prospect pool, New York will break the curse of the S60s and will once again become one of the teams to beat. There's one obvious concern, though--a huge portion of the roster is in their contract year this season. Notable names that could be out the door next season include A Red Guy, Thorvald Gunnarson, Lance Flowers, and Ryo Yamazuki II, and that's not even considering forced retirement of McWolf or the tragic departure of Elmebeck, which will cut out half of the Americans' blueline. If players can be re-signed, this might not be a big deal, but it's a definite concern nonetheless. Best Case: In short, New York re-signs the players that matter and make a good choice with their first-rounder in this offseason's draft, maybe cashing in on defense. If this can be done, there shouldn't be any major concerns going forward--having so many contracts end in one season does raise concerns, but it also allows a team to decide who to keep and who to move in a much more flexible manner. Next season's cap should be easy to navigate, and if the right players are convinced to re-sign, the Americans will continue to be a threat. Worst Case: You can probably guess the worst case by now--basically, everyone leaves and New York gets thrown back into the void only a couple seasons after crawling out of it. They're in danger of losing both of their goalies, all but one defenseman, and two active forwards, and if all this happens, New York will find it difficult to stay afloat. Their last first-round choice was a bust as well even though I told Esso to pick him, as Iangenere Risteneen hasn't been seen for a while. So, if the next draft sees a similar miss, it's difficult to imagine the Americans remaining competitive, and even more difficult to imagine them finding legitimate success. Players mentioned: Seattle Bears On Pace For: 38-29-5 Current Standing: 8th GM: @Banackock The Present: There's no time like the present to be in Seattle. Winners of the last two cups, the Bears are feeling good behind (as I'm holding back snarky Hounds-related comments) a strong showing from their S67 draft class. Acyd Burn, Ambrose Stark, Henrik Zoiderberg, Scott Greene, Sundqvist, LeGrande, Hogan, Funk--they're all S67, and only four members of the current roster aren't. There's a good chance that they'll continue to find success this season as well--with nine players above 600 TPA, they're a much better team than their eighth-place standing suggests. The Future: When most of your roster is S67, and six of them are signed through S73, you'll be in the running for a while. Though Seattle doesn't have any prospects in the minors at the moment and won't have any homegrown replacements for its current players for a while, they also don't have much to worry about at the moment. The main concern for Seattle, at the moment, is cap--salary goes up as more TPE is earned, and if the season ended today and restarted tomorrow, they'd be $1.5 million over the cap, even if Jack Lynch is left to free agency--and that's assuming nobody else goes into a higher bracket (a few are close right now and will likely break it by then). They'll be in deeper trouble cap-wise if they use either or both of their two first-rounders in the coming draft on players who will be playing up. So, while the future is still bright, there will need to be at least one cap dump trade to get there. Best Case: The best thing that can happen to the Bears here is trading away an older, more expensive player (best choice would be Slade, though he's got a no-trade clause) and then using picks to fill in the gap left in the lineup by that player. Then, by the best-case model, that player fits in nicely and the Seattle machine keeps running. Keeping every asset will be impossible, so the best case is simply a smooth transition past the inevitable loss of current strength that keeps the team moving forward and on top. Worst Case: Sure, Seattle will end up temporarily a little bit worse after this coming offseason. As has been said a million times here already, someone valuable has to go. Worst case? Robbie chooses to exercise the no-trade clause and takes up $4 million in next season's cap space. If that happens, Seattle enters cap hell and needs to offload someone right on top of their career, in their fifth season. At that point, they've taken a step into "sell players for future assets," which is a major step running contrary to the current plan. It won't be the end of the world, but it could knock the team out of elite level long enough for the S67 class to start depreciating--and at that point, it's time for this team to start finding replacements. Players mentioned: Toronto Legion On Pace For: 26-36-10 Current Standing: 11th GM: @Peace The Present: There isn't much to be said about Toronto's roster at the moment. They're plagued with inactives, have only one first-round draft choice, and have a thin prospect pool with a few inconsistent welfare earners. The lone bright spot on the current roster is Chad Magnum, this past season's 5th overall selection and a max earner who was shipped off to Toronto as part of a large players-for-picks deal that saw Toronto's first-rounder in the coming draft go to Davos (let's not talk about what I did with it after that). Other semi-actives on the Toronto roster include Nethila Dissanayake, a former Saskatoon player who may remain loyal to current Toronto management, and Aron Nielsen, a S66 first-rounder making a recent return from inactivity. The Future: It generally isn't a great sign when the most impressive player out of the "present" group is also the most impressive player in the "future" group, but here we are. Magnum is the only player currently owned by Toronto who has future star potential. One player retires next season, and all but three are set to enter free agency, with only a few able to be re-signed as actives. Though the Legion's late first-rounder will almost certainly be burnt for Erik Killinger, Peace's player sitting near the top of the S71 class, Killinger and Magnum are the only two definite pieces they've got in place at the moment and more than time will be necessary to make them competitive. Best Case: The few active prospects they have ramp up their earning game enough to at the very least provide solid depth, and the rest is done through creative trading, free agent signings, and smart drafting, if it takes long enough to do that they'll have the picks to do it. They'll likely go through a couple more rough seasons, but will be reasonably well-set for the future in good time. Worst Case: Management is unable to make anything happen within a few seasons. Magnum becomes impatient with the consistent lack of success and leaves in free agency, or he sticks around and the process takes long enough that he and Killinger don't have many prime years left when Toronto begins to compete. Players mentioned: Vancouver Wolves On Pace For: 47-18-7 Current Standing: 2nd GM: @Beaviss The Present: There's a lot to like about the Wolves. They've got a small roster of only twelve players, but ten of them are over 600 TPA and two--HHH and Freeman--are over 1,000. Those two sit in the league's top 10 in points, spearheading the Wolves' current success. Goaltender Greg Eagles is enjoying a fantastic season in net, and there isn't a weak spot on the team that would lead one to believe that it might be going otherwise. The Future: Though Vancouver is a bit older than some of the other teams on this list, that's certainly no major concern at the moment. They'll have Freeman, Downey, Eagles, and very likely HHH through S73, they have not one but two max earners in net (backup Jimmy Spyro says hi), and to go with a long list of draft picks, they've already got prospect Griff Manzer maintaining a respectable earn rate in the minors. The Wolves have pretty much reached any GM's dream spot--to have a good team and the future assets to keep it going. Cap shouldn't be an issue next season, either, as 5-million-dollar defender Tzuyu retires and they'll be able to trade a lower-TPA player like Jerry Wang or let Kevin Low go to free agency if that isn't enough of a discount. Best Case: Beav continues to lead the team to success and smoothly transitions it into the next era. They're perfectly set up for this, and if this is done right they'll be a consistent threat to any other team in the league for, well, as much of the future as can be reasonably imagined with their current assets. Manzer comes up and continues earning well enough to become a legitimate part of the gameplan, either Spyro or Eagles is flipped for big-time draft capital or a star at some other position, and the team cashes in at the draft with some solid picks. Worst Case: It's very tough to imagine a worst case here, but one thing or another might go wrong. Tzuyu is out the door, and Kevin Low might be, and if both leave, the roster is left without a fourth defenseman--and the third will be Manzer, who will still be relatively low on the TPE chart. Micheal Gary Scott satisfies his lifelong dream of going off to Seattle in free agency, and Vancouver whiffs on its first-rounders in both of the coming drafts. These are still events that the Wolves will be able to recover from, but it won't make the transition between solid teams a simple handoff. Players mentioned: EUROPEAN CONFERENCE HC Davos Dynamo On Pace For: 18-42-12 Current Standing: 12th GM: GM Himself, @GustavMattias ego grows audibly The Present: OK, fine, let's talk about how Davos is doing right now. We suck! But that's OK, we've got our actives. As far as this season goes, Davos player leadership consists of a few older and largely inactive individuals--Materazo (our only player above 600 TPA, but at least that's one more than Toronto) is putting up great numbers on both ends of the ice, while John Madden and Anthony Matthews represent the other two pre-S66 players contributing to our game at forward. On the back end, goaltender Samuel Ross recently returned from inactivity and has been earning well since. Overall, sure, we're last in the standings, but it's a rebuild, so that is to be expected. The Future: Oh boy, the future. That's what we're all about. Let's talk about that--four first-round picks in the next two seasons, and five seconds. To go along with that, we've got a couple Davos-for-life players on defense in Fernando Jokinen and Andrej Petrovic, and there's also Milos Slavik at forward with the potential to be a decent second-line player on a good team. Winger Alex Bridges leads the pack among prospects, with a decent earn rate and solid team activity. Best Case: The best case is, obviously, that I nail it in the draft and build the best team in the league. There's nowhere for this team to go but up, and there's potential to go way up if things are managed well. We've got the prospect pool and the younger players to build a future support structure already, but the star power needs to be obtained from somewhere else, and the draft is where we'll do it. Worst Case: I run the team into the ground by being an idiot, making stupid decisions, and not drafting well. If I do, too, it's entirely my fault--I was handed a perfectly set-up team and now it's on me to work with that. And if I'm stupid enough, it won't happen quite the way anyone here in Davos is hoping. I'm still unproven as a GM on the VHL level, and if it turns out that I suck at it, that will be the team's greatest enemy. Players mentioned: Helsinki Titans On Pace For: 37-30-5 Current Standing: 7th GM: @Jubo07 The Present: The Titans sit in seventh place at the moment, and they're hanging on to the last bits of their former glory days. Julian Borwinn, Joey Boucher, Sidney Crosby, and Alexander Pepper are all in their last seasons, and it looks like Helsinki is doing what they can to make the best of it. They've made some moves to secure some players from S66 and later--Ben Hafkey, Erik Draven, Erik Summers, and Guillaume Fontenette come to mind--and have built a decent roster with dreams to compete and bring what's left of the @Quik era to an end with a bang. The Future: I came into this one thinking that this segment would be all about how the Titans need to rebuild, scrap everything, become the next Davos and all that stuff. It turns out that that isn't really the case, though--Helsinki has easily the best pool of VHLM prospects that the league has to offer, and many of their players from S66 or after will be sticking around for a bit. Though a step back is expected, it won't be nearly as drastic as one might believe. Virgil Ligriv will likely take over in net, while the others mentioned above will make up the future core. Among the prospects, Jared Spaz and Ike Bennett come to mind as two that do 6-point tasks with a decent earn rate, and there are many more welfare earners who should be up in a season or two. It seems that a retool, not a rebuild, is in order, and for that Helsinki management is grateful. Best Case: Though it's unrealistic to expect Helsinki not to take a step back, a best case scenario leads one to believe that they'll be able to emerge from the transition in only a season or two without ever tanking or being at the bottom of the league. They'll have at least two solid earners next season, and likely a bit more than that, with a first-round pick in the draft, another first-rounder in S72 when Jubo's recreate comes up, and the cap space to accommodate some free agent signings or perhaps a big-ticket player or two in a trade. If all goes well, the Titans will once again stand atop the league with an entirely different roster in not too much time. Worst Case: The worst case scenario in this instance is simply that the retool might not be done in a matter of one or two seasons. It might take a bit longer to develop the prospects--assuming, of course, that they all continue to develop and none go inactive--and by that point players like Hafkey, Fontenette, and Ligriv will be significantly affected by depreciation and well on their way to retirement. Assuming Helsinki does attempt a successful retool--and I maintain that they should, regardless of what the worst case scenario says--their prospects need to maintain their earn rates. If management isn't able to flex their player retention muscles, the Titans will be left with yet another aging roster, this time with nowhere else to go but a complete rebuild. Players mentioned: Malmo Nighthawks On Pace For: 31-38-3 Current Standing: 10th GM: @Advantage The Present: Malmo is the league's most unlucky team, and (I hope) I'm not just saying that because I play there. With eight players above 600 TPA, right up there with the more above-average teams in the league, they've still managed to be...not that great, currently sitting in 10th place. Much of the roster is in the S66-S68 range, with players like Jerry Garcia (ahem), Phil Marleau, and Michael Johnson representing the first generation of the team's history. Further supplemented is the blueline, with the likes of Condor Adrienne, while the forwards lines are graced by the presence of Aleksander Rodriguez and Dan Wilinsky. There's a solid roster there, but one that simply is not working. The Future: If you thought D.C. was notorious for career signings, then take a look at Malmo's finance page and think about how wrong you were. Every player in the S66 class or after on the 600-TPA-or-more list is locked up for most or all of the rest of their career, leaving Malmo (on paper) very set up for the future. Though Dan Wilinsky is retiring this season and Ryan Sullivan Jr the next, the Nighthawks will see first-round prospect Lewis Dawson promoted next season and will then have the cap space for a move or two to be made, and perhaps a signing as well. Best Case: Everything finally clicks for Malmo after two seasons of underwhelming sim results, and they're able to enjoy success because of it. Marleau finally finds his place on the team, Garcia stops taking so many penalties, and the Nighthawks are back on top of the league with seasons to go on the big-boy contracts. Management hits on the first-rounder in S72, and all is well. Worst Case: SimonT continues to vomit all over Sweden and Malmo's current roster simply doesn't do the trick. The career signings given to half the team begin to hurt the team rather than help it, as moves should be made to bring Malmo back to where it should be and it becomes difficult to ship people off elsewhere, particularly now-inactive Rob Mattalex, who will cost any team taking him on $4 million per season, even after depreciation hits. Malmo is unable to scrape together enough prospects for a successful retool and goes the way of the Helsinki worst-case. Players mentioned: Moscow Menace On Pace For: 48-17-7 Current Standing: 1st GM: @Victor The Present: "Top of the League" is really all that needs to be said about Moscow at the moment. They've got eight players over 600 TPA, and while that isn't top of the league, they're making it work. A veteran core including Jet Jaguar, Randoms, and the venerable Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen lead the way at the moment, and there's a ton to like on the leaderboard--six out of the top ten point scorers are from Moscow: Jaguar, Randoms, Smitty, Gritty, Mat Tocco, and the highly underrated Dan Baillie, a player who isn't a household name but has contributed almost a point per game in his Moscow career while also showing his two-way ability by consistently reaching impressive hit totals. Moscow is dominant this season, and it's hard to imagine anyone getting by them in the playoffs. The Future: The future looks good in Moscow, more so than one might expect from a look at the finances page. Though Smitty and Gritty are officially set to enter free agency after this season, neither one has historically been prone to leaving a team, and it's easy to see both re-signing. As far as younger players go, the Menace don't have much in the way of prospects, but they do have a good amount of draft picks in the coming drafts, as well as TPE whore Raymond Bernard in net, active long-term signing Nate Telker at forward, and GM player Vladimir Pavlov on defense to keep the ball rolling (or, "keep the puck moving," I guess?) into the next generation of Moscow players. Best Case: Smitty and Gritty re-sign and stick with Moscow for the rest of their careers, as does Jaguar. The Menace make some good draft choices and maybe a signing somewhere along the way, and remain a good team for the foreseeable future. One can afford to run the team conservatively at the moment, too, as more than enough cap space will be freed up by the retiring Randoms to retain the current roster should they decide to stay where they are. Worst Case: Smitty and Gritty decide to take their orange fur elsewhere and the Menace aren't as menacing in S71 after, well, not making signings like Smitty and Gritty. They remain mediocre--think of a big buff dude grimacing at you rather than scowling in terms of menacing quality--but aren't top of the league. They'll have space to work with, both cap-wise and draft-wise, but Victor, being the idiot that he is in this worst-case model, somehow manages to screw up both, missing signings and picking busts, until Moscow has an aging and top-heavy roster ready to tip over. As you can see, this worst-case scenario takes a whole lot of screwing up to achieve, but it's the most realistic out of everything as there isn't really much that can go wrong. Players mentioned: Prague Phantoms On Pace For: 37-25-10 Current Standing: 5th GM: @diamond_ace The Present: Prague is getting off to a better start than the other S67 expansion, D.C., and they're doing it with a super balanced roster. With only two players above 600 TPA, but tons in the 500-600 range, the Phantoms are making a name for themselves through depth, teamwork, and a little bit of sim luck. Current Prague veterans leading the way include Roll Fizzlebeef and Brick Wahl, though the roster runs a bit deeper with many noted players from S66-S69 seeing themselves in supporting roles. Though it could be argued that they're playing a bit above their caliber at the moment, the Phantoms are a decent team that happens to be very, very balanced. The Future: Prague's got three players--Alex Pearson, Jacob Perry, and Wolf Stansson Jr--signed through S73, with Seabass Perrin and Cinnamon Block representing a couple young bright spots on defense with solid earn rates and bright futures. Solomon Crawford isn't the fastest earner, though likely figures to be the starting goalie once Wahl is out. The Phantoms don't have many draft picks, with one first-rounder next season representing the only significant pick held by the team, but if the current roster is able to be retained successfully, they could be in more serious contention in a season or two. Best Case: The best case here isn't really as dynasty-ish and high up as some of the others, but it's still an optimistic one. Prague's future lies in retention--if they lose some players to free agency, which is possible, they may end up making some signings of their own, but the smartest way to develop the Phantoms is simply to just wait for the current roster to develop and reach a higher level of competition. After a hit in the coming draft's first round, the Phantoms sit back and wait--the defense breaks into the next level, Pearson steps it up at forward, and Prague earns a spot near the top of the league in an undisputed manner. Worst Case: Prague picks a bust next season and growth of the current roster proves to be of questionable effect. Block, Perrin, and Stansson should stick around, but most others on the team are welfare earners with second-line potential. The team also has no real star power at forward, a part of the ice a good deal more important in this league than the blueline. In this case, we'd see less of management running the team into the ground and more of the team running itself into the ground--most of this plan is dependent upon the team's ability to improve itself, and if it fails in that regard, there won't be much to see in a few seasons. Players mentioned: Riga Reign On Pace For: 42-23-7 Current Standing: 4th GM: @hedgehog337 The Present: Riga's got seven players above my arbitrary 600-TPA standard, and as has been the norm as long as I've been in this league (since the prime days of Preencarnacion and Cast), plenty of star power. They seem to have transitioned well between rosters, keeping Ryan Kastelic, the TPE whore who makes most other whores look like nuns by comparison, throughout that entire period. The current stars of the team include Kastelic, Lincoln Tate, Apollo Hackett, and former Davos franchise goalie Finn Davison, acquired this past offseason in a deal which gave Kallis the chance to be shipped out to D.C.. The Reign are strong as always, and though they aren't on top of the league, no major concerns are present as far as this season goes. The Future: Oh, look, Riga has a good team and a good set of picks again. I'm hardly surprised--this has, of course, been the case for most of the time I've been in this league. With three first-rounders in the next two drafts, Riga is there to make a big splash with their selections, and they'll be strengthening an already good team with a decent prospect pool--they've got a few decent earners in the VHLM, but forward JaredN and goaltender Nicolas Fomba, who projects as a solid backup, are the top two in that regard. With the current roster, the entire blueline is signed through next season, though only two forwards will be around for sure--with the rest either retired or hitting free agency, an overhaul up front might be necessary. Best Case: Hedge re-signs who he needs to at forward and Riga solves their goaltending problem, either through the draft or a trade. He's able to use some free cap space left in the absence of Kastelic to seduce bring in a solid player up front, and Patrik Tallinder and Guy Sasakamoose continue on their young talent track and develop into legitimate stars. Solid draft choices are made, Riga continues to be a good team, and nobody is surprised in the slightest. Worst Case: For a team where everything has gone right in recent times, what could possibly go wrong? The worst that can happen to the Reign at the moment is a loss of just about their entire forward personnel--Kastelic will be forced out, and should the others choose to exercise their right to test the market, it could thin the team out quite a bit more. Davison retires before Riga is able to find a legitimate replacement, and the team effectively becomes limited to its strong defensive core only. Though this situation is unlikely, some smart management will be necessary to avoid it. Players mentioned: Word count: 5,711. Apparently it's a 20-minute read too, hope you enjoy it. Thank God for multi-claims, because I might need them in the next few weeks. See you in a month!
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    Unfamiliar Faces: A Who's Who of (Technical) First Gens Outside of defense, scouting first generation players have always been a passion of mine. I could highlight storied users' recreated players for S71, but I think it's far more interesting to look at some of the best talent our new bloods (or those returning from long hiatuses) have to offer. This time, I've enlisted @JeffD to help me sift through and evaluate the handful of players we're going to feature here. No more beating around the Bushito - let's get to it. Thomas Landry II @Doomsday, LW San Diego Marlins Thomas Landry II comes from a family of athletes that have a history in the Victory Hockey League. He is the son of the original Thomas Landry who played a pivotal role in bringing multiple championships to HC Davos Dynamo as the captain of the team and it clearly shows in the younger Landry’s playstyle. Landry II, much like his father, plays a power forward style game and while he is a very proficient scorer when the puck is on his stick he is not afraid to use his size to his advantage when in the corners. His 6’3” 218 pound frame allows him to bully smaller forwards off of the puck on the back check and allows him to compete with even the biggest defenders when in the offensive zone. Landry II also brings the intangibles his father brought to the table and is often cited by teammates and coaches as an excellent leader both on and off the ice. So far in his short VHLM career Thomas Landry II has played for both the Halifax 21st on a first year contract as well as the San Diego Marlins who picked him ninth overall in the S70 VHLM draft. Through his first 21 games as a member of the Marlins Landry II has put up an impressive 32 points and is the clear runaway leader in hits for the entire league with 115. While he still had a long way to go to match the accolades his father accrued in his career there is no doubt in anyone’s mind he is off to a great start. ABOVE: A fan mock-up of VHLM keeper Joakim Bruden in national team pads. Joakim Bruden @PadStack, G Ottawa Lynx Bruden is an absolute monster in between the pipes for the Ottawa Lynx of the VHLM. He stands at an enormous 6’8” and weighs 250 pounds making him the largest goalie to ever grace the league. Hailing from a small town in the East of Sweden, Bruden grew up playing hockey with his three older brothers, and that is how he became the hardened goaltender he is today. Not only is he enormous but he has the lateral agility and quickness that make him an effective goalie for the Ottawa Lynx. Starting as a backup last season when the Lynx signed him to a first year contract he impressed the management team in Ottawa enough that they decided to use their 10th overall selection in the S70 VHLM draft to select him. He came into the Lynx system as a very raw talent but through training with their coaching staff he has developed into a great talent. Through the first 22 games of the season he has led the Lynx to a 22-2-0 record while posting a .886 save percentage and a 2.56 goals against average. Jeff Blaze @NyQuil, RW Houston Bulls Third on our list is Tennessee native Jeff Blaze, who occupies the second-line right winger spot for the Houston Bulls. A multi-sport athlete, Blaze could have easily missed out on pursuing hockey as a career, as he played baseball at the age of twelve. But he immediately fell in love with hockey a few years later, playing his first game at about fourteen or fifteen and winning the state championship with his midget team. Known now as an overall raw prospect, Blaze makes his money on the offensive ice. He has a nose for loose pucks, and primarily puts his finesse from ice skating to use before launching precise passes or neatly aimed slapshots. Just a handful of years since he started playing hockey, Blaze has made his presence known in the minors extremely quickly. Under one year ago, he played for the Omaha Lancers of the USHL. His stint didn’t last for long, however, as he was almost immediately recruited by several D1 NCAA teams – and then turned those away for an immediate shot at the VHLM. Blaze doesn’t necessarily perfectly fit the paradigm of the VHL right now. There’s an extreme emphasis on high-quality defensive positioning and developing passing/shooting at around the same pace as changing possession. Regardless, Blaze has nearly averaged a point per game in spite of being a second liner: with 6 goals and 18 total points to his name with a +6, he’s shown a clearly positive impact on the ice and is an important reason why the Bulls are currently third in the minors. Bennet Dahl @Nothing but goals, G Yukon Rush As a netminder, you’re always split a hundred different ways. You travel the least distance on the ice, but your technical skill and reaction time must be second-to-none. Deflecting pucks is one thing – any old defender can do that – but skillfully controlling rebounds to avoid consecutive shots is a key skill for goalies. Dahl, a hybrid-style goalie from the farthest reaches of North Korea, was suddenly brought on to the scene just a few weeks ago; in a couple of his first pressers, he’d asked if it was possible for prospects to go undrafted. But he’s not just a new name for the league in general: Dahl was raised in an orphanage and has never known his parents – he was truly on his own for the first several years of his life. It’s unclear why, but Dahl never really developed as a skater, and had to start at goalie for his backyard team when his team’s goalie tragically passed from a rare illness. He’s flourished in spite of using Walmart brand pads and gear, and eats hot Cheetos to avoid having bowel movements mid-game. As a hybrid, he’s a well-rounded goalie, and will only get better with time. he’s rather average at everything, but some may argue that’s because he needs time to adjust to the demands of the VHLM and an international style of hockey rather than that which he saw in North Korea. He’s facing a massive 34 shots a game so far but has managed a ~85% save rate. His goals against looks ugly (5.08) as with all rookies, but it’ll improve in time. Gavin Harris @BigIrish, D Mississauga Hounds The first defender on this list, American defenseman Gavin Harris is one of the most recent additions to the VHLM. A prototypical defenseman, Harris’s skills are diverse but focus primarily on controlling possession and moving the puck up to the offensive ice. He’s been stretched considerably in his team’s many games, as he’s one of just two defenders currently rostered for the team. He’s levied over two hits and a blocked shot per game, but will need some reinforcements with new creates, as no defenseman is truly fit enough to play a full 60 minutes on the ice. One aspect scouts have been thoroughly impressed with is Harris’s checking technique. Few defensemen in the minor leagues have the guts to lay out opposing forwards as brutally as the Hounds defender – and indeed, some say he’s the best hitter on the team. It’s earned him some time in the penalty box, but few have an identity so distinct as Harris. Provided his recent rate of improvement – many VHL GMs have sent their own scouts to see the young American work on his passes and wall-to-wall movement – some suggest he may be a player with significant potential on a team that’s recouping losses after their championship berth last season. Regardless, he’ll be a name to watch, as players with growth this rapid either tend to flame out quickly or go on to make unexpectedly good pros. Big Chungus @Ferda and Rich Dickbutt McFudderdudder @Weretarantula, LW & D Ottawa Lynx Why did we list these two together? Well, they’re both Lynx players, both updated for the first time on January 12th, both Swiss, and are among the most peculiar duo of players in the minors right now. An absolute unit, Big Chungus is one of the most intimidating defenders in the league at 6’8” and 250 lbs. Both he and McFudderdudder are Swiss – a country not well-known for producing high quality players save Toronto’s Owen May – and is a sniper in the most critical sense of the term. He’s an excellent shot, but can’t skate much better than even the youngest of minor leaguers; with 6 goals to his name and a +13 so far, however, he’s clearly putting his shooting skills to good use. On the other end of the spectrum we have McFudderdudder, one of the league’s most diminutive defenders ever seen at 5’5” and 140 lbs. Much like Chungus, this young defender has invested most of his time into scoring and overall has shown incredible finesse on the ice. He sits at a massive +25 (good for seventh in the league) just twenty-two games into the season, and has 23 shots blocked to boot. Though not necessarily the only reason, these two are important factors in Ottawa’s 20-2-0 record to start 2020 – almost as if it had been planned from the beginning! They have a +61 goal differential and show no signs of slowing down, especially with these two Swiss skaters on the ice. ~1,610 words. Two claims for @Renomitsu, another one for @JeffD!
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    Season 70 Trade Deadline

    The Season 70 Trade Deadline will be Thursday February 20th @ Noon EST. Any members wishing to retire, and re-create for the Season 72 Draft Class may create their new players as of Monday February 17th. @VHL GM @VHLM GM
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    Hello All, Here comes a new series that I will be bringing out called Meet the Member, where I have a conversation with a different VHL member and get to know them. This episode is with @DoktorFunk one of the people I have played with since S66. If you have any quests you would like to see on the podcast, any questions you have for me or if you want to be on the show post here: Questions You can now find my podcast on the following platforms: Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Google Podcasts, PocketCasts, Radio Public, Anchor & Spotify. Also this episode we briefly touched on the passing of Elmebeck. I wish I had got to know him better he was a great person everytime I spoke to him and he always was trying to make everyone feel better. I will miss his presence both here and in the Cricket Sim. I wish the best for his family and my thoughts are with them at this hard time. Thanks I hope you enjoy the podcast. - Berocka Players Mentioned: @Banackock, @eaglesfan036, @Spyro, @Esso2264, @GustavMattias, @Rayzor_7 & @Enorama, plus some others.
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    D A V O S

    @GustavMattias Also @Beaviss Made this with shapes in PS only
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    12 days of Christmas update

    It’s been awhile since the VHL did the 12 days of Christmas giveaways and it was super generous of them to not only give out so much free tpe, but also all the actual prizes they doled out too. If you recall, the grande prize was an NHL jersey with cresting on it. And the winner was none other than @MMFLEX. What a lucky duck. Or Predator. And as some of you may know, he is not that big of an NHL fan. His loss for sure, but it also put him in an interesting situation, being that he had just won a jersey. So being the awesome guy that he is, he looked upon myself with favour and offered his prize to me. I had been looking at buying a jersey and the idea of saving money and having this one was too hard to pass up. The BOD kindly allowed the jersey to passed along to me and I just received it this past week. I hope to be able to replay the kindness Flex showed and also wanted to post here to thank both the BOD and Flex for this awesome gift. We truly have a good set of people running this league and I feel this is proof of it. Yes I got James Neal. My fiancé is a diehard Flames fan and I take every opportunity to bring up the Lucic - Neal trade. And a jersey was a great way to dig the knife in deeper
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    Was Portal Practice Facility a Mistake?

    I do think we really ought to work on getting more information onto the Portal in terms of 'guides', the rulebook, staff list, etc - and directing people to that info when they create a player. I think it could be a far better and more manageable host of that type of stuff than the current setup (basically a bunch of scattered forum threads). Now I don't know how much that will help with what is described in OP, but I would say that my rationale for putting it through the portal was much less about the added convenience for players and more about getting one of the most standard and frequently claimed TPE activities out of the update queue.
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    On Monday we will be unveiling the newest member of the Oilman Sports Agency. It’ll come down to a strapping young defenseman or a tall thin netmimder. Follow this account for the big reveal. And VHLM GMs can slide into my DMs with their pitches
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    S70 WJC Team Rankings

    Hello there everyone and welcome back to VSN content! This time we will be looking at WJC, teams and how they stack up to each other. S70 is going to be exciting so let's not waste much more time and get straight to question at hand - who are the strongest teams this season! 1. Europe Last season we said that Europe was our favourites even without star-power and look at how the tables have turned this time. Europe is filled with talent on both offence and defence and now is eager to go and win it all this season. Strength - Defence With guys like Omdahl, Jokinen, Davis and Clarke you are expected to be a true contender. Arguably the best blue line squad this WJC. They have an amazing group of active and youthful VHL players and stars of VHLM. Omdahl, Jokinen and Clarke are playing quality ice time on each of their respective teams and are proving to be important pieces for their teams with well-developed skill set. Roque Davis on the hand is completely destroying his opposition in VHLM. Weakness - Goaltending With the quality forward depth, we are looking at one key position that Europe is truly lacking. Goaltending is a huge problem for Team Europe as there just isn’t any high potential European goaltenders to pick out and for that reason team, Europe will have to go with Isak Sjostrom who, while being a quality goaltender in VHLM will have to struggle against high calibre offence that you will see in WJC. 2. United States of America Outside of Europe, there are few teams that look to be strong enough to challenge Europe. One of them is the USA team that has a well-rounded roster and a true urge to win. Strength - Goaltending Could you even ask for a better situation in terms of goaltending? USA Team has 2 high potential goaltenders that will be leading their team. Samuel Ross and Stone Wolski. Both players have been proving that they can handle minutes easily - Samuel Ross is a backbone of struggling Davos team that will manage to get wins based on his performance and Stone Wolski, the best goaltender in VHLM this season. Weakness - Centre depth United States team will be having tough time competing against teams that have top of the line talent taking faceoffs as with Nate Wright and Alex Bridges being their best centremen they are certainly not in the worst situation ever, they are however not having the best skillset for what you would want from your first and second line centremen. 3. World World, World, World…. Sitting at the third spot is a team that has an interesting roster with quality players on the first line and no real high-quality depth. Will the likes of Encarnacion and Petrovic be enough to combat other stars or will World crumble to the ground? Strength - Top Talent Encarnacion, Petrovic, Risteneen and Dawson. Four amazing players that have the ability to carry a team. All players in this group and well balanced and have a great skill set that can be used in the right system to get wins and combat any threats on the defensive end. All they have to do is get every other player on board and lead them on to the ice with confidence. Weakness - Goaltending and Depth Both are extremely important weaknesses for Team World as in both cases you see players that would do well in VHLM but not good enough in a competition where the stakes and player abilities are just out of their league. They do have some gems like Aleelee Kiak with an amazing scoring ability that no one else has on this team so who knows, maybe it is not really their weakness nut their hidden strength? 4. Asia Asia was a surprise last season for almost everyone and they should be highly congratulated for their success. That said, we don’t think they really have the ability to be that productive and magnificent this season. Strength - Forwards The one thing that could be considered fine with team Asia has to be forward core. Yes, it is still not really good by any means, but at least they have some depth and few high potential talents on the team. The issue is that other teams just have better rosters overall and even though their forwards are having skills and will potentially become something to cherish in VHL, right now we can't expect them to be the team that everyone will fear. Weakness - Goaltending A VHLM level backup as their starter. Yes, Team Asia brought to WJC a VHLM Level backup. Nothing against Bennet Dahl who is their best goaltender but all we should do is wish his luck. 5.Canada Canada, country that made hockey famous and doesn’t have the talent to support it. Strength - Goaltending Much can be said about Canada’s roster but for me - Lafontaine is a key reason they might steal a win or two against other teams. A brilliant goaltender with the ability to be a true number one on a VHL team. Even back-up in Jaxx Hextall looks better than some other starters in this tournament. Weakness - Everything else Yes, you might look at this and say that Team Canada could still be a good team but for me, it is not the case as in both situations for forwards and defencemen as even though we see very well balanced skillsets for all their players, they don’t really have a true offensive and defensive superpowers - what Canada has instead is a mediocre team that could under the right zodiac sign win something. And that will be it for this one, tell us your thoughts in the comments and lets get ready for the championship! People mentioned: @SlapshotDragon, @ROOKIE745 , @Nothing but goals, @Grant, @Tagger, @Maasa, @Tyler, @Kendrick, @73MPL4R, @Alex Bridge, @Brrbisbrr, @DollarAndADream, @Austin2997, @zepheter, @Ahma, @Will and @Josh
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    12 days of Christmas update

    Was hoping to see photos of this bad boy. Glad you like it and major kudos to @MMFLEX for the gesture. He easily could have dropped to a lower tier and still gotten something for himself but instead he instructed us to send his grand prize to you.
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    What about if there was a link/button/tool-tip popup doohickey on the update player page, that directed you to the forum post that talks about how to earn TPE. Assuming that post is in good shape and is clearly written.
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    Las Vegas Aces Press Conference

    1. How do you feel about the signing of new AGM, @Viperxhawks19? I like him. He seems to care about his players. 2. How do you feel the team is doing so far this year? As expected. 3. van Stronk is doing great this year! What are your thoughts on his performance? He is a great player. 4. Who needs to step up in the locker room and get everyone going? Everyone in the team. 5. Who, out of anyone on our team, will most likely hit 72 points first? Stronk 6. Do you think that the team chemistry is there this year? Don't know.
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    Well, if they aren't going to use the forum anyway, keep the button so they can at least get 2 a week. That is only if they don't use the forum. Maybe we should make it so that if you're over 100 TPE, you can use the button, and if you're under 100 TPE, the button will link you to the forum page. Interesting take, indeed.
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    Yeah the argument that we have users that only use the Portal and treat it like an App, especially now that I believe we have mobile stuff is pretty much my take. I think it's a good thing too. Instead of pushing people to use forums (which despite my love for them are an outdated way for the "kids" to communicate) we should be pushing more to the Portal/App. The idea that we would have some users who are less community driven/focused but treat it more like a game and will do bare minimum or a bit extra while logging in weekly to update their player is absolutely fine. It'll never be the bulk of all users, and we still have enough community leaders and drivers keeping the forum going. Obviously you want to cross promote and encourage people to engage everywhere, but there is nothing wrong with differing levels of user tiers when it comes to activity and engagement with the site.
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    5 weeks in and no profile of Davis or Jass
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    GM 220: Ottawa Lynx vs. Las Vegas Aces

    This is also me, with an exception to the 6 point game i had not long ago, any time the team puts up 6+ i look at my stat sheet like 0 points, 4 PIM, -2. Ok...what was i doing this game?
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    Mexico City Kings Press Conference

    1. Currently we're on a 4 win streak, what have you been doing to help this win streak? Scoring, that's what Shush Does. 2. Who do you think is the most underrated on the team? Shush Nyko, he is the best player. It's actually probably Dylan Carpenter tho. 3. Mississauga is moving up on us, how can we keep them at bay? Shush Nyko needs to score more, that is how we would do it. We are already on a good run, so hopefully it stays. 4. There's been a lot of talk about expansion lately. Where would you like to see a team? Newfoundland CA, would be an awesome spot. 5. Are there any moves you think management should make coming up at the trade deadline? No, let's make a run. 6. In more somber news, Saskatoon's GM passed away IRL. Did you have any interactions or memories of Elmebeck you'd like to share? I didn't know him, but that is tough for any involved. Hopefully everyone is ok.
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    VHL Bot

    [S70] (S71) LW - Chip chiperson

    Chip chiperson has accepted Las Vegas's offer.
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    VHL Bot

    [S70] (S71) LW - Chip chiperson

    The Las Vegas Aces have made a waivers offer to Chip chiperson.
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    Mexico City Kings Press Conference

    1. Currently we're on a 4 win streak, what have you been doing to help this win streak? Now it's a 6 game streak, I've had a lower GAA and the team has been scoring a bunch. I've been making more saves when i have to and thats really helped the team out 2. Who do you think is the most underrated on the team? Someone like Crush Cile or Dylan Carpenter who is just an absolute puck magnet. as a goaltender players who block shots are my best friends 3. Mississauga is moving up on us, how can we keep them at bay? We could lose every game from here on out and mississauga wouldn't pass us. I don't really see the as much of a threat, there is a 19 point gap between us and as long as we keep winning like we have then that number is going to grow. 4. There's been a lot of talk about expansion lately. Where would you like to see a team? Personally a team a little closer to home, anywhere in France would be a good choice and i have plenty of good memories playing there when i was younger. 5. Are there any moves you think management should make coming up at the trade deadline? Not particularly, we seemed to have shored up our defense problem and we have some good recent success. Maybe if management can work some magic and get us someone amazing for cheap but that doesn't happen often. 6. In more somber news, Saskatoon's GM passed away IRL. Did you have any interactions or memories of Elmebeck you'd like to share? I did not know Elmebeck personally but from the accounts of people that did know him he seemed like an amazing fellow.
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    Mexico City Kings Press Conference

    1.The whole team is working together right now and we’re getting results nothin else to it 2.Me. 3.just keep playin the way we are we’ll be set for playoffs 4. Maybe the artic? Or antartic! That’d be pretty cool I’d play there. 5. I don’t really think about those kind of moves. I just get payed to play 6.Oh shit.. I’m not sure I knew the lad. If anyone on this site was actually close to him I’m sorry for your loss.
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    1. Have you ever seen a ghost? Be specific. NOPE 2. What's your favorite movie you saw last year? Avengers Endgame 3. Who would win in a VHLM Martial Arts Tournament? Scott Sharmin -- dont want to cross that guy 4. Cats or Dogs? And why? Dogs, they wont eat you when you die 5. If you had to rename the Hounds to something else, what would it be? The Mississauga (Spelling) Bees 6. What's the first thing you would buy in real-life with your contract money? My freedom from student debt, then season Caps tickets for life
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    First-Generation Bonus

    +10 Zyrok
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    Helsinki Titans Press Conference

    1- It was getting dicey but we have returned to winning 2- I am pleased but need to work on my plus minus 3- going into each game believing we are the better team 4- Borwinn 5- erik sunmers going for the rookie award 6- continue to draft well
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    Mississauga Hounds Press Conference

    1. Have you ever seen a ghost? Be specific. I was once riding a bicycle down my street. I was maybe ten years old or so. I witnessed what seemed to be a gush of air push me off my current path which was leading straight into a telephone pole. 2. What's your favorite movie you saw last year? If it has to be a movie the debut last year, it was Rise of Skywalker. If it was any year that it was made. I go with my favorite movie. The one I can watch over and over Jurassic Park 3. Who would win in a VHLM Martial Arts Tournament? @GlowyGoat 4. Cats or Dogs? And why? Dogs, They have been and will be my best friends in life. They seems to understand my moods and know when I need a nudge or a wet slobber kiss. 5. If you had to rename the Hounds to something else, what would it be? Blustav's Bargain Bin Emporium. 6. What's the first thing you would buy in real-life with your contract money? Some of those fine Puppers beers from Letter Kenny. They seem like they would go down great with some chicken wings.
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    Miami Munich Hawaii Hawaii I'll just put these here and hide the other one I made until @Banackock approves relocation request
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    Imagining A 32-Team VHL

    imagine how long the lockout should be to be only at S150 by that time
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    Imagining A 32-Team VHL

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    Jub pc

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    Valentino [2/2]

    Review: Doesn't look bad. I think it is hard to make a graphic with the player in that position. I think your text would look even better if it were larger with an outline or something. I like the background. Good job, keep at it.
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    Valentino [2/2]

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    Saskatoon Wild press conference

    New season! New presser! (sorry about being a bit late) 1. Who do you think will lead Saskatoon in points at the middle mark of the season? 2. How do you think we will finish in the regular season standings? A playoff spot, how high? 3. What do you think about the trades this off-season? 4. Happy with your own off-season and development for this upcoming one? 5. Anyone on the team you're particularly excited to play with this season? 6. What are the expectations you have on yourself this season?
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    VHL Bot

    HOU/SSK; S70

    Saskatoon receives: Blake Bridges Ethan Magee Lucas Crofford S72 HOU 1st Houston receives: Kristopher McDagg This trade has been accepted by all parties and is pending league approval.
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    Forgot about this gem
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    Saskatoon Wild press conference

    Week ending 19th of January, the glorious year of 2020. What an amazing season we had, and to be honest I don't think we look particularly bad right now despite losing quite a lot of the high-TPA core from last season. I'm pretty optimistic we will reach the playoffs and hopefully do well again, but it certainly wont be the blow-out season that last one was. So, a new, fresh press conference before the season starts for real. 1. I believe we drafted decently for having so late picks, what could we have done better, and am I correct in my assessment above that we probably will do decent... or even well, this season too? 2. Were you drafted to VHL this draft but still with us, then are you happy with where you ended up? If new to the league and not yet in the VHL draft, any specific location other than New York you'd want to end up in at the end of this season? 3. I will be looking to get an AGM in a few weeks (I just want to stand on solid ground first before initiating that process); would you want to step up to that role or have anyone you'd recommend me to take on? 4. Actually, I have been talking us up a bit; PREDICTIONS: How will we place in the league and/or the playoffs, like honestly. 5. Tell me in MORE than three words how your off-season has been (and do take inspiration from Marcus Grönholm if you need to (I adore him) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr-PISRQfpI 6. What are your goals and/or expectations for your player this season?
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    Saskatoon Wild press conference

    Week ending January 12th It's getting colder... good thing we can warm with the finals. 1. By the time you answer this we may have either won or lost the finals. How do you think we did over the playoff? 2. Peace will be moving on to Toronto, is he set up for immediate success there and/or how do you believe he will do? 3. When Peace leaves I will probably apply for the GM-ship here, if you're staying down would you be happy with that? 4. Who are some members that deserve GM jobs in the league? VHLM or VHL. (cheekily assuming I do) 5. How do you think as a team we can improve for next season? 6. The VHL's first annual christmas charity drive was a resounding success, with the league members meeting our donation goal within a few hours. Have you claimed your free doubles week yet? (Everybody gets one, regardless of donating or not)
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    Saskatoon Wild press conference

    Week ending January 5th, 2020 Happy new year, happy playoffs! 1. Was sweeping Yukon expected? 2. Any thoughts on the next round for us? 3. Surprised by either the VHLM or VHL playoff results so far? 4. If you are aware, involved or affected by the Calgary drama, any comments? 5. VHLM only has 11 teams now, let's say we could add a 12th to keep numbers even - where would it be situated and what would its name be? 6. Did you have a good holiday break? 7. Any presents of note - given or received? 8. Do you scoff at the sales between Christmas and New Years or do you splurge in the "sales"? 9. Plans for New Years? 10. Resolutions for New Years? Edit: 11. Have you broken your resolutions yet?
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    Saskatoon Wild press conference

    Week ending December 29th Happy Winter Solstice and Happy Holidays! What a BEAST of a season! Now some rest over the holidays until the playoffs start off at the 27th. But a quick presser in between. 1. How about this amazing season? 2. What are your thoughts about this season's team? 3. How do you feel about your contribution during the season, on and off ice? 4. We can't make a "Tampa Bay", right? 5. Predictions for the playoffs? 6. HOW about this amazing season? 7. What are you wishing for/got for Christmas that would make/made you happy? 8. How are you spending the days between Xmas and New Years? 9. I will ask you about New Years resolutions next week, have you started pondering about that or is that just humbug? 10. Will we be the Champions, my friend?
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    The Life Of George [2/2]

    Everyone has seen Star Wars at this point
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    Saskatoon Wild: Team Info

    INFORMATION Team: Saskatoon Wild General Manager: @Dtayl Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Nickname: The City of Bridges Population: 260,900 Arena: SaskTel Centre Seating Capacity: 15,195 Logo: Jerseys: (HOME) (AWAY) (ALTERNATE)
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