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  1. Higgins

    GM 2: Titans vs. Meute

    resim - missing one of our better forwards here Shawnathan Gretzky
  2. Higgins

    15,000 post party!!!

    remember these? if you joined the vhl at season 60 or more recently you're the real mvps everyone else is a bum 🐘 πŸ•ΊπŸΎ
  3. Higgins

    Chat On Trade Block!?!? - Declines Seattle's Offer?

    Look at all the fake news above this post @eaglesfan036 Meow
  4. added hockey league commissioner to my resume and i went from 1 interview every 2 weeks to 3 interviews a day 😎❀️

    1. Banackock
    2. Beketov


      Well if you ever need references you've got plenty of options here.

  5. Higgins

    GM 7: Vegas vs. Ottawa

    SUMMARY Like this post if you want me to rig a win for Ottawa