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  1. Higgins

    S61 Regular Season Index

    I didn't get any emails from you
  2. Higgins

    (S62) RW - Anssi Koivuhaka, TPE: 30

    VHL sim uses real age though
  3. Higgins

    S61 Regular Season Index

    I forgot the 1
  4. Higgins


    It doesn't matter at all lol. I just want to join in and make my own fake outrage and pretend I'm offended in some way since I was tagged here
  5. Higgins


    Imagine not being able to beat Seattle so u get mad and track who they play their back up against 😂😂
  6. sleep, work, walk to university for wifi, sim, repeat

    1. BluObieZ


      Pretty sad. Mine's Work 17hrs, sleep repeat 5 days a week

    2. Exlaxchronicles


      Livin the dream boys.

  7. Higgins

    VHL Monthly Lottery; June Draw - WINNERS HERE

    I WON!! Shephard gonna break the TPE record now boys
  8. Higgins

    GM 167: Bears vs. Titans

    Highlight of Jack Shephards career 🍝
  9. Higgins

    World Cup Bracket: The Finals

    Higgins 1. England 2. France 3. Belgium 4. Croatia
  10. Higgins

    D - Paolo Nano (SASK)

    choose one of the offers you get in here
  11. Higgins

    John Tavares is a MAPLE LEAF

    All these years of no good free agents to Toronto and it's just been old guys or overpaid 4th liners. Now they bringing in big bois every off-season
  12. Higgins

    Keepin' Up With The VHLM -- Wild

    The simulation is due to break soon
  13. Higgins

    Practice Facility (July 2nd - July 8th)

    El Shepo