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  1. Higgins

    Fury was robbed thread

    Mexican judge ❌
  2. Higgins

    The "Help Jardy Buy a Laptop" Thread

    One cannabis cigarette put him in the ground RIP
  3. Higgins

    The "Help Jardy Buy a Laptop" Thread

    He’s dead. I saw him.
  4. Higgins

    Higgins shoutout

    Why do I have so many notifications oh cool, thank you !
  5. Higgins

    This league is dead inside

  6. Hey

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    2. Stoffiday


      Hows it going? :D

    3. Devise
    4. pennypenny


      Heeey :)


      Tbh: ur really cute, and I see u around school a lot. We should talk more!!!


      rate 6/10

  7. Higgins

    [S63] Player Store and Balances

    Player Name: Jack Shephard VHL Team: Riga Cash you have: 22m Purchase Name: Jagr 6m (use in highest attribute) and Old Not Forgotten 10m Cost of Purchase: 16m Cash Left: 6m @Will thanks friends
  8. Higgins

    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

    Rich enough for me
  9. Higgins

    [TC] S63 - Riga Reign

  10. Higgins

    Jack Shephard -> RIG

  11. Higgins

    Jack Shephard -> RIG

    This is the first VHL team I played for back in S24 😱
  12. Higgins

    Sergei Komarov -> QUE

  13. Even free agency is run by bots, lame

    1. hedgehog337


      soon bots gonna GM too


      the bot takeover OTW

    2. Quik


      Sign with Helsinki, and you too can take part in the Aqua Black Velvet Aerobics training camp



  14. Please vote for the one. #4. James Faraday #8. Black Velvet #15. Jacob #16. Mitch Higgins #23. Jack Shephard #42. Tuomas Tukio ✌🏼️