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  1. Thanks for the refresh and it’s accurate. STZ was the heart of Helsinki in the 30’s. The likeable guys era for the Titans. Kind of surprised he was the only 1st gen to go 1st overall for 33 seasons until S63 🤯
  2. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

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      What a great song

    3. Doomsday


      Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

  3. Change my name to Big Poppa
  4. Can I claim 1 just because you tagged me and got my hopes up for no reason
  5. Breaking News: Blacker Velvet is heading back to Las Vegas for his senior VHLM season

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      I thought I had more TPE I’m bad

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      Sign a contract you hoser

  6. Yeah theres probably a bunch of missed jobs on peoples HOF articles. I just looked at mine and VHLM Commish and Grader weren’t included. Still cool general stats. I’d like to see all the HOF VHL GMs records and seasons compiled someday
  7. We should be able to link portal player pages like we can tag member names. Something like @Ethan Osborne or !Ethan Osborne to trigger the link would be cool

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      Would also be cool if we could link portal player pages and have that tag the member as well. It would be a minor change but it would make writing a lot cleaner.

  8. The son of legendary 5 time cup champion Black Velvet has kept a low profile so far into his professional hockey career. Much unlike his father who at Blacker's age already won his 1st championship and released 2 hip hop singles that chartered in Canada Hot 100. The Velvet family name is forever celebrated in Toronto, remembered in Calgary, and thanked in Helsinki. The average hockey fan has no idea Black Velvets son has been drafted and is playing professional hockey. Blacker was selected 19th overall by Davos in last seasons entry draft and has played the past 2 seasons with Las Vegas in the minors. Easy information for anyone to access to the VHL stat portal, but what might not be obvious is that Blacker never signed an Entry level contract with the team that drafted him. There was no arbitration case, no contract signed, and no training camp for Blacker who reported to Las Vegas and played the season under the radar. Blacker may live in the shadow of his Hall of fame father, but for the first time we are hearing that Blacker Velvet is interested in joining the league his father dominated - the VHL. And he wants a 7 season contract. Unprecedented in league history - the longest contract in league history is 5 seasons. Will any general managers take a chance on the young Velvet for 7 years?