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  1. Higgins

    [S63] Player Store and Balances

    Player Name: Jack Shephard VHL Team: Riga Cash you have: 22m Purchase Name: Jagr 6m (use in highest attribute) and Old Not Forgotten 10m Cost of Purchase: 16m Cash Left: 6m @Will thanks friends
  2. Higgins

    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

    Rich enough for me
  3. Higgins

    [TC] S63 - Riga Reign

  4. Higgins

    Jack Shephard -> RIG

  5. Higgins

    Jack Shephard -> RIG

    This is the first VHL team I played for back in S24 😱
  6. Higgins

    Sergei Komarov -> QUE

  7. Even free agency is run by bots, lame

    1. hedgehog337


      soon bots gonna GM too


      the bot takeover OTW

    2. Quik


      Sign with Helsinki, and you too can take part in the Aqua Black Velvet Aerobics training camp



  8. Please vote for the one. #4. James Faraday #8. Black Velvet #15. Jacob #16. Mitch Higgins #23. Jack Shephard #42. Tuomas Tukio ✌🏼️
  9. What teams are looking for a center that are trying to win a cup? 🤔🤔 it's not legal for me to sign with Helsinki because they traded me less than a season ago 😥

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Victor


      Wait when did the traded FA rule become a thing?

    3. Higgins


      back to helsinki pt. 2 ???

    4. Quik


      I thought it was a rule, but if not, come on home!

  10. Higgins

    DAV/SEA: S63

    Is it just me or is the bot-ization of trade threads seems weird? Takes away a bit of the personality of the league. Maybe it's just me
  11. Higgins

    Team USA Roster S62

    Let's go
  12. Higgins

    Free Agent Cookout

    For my final season in the VHL I will be a free agent! Should I play for the first team that ever drafted me? The team I have the most connection with? A team I've never had a player on before? The team I played my first VHL game with? the end.
  13. Higgins

    HSK/TOR ; S62 Off-Season

    I always get exited when I see a Helsinki trade even though I have no connection to the squad
  14. Higgins

    Finals GM 3: Halifax 21st vs. Ottawa Lynx

    So the lines are okay?