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  1. remember when we created a double player Titans dynasty 😉

    1. Trifecta


      Remember when Boubabi wasn't a dick and you played me 65 games every other season? @Higgins

    2. Higgins


      Boys got fined a draft pick for that shenanigans 

  2. 1 year anniversary of @JardyB10 final VHL sighting.

  3. Jk hey I’m new
  4. 2011 me would have clicked that link . NOT TODAY
  5. weird how the kitchen salesman hasn’t been around the VHL in quite some time now...

    1. Beketov


      A major loss for the league’s activity.

  6. Would have been nice to have this when @Victor was doing it in Davos
  7. My god I thought he forced retired 3 seasons ago this is a total shock
  8. Player Name: N/A Date of Leave: JAN.19 Reason for Leave (Brief): Traveling Expected Return (If Known): 2020
  9. But you put Tukio behind stupid Labatte based on playoff statistic. Because there no reason otherwise .... Your list SUCKS. My goalie is the BEST EVER.
  10. Whoa. February 2017 was a strange time.
  11. 1st season starts without a player since S21, cheers! Have a safe night.

    1. eaglesfan036


      Then make a player you scrub

  12. A blue hat Box of chocolate turtles Mem cup ticket Dinner with @Stoffiday wife
  13. LMAO LOOK AT THIS GUY WITH "EXECUTITIVE ADMIN" thanks for for the chuckle!
  14. If this guy is GM I will make a new player and make vague articles about how my player will only play for a certain team or retire