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  1. Anyone need unbanned? Give me a call - and remember you don’t pay unless WE WIN.

    1. Tate


      What we need is a fully active Higgins making another HOF player, let’s see it happen, and we all win!

    2. gorlab


      Higgins I DARE you not to make a player and be active again. 

  2. The best off-season for free agency I abandoned a team for free agency that just won 3 championships in 3 seasons under a rookie contract oopsy ?
  3. Really easy to read! you’re good at this.
  4. Wow that’s really sad. I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time talking with 701 five years ago because of the VHL and we would still randomly message each other since then. Rest in peace buddy.
  5. Thank you for recognizing my free agent status