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  1. Higgins

    S62 Regular Season Index

    This kind of info in this thread guarantees it gets completed by first sim Thank you
  2. Higgins

    S62 Regular Season Index

    Not updated yet. Will be tomorrow before regular season starts this is pre season games
  3. Higgins

    S62 Regular Season Index

    Attributes will be uploaded from the vhlportal website. Roster and players moves need fixing is all.
  4. Higgins

    PS GM 3: Oslo vs. Yukon

    It's actually not a long flight for the one Euro team in the VHLM as the Oslo crew come to Yukon, they just fly over the arctic circle and land on the hardened tundra.
  5. Higgins

    PS GM 2: Saskatoon vs. Ottawa

    The prairie boys head to the nations capital to kick up some dust and it doesn't settle. It's TIME -Bruce Buffer.
  6. Higgins

    PS GM 1: Halifax vs. Las Vegas

    Halifax hits the road to Las Vegas for pre-season hockey to prepare for their franchise opener tomorrow.
  7. Higgins

    S62 Regular Season Index

    INDEX GMs can check for any roster errors in the Index and exhibition games and post them here for me to fix, otherwise you are free to send in lines. GMs can use the client file to create lines and then send lines to vhlsim@outlook.com
  8. like for vhlm games to start

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Higgins


      cya on the weekend, VHLM

    3. Enorama


      f to pay respects

    4. tfong


      Hurry up!

  9. Higgins

    A new GM spreadsheet I'm working on

  10. Higgins

    A new GM spreadsheet I'm working on

    And I was on that team for all 3 cups. He sucks I'm tots better!
  11. More than a couple promising ones on there//
  12. Higgins

    S61 Hall of Fame Induction

    Cornerstone GOAT
  13. Higgins

    S61 VHL Awards Ceremony

    Came in to see the most goals award in all its glory and am now extremely surprised to see something else
  14. Claim 10 points by posting. Easy. @BarzalGoat @boubabi @higgins