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  1. we need a purge - one season where every goon and goblin is unbanned and gets to resurrect one of their old players with all the TPE. Then host The Degenerate Draft where they are chosen in a draft by the VHL team.

    1. BluObieZ


      I'd like one specific guy unbanned so I can easily dispose of him. May I resurrect one of my players since... you know I'm the biggest degenerate 

  2. When the heck did sonic the hedgehog get a vhl team

    1. FacePuncher


      does this mean we get Jim Carrey?

    2. Kyle
  3. At this point it's more of an accomplishment to not make the HoF 🐸☕️
  4. Who hacked all these old accounts of dead celebrities?
  5. remember when we created a double player Titans dynasty 😉

    1. Trifecta


      Remember when Boubabi wasn't a dick and you played me 65 games every other season? @Higgins

    2. Higgins


      Boys got fined a draft pick for that shenanigans 

  6. 1 year anniversary of @JardyB10 final VHL sighting.

  7. Jk hey I’m new
  8. 2011 me would have clicked that link . NOT TODAY
  9. weird how the kitchen salesman hasn’t been around the VHL in quite some time now...

    1. Beketov


      A major loss for the league’s activity.

  10. Would have been nice to have this when @Victor was doing it in Davos
  11. My god I thought he forced retired 3 seasons ago this is a total shock
  12. Player Name: N/A Date of Leave: JAN.19 Reason for Leave (Brief): Traveling Expected Return (If Known): 2020