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  1. Woof, at least we got 3 goals against them 😬
  2. Quik


    This is dope @Goonie good job!
  3. Does the store not say to tag me? @.sniffuM
  4. Did Davos just take 3 out of 4 points against SeattLe...?
  5. Helsinki Titans Press Conference W/E March 24th Did you go out for St. Paddy's day? How did your night go? What are your thoughts on co-workers who call in "sick" the day after a drinking holiday? As we approach the halfway point of the season, how do you feel about your season thus far? What are your expectations for yourself, and your team, for the remainder of the season? If you could select one location for the VHL to expand to, where it's never been before, what would it be? Of the 17 logos currently used in the VHL and VHLM, which are your favourite, and least favourite logos? @BarzalGoat @DaftRaincloud @Quik @Jubo07 @SidTheKid87 @monkeywrench15 @Sonnet @Jtww @Hybrid1486 @Sohva @bagelbitesisbae @Joobles @Romaris @Galdoblame @Kuch9 @Lightningyamasha @BluObieZ @AndrewWarren13 @Bushito
  6. Dunno if there's a "Milk Bar" (or Momofuko) in Van, but they have a Compost Cookie, that's basically a chocolate chip cookie with salted caramel, chips, pretzels, and oats - it's actually amazing.
  7. Was going for salty cookies haha But, I would assume they add crushed potato chips to the cookie? Actually sounds pretty good lol
  8. No worries, it was my fault for not retiring the player correctly. If it helps, it actually cleared up an issue I was having, since I forgot about that player lol
  9. Goalies are part of the team... In case you missed it, we outplayed you...Shots/Hits/Goals all favoured us, plus Special Teams Thanks for playing this week's edition of: How Salty Are You?, here's your prize:
  10. *Insert @hedgehog337 self-hate here*
  11. Canmore continues to roll, Dy. Jekyl version Pepper shows up, big game for the boys to keep some momentum Side note: Bailey has not scored in 3 games with 26 shots over that span...dafuq