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    Fresco! And Phil!
  2. With a name like Jet Jaguar how can you go wrong.
  3. I mean you do realize if you read the sim output the moment to moment action that STHS designates two types of hits right? A hit, and a hit that causes a player to lose the puck. If you could explain to me how someone can hit someone and cause them to lose the puck and that isn't defense, that would be great.
  4. Should also note that @ShawnGlade was given the choice of not playing his back up the final few games to take harsher punishment, or to get as close as he could after there was an error on both his and my end. He had sent lines that I missed, but he did not go in to check for another sim after the fact. Since he was in constant communication with me after we both noticed he made the decision and knew some sort of punishment could come. He actually DID receive lesser punishment here. While it was agreed to evaluate this on a case by case basis, the rule of thumb was that if you miss the playoffs you forfeit a pick, not a minuscule amount of cap space and a rectified back up game.
  5. History in the making? Do shot blocks matter more than hits? I suppose we were due for someone to come along and say that hits aren't purely defensive but with our metrics it's really the best we got. We'll see how things shake out in award voting but yeah....looking at those three players I can tell you throughout VHL history Louth wouldn't even be nominated for the award in older seasons. If you have less than 100 hits when most good Boulet candidates got the goals/points and the 200+ hit mark you weren't even considered. Times be changing.
  6. I can totally understand people who have this experience. I'm not going to pretend that the writing hasn't changed, and it's impossible...I mean nearly impossible unless your digging for specific genre fare to find any type of popular sci-fi or fantasy these days that isn't "Marvel" inspired in writing. I don't always think that is a good thing, mostly because I don't think anybody, Thrones included, does it better than Marvel. Especially when you consider the popularity, and that so many people are either for or against that style/tone, you'd figure people would recognize the saturation and tone it down. That said I will say that I think Thrones the show earned the right to push things/wrap things up more so in the direction they have been. Part of the writing change is I don't think the creators of the show really knew how to deal with not even just losing the books as source material, but moving the story down a path that takes it slightly away from the political intrigue and war-games of before. I'm not saying if/when Martin finishes the books that we still won't see that, but I imagine it'll be around the edges of the main story. He still told them how it ends, and I think it was always clear that there was a pseudo narrative of the "smart" getting outdone by the "impossible" in this universe. The "smart" dismissed all the magical shenanigans, the undead, the whole lot for much of the early books/shows. And we all knew the undead army would fight, that Dany's dragons would meet up etc. Like these aren't just "show" things right? These are book things. If anything all their more action fantasy approach only tells me that they probably didn't know a better way to focus on other things, or that the ending of the books/show has a point that makes this approach make more sense. Or it's popular, and this is what people do with popular things and that's fine but it's not for everyone. Any number of those things lol. Anyway to talk about tonight's episode. I thought it was good, they have pretty much gotten far past the idea that every character is important though. Cersei didn't show up at all this week and I think that could be a theme if they decide to make the big battle more than one episode, something they've yet to do and I believe will happen. Little one off things like Ghost reuiniting was shown in a background scene, Gilly in a throwaway scene or two. I also very much get the vibe that everyone in the Crypts is either dead or someone infiltrated them to turn them undead. The episode mentioned the Crypts being safe like...a hundred times it felt like. Plus Bran warned "plot" characters not to get to the Crypt, furthering expectation that something is up with the Crypt. I loved the scene where the entire group of rag-tag string alongs were sitting discussing how crazy it is they all made it to this point despite weaknesses/different journey's. If any of those characters was remotely self aware they may just connect the dots that Bran constantly says he's not Bran, and he knows everything. And every single one of them owes their reason for being there to "timely" moments, almost as if...someone is putting all the pieces together so certain people can be at a certain spot for one reason. And when someone kills one of those pieces (like Jon) they magically come back to life. The show portraying all these characters as if they think it's just random dumb luck that they are here can work for me only if we get a scene where Bran just monologues explaining all he knows/has done and they all go "fuck we are stupid, god damn magic." We did find out the thing Bran "doesn't" know however, which is he Night King stuff connected to Bran, so unless Bran himself was lying about not knowing that throws a wrinkle on things. Serious question, what is the over/under on the show ending with some sort of deus ex machina or equivalent? I long thought that it was an inevitably for it to wrap up that way, unless Martin planned on just brings all these pivotal characters to the end and make it look like some grand thing only to kill all of them off and have the Night King win. That'd be more in line with what Thrones reputation is. A lot of this episode even as the army showed up in the end absolutely had a movie Lord of the Rings feel though.
  7. Honestly I'm so disconnected from the VHLM (and always have been, even when I have players there) that I couldn't even tell you who plays for who. So I'm looking forward to simming and not paying attention to the results.
  8. To answer only the why question re the live sims, Games 5/6 were done after Beketov (our other simmer) had to go away on holidays and I also had to do VHLM. I wound up getting busy and since my office is next to someone who sleeps at certain hours, I was not in a position to be able to live sim them. I initially didn't think it'd be a big deal (and it shouldn't be) after HSK won game 5, because realistically speaking nobody would be claiming that it was rigged if HSK won in 6. It is why I absolutely confirmed to a livesim for Game 7, because I knew that in any event TOR won this would come.
  9. In before whomever lands Thompson wins it all next season and then @Beketov is accused of it.
  10. Yes actually that is how it started. And the idea is to return to conferences again next season. NA and Europe.
  11. Literally live sim 5 of 7 games (was intending on doing all 7, but had to get sims done when I did/circumtance) and still people think something is fishy? There is no extra inside knowledge of how the sim operates. Not more than any of the other GM's who've been here just as long as me. Also I'll say again, we've had GM's be simmers before tons. Will and Jardy come to mind as examples. Just so you guys are aware, the only way for someone to "rig" something in the sim would be if I deleted the game file that it outputs after I hit simulate, and then reload an older version of the index back before the game happened. Hence why when I live sim....there is literally 0% chance of foul play involved. As for simming, Beketov is taking VHL next season and me VHLM, and then we will alternate every other season due to work load. Anyway, I'm not going to get into responses about this stuff, I've talked with Bek about it before the finals even started....and we are confident in our simming team. It'd be nice if members put the salt away for half a second to see that too. But I get it, obviously it's not a conflict of interest when OTHER GM's sim...but when I do, it is. *laughs*
  12. Your good. Sorry Helsinki you guys are a good team and a good group of members. See you for the rematch next season?
  13. Still waiting on lines from Quik, but I'll actually be around to sim today. With holiday stuff going though who knows when he'll be able to get them in. Game 7 will come as soon as it can.