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  1. Yo. Remember: no all member tags after week 1 so you'll have to find your own way here 1. Which of the following players is not a current record-holder in any regular season statistic? Despite being one of the OG VHL superstars and having an award named after him, Brett Slobodzian holds no current records (mainly because most of the ones he had are held by Scotty Campbell). John Locke has the most game-winners, Alexander Valiq the most powerplay goals (as a defenceman), and Patrick Bergqvist the most assists in a single season. Also players as varied as McNeil, O'Neal, McAllister, Owens (the player, not the GM) have some records. And of course the goalies - Sandro Clegane, Astrid Moon, and Anton Nygard. More information can be obtained here: 2. TRUE/FALSE: Aeschylus Jigglejawns CXXXVIII is the longest player name in VHL history. (Credit and 1 uncapped TPE to @Elmebeck) That is FALSE, my friends, he is beaten out by two-time Continental Cup champion Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette, and even more convincingly by this guy: 2 capped TPE goes to: Corco @Corco Enorama @Enorama frescoelmo @frescoelmo Peace @Peace gorlab @gorlab diamond_ace @diamond_ace philliefan @Philliefan Matmenzinger @Matmenzinger STZ @STZ Garsh @Garsh Motzaburger @Motzaburger efiug @efiug MostTHE WAE @MostTHE WAE Nykonax @Nykonax Kekzkrieg @Kekzkrieg DMaximus @DMaximus solas @solas Barzalgoat @BarzalGoat Greg_Di @Greg_Di Beaviss @Beaviss Berocka @Berocka OrbitingDeath @OrbitingDeath bluesfan55 @bluesfan55 Kendrick @Kendrick Gaudette @Gaudette cxsquared @Cxsquared Erik Summers @Erik Summers DoktorFunk @DoktorFunk TheLastOlympian07 @TheLastOlympian07 DilIsPickle @Dil Elmebeck @Elmebeck PadStack @PadStack Spyro @Spyro Jbeezy76 @Jbeezy76 BrrbisBrr @Brrbisbrr McLovin @McLovin MMFLEX @MMFLEX Rayzor_7 @Rayzor_7 Hulkhogan @HulkHogan Tbeez99 @Tbeez99 Oilmandan @oilmandan TheFlash @TheFlash Jtv123 @Jtv123 rjfryman @rjfryman Henrikzoiderberg @HenrikZoiderberg Jubo07 @Jubo07 .sniffuM @.sniffuM Cusemode @Cusemode Antone10 @Antone10 Caboose30 @Caboose30 Advantage @Advantage BoucherFan12 @BoucherFan12 DaftRaincloud @DaftRaincloud okochastar @okochastar Danger Golding @DangerGolding zepheter @zepheter Siddhus @Siddhus Insomnia @Insomnia JeffD @JeffD TacticalHammer @TacticalHammer jRuutu @jRuutu Renomitsu @Renomitsu FrostBeard @FrostBeard Smarch @Smarch Midnite @Midnite Phil @Phil Beketov @Beketov Tape-To-Tape @Tape-to-Tape Sebster03 @Sebster03 Krice13 @Krice13 Domkey @Domkey MexicanCow123 @MexicanCow123 Dalton Wilcox @Dalton Wilcox SlapshotDragon @SlapshotDragon Tagger @Tagger Acydburn @Acydburn DirtyDerek @DirtyDerek McWolf @McWolf Legend0985 @Legend0985 KC15 @KC15 Daniel @Daniel Spaz @Spaz Little Ri-Dog @LittleRiDog nethi99 @nethi99 JDGraves @JDGraves Frank @Frank Jubis @Jubis Steve @Steve Velevra @Velevra Tate @Tate Doomsday @Doomsday Poptart @Poptart Ahma @Ahma GRZ @GRZ ColeMrtz @ColeMrtz DollarAndADream @DollarAndADream wcats @wcats ng1291 @ng1291 Mr_Hatter @Mr_Hatter BigIrish @BigIrish Anthony Matthews @Anthony Matthews KillaScrilla @KillaScrilla Grape @Grape GustavMattias @GustavMattias Zyrok @Zyrok Edustava @Edustava ROOKIE745 @ROOKIE745 Walter Fizz @Walter Fizz MostTHE WAE @MostTHE WAE Viperxhawks19 @Viperxhawks19 aye my name jeff @Aye my name jeff enigmatic @enigmatic Esso2264 @Esso2264 Telkster @Telkster studentized @studentized Weretarantula @Weretarantula Bucky___lastard @Bucky___lastard NumberJ5 @NumberJ5 fever95 @fever95 Patrik Tallinder @Patrik Tallinder animal74 @animal74 Ferda @Ferda CowboyinAmerica @CowboyinAmerica jackie4967 @Jackie4967 SDCore @SDCore Josh @Josh eaglesfan036 @eaglesfan036 Kyle @Kyle Walter Fizz @Walter Fizz Spade18 @Spade18 Bob Helminen @Bob Helminen 73MPL4R @73MPL4R DrHexDex @DrHexDex Alex Bridge @Alex Bridge Lockdown Defense @Lockdown Defense JaredN @jared Liberty_Cabbage @Liberty_Cabbage Dilly Dilly @Dilly Dilly Capsfan18 @Capsfan18 Proto @Proto omgitshim @omgitshim leafsman @leafsman kiddingsoda @kiddingsoda NyQuil @NyQuil diacope @diacope pennypenny @pennypenny Grant @Grant goldenglutes @goldenglutes sebster03 @Sebster03 flyersfan1453 @flyersfan1453 hedgehog337 @hedgehog337 Thranduil @Thranduil 1 capped TPE goes to: Nothing but goals @Nothing but goals Inflastud @inflastud cartoes @cartoes Matt Sovick @matt sovick brenden rose @btown03 - use your username please CosmicStorm @CosmicStorm Boomcheck @Boomcheck
  2. Probably not lol we've had some barnstormers. But good to see @leafsman doing bits.
  3. Does Hogan want to take any more penalties?
  4. This... inject it straight into my veins. Gritty and Hulk Hogan fight to a draw at 19:12 of 2nd period poor effort Gritty, shouldn't have pummeled that has-been
  5. Search for your last one, it'll have all your previous ones listed on the player page thanks to @Phil You just missed the cut though 😭
  6. I don't know if this was the best off-season ever btw but deffo up there.