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  1. Mikko Lahtinen beats up Codrick Past at 12:48 of 1st period Big momentum swing there
  2. most outstanding player not choke artist
  3. Vote for who you think was individually the most outstanding player in the VHL in S72. @Members
  4. Giving it some much needed publicity.
  5. Pretty solid and not talked about enough to be overrated lol.
  6. If I only had 8 players to protect in the expansion draft and you were one of them I'd expose you.
  7. And there's nothing more important in the VHL than having forwards in the right positions.
  8. With a Game 7 loss to the powerhouse Wranglers, the New York Americans have now concluded their 12th straight season without having made the Continental Cup finals. This ties a franchise record, as Hamilton and then New York went their first 12 seasons of existence without winning a playoff round (only making 2 to be fair. So it could be worse). 12 straight seasons of a finals drought put NY tied for fifth all time, 2 seasons behind a tie for third place. The Americans can take some solace that two of the teams they're tied with ended the drought emphatically with two of the biggest underdog Continental Cups wins in history: the S43 Seattle Bears and S64 Toronto Legion. The original Americans drought in the meantime ended in S13 and was followed by a maiden championship in S14. There is hope. But equally, the top 2 positions held by the most cursed franchise, Vasteras, are also increasingly within reach and the North American Conference isn't getting any less competitive. In terms of cup droughts, New York remains in fifth all time, 19 seasons now since the cup in S53. Vasteras, Davos, and Quebec hold the top 4 positions so it's not the company you want to keep really. Tick tock tick tock. All information sourced from this fine thread:
  9. No Washington and possibly no Drumm, definitely going for a dman and Walker's Malmo ties are too strong so has to be Adrienne. Also DC is gonna get fucked by expansion and the cap, RIP.