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    It has come to my attention just now that I am playing for two teams whose names start with M – the mighty Moscow Menace and the magnificent Miami Marauders. Where can I possibly take this concept? I don't know yet, I started this article without knowing what unique idea I can come up with but let's see where we can get to here, shall we? If anything, we probably have too many teams starting with M these days. Just in the VHL there's a completely unnecessary second one in Malmo, and in the VHLM? It's absolute carnage. You've got Miami and Minnesota and Mississauga and M
  2. I was admiring my profile yesterday and it came to my attention that I joined this website on September 28, 2013, meaning we are approaching 7 years of our move to this website post-DDOS attack. To celebrate this occasion, I will go through a post I can find which I made in September of each year to date and evaluate my evolution in full. Look at this lil hustler offering to solve problems right off the bat. The DDOS attack would have been the first real challenge of my commish tenure which would have been only 6 months old or so. Not quite @Beaviss's baptism of fire last year b
  3. It gives me great pleasure to introduce the captains for another glorious season of Moscow, Moscow, Moscow. With the retirement of one of our most loyal servants, Dean Clarke @Kyle, the captain's role falls to the next longest-serving skater*, Nate Telker. From an unheralded 3rd round pick in S68, Telker has won a cup with Moscow and has now grown into one of our most important players and is a captain who embodies the spirit of the Menace. Another member of that cup-winning team, Oskar Lagesson, returns as one of our assistants, while to freshen things up, the third A goes to soph
  4. Cole Newhook the PP quarterback has arrived.