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  1. Not gonna lie, it might be recent but that was historic.
  2. One of my top 3 achievements as commish. Also @gorlab wanting to catch a fade with everyone who disagreed with him in the greatest Thunderdome thread of a time.
  3. This fucking game: And Cleganebowl in the S51 finals. Oh and Oregon trail and Jardy vs llama.
  4. Thanks! You went for 4 and USA I'm afraid.
  5. Victor

    WJC Predictions

    1) Europe 2) Canada 3) USA MVP: Jack Lynch
  6. Hey the WJC is here, that's a tournament I've never participated in before! I have done a great job of ignoring most of Pavlov's games so will probably ignore these too. But extra TPE available so YES. Let's look at the teams. World: That's my team. No, that's Asia. World is the mercenaries of the WJC I think so hasn't been named yet. Fine. Asia: That's my team. Russia is mainly in Asia tbf, although most of the population is in Europe. Anyway, I love the amount of names ending in -ov here. Pavlov, Mikhailov, Kozlov, the list goes on. Can't wait to join up with Komarov and Volosenkov in the big tournament. Europe: This is like Scandinavia and Europe combined? It's got my doppelganger Codrick Past and the greatest villain of all time, Hans Gruber. Also Moscow represented by Tocco and May. Good team, probably. Canada: Always a good team. This year featuring five (5!) members from Moscow. Guess I have to support them. USA: The enemy. Enough said. Using this new found knowledge, I will now go copy someone's WJC predictions. Bye.
  7. A couple of Moscow announcements deep into S66. Firstly, our captains for this season: C - Mark Gebauer @Sova A - Evgeni Komarov @Gooningitup A - Dan Baillie @wcats Our original players form the core of our leadership team for the second season running, 3 players who bleed black and gold. The only change is Baillie officially getting a letter after Nano's brief stint abroad (but god does @leafsman love it here). Secondly, I have an assistant GM to announce! The man who set up our Discord, our press conference and is an important mouthpiece of the young franchise around the VHL (oh and our franchise goaltender), @FacebookFighter has earned the opportunity to be Moscow AGM. Although I don't know what his duties exactly will be yet, I look forward to working with Owen May in an official capacity.
  8. I get knocked down But I get up again You are never gonna keep me down