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  1. As long as we don’t get accused of doping the momentum is certainly with us.
  2. Good bounce back from @FacebookFighter
  3. Name inspired by @omgitshim I’m sure.
  4. Stumbled across this thread through a link somewhere else, but this actually is a decent insight into the last days of Vasteras: People were basically starting to get fed up with the same franchise making the same mistakes chasing a cup, which they did from S1 to S26 and reverted right back to doing the same in S26 (not helped by having a GM for 10 seasons who had an overly optimistic view of VHL draft depth).
  5. @Devise @Peace , anyone else from Toronto who cares, looks like you missed out on longest time from start of the season to suffer a regulation loss by 1 game. Modern day that is (since S18). Sorry not sorry. And to answer my own question, S54 Stockholm did exactly match S49 Quebec with 29 regulation wins. Quebec did go 42 games without losing in regulation though (including the 29-win streak) so that's gotta be the record.
  6. Ye fuck your streak. Think our 2 losses in the last 12 came against Seattle and NY lol. Obviously.
  7. One of the conditions of moving Quebec was keeping the logo as it’s so hawt
  8. Victor

    VHL GM Opening

    Wait who were you before?
  9. If something is the only thing of its kind I think it’s pretty unique lol
  10. Does any other league currently have a European Conference? I feel like that is unique enough and then Vasteras was just going out of the way to be even more niche for what is already niche for a NA-centric league.