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  1. Not even close sadly, just wasted everyone's time really.
  2. This is hot. Definitely not moving from one cursed city to another.
  3. Victor

    NYA/MOS: S65

    Thanks for your time @leafsman, good luck to NY. Welcome @Chase Klein and the draft picks!
  4. And a warm welcome back to COL G, you have been missed friend!
  5. Big yikes. He announced his retirement but plays out this season.
  6. The same couple weeks obviously - i.e. 8th April should be back.
  7. That would require being somehow related to @Banackock and that can not be countenanced.
  8. So with the trade deadline approaching fast, I will finally be creating my GM player for Moscow soon. Everything is set in stone – it'll be a center for some great 1-2 punch down the middle with Mark Gebauer, it'll be a S67 player so will join hopefully a Menace on the up, and it will be a Moscow-born Russian player because well it just makes sense. I've ended up coming up with two names which I like equally: Vladimir Pavlov Viktor Orlov They're both legit Russian names, both easy to spell and pronounce, therefore tick most of my player name boxes. They would both look great in the Hall of Fame, assuming I can keep my streak of Hall of Famers going (will hopefully be made easier by the fact that Pavlov/Orlov will be my only player once Cast retires). But yeah, I really can't pick between the two so I'll just put it to a league wide poll. Whichever name wins will guaranteed be my GM player name. Your assistance is much appreciated.