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  1. I think I actually have a similar record.... we are cursed to never be 1st overall. Although the feels of being tagged in the Moscow section but not for any Moscow reason
  2. Jubo did the Helsinki legacy proud, the Titans definitely deserved more from his time there and were an absolute pain in the ass to compete against.
  3. If anything Simon gives me cups out of pity these past few years. Plus it's either me or the evil genius that is Fong so clearly this is the greater good.
  4. I've been updating the various stats and other spreadsheets around the league and surely there is enough content to get me to 500 words in all the fun little tidbits that I've picked up along the way. On the retiring S70 draftees There's been a few fine careers ending in S77 with a shout-out to Jaxx Hextall and his erstwhile teammate Chad Magnum (my old stats buddy Corco) especially, but there are two players I want to focus on – a future Hall of Famer and a guy who's just won his third Continental Cup. Mikko Lahtinen @Beketov The man who is the topic of this
  5. Helsinki, you threw everything you had at us but DA BEARZ magic is too strong in these finals. What a run by Bana. Cup #14 with franchise #10 And after all this time, a cup with @gregreg great work Seattle!
  6. I mean we all know there's only one former blue who had dumb ideas.
  7. Absolutely wonderful work team, carry me to glory you beautiful Bears. Expecting more close games this series.
  8. That hour and 5 minutes of Streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetlight >>>>>