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  1. @hedgehog337 can tell you more about Petenis but I think he was more of a goon at the start of his career (maybe). Bergqvist was definitely a fringe one, on the ballot for a long time if memory serves. But his big season was the one where he set the record for assists (still stands) so yeah that kinda works against him. Also my first ever draft pick, god damn I miss @Squinty
  2. Braxton and Jenskovic yeah.
  3. Jenskovic, Bergqvist, and Petenis, yes. Also Braxton 2 Slobos when they were MVP. But yes, pretty rare. And surprisingly far from a guarantee of a HOF spot.
  4. Rift on pace for a Shaw in a Devise-simming year 👀
  5. Victor

    HSK/VAN; S69

    Ah so this is why Helsinki won both games against us this sim.
  6. Did you talk about Chelsea
  7. the portal for anyone who retired after S61. I must have manually updated Stopko's player page after his induction but never got to Johnsson. AAR would be safe as he got banned before the move to the portal. And then we decided to induct Chouinard so yeah just Johnsson you would have got out of date numbers for.
  8. Johnsson is #1 in TPE though I am pretty sure, not sure if you're picking up his TPA at retirement instead of TPE or something. Also, look at all those triple digits back in the day. Back when 1,100 was actually an achievement... Oh and also the state of post S57 VHL smh
  9. But actually, so much has happened since I last posted anything about football here I think: - Ajax, what a run, literally one of my favourite seasons by any team ever. Like Leicester levels of happiness but even better football. - Chelsea, god bless the transfer ban for letting us actually play our academy players - Man U, lmao what are they doing - Liverpool, ffs, we're actually gonna let them win a title - Netherlands back in an international tournament, did miss them. More importantly, international tournament coming up, love an international tournament.