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    Games: 1-13

    Rasputin and Tonn top of the league #RussianInterference
  2. It's been an off-season of upheaval in Moscow. With a heavy heart we said goodbye to two iconic Moscow players in captain Nate Telker @Telkster and franchise goalie and future Hall of Famer Raymond Bernard @Mr_Hatter who both led us to the conference finals before retiring. With another former alternate captain Oskar Lagesson @fever95 becoming an unfortunate casualty of the cap following our many off-season moves, it's the end of an era in a way, as those 3 were our last links to the S70 Continental Cup win. In fact, when the dust settled on our off-season dealings, no players rema
  3. Nothing anymore haha. I think @tcookie and @Ricer13 should have dibs on next season's. Then Ledge, then back to fromtheinside and RedSus.
  4. Victor


    I know what the name means. It's a long running "thing" where Bek is very protective of it as he is either from Halifax or just Nova Scotia but several of us think that a name that needs to be explained probably isn't the best team name. I don't expect you to know that and that's why this isn't remotely an issue for me personally. But from a wider league perspective I can't just let you get on a high horse and tell me what's wrong and what's right, because while I might not be affected by it, if you keep doing that to people at some point someone is going to get very upset and/or r
  5. Well there you go @Ricer13 you've officially been retired
  6. Victor


    You must be fun at parties.
  7. Victor


    Nah he totally should change the name.
  8. We already do, gorlab just doesn't know it. Two even if you count Phil Rafter @Phil
  9. We all had a dream Lamb's rights were actually traded.
  10. Good write-up, thanks, although in the future could you please format the stats like I think you did last season (or HHH's article by RedSus this week) - just because those tables don't transfer to the portal very well.
  11. Good article again and very quick, thanks @RedSus One thing to watch out for is using 'there' instead of 'their'
  12. Gold for positive mindset tbf
  13. Don't know who needs PC TPE of our new players so tagging everyone: @Enorama @TTtheT @MexicanCow123 @Ricer13 @MSO94 @Kelsier @Beketov @Josh @Spartan @UnkemptCL4PTP @okifenoki @GrittyIsKing09 @Owen Taylor @correllvincent @BiPsen @BigZouzou @Anthony Suzuki @KingMortie @Grapes-Tophat_Clan- @Jakefufu @BrutalBoost 1. We decided to make some big moves on the first day of the off-season. Which of Kris Rice, Jacob Tonn, Ryan Schwarz, Jay Jones, and Michael Olson are you most excited to see in Moscow? 2. What will you miss the most about our esteemed S75 backup Rara Rasputin?
  14. Moscow offers: S76: $3mil S77: $1mil S78: $1mil @Jakefufu
  15. This is why DC is a distant 3rd on the expansion team pedestal.
  16. and the third got Jardy killed