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  1. 1. With the trade deadline come and gone, big-league rosters are finalized. Were there any moves you feel we could have missed out on? not sure, but I feel like there are always more moves to make. 2. The team goes out to compete on Survivor (if you've never seen it, picture a game where you compete in challenges, find your own alliances, and vote others out of the game while trying to stay in it yourself). Who's the first person you vote out? tough call. I'd vote myself if I could. Otherwise Tsujimoto, because just to annoy him. 3. The NHL is down to its final four teams!
  2. i have no clue. but can't say I remember doing a podcast with hybrid.
  3. Karpat = Kärpät, is not a city... it's the team name. Oulu is the city.
  4. 1. This week's big event in Davos land came when we traded defenseman Tyler Walker to Calgary for a good bit of future potential. What are your opinions on the move? I'm quite sad. Sad to see Walker go. He is a great player. The trade itself I can't say much, hope it turns out good for us. 2. This week is VHLE theme week! If you could make your own league, all in one specific area outside of Europe, where would it be? New Zealand. What a strange question 3. Is there any way you'd like to see me change as a GM? (Be honest, I'm very hard to offend!) Involve the players m
  5. 1. We've had some good sims, some bad sims...well, mostly some bad sims. What's a good way to keep morale up around the clubhouse? Having a laugh and good time together. Some pranks here and there. An inspiring speech. A team dinner! 2. You can drop your highest attribute to 40 in exchange for a 200-TPE bonus on your next player. Do you do this? Why or why not? Nah, I would rather be a solid part of the team for multiple players than one horrible player (defense would be 40) and one super good player. 3. Who would our team's emergency goalie be? A 50something year old
  6. why Kolari? I'm curious. Kolari has a population under 4000
  7. 1. We haven't gotten off to the best start--we're last in the European Conference (though not last in the league). Do you think sneaking into the playoffs is realistic, or is it clear that we've got another season to develop? We can definitely sneak in, but we need to get our sh*t together. Can't keep playing like this, must improve. 2. With this week came a big giant announcement--the league is restructuring its development league by adding a new tier of development to combat existing roster space issues. What's your opinion of this? Not necessarily a big fan of it. Let's see h
  8. Looks eerily similar to the old GOMHL Philadelphia Patriots logo. Knew this remind me of some other logo, I had to check. Although GOMHL is dead and the Philly team doesn't even exist anymore though.
  9. ngl, the filtered/changed/altered/censored title makes it 10 times better and funnier :D