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  1. don't know what pidif is, but files are found in the file cabinet, duh
  2. 1) Beauty contest among our squad - who is the best looking player on Bulls? We are all ugly. 2) How do you feel our newest additions Jokinen and Telker are doing on ice here with us? Telker is pretty good. I don't know how to describe Jokinen. 3) What do you think is your best skill off the ice? Professionality, leadership 4) We are lunching a Houston Bulls blues band and we need a bass player - who do you see being good at that? Me. I can play guitar, bass, drums and piano. 5) We are on pace to have the best season in our Franchise history, how do you feel about that? Houston has history!? 6) Many really good and very well known players are up for grabs in waiver market - what do you think they should know about Houston Bulls? Houston is in Texas, USA. I didn't know that before I ended up here.
  3. Ahma

    DAV/VAN; S68

    God no Helsinki sucks
  4. 1. If you would have to choose between playing Soccer or Baseball - which one would you choose? Soccer no contest 2. Who has the best fashion sense on our team, who has the most swag? Me no contest 3. Who has the worst sense of humor on our squad? Me, again. No contest, again. 4. Stiopic is closing in to be the best offensive defenceman in VHLM, what are your thoughts on having player of such a caliber as your teammate? It's great, players like him bring a lot to a team 5. How do you calm yourself after a tough 1st period on ice? Full steam all game! 6. With quite a few of our players Point-per-game and our Goals-against numbers being very low this season, do you see our offence or defence winning us games? As the wise old saying goes, offense wins games, defense wins championships. That's how it goes right?
  5. Ahma

    DAV/VAN; S68

    eagles in Davos? ooooh yeah!
  6. RIP my lizard. Always in our hearts.
  7. Player Card Template Name: Fernando Jokinen Team: Davos (Saskatoon) Player Number: 40 Render Choice: John Carlson Are you S69?: yes
  8. 1. Do you feel like you're supported in earning weekly TPE, what works well and what could work better? I'm a welfarer. And welfare works well. 2. What's your favorite point task out of all that you've tried? Any you haven't tried but would like to? Podcast. 3. With a few games under your belt now, what attributes do you plan to focus on improving? Or what kind of role are you aiming for overall (i.e. LW power forward, sniper, breakaway skater, etc)? Defense, defense and defense. Passing, PH and skatign after that. Defensive dman who is capable of passing the puck competently 4. Which NHL team do you root for and why? Habs ❤️ 5. If you have followed the VHL expansion teams, how do you think they will place at the end of the season? Will any of them, or both, manage to hit the playoffs? Havent followed. VHL needs Turku expansion team, that I would follow 6. What are your thoughts on the VHL so far? What do you like, and what don't you like? I like Davos I don't like those who don't like Davos