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  1. 1. Any plans for the offseason? Going on vacation, partying, or hitting the gym and gearing up for S71? Vacation time. Going to Italy. 2. You have to challenge one other player in the VHL to a fight. Who is it? Jim Bob. Definitely. 3. The trade deadline has come and gone, and it was very quiet, with nothing happening outside of a swap of 4th-rounders by New York and Vancouver. Was this surprising to you? Not really, unlike NHL, our trade deadline's tend to be a bit more quiet. 4. Despite playing for the worst team in the league, goaltender Samuel Ross is putting up career numbers. Why? He is simply that good. Imagine Ross a few seasons from now, he'll be a beast. 5. We'll have a ton of cap space next season. What do we spend it on? Are you looking for a big bonus, or should we try to fill it by grabbing some players? Sign some guys for sure. 6. Davos gets together to throw Matthew Materazo (@Matt_O) a retirement party. What do you bring that nobody else will? The best speech you'll ever hear from a captain.
  2. 1. What do you think about this logo concept made by @Motzaburger? Better? Worse? About the same? What's your opinion about our current logo? Worse. The current logo is majestic and we will never need a new one. 2. With Davos out of the running, which team would you like to see win the Cup the most this season? Moscow? Malmö? Not sure. 3. How do you feel about your performance as an individual player this season? Okay I guess. Way too many penalties, which I don't like. At all. 4. You can take any one member of the league who doesn't currently play for Davos and bring them to our team. Who do you choose? Threre are too many to choose. Eaglesfan, Victor, gorlab, boubabi, Will and Green just to name same. 5. Though we very likely are not expanding anytime soon, @Corco wrote an article about possible expansion team locations. If you could put a team anywhere, where would it be? Turku and Quebec!!! 6. The team goes out for a night on the town. Who gets the most hammered? Samuel probably.
  3. Finally someone gives some recognition for all the hard workers of the league! Long live DAV C!
  4. Ahma

    Ahmacast #294

    click here to listen to my voice of wisdom I talk something about something. Listen or don't listen. Up to you.
  5. 1. It was announced yesterday that Elmebeck, former GM of Saskatoon, left this world by causes that remain unannounced out of respect for his family's privacy. Did you know him, and whether or not you did, should the league be doing anything official to remember his presence? Absolutely no idea who he was. 2. I'm 2 for 2 on not winning trades. How many will it take before I successfully fleece someone? Throw out a number and we'll see who comes closest if when it happens. The odds are in your favor. So I'd say ranging from the next trade you make to your 1000th trade. Has to happen eventually. 3. We're finding a good deal less success as of late. Any thoughts on why? 4. Regardless of why we're not doing as well lately, what the hell happened in that game we beat DC 6-0? We played great hockey, everything clicked. We focused on our game, we worked harder than them. We just kept rolling. 5. What do you think our final record will be this season? 24 wins and the rest you can guess. 6. Two teams are but 7 points ahead of us in the standings: Toronto and Malmo (who actually have a decent roster--check it out here and question the meaning of sim life). Do we have a shot at catching either of them by season's end? We have a shot, obviously. We can catch them easy!
  6. what happened there clearly. I blame @GustavMattias
  7. I love Davos ❤️



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      I love being Davos GM ❤️



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      Me too! 😊

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  8. Ive been betting on NBA games, have been winning too.
  9. Bringing back Quebec City would be awesome too bad Vancouver straight up stole their logo... -_-
  10. 1. We keep beating New York and really nobody else. What's the deal with that? We are better than them, that's about it 2. Just recently I announced that I'd be bringing in @Proto as AGM, to help keep our locker room active and to teach him some stuff about running a team. Thoughts? Should I have hired someone else or did I make the right decision? If Gorlab was serious he would have been great 3. What was your first season in the VHL and what memory from that season stands out to you the most? S42 I think. I don't remember much about my first few seasons here, except I was traded to Davos by Flyersfan. Best thing that happened to in VHL = Davos 4. What's one thing you don't like about this league? Is there anything I could be doing as GM to change that and make it a more positive experience? The pension change for one is horrible. Stop hating on welfare&pension members. 5. Let's assume our top pick in this draft lands in the top four. Who would you most want to see on our team? (Keep in mind that Killinger is headed to Toronto as Peace's player) I don't even know who the draftees are 6. Who do you think will win the cup this season? HC Davos Dynamo.
  11. North American thing then. Europeans and the rest of the world rarely care about it.