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  1. 1. What does your player do during the offseason? Trains at his hometown... which happens to be Davos the same team he plays at. David trains with some of his old Swiss league teammates and friends. Some training, but most importantly he does take some time off and goes on an exotic vacation to a randomly chosen Southern European country. 2. Arvid Johansson is off to the VHLE, how did he contribute to LA's success last season? I honestly have no clue. 3. How would your player react to being in a veteran role on a new VHLE team, like Johannsson will? The horror. *wakes up from a nightmare* that was a nightmare... 4. We're training a robot to create VHL drama threads and need some thread names to feed it. Please help. Ylilauta. 5. Which player is your dream teammate? Dream teammate huh, that Alvaro Jokinen guy was a solid guy, met him few seasons back. I've been told he is a great overall dude and a teammate. 6. What other languages do you want to know/are interested in? French would be a beautiful language to learn.
  2. I don't see why we should use twitter for all that, when it can be done in the forum just the same. Which would promote forum activity. Maybe make some changes to 590's rules or something. Or make a whole different forum thread for in-character 590's. But what do I know...
  3. Twitter posts for TPE will get really spammy and pointless really fast. People saying meaningless stuff for tpe. I don't see how that'd be a good thing, and I don't like it. I run a Davos fan twitter acc and I post there when I remember and when Davos makes some moves and when something major or interesting happens. I also agree with what Beketov said.
  4. 1. Well, we've lost to Malmo. There were some good parts of our season and some bad parts--do you think it was a success overall? Success overall, but we fell short in the end. I was really hoping and wanting to win. 2. With the offseason coming up, we're not going to have quite the same cap space we had last season. What are some ideas for cap-friendly upgrades we can make? Some strange trade idk tbf 3. Out of Malmo, Warsaw, Seattle, and LA, who would you like to see win the cup? LA because it'd be fun. 4. Right now, I'm sitting outdoors and enjoying the weather, something I've done maybe three times ever but which I'm starting to enjoy much more over the past couple weeks (before it gets cold and snowy). Is there anything you've started to do differently in your own life lately? Nope. A boring answer sure, the cold truth. 5. You win the lottery--but you cannot buy anything of practical value and you have to spend the money yourself. What do you get? A new car for sure. A better PC probably. Did I misunderstood the question? I'm not quite sure what you mean by practical value. 6. The NFL is starting its schedule this week! Do you follow American football? If so, what's your favorite team? If not, which sports do you like to follow around this time of year? I could not careless. I ignore all NFL related topics and talks. I also hate seeing it sometimes pop up on my Twitter timeline. Get that awful sport out of my face, please. But I do follow many sports, Liiga is starting up real soon, football is going on and lots more.
  5. A shame though there's no Davos merch on the new shop... 3 days free shipping
  6. although I did get multiple Davos mugs (they were bad quality, fault of Spreadshirt manufacturing), a Davos hoodie and a Davos shirt from the last merch store.
  7. nope. the jersey is 100% custom made, one time limited, special edition jersey made by a Finnish jersey maker company.
  8. I myself find those guys very friendly. They are like me, mostly silent and striking a conversation ends up in a staring contest with them. I enjoy their company. -Tavau
  9. that's good to hear hahaha Poopy lived up to his name, I'd say. Poopy Peepants was poopy.
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