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  1. 1. Who do you think has been the most important player on our team? Once again its our beautiful Condor Adrienne, the dude is a machine and will eclipse the 100 point season mark again (given no stupid flukes from the Supreme Overlord). He plays an amazing 200 foot game which is so critical for the team. That's why he's our captain! 2. How do you rate your player right now, at this point of the season? Mediocre to be honest. I had one week where I was a star for the team producing for them on both sides of the rink. Then there are games it looks like I am no
  2. 1. We have a group of amazing goal-scorers on the team, do you think that lack of passing skill is hurting our team? Sadly yes.. I suck big time and don't do much. I think I should learn how to pass the puck to be honest. 2. Do you think our team needs to add anything at the trade deadline? Upgrade and send VA Kamenov to the gulag.. he sucks. He's just a Power Play specialist to be honest even though he was removed from the Power Play. Maybe that's a concern? 3. What are your thoughts on Malmo being Nr1 team in VHL currently? With me on team... maybe even thoug
  3. Very good.. we need our active new players getting action to get them hooked on the VHL. Having one of those teams not be interested in them hurts the league since the other teams may not have a spot for them. What are the rules for roster sizes? If I am correct is it just total numbers? Not sure how feasible that could be. I know in PBE we had a rule when our numbers were lower our minor league GMs had the ability for each season to create 5 bot players with 100 TPE applied to the player to fill spots (baseball needs more players than VHL/hockey for line ups). Where on
  4. So, I know a couple weeks ago I did say I was back and ready to roll especially when it came to the computer world situation that I lived in for that time. However, when I came back after that my work world had taken a turn and with work and how busy I was with it I felt so overwhelmed and exhausted that trying to come up with articles and the works that I did and had a standard for with this feature I had advised Beavis I had stepped down recently. I remember working with Beavis to try to get this setup when he approached me with the idea of this idea of prospect highlighting unde
  5. Frosty put up 12 questions. I used 6 of those 12 for 7-13 so this week I will be using the other 6 for 14-20 1. Condor Adrienne just recently received and award for being the best defensive defenceman in the league, how does his game impact our team's success? He's the best and there is a reason for it. His game keeps us in the thick of things and his defensive play helps our young netminder keep the pucks out of the net. We need more of that and I hope I too one day can be good enough to help. 2. Ray Sheilds received Dustin Funk Trophy for being the most improved
  6. I send DM on discord and applied
  7. 1. Seattle Bears have won another Continental cup, do you think this win makes them a true modern age dynasty? The Bears keep winning and winning, that to me is a modern age Dynasty. Being able to win more than once to me in a league like this is a Dynasty. How many has it been? 2. S74 Entry draft just happened and Malmo drafted a young forward Carson Walkers, do you think he fits well within our team chemistry? I am just trying to do my part for the team. Even though there been rocky periods in my tenure. I will not fight with anyone. So I trust my GM on th
  8. 1. I believe in Dawson, he can lead us to the promised land for sure. That veteran presence with our young club is what we really need the most. 2. More is better than less in my opinion. Any way for our team to be able to find some kind of adding scoring while he has time to grow with this young core is a huge presence for us. 3. Hylands is a beauty and in my opinion the league slept big time not drafting him. I wish I didn't have that personal injury as maybe I could have joined him with that kind of statement. I hope Frosty thinks I am a promising prospect. I am trying.. I really
  9. Thank you Rory... so good to be back and up and operating
  10. Hello and good day to you all! Today's episode is going to be a bit different and a bit shorter as well compared to the long, long expectations of the last few episodes I was able to produce in the past. This episode will be much shorter because let's face it... the big giant elephant in the room as soon as the production cameras got turned on. With that question being more "Where the hell were you Smitty?" That is honestly such a great and legitimate question which is what I wanted to take today's episode to address. As where I was for what 6 weeks especially just gett
  11. Welcome back dudeĀ šŸ‘€

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      It's good to be back.. next A Sit with Tit will explain the absenceĀ