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  1. 1. The tank is well and truly on, do you think we have a solid shot at that 1st overall pick? Maybe, but that is outside of my scope of paying attention. 2. We've seen Brenden Telker pick up his scoring pace ever since Hylands was traded. Do you think he's ready to make that next step to be a real force for the team? That depends... it's still Kamenov's world and everyone else is just living in it. 3. Any bold predictions for a team that is currently in the playoffs that might miss out? Nope, because why bother paying attention
  2. 1. Chris Hylands, our leading scorer and fearless leader was traded earlier this week. Any parting words for him? I thought we were friends.. we joined Malmo together... thought you would have moved me with you. I guess our friendship wasn't real huh 2. Coming back from Warsaw is Gino DiGiannantonio who is on pace to match his career-high of 35 points. What words of welcome do you have for him and will he set a new career-high for points? New guy... who this? 3. Viktor Alexei Kamenov is one of the league leaders in blocked shots. On a scale of 1
  3. 1. While we currently sit in last place in the league, we're only three points out of the playoffs. Will the Nighthawks make the post-season? When the league leader in shots blocked is on the second line and the team still loses? You cannot blame this defensive stud. That should have me in the conversation for defensive player of the year. Especially on a team like this... imagine what I could actually do on a true contender? 2. Nikolas DAndrea is still looking for his first goal of the season. When will he light the lamp? When he decides to tip in a Viktor
  4. Viktor Alexei Kamenov - Defence
  5. So yesterday would have been a good day for me to push that red button?
  6. At least I'm one of the tops in blocked shots.. Edit.. now the leader lol @Banackock
  7. You know who has more points and only 6 minutes in penalty minutes...?
  8. 1. We currently sit 10-10-1 on the season. How do you think the team is doing, and what can your expect for the rest of the season? Would the correct word be average? 10 wins and 10 losses is .500 and then a tie is meh. If your teacher graded this test it would be a D- 2. Malmo just finalized a deal where we send MJ Frostbeard and a 3rd Round Pick to Seattle for Randy Marsh and a 1st Round pick. What are your thoughts on the deal and any last parting words for Frosty? Frosty I will miss you. You believed in me and brought me here when I joked and thought you
  9. Doesn't like players with penalty minutes... Proceeds to trade for player with 40 minutes already established in PIM and less points than an older yet only 6 penalty minutes all season long but older... errmmmm
  10. 1. Season 77 is finally here! How excited are you to kick off the season against Riga? I am excited to finally play some hockey in my old age. Hopefully I do not suck the big one. If I do, retirement may be near. 2. Do you have a usual routine for being sure you are fully prepared for a new season? Wake up, drink some vodka, hang out with Vlad for a bit and then report to Malmo for training camp. 3. Is the off-season a time for you to let loose and unwind? Or more of a time for you to focus on improving for next season? I am apparentl
  11. Malmo Nighthawks Press Conference 1. With 9 selections in the S77 Draft, Malmo drafted 6 forwards and 3 blueliners. How would you grade the draft for the Nighthawks overall (A, B, C, D, F)? Is there a pick you're especially excited about? I'm just here so I do not get fined... I know nothing and I see nothing. 2. What place do you predict the Nighthawks will finish in the European Conference this season? A place between first and last and
  12. 1. The Chicago Phoenix won the Continental Cup, are you surprised by the results in the playoffs this season? I am surprised because I stay in my Malmo bubble and do not look at other teams and their rosters. So seeing a team not named Malmo win will surprise me. 2. Off-season has begun and we are right in the thick of it. How excited are you to get the new season underway? Are we getting any new players to help us outside of the draft picks? Adding in an extra piece or two could help us if they are younger keep the club moving forward 3. What is
  13. 1. The VHL Playoffs are nearing the finals, with either Moscow or Warsaw going to be the other final team to go up against Chicago. Which do you think makes it to the finals, and why? Because my good friend Mr. Putin would want to kill me if I said otherwise in the current situation I will saw Moscow 2. The Malmo Locker-room and discord has been going through lots of changes and with lots of re-works done by the new GM Hylands, what do you think of the new channel structure so far? #Ban@rory #NoMoreSafeSpace - Really since Rory invaded my safe place has gone
  14. 1. New management has come to Malmo with Frostbeard unfortunately stepping down, and his suggested GM replacement Hylands ending up getting the new job. What are your thoughts about this? Hylands is my draft year partner going all the way back to our days in Mexico. I tease the hell out of him but I am actually quite happy for him. 2. From winning the cup, to ending up outside the playoff picture, it's been a bit of a rough season for the Nighthawks this season. Did the season end up going how you thought before it started? I'm just here so I do not get fin