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  1. Riga, Latvia - Another season, another concerning start for Riga. The Reign have a perfectly-even 5-5-0 record at the moment, which for many fans might not be concerning ten games into the season. But for Riga, who have made a strong playoff push several prior seasons in a row, the hecklers are out in full force. "Davos? They don't even have a real GM. I heard he's a Satanist, or he called Halifax Satanists, or something. How'd we lost to them anyways?" one fan posted. Another sought out individual players to criticize: "lul more like apollo HACK am i right what a pointless washed up goon. i could do his job AND jerry garcia's @GustavMattias at the same time come on" While the fans expect a consistently elite winning rate week-in and week-out, the Reign players don't take their wins for granted. After all, the league is constantly evolving, and the European Conference is typically a very tight race. "Yeah, happens every season. Just need some time to figure out line chemistries and strategies -- shake the rust off, right?" said Apollo Hackett, who's now in his fifth season with the Reign, "I'm not too concerned about it. Bottom teams will sit at the top at some point in most seasons, and top teams will do the opposite. We just have to make sure the standings don't stay that way. "Beyond that, we're working with a new goalie and a few new guys up front. I'm glad to be working with Codrick [Past, now a center] from time to time - always good to see a fellow S66 classmate."
  2. Very interesting idea - I'm looking forward to seeing how far down the draft you go & your thoughts on a round 2 comparison!
  3. 6 goals? Must've been the bot goa-- β-RIG G (RIG), 17 saves from 20 shots - (0.850), 34:32 minutes Finn Davison (RIG), 15 saves from 18 shots - (0.833), L, 3-2-0, 25:28 minutes
  4. Heh-hey, I'm getting this done early on Saturday instead of 3 minutes before the end of the updating week! 1. We're off to a pretty rough start. Why are we 9th in the standings? 2. In your opinion, who's the biggest practical jokester in the league? 3. If you(r player) could have been born in any other country, where would your first pick have been? 4. What countries have the most attractive people? 5. New year (for 3 weeks now lmao), new you. What's your new year's resolution(s)? 6. I saw the boss working out the other day. Who do you think he's trying to impress? 7. A reporter recently told me that 4 different fans fainted when Patrik Tallinder made his pro debut. How is this man so handsome? 8. Of the past four or five drafts, which bust would you love to see make a comeback?
  5. S70 Donation - $20 (previous claim linked above) Already Claimed 5 Uncapped TPE Doubles Week for 1/19/2020 $1,000,000 Player Store Claiming This Week Doubles Week for 1/26/2020
  6. F - Hunter Hearst Helmsley F - Dan Wilinsky F - Phil Marleau D - Joseph McWolf D - Cinnamon Block G - Finn Davison we done 👀 👀
  7. Spooky But you won't get us that easily @GustavMattias!
  8. F - Hunter Hearst Helmsley F - Dan Wilinsky F - D - Joseph McWolf D - Cinnamon Block G - Finn Davison @Kendrick
  9. @Bushito Post is now 12.5 hrs old, SDCore missed 2nd selection and is DQ'd F - Hunter Hearst Helmsley F - Dan Wilinsky F - D - D - G - Finn Davison @Frank
  10. Bana is too cute for me to ping. My tiers of pinging are predicated on cuteness - if you're pretty cute, you don't get pinged. If you're next-level cute, you get ALL the pings from me @GustavMattias.
  11. @Kylrad @Enorama @McWolf look it happened again