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  1. 100 Helsinki Titans @ Calgary Wranglers 101 Malmo Nighthawks @ Vancouver Wolves 102 HC Davos Dynamo @ Prague Phantoms 103 Riga Reign @ Toronto Legion
  2. Ooooh Kastelic with a hatty! @xDParK with another goal this game too. Great game for us all around.
  3. Always gonna take a win over a strong team like Moscow. Gg!
  4. F - Rauno Palo @BigBallerFromDownUnder
  5. Week Ending 9/15/19 Back In Time: a S66 Redraft a boring article Orion chooses Helsinki.. but why? Lesieur Shocked By Early Round Selection Everything raw Draft night for Prague Introducing the Prague Phantoms Draft Analysis Part 3 +2 @DollarAndADream
  6. Review A relatively thorough and well-reasoned article about Seattle's likely draft selection: I like it! Since there are quite a few teams in the league, it's sometimes tempting to go big-picture and lose a lot of nuance in how you make decisions for an article (I'm definitely guilty of this); Kovalchuk notwithstanding, I agree with your overall assessment of Seattle's hierarchy of needs, and readers can easily tell how much work you put into researching Seattle. You were right in the end, too, which is always a nice resolution to an article.
  7. Review Nice job! There are always a lot of moving parts for expansion teams. I think it's easy to dig yourself into a hole of just rattling off the team a player came from + stats without any of your own interpretation, but I'm glad to see that you elected to include where you thought players would fall in the depth chart and a bit about how they where acquired/if the trade made was worth it. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!
  8. Review I'm in complete agreement with Danger here - it's nice to get snippets of GM insight on individual trades, picks, and strategy changes; it's even better to get a wholesale overview of an offseason or draft, as is the case here. I know we've talked briefly about Wilcox/Elmebeck, but it's important to see here how much rational thought went into the decision(s) to trade players away, when externally it might look like a transaction that isn't perfectly even. My only concern is that it's a bit of a wall of text - some might find it a little tough to get through completely without an intervening picture or two.
  9. Review I wish there were more articles discussing off-the-ice, non hockey-related topics like this. I think it's a quaint, funny little article that still has relevance to the VHL but isn't all about it. not me_irl. For pacing purposes, I might rephrase this: "Mental [fatigue] is trickier. Everybody has their ways to handle it - but for me, nothing works as well as taking a look at my stats in VHLportal," but this is more a personal stylistic preference on my part than a hard requirement. 55 in dog years. @Beaviss knows Beau is the best boy.
  10. Review Whoa, whoa, saying good things about @Nykonax? That's illegal! (kidding, kidding) Love the addition of chance meetings between VHLM players and following where acquaintances/friends went in the draft. Entry & Dispersal Draft Night are quintessential experiences of all VHL players, and humanizing it a little bit helps us connect all that much better - and I say this as someone who relies on numbers and basic stats more than I ought to. Good work, and welcome to the league!
  11. Review I love insight into Free Agency decisions, especially since most of the threads now are pretty bare-bones even for the most controversial/widely-anticipated FA seasons. The only comments I have on this are with regard to pacing and punctuation, e.g. "He literally turned down for the last ever “Robbie 1 2” just to stay in Helsinki. Which helps the argument for the loyalty angle." => "He literally turned down for the last ever “Robbie 1-2” just to stay in Helsinki, which helps the argument for the loyalty angle." These are ultimately minor things that can make an article a little easier to read.
  12. Review Nice little stream-of-consciousness from a GM; as I've commented on your own and Advantage's articles previously, these are usually pretty valuable insights. You had a couple of plural/singular disagreements, e.g. "maybe this has to do something with a mid-tier centers who," but I have very few complaints overall. Good work!
  13. Review I mean, this draft has you and me going in consecutive spots. A+. In reality, I'm pleased you took the time to re-examine draft picks based on positional need & TPE - I feel like many of these entries written with the same intention end up being a read-off of the TPE list from top to bottom, and oftentimes are only ten picks long - this goes through three rounds and gives pertinent reasons for each.