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  1. 1. The season ends in just a couple days, are you happy with your performance this year? Overall, no. I won't be satisfied with our performance until we start winning again, and that'll take time. Even then, we can't get complacent: we need to ensure we're constantly improving, and ensure we're treating every loss as a learning experience. And, guess what -- that means we'll be learning every week as long as we're in this league. 2. With us not owning our 1st round pick, do you still plan to give it your all in the 1st overall tournament? Yeah, why not? At the end of the day I ne
  2. 1. Since the trade last week that brought in Latrell Mitchell and Willie Dredge the Preds have gone 6-8-1. Do you feel the team has improved with that trade? I think it's hard to say. The landscape of the league is always shifting, and it's possible that we could have had a couple of games vs. backup goalies in this stretch. We'll need more time to see if it was actually a net positive (although I think it was). 2. Speaking of trades, today is trade deadline! Do you feel that Warsaw will be involved in the market or keep quiet and why? (If it is passed the deadline why or why
  3. Reno’s Dream Team: Pulling From A List Of My Former GMs W1a Julius Freeman @rjfryman – C1 Rylan Peace @Peace – W1b Elias Dahlberg @Nykonax D1 Ryan Sullivan @Advantage – D2 Alex Letang @Spartan G Kallis Kriketers @hedgehog337 The first thing you might notice is the variety of old and new heads in the league: while the likes of Nykonax, RJ, and Spartan have been around for two years or less, there’s a contingent of this team – namely Advantage and hedgehog – that feature very prominently in league history. We’ll start from the defense on up, but the criterion f
  4. (jk I listened and know I'm there as an alternate, but I have to go off of what's listed and really I just wanted to make the meme) @Spartan @fishy and heck @IamMOOSE
  5. 1. Coming off the biggest trade in team history, how do you think this team will gel with the addition of Latrell Mitchell and WIllie Dredge? Hard to say. There's always something to be said about team chemistry. I hope that Alex Bridges's function of puck sponge is no longer needed with a little more overall support across the team, but that's yet to be seen with most of our team still in development. 2. If we were to shore up a position through another deal leading up to the trade deadline, which position would it be and why? Center. We have a disproportionate number of
  6. Warsaw, Poland – After a relatively rough start to the season – including a stretch of what seemed like a dozen losses consecutively – Warsaw Predators management came in with the understanding that the team needed a fresh injection of energy. They moved the team’s fantasy and defensive star Alex Bridges and the veteran center Arthur Dayne in a blockbuster trade that, in the end, saw a total of three picks and four players move. New to Warsaw are veteran forward Willie Dredge – who’s closing in on the twilight of his career – and an up-and-coming two-way defenseman in Latrell Mitch
  7. 1. Now that we’ve gotten a good amount of games under our belt, how do you feel you’re settling in with the team (or your VHLM team)? It's been an interesting experience. I haven't been as impactful as I was hoping to be on day one, but we're a young team and I think we'll look interesting going into the future. 2. 8 of our 17 regulation losses have been by 1 goal. Where can we improve to start turning those close losses into wins? Starts and ends with possession, and I think that is best represented by defense. I can slap a puck into goal from our ice but have
  8. 1. With a few games under your belt, how do you think you player is doing? Pretty badly. I'm like... -17 on the season so far, which is probably not a great reflection on me. 2. Unfortunately we haven't had much luck on the ice, what do you think we need to do to get out of our slump? Experience. There's not a lot more to it than that. We need some time to develop because we're an incredibly young squad. This season is going to be tough because we don't have as many VHL games under our belts. 3. What do you think about the selections for our C and As? Two
  9. 1. With the draft finished, who do you think had the best draft and why? Us, of course! We drafted a ton of players that I know and love to play with, so I think we'll start to come on strong in a couple of seasons. 2. How do you think our draft went? As above! I'm optimistic that we made a number of good choices, especially provided each of them do affiliate earning. 3. Muff the madman actually did it and gave everyone huge bonuses in their contract. What do you spend your first paycheck on? I spent it on a home gym and buying some items from Denmark. I
  10. G - Jean Pierre Camus @Mrpenguin30
  11. F - Markus Nygren @HearnNation67
  12. D - Erik Killinger @Mrpenguin30
  13. F - Kris Rice Continues to be @HearnNation67's pick!