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  1. 1. What's your favorite part of the regular season? Depends on if we make it to the playoffs -- if we do make it, then my favorite part is when the regular season ends so we can get to playoff hockey. If we don't, then it's when the season starts (in fact, if we don't make it I kind of dread the end of the regular season). 2. Is water wet? If we're using it as an adjective, then yes - water has cohesive and adhesive properties, and 'wet' means covered or saturated with a liquid (e.g. water). Really, running water is loosely-held collections of H2O with hydrogen bonds keeping individual molecules close to one another, so I'd say you can call it water covered/saturated with more water. 3. What is your favorite genre of music? Right now? It's big band style pop -- Lawrence, Lake Street Dive, Melt, Couch, etc. are all great to me. 4. If you had the ability to resurrect 1 person from the dead, who would it be? Jesus, again. Can you imagine how controversial that'd be in the modern day, especially in the U.S.? People would have a fit debating whether or not he's real, he'd probably get shot by a whole lot of people, and probably wouldn't take on the image of the son of God that everyone's expecting... okay, maybe this would be a little more chaotic than I'd like. 5. Any plans for Thanksgiving? I hung out with my intern (doctor) class! We actually had a great time, though most of us did have to work. 6. When do you start getting in the Christmas spirit? After Thanksgiving. I've never been a participator in the religious aspect of the holiday, just the American commercial half, and I do not enjoy listening to Mariah Carey for 2.5-3 months straight.
  2. Yeah, I think there was some odd technical issue as it somehow saved my prior picks and posted that instead of Rasputin. Oh well. G - Em Em Flex
  3. F - Taylor Mourning D - Robin Galante Nilsson @zepheter is still up
  4. All good, thanks for making the attempt - just had a very busy/long day at work! D - Zeedayno Chara D - Robin Galante Nilsson @kelvi you're still up!
  5. 1. What is your biggest regret in life? Oof, that can be a pretty heavy topic. I think skipping a grade for me is the one that I'm willing to talk about - I wouldn't have been able to make that decision myself, but I think it affected my ability to be social with others. 2. Do you think Vanny can repeat as champs? Absolutely. I wouldn't have joined Vancouver for my eighth and final season if that weren't the case. 3. Do you think that Tyler Reinhart shoulda won MVP? Nope. Too many great, high-scoring players on Vancouver to reasonably pick an MVP from this team, especially with comparable players on other teams. 4. Have you ever played any sports and if so which are you best at. I have, not great at many of them (unless eSports back in like 2011 counts, ha). Love playing some backyard football, otherwise I was probably best as a midfielder in soccer as a kid. Baseball wasn't really my thing, and I'm certainly not tall enough to play any kind of organized basketball. 5. Do you think we're better off with the VHLE or should we have just stuck with VHLM -> VHL? I don't feel strongly about it. There's a lot of weird overlap between the E and M I think which is really impinging on M GMs' abilities to foster talent, but it does help new players from getting absolutely wiped in their first season up. 6. What's your favorite type of pet? Dogs. Sorry to the cat lovers - I'm allergic to both so it's not about that. Would love to own a mini Aussie shepherd later on in life.
  6. In a loaded free agency class like this one, even individual star forwards like former DC Dragon and Warsaw Predator Aloe Dear can get overshadowed by similarly-shiny players - after all, after the 800 TPA standpoint lots of players tend to have very similar builds. That was no exception for Dear, who found herself offered deals by a few teams (plus a $9M contract offered by D.C. - half in jest, half seriously) but without any interest from the overwhelming majority of the league. It's nothing particularly new -- especially with teams like Prague tight up against the cap and several teams not wanting to compete. Let me be upfront: my free agency destination is the Vancouver Wolves. I know that's an extremely unpopular decision, possibly burning some bridges in the process. If you want to stop reading now, you're well within your rights and I won't judge you for it. This might be my last season with a player in the league, and Aloe is my only real shot at making the Hall of Fame after Hiro Renomitsu retired nearly 60 seasons ago without so much as a mention (except by Victor - thanks ). Here's the challenge I want to issue to the VHL: let's be intentional about how we treat this upcoming season, because it's an important one for the VHL. If the Vancouver meta team is problematic, then change something about the league to prevent it from happening again (whatever 'it' is). Let's not turn up our noses at a given build as exploitative, but only enforce our distaste for the build behind closed doors when no individual player would have specific, complete control over how their player performs in the sim and plays within the rules. I don't even have 40 passing, and have never ended a season in the VHL with as much. But if these specific builds -- however you'd like to categorize them -- are going to have subjective repercussions despite statistical excellence over a build with yet-to-be characterized benefits/faults, then it's punishment based on speculation at best and misguided bias that harms the community at worst. If the Vancouver meta team is not problematic and it flounders this season, what consequences befall those that decried it? None. I make a bad free agency decision and despite making an erroneous statement, those that call the Vancouver team exploitative despite that not being the case, and only I look bad. And yeah, I get it. Sometimes we aren't logically consistent, myself included. Sometimes we are. Could this one be supported empirically on further investigation? Yes, absolutely - but it hasn't been demonstrated yet, and no action has been taken on it despite the outcry. If you want to argue 'til you're blue in the face about the end-result, fine - but apply those standards to a season where it's been given a negative mark by those that set expectations and standards. Have a discussion on it where everyone can air their concerns about these team builds, and when a decision is made, then you can apply the standard to upcoming seasons. Ultimately, the choice for me in selecting Vancouver grants me a complete team with an excellent set of forwards and a complete set of defensemen. If it also means the team has an outlandish season that results in quicker action, great - short term loss for long-term league gain. If the team is horrible, hey, that's fine too. No HoF, no individual awards, (most) everyone goes away happy as a controversial team fails. That's just the game we have to play.
  7. Hi, welcome new member whom I've never seen before! Welcome to the VHL.


    If you have any questions or concerns about how to get started, there are lots of members who are willing to help - just ask! You may want to join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/VrUxedS

    1. samx
    2. Garsh


      new name who dis?

  8. Transaction ID: 20830579509387787 Claimed This Week (Ending 11/14/2021) 5 Uncapped TPE Free Week Claiming Week Ending 11/21/2021 Doubles Week
  9. Aloe Dear - Scoring [SC]
  10. Well, Aloe's played her last game of the season with D.C – and I wish it wasn't as lopsided a series as it turned out to be against Vancouver, but it's more or less what I expected. I do think anyone that said "well you handed the cup to Vancouver" when we beat Chicago needs a little bit of a reality check, though. Sure, there are upsets in the playoffs, but give teams that placed top 3-4 in their region a little bit of credit, right? Oh – and regarding this past week's events? I'd recommend La'Wana Harris's Diversity Beyond Lip Service and Mahzarin Banaji's Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People. Both are excellent for different reasons, but I can't recommend one over the other necessarily. I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at my hospital's Grand Rounds this past Wednesday and felt it was maybe a little too coincidental with the recent infraction leading to a ban last week. Implicit bias exists in all of us and doesn't make you a bad person – refusing to acknowledge it, however, is more fraught with the potential to do a disservice to others. A willingness to have the conversation – be it from the offended party or the (intentional or inadvertent) offenders – is an important step towards normalizing discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion. It's a small one, because you still need to actively intervene to achieve cultural competency and humility, but sometimes first steps need to be small to be achievable. That's a brief soapbox moment. I won't belabor the point, as I think there are those with some lived experiences and insights that have already expressed their points of view. Make your next week a great one!
  11. no managing for me, but i'll pretend to make picks in a timely fashion
  12. 1. We have won the series against Chicago! What can you tell us about our next opponent - Vancouver Wolves? They're gonna beat us. Sucks to be from the future where things didn't go so well. 2. Lester Green has stepped up in playoffs, having most points in the team. Who needs to step up in the next series to win over Wolves? Again, we're doomed unfortunately as I come from the future. 3. 5 of the 7 games in the 1st round with Chicago ended with 1 goal difference. Do you think it's a good thing we are keeping it close or bad that we can't pull away or get it done? The latter. Vancouver was clearly superior to Chicago throughout the season - slump or otherwise, bad-natured response or otherwise - and that was obvious during the playoffs, too. 4. What kind of special power would you like? None. "Special power" means "probably going to get caught up in some weird government project," so let me stay as mundane as possible. 5. Which celebrity would you like to spend your vacation together with and why? Emilia Clarke seems like the kind of person who would be great to hang out with, but wouldn't want to do anything crazy extravagant. Let's go with her. 6. Which Guinness record would you be able to break? I like as little publicity as possible, so let's say "the fewest world records broken by a single individual," which is tied about 7 billion ways with 0.
  13. Hi friends! As you may have seen, the Malmo and Los Angeles general manager jobs were vacated with this upcoming offseason. GM is a pretty popular job, doubly so at the VHL level. For some, there's a lot of prestige behind the job title. And I get it -- being a bigwig of the major league team means being one of the faces of the league, so many of the applicants put a lot of importance in being selected. But don't get frustrated or upset if/when you aren't selected. Someone else becoming a GM over you doesn't mean you aren't a worthy candidate, or that you weren't brought up in the conversation behind closed doors, or that the league hasn't noticed all of the effort you've put into your media, graphics, press conferences, or other leadership positions. Consider the size of the league and all of the other wonderful users you've interacted with -- and then remember your friend group, with all of its awesome people, is only a fraction of the size of the site's user base. In short: radio silence isn't an insult to you or a blacklisting. Good luck and congratulations to whoever gets selected to be GMs - but for those of you who aren't - don't give up!
  14. 1. We have finished the season in 3rd NA Conference place. We won't have to play in 1st round. What will you be doing in the free time? Sleeping. I need sleep. SO badly. 2. Dragons had 3rd most goals scored in the league, where do you think D.C will rank next season, when Dood will be retired? I'm uh... a little concerned that the team will look very different next season. So let's say 9th? 3. What will be the hardest challenge to overcome in playoffs? Getting through the first series. Take it one at a time - if we screw up the first series there's no second one. 4. What is something you are really good at? Staying up for really long times per day and working lots of hours, I guess. 5. What is the best thing you can remember from your childhood? Weirdly, taking advanced classes in school. I focused a lot on being challenged academically. 6. If you had to choose different name for this league, what would it be? Nerd Digital Hockey League (NDHL).
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