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  1. Oops I'm a big goof and already claimed this
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    This one gets a big ol' "hmm..." from me
  3. One of the serendipitous constants of the VHL is, despite how much things change with player turnover - inactivity, retirement, free agency, trades, changes in philosophy with new management - there are a tremendous number of constants. And, for better or for worse, since returning to the league in S65, the New York Americans have been consistent. It's not 'normal' for me, at least in this run, to have an even semi-competitive Americans team because of GM Esso's dreadful luck in STHS. But this season (or at least for the first 40 games or so), the New York Americans are in the thic
  4. 1. First in the league (as of writing), what’s got us to this point so far? I think we have excellent team cohesion and depth. The first line has done very well versus the best the VHL has to offer, and I think our second line is crushing the competition so far; it's a testament to the quality of both lines. 2. Currently we have 3 players in top 10 scoring (Lamb, Dear, Glass) and Uhtred just outside. How many do you think finish the season there? Two, but I'm not sure which of the four will stick. STHS tends to ebb and flow from day to day, and I suspect this Dear/Glass combo is
  5. Warsaw, Poland - Although they're at the top of the standings, the Warsaw Predators don't find themselves in a comfortable position - in fact, with Helsinki and Prague trailing them by just one point, there's significantly more pressure on Warsaw's regular season performance than there might be if they were a few points down from the first spot. And although they've had their fair share of split series (1-1 vs. Davos, 1-2 vs. Prague, 2-1 vs. Helsinki), one particularly confusing matchup for the Polish squad has been the D.C. Dragons. "It doesn't make much sense to me," Aloe Dear sa
  6. 1. Warsaw is off to a good but not great start so far, how do you feel about the team performance thus far? There is still definitely some room to improve. We're narrowly first over Prague and Helsinki, and we've dropped games to each (some of which were pretty ugly). A good seed in the playoffs and a deep run are what I'll use to judge the team performance. 2. How do you feel about your individual performance? I feel better about it than expected. The transition to center has been about as good as it could be, I think, and I'm feeling like I might be able to adjust to it proper
  7. Review This is a monster of an article. But the effort in producing content, describing your process, and keeping your writing engaging is clearly on display. You've made a generally-subjective process relatively objective, which has its positives and negatives. It's executed well and I don't have many concerns about grammar or usage; however, I would keep your bolded entries consistent between similar passages (e.g. at the start, "The forwards," "The defense," "the Goalie" -> "the goalie") for a slightly cleaner look. When commenting on a team directly as the primary subject, you can
  8. Review I agree with Smarch. Riga was a perennial playoff contender up until a few seasons ago, but I'm confident hedge will right the ship as he has before. First generation players as a whole will generally have a tougher time, but keep at it and you'll see results correspondingly. Young players will always have frustrating production early, but the payoff later in your career is always a great boon. Content-wise, I think this is an important article that gets played out more in team locker rooms than on the forum, and I like the fact that it's a bit more formally presented h
  9. Warsaw, Poland – Aloe Dear’s gradual position change to center has been met with some… interesting results, to say the least. As Warsaw’s 2C, she’s had the ability to lay low a bit while she adjusts to the new role. It’s been a tumultuous switch, with Dear nabbing one of the five worst shot percentages among the top 50 point scorers (5.50%) as she’s let loose with an onslaught of shots with just 6 goals to her name through 15 games. In spite of her lack of efficiency, she finds herself 27th overall in points, as she’s managed to facilitate a marginally effective offense en route to 20 points a
  10. 1. The season has finally begun! What are your predictions for the team this year? Predictions? Strong playoff contender. I don't want to jinx us though! 2. What are your personal statistical goals for yourself this season? Wins. That's all that matters to me. I can have 20 points for the entire season if it means we get a championship. Oh, and also preferably to win more than 40% of my faceoffs, maybe. 3. Out of the bottom feeder teams for the past few seasons (Toronto, New York, LA, Davos, Riga) who do you think is mostly likely to make the playoffs? LA. Their roster
  11. Review 10/10 from my perspective, Warsaw is 1st and that's all that matters, boss! Just kidding. This had plenty of research put into it, and I think your predictions for each team are very much reflective of an offseason that upended a few teams and certainly thrust others in the spotlight. Teams like LA and Helsinki take significant steps forward (which is quite the statement for Helsinki, who already made the playoffs last season!) and those like Moscow and Calgary will have to sit in the doldrums after their respective runs. Overall there are a couple of odd phrases, e.g.
  12. Review It's always tough to take a loss in a championship game - be it as a veteran member or a relatively newer one. But take heart - you made it to a championship game as a first generation player, and whether that's for the VHLM, WJC, VHL, or WC, it's all a very positive sign for your career (heck, it's a positive sign you were selected at all!). You have an astute eye in looking at the shots per period, as they're well-correlated with goals and victory (unless there's a large gap in goalie quality), and I love how this media spot captures the frustration associated with seeing that di
  13. Warsaw, Poland - Just as soon as Danish forwards Aloe Dear and Venus Thightrap appeared to be on a crash course to play together in Poland, their chance meeting vanished. A strong move by the Warsaw management traded the hefty price of two future 2nds and 3rds (each) to Vancouver for her FA rights made it seem, at least from the outsider's point of view, inevitable that the two would be playing together for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately for the Polish team, that would not be the case - unconvinced, Venus left in free agency. "It was a bit of a shorter conversation than I th
  14. 1. Offseason didn't quite go our way this year, but our roster is complete and kept our main pieces from last year, how do you think we fair this season? I think it'll be tough to tell. We have some key pieces moving around. I haven't played center before, so it'll be a challenge! 2. Who in the league do you think had the best offseason? Chicago, probably. Jungkok was a significant edition and they just about kept everyone else. 3. We added bluesfan and Alex Bridges to our team through the draft, were you able to welcome them to the team? I actually alrea