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  1. Well this is a depressing loss 😕 Didn't even put up stats, so it's a disappointing game the whole way through
  2. Week Ending 5/19 Saskatoon Trades Gustav's Guide to Building How Unpredictable Were Back to Back Champions Before Toronto? Bad Stretch Signals More Goalie Controversy in Halifax What's Wrong With the Houston Bulls? Work Doesn't Equal Results Interview with Titus LaClass Mexico Madness @DollarAndADream +2
  3. Review - Great work! Didn't mean to get on your case with the last media spot if it came across that way. I felt like the writing this time around was very thoughtful - lots of considerations for team success outside of strictly performance on the ice, including ticket prices, attendance/viewership, and so on. I always feel like these sorts of pieces bring some life to the league, talking about team/front office/PR considerations rather than about the players all of the time.
  4. Review - Thanks for the interview! I always like seeing Media Spots from new members. My only concerns for this post are (1) formatting and (2) breaking up the monotony. Interviews are nice, but if there are no pictures or other formatting it can feel a bit tiresome to read, even with good writing! Things as simple as bolding interviewer/interviewee names (I: So I understand you're originally from the south of France...) can make the piece feel a little more put together than it would otherwise.
  5. Review - I feel your pain - when my teammates perform below their TPE or we get put up against an opponent that just has our number it's frustrating. In terms of writing, I always enjoy when players can bring statistics to back up their point, especially when comparing/ranking themselves relative to others or drawing stark comparisons to last season (e.g. your 'four hundred more shots this season' extrapolation). It really helps put the current season in perspective. As with all things, I'm sure this will rectify itself with time and as Moscow becomes more competitive.
  6. Review - Like I've said on a few others' posts, I always like seeing new members writing media spots! The Houston Bulls are in a bit of a pickle after all of that success in their inaugural season - but with 3 teams going all-out on this season it's kind of expected they don't do as well. One thing I would recommend is, when using an interview format like in your last section, keep going with the speaker labels (e.g. Interviewer, Koda); feel free to abbreviate them to 1-3 letters if that makes things easier, e.g.:
  7. Review - Love to see newer members write up media spots. We all wish we could be good from the get-go but this is the reality of the game. I also always appreciate it when members write about things outside of in-game ice time & stats; it's all-too-easy to just read off stat lines from your player's page and get your 500 words that way. Talking about film, drills, etc. is a nice way to bring a little life to the sim.
  8. Review - As someone who didn't really follow the VHL, all I knew about last season was that Seattle and Riga were supposed to be awesome, and STHS worked its magic into a Toronto/Helsinki finals. This was definitely a nice little trip down nostalgia lane - even seeing my old player's name thrown in there - and was well-researched and written. In most cases, it's a great representation of how luck & being 'hot' at the right time can get you much further than being the on-paper best roster.
  9. Review - I'd actually be very interested to see how these build guides compare across the league - I remember similar documents made available way back when I had Hiro Renomitsu as my player. Regardless, well-written and incredibly helpful for newer players, as some might not know how important Defense and Puck Handling are in general. A discussion of the decision-making formula is a little unclear at times, but my only actual concern with the article was this: Otherwise, great work.
  10. Review - Enjoy seeing the reasoning. In the VHL this trade probably wouldn't fly, but with the turnover the VHLM experiences, it's usually worth tanking for a few seasons to go all-in on another. Personally, I'd like to see you write a bit more on how you feel Saskatoon is compared to other top minors teams (e.g. the Lynx and Reapers), but I'm excited to see how Kefka does!
  11. Just as we expected to lose - a 4 point game from @Radcow haha
  12. Frustrating loss basically to penalty minutes. 😕
  13. Last day of the week! Here are some questions for this week (and next!): 1) We're 2nd in the league with a record of 15-7-1 - but the Titans have leapfrogged us and the Nighthawks over the past week or so. What are they doing right? 2) Davos have several star-quality players - like Ryuu Crimson and Veran Dragomir - but aren't even top half of the league. Is this STHS at it again, or is there a more logical reason for their bad record? 3) Kallis Kriketers has an excellent reputation in the goalie world, but is being severely outperformed in terms of save percentage (92.6%) by Chase, the backup 200 TPE goalie for Moscow and league leader in save % (96.4% save). And uh, yeah, it's probably just small sample size (3 games) but how is Chase so damn good? 4) TPE has recently been investigated as a performance enhancing drug. How much of the league do you think uses TPE on a regular basis? 5) Morpheus of House Destructious, conqueror of ash, burner of bodies, king of obliteration, soul reaping demon of the nothing realm, etc. recently literally crushed a player's face with his fist. Is the VHL getting too violent? 6) We found some loose dice and character sheets in the locker room. Who plays Dungeons & Dragons on the team? 7) Some have voiced their concerns over the Brand Tournament not feeling very important. How would you fix it? 8 ) Who sings in the locker room the most? 9) Which player(s) in the VHL do you dislike, but begrudgingly respect? 10) Which two players have the best friendship in the VHL?
  14. A shutout win over an early-season boogeyman? I'll take it every time.