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  1. 1. How do you feel Warsaw performed in our opening weekend? I think we underperformed a little bit, but it may be more indicative of a larger problem. I suspect it'll take time for us to gel a bit, as we're working with multiple new players. The first 15 games or so are ones I never put much stock in. 2. How has your player performed so far? Aloe has similarly underperformed a bit. It can be a bit frustrating at times to work with brand new teammates, but I think it'll work better with some time and adjustments. 3. Does our record (2-2-1, 4th in EU Conference)
  2. Warsaw, Poland - A narrow win over the Moscow Menace was followed by a crushing 8-4 loss immediately thereafter. It was a miserable performance all around, featuring a second line that went -4. "Here's your seasonal reminder: do not pay too much attention to the first ten or fifteen games. They're always misleading," veteran and assistant captain Aloe Dear stated, beaming, "and remember Toronto from last season or Malmo from several seasons ago - a handful of early wins don't make you a world-beater." "We've been very bad and championship material on separate occasions
  3. 1. The S79 VHL draft finished up earlier tonight, we added a solid goaltender in @Donno100 . What are your thoughts on the draft for Warsaw? I'd say the draft went well. From a user perspective, I'm definitely a fan of Donno and am optimistic about the future of Warsaw. 2. What are your player's goals for this upcoming season? Wins. I've had my day in the limelight; if it turns out Chris or Dakota want to go all-out this season and win some individual awards, it's important to share the love! If not, I want another championship. 3. Do we have another shot at t
  4. turns out working 80 hours in the first 5 days of a week makes it hard to do fantasy F - Isau DaMoose D - L @a_Ferk
  5. Is this a stock photo? You're darned right it is. "I Don't Have Much Free Time. How Do I Maximize My Sim League Experience?" I wish I had a clever intro for you, good reader. But I want to cut to the point: with limited free time, what strategies work to make sim leagues and their vibrant communities enjoyable? 1) Be intentional about WHEN you engage with sim leagues. I know that the busier I am with work, the less I want to do it. It's tempting to try to alt-tab to or pop the app open for Discord depending on whether I'm sitting at my laptop or trying
  6. Warsaw, Poland - Well, just some 32 hours into free agency, the theoretical biggest agent on the market has made their decision: it's back to Warsaw for reigning MVP Aloe Dear. She signed a 1-year, $5,500,000 deal with the eastern European team, who capped off last season with a finals series for the ages after placing first in the European Conference during the regular season. "I'm beyond pleased to remain here in Poland for one last go," she commented, waving her Predators flags at a recent presser, "after Dakota's agent was named GM of the team and he clearly wasn't going to be
  7. Transaction ID: 20699740207446346 Doubles Week 5 Uncapped TPE $1,000,000 Player Store Cash
  8. 1. After winning our 1st cup in franchise history, where does the team go from here? I think we should try to run it back. Depending on how the team looks after free agency, that's a distinct possibility. 2. Describe former Warsaw GM .sniffuM's tenure in 3 words. Bottom to top! 3. What player, NHL or VHL, do you model your game after? NHL? What is the NHL? I model my game after Mike Szatkowski, one of the original great scorers; this is especially the case after switching to center. 4. Is there a city that you thought deserved a VHLE franchis
  9. Review Drafting goalies is always tricky! I feel like we've seen them drop so much further than anticipated (especially with excellent classes) in prior drafts because there are so few slots, and oftentimes middle earners don't get a good shot at playing anything beyond a backup role. You did a good job in reading these four teams' current goalie situations (especially Chicago/Prague, as it's easy to have rose-colored glasses on when a team is really good). One consideration for this article I'd have put forth was Warsaw, who has an IA goalie who's right around the middle in TPE (500
  10. Review Free agent prognostication! This is one of my favorite parts of the off-season, and perhaps even moreso this season since both dlamb and I are up to go to different teams. I think it's interesting that you've thrown several factors into play, e.g. Lamb's current GM candidacy and Su's prior stint with Vancouver as motivations for their likely future destinations. But I also would've liked to see some more consideration for teams that would be willing to offload some players to rebuilding teams so that more options outside of Davos & NY could be considered. Overall, I think this