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  1. Weird game outcome, but @Peace tried his best to put his carry backpack on. It's a few too many goals overall to me, personally.
  2. Kriketers getting in on the shutout train. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.
  3. Also upvoted Blackhawks, but the thread's definitely been removed for a while.
  4. 1. Positivefan036 recently pointed out that bot goalies have different stats. RIG G has the best overall of any of the bot goalies; what's his secret? 2. First several games of the season are going rough; we're 4-3-0 on the season, good for fifth place. Was this where you expected us to be? 3. What can we as a team do to improve our performances in game? 4. Who's the most surprising player (on or off our team) this season so far? 5. Who'd you pick for Most Improved Player (in your predictions), and why? 6. Of the players on our team, who acts way older than their age? 7. What's the secret to GustavMattias' influence and becoming a GM/AGM? 8. McWolf recently returned to the VHL. What did our hedgehog manager do to make him return? 9. Motzaburger gave his opinion on where a North American expansion team could be. Where would you put the next VHL franchise? 10. Of the current VHLM GMs, who would you want to give a shot at a major league management job?
  5. 56 Helsinki Titans 57 Toronto Legion 58 Malmo Nighthawks 59 New York Americans
  6. Ooh, just when Helsinki thinks it's safe to play the backup. Thankfully this is a pretty early-season match-up. Wonder what the outcome would have been with Pepper.
  7. This still feels like a tossup match-up to me. Both teams will be much better come end of the regular season, but who knows if they'll sniff the playoffs.
  8. 6 PIMs and zero hits... you've gotta be kidding me. 😕
  9. Oof, scored on 2x by a guy with 80 scoring. Admittedly the Legion are supposed to be great this season, so a loss to them isn't unexpected. Just hope we can snag a few points off of them.
  10. Hey Team Mercs - thanks so much for letting me GM you guys for this World Cup. Congrats to @Peace on winning Top Forward, and to everyone for helping us reach a bronze medal!
  11. Week Ending 7/14/19 Werbenjagermanjensen Looking to Build Off Of Rookie Season Shackleford's Expansion City Review List Jordan Tonn Traded!? Match-Fixing Scandal: Is TPE A Performance-Enhancing Drug? Wroclaw Times - What Has Been Affecting Eagles' Play? Riga in WJC Palo Sinks Riga How Are the Cubs Growing Up? @DollarAndADream +2
  12. Review - As with other GMs' articles, I've always been a fan of retrospective/introspective articles looking at trades and draft classes; this is no exception. I'd argue your judgment of these players has been persistently true over the last month and a half since this article's writing, as sad as that is for Shane Mars (and separately for Clayton Park, whom I'm now happy to have over in Riga). No comments with regard to grammar/spelling except for possibly removing the comma in "BUT, it's exactly where I thought we'd be", which is probably more of a stylistic choice than an actual correct vs. incorrect distinction.
  13. Review - 0/6 because you beat up HHH. Just kidding. Fantastic run from Palo and the Wolves this season, and good on you for turning an in-game fight into an out-of-game creative endeavor. The only thing I might fix is to swap in a semicolon where I've placed it, as the portions of this sentence before and after the semicolon are two related-but-separate ideas grammatically. It becomes a bit of a run-on otherwise. Thanks for making the VHL world just that much more immersive.