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  1. Review Nice work, as per usual! I don't have a lot to say here aside from possible stylistic changes. Some of your phrases are often used with hyphens, e.g. "back to back" -> "back-to-back" (unless we're talking about the Drake song). Otherwise, I felt the article was well-paced and could realistically only do with a bit of re-formatting. The players' names are relatively easy to see, but more clearly demarcating the sections with bold, increased text size, or even centering may help the reader 'reset' a little. One other possibility for change comes in your last paragraph, namely "being acquired last season, his stats..." - some might consider it awkward phrasing. You can get rid of 'being' and just write "Acquired last season, Eagles's stats..." Alternatively, you could write "After being acquired last..." or "Traded to Riga last season...".
  2. Review Overall, I really enjoyed this Moscow outlook - it's not often that players outside of GMs will analyze their team's future, especially when talking about anything beyond this season. The article's formatting is reasonable - but I might suggest trialing adding an extra line between your sections next time just to see if it adds anything. In terms of actual writing - make sure you're including periods at the end of sections; the second sentence in your first paragraph doesn't have a period, and I don't think this was repeated elsewhere. Furthermore, as best you can, try limiting repetition: you started the Goalers section with Raymond Bernard/Bernard/Bernard as your first words, though like the period criticism it only happened in one section. Overall, I only have small nitpicks. Fantastic work!
  3. At least one player from the Season 65 class is destined for the hall – namely one Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen, whose S68-70 trophy cabinet is more decorated than the entire careers of most first forward lines + defensive pairs combined on individual teams. Any defenseman that can take home the Slobodzian Trophy in this environment – where high-quality defensemen are a dime a dozen – is a shoo-in. But the rest of his class – including even Brady Stropko Jr. – has been surpassed in TPE and accolades by many of the top S66 & S67 players. STHS is notoriously fickle, and even 1,300 TPE players like Stropko Jr. have suffered from “decent but not great” careers in spite of their obvious high earning capacity. Indeed, like strangely many defensemen thus far, Stropko peaked with a low-60s point peak season, while Smitty’s enjoyed the fruits of multiple 80+ point seasons. And Calgary hasn’t experienced the same level of team success as Seattle, Moscow, or Vancouver. Further down the list, players like Roll Fizzlebeef (1,037 TPE) suffer from similar point numbers in spite of playing at forward and are similarly devoid of individual accolades. Those with any accolades after Smitty – like D/RW Denver Wolfe and Anthony Matthews – earned almost all their accolades in the M, sometimes multiple seasons in. Since those don’t factor heavily into the Hall conversation, even Wolfe’s S67 Continental Cup with Vancouver won’t be enough to elevate him. Gritty has no individual accolades, but as a 1,004 TPE player, he was part of Vancouver’s S67 and Moscow’s S70 championship squads. But we’ve seen time and time again that a pair of championships aren’t enough to even broach the conversation for the Hall, even with better overall scoring and defensive statistics. In short, there’s one shoo-in candidate… and that’s probably where S65’s HoF aspirations end.
  4. Losing the legs under us?! I've been 1,000 TPA for three seasons now, as if I'd slow down now.
  5. 1. We're about a half dozen games in. What's your impression of the season so far? 2. Some players made a position switch over the off-season. How successful will Jerry Garcia be now that he's a LW for Davos? 3. What chronically under performing player will finally have their time to shine this season? 4. Suppose you were the GM of a brand-new expansion franchise, like Miami in the VHLM this season. What would you call it, and where would it be situated? 5. What kinds of special talents does a teammate of yours have off the ice? 6. Why does STHS always spit out really weird results at the start of each season? 7. If the league had jersey/equipment sponsors, which product/company would you want your player to be sponsored by most? 8. I think I've figured it out! Hedge has found a way to clone himself, and he has his clones alternate doing his work while they are at home while he sleeps in his office! What do you think of that?
  6. F - Keven Foreskin @Beaviss Two picks for you!
  7. @Beaviss F - Hunter Hearst Helmsley F - Mat Tocco F - Owen Nolan D - Hulk Hogan D - Jeff Downey G - Rayz Funk @Renomitsu - Group Manager F - Scott Greene F - Keven Foreskin F - Patrik Tallinder D - Apollo Hackett D - Cinnamon Block G - A Red Guy @Corco F - Boris the Forest F - Benny Graves F - Chad Magnum D - Erik Summers D - Roque Davis G - Greg Eagles @animal74 F - Ambrose Stark F - Jerry Garcia F - Hiroshi Okada D - Lincoln Tate D - Lance Flowers G - Solomon Crawford @enigmatic F - Jet Jaguar F - ACL TEAR F - Soren Jensen D - Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen D - Condor Adrienne G - Michael Johnson @Zyrok F - Julius Freeman F - Mikko Aaltonen F - Tyler Barabash D - Micheal Gary Scott D - Victor Pavlov G - Jacques Lafontaine