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  1. Probably gave everyone a scare that I'd gone inactive again but I have had a super hectic week and a half or so which has meant I've barely had a minute to breathe, let alone think about VHL and so it did fall to the wayside a bit, and annoyingly I have missed out on a week's TPE because of it, but this should be a one time thing. So in the real world I finished up my 4th year of university and so am one (annoyingly long) thesis away from a finished MSc which is pretty crazy to think about. I had a couple days to celebrate with friends and say goodbye to loads of people for the last time ever (weird feeling), then pretty much straight away had to prepare for an interview I had yesterday with a biiiiiiiiiiiig company that was insanely intimidating and so my schedule is a bit more open again and things should be back to normal. I hope I didn't miss much in the previous week or so. I know offseason has obviously finished, and I assume Arvid is playing in the VHL? I'll take the time to look that up now. If he is, I hope he's doing good as a rookie in a big league, if he's not, I'll be in the VHLM and hopefully dominating. I can't wait to solve the mystery I've created and find out.
  2. Round One: 1. SEATTLE BEARS(From Toronto): Matt Thompson 2. QUEBEC MEUTE (From Riga) : Samuel Gate 3. RIGA REIGN (From Quebec): Podrik Cast 4. SEATTLE BEARS: (From Davos) : Robert Malenko 5. RIGA REIGN (From Calgary) : Roger Sterling 6. RIGA REIGN (From Seattle) : Edwin Preencarnacion 7. TORONTO LEGION (From New York) : Arvid Aamo 8. HELSINKI TITANS: Jesper Stromberg Round Two:  9. TORONTO LEGION: Mikhail Vega 10. QUEBEC CITY MEUTE: Sergei Kovalev 11. QUEBEC CITY MEUTE(From New York via Riga) : Marvin Harding 12. DAVOS DYNAMO: Alvaro Jokinen 13. CALGARY WRANGLERS: Jordan Tonn 14. SEATTLE BEARS: Jacob Smith  15. RIGA REIGN (From Quebec via New York) : Lew Bronstein 16. TORONTO LEGION (From Helsinki): Wolf Edmunds
  3. With me entering the VHL Draft for the second time as an active member (yikes that's disappointing given my player count), I thought it'd be interesting to think back a little bit to the last time this happened, many moons ago back in S48. 13 seasons ago, my player was Dmitri Dadonov, another goaltender, and I was taken 6th overall by the Quebec City Meute. That draft had some great players in it, notable names included Black Velvet, Unassisted and Tyson Kohler, and I was honoured to be taken where I was. The Meute were building a great future and I was very excited to be a part of their team, although it only lasted a single season before I made my ill-fated expedition into VHL GMing with the Helsinki Titans and left the team. I often wonder how different things might have been if I had stayed with the team and not opted to enter into a role that was doomed to fail with my schedule at the time. Regardless, there are many similarities with this time around and that previous venture. Once again, my player is a goaltender and once again I'm towards the upper end of TPE in the class. This time however, it does feel nice to know there is a lower weight of expectation. The majority of people aren't expecting big things from this player, so the opportunity to prove them wrong and go some way to undo my terrible reputation as a builder is exciting, and something I'm really looking forward to sinking my teeth into.
  4. Which team will add the young goaltender to their ranks in this seasons VHL Draft? Going into this draft, it's very unclear just exactly what is going to happen to you Norwegian goaltender Arvid Aamo. Having played a solid rookie season with the Oslo Storm, he enters the draft with in some ways, a pleasantly small amount of expectation. Teams aren't viewing him as one of the consensus top prospects despite his strong training hours (although the reasons for doing so are entirely justifiable), and so the exact situation that he's going to enter into isn't very clear. Will he go to a strong team that is currently set in net but has a long term succession plan in mind so he can step in when the time is right, or will he go to a weaker team that has an immediate need? Both are a real possibility with the way teams are built currently, and with a large number of the league's current best goaltenders set to be on the way out in the next handful of seasons, there aren't that many teams who can be confident enough in their current situation to totally rule out adding a new prospect in net during this draft. Aamo is the second ranked goaltender in this draft according to many sources, behind the more fancied Roger Sterling. Sterling comes from the prestigious Will player agency, who has represented some of the league's very best including Don Draper and Aleksi Koponen, and the kind of weight that comes with that kind of representation will really do no harm to his draft stock. Arvid on the other hand is a product of the Daniel agency, who has historically struggled to produce great VHL players, with only one of his players having a career of note. Aamo has made it clear on numerous occasions his plan is to buck the trend of the man he works with, and create the kind of impressive VHL career that really starts to build a legacy for the agency. A strong start is nice in the short term, but Arvid always looks to stress that he is starting as he means to go on, and that he really plans on continuing on the path he's set out to becoming a goaltender of note in the VHL. It's no easy task to get there, but based off what we've seen so far it's undeniable that Arvid has got talent of some note. His raw goaltending abilities are impressive, and he stood out as one of the best goaltenders in the VHLM against some stiff veteran competition. If he can elevate this talent with the kind of dedication and commitment that is required to become one of the VHL's best, there is definitely a high ceiling for him and his play ahead, and the team who drafts him could well be getting a real diamond in the rough who will flourish under the right tutelage. The draws ever closer, and for Arvid, it's a very exciting time. He is ready to take the first steps on his journey to VHL stardom, and the team that drafts him is going to be getting someone ready to give their all to this venture. 540 words.
  5. Arvid Aamo Goaltender All applicable
  6. After a tough regular season and a playoff series against the Ottawa Lynx that looked like it could have gone either way, the season has come to a close for the Oslo Storm. Their wealth of young talent had a good showing and gave an impressive account of itself all season, but ultimately the power of the Ottawa team was simply too much for them to try and overcome, and in the end, the series belonged to the Lynx, who blew them out in Games 5 and 6 to move ahead in the playoffs. There are many positives to take away from the season however, and the team shouldn't lose heart. Arvid Aamo has emerged as a legitimate goaltending prospect and someone who could be a first round pick in the upcoming VHL Draft, and Podrick Cast has reaffirmed his status as the top 3 talent that everyone always knew he was, along with great showings from Jesper Stromberg and Marvin Harding, who have really managed to make names for themselves also. It is expected that most of the names currently on the Storm will be back reporting for duty next time around, when they will attempt to make the most of their chances given another opportunity to try and take the cup.
  7. Daniel

    Shut Out

    The Oslo Storm are currently locked in with the Ottawa Lynx for a battle to reach the VHLM conference finals, and one man who is feeling the pressure of the task ahead is rookie goaltender Arvid Aamo. The Storm's man in net for the season has delivered solid numbers but the task that lies ahead of him is large in its significance. If the Storm are to have any chance of reaching the next stage of the playoffs, Arvid must deliver a performance that his opponents simply have no answer for. In the first game of the series, the Storm suffered an unfortunate loss to the Lynx, losing 2-1 and sending some panic around the locker room about whether the team really has what it takes to successfully progress deeper into the playoffs. In answer to this, Aamo gave a much better performance in Game 2, collecting a shut out as he allowed the Lynx to score no goals, and the Storm squeaked by with a 1 goal victory. From what we've seen of this series so far it looks as if it's going to be incredibly tough for both sides, with only the slightest margins being able to separate them, and if the Storm are going to come out of the other side victorious, a lot of pressure will fall on Arvid's shoulders to help his team get there.