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  1. LPLL going out with a bang After a long career as a tough guy, LPLL is making sure to make his last season one of his best seasons with a stellar performance on the stat sheet. Of course, by this we dont mean his performance in the points column, we mean his performance in the enforcer and defensive columns! So far this season, LPLL is on a roll. He is second in the league in penalty minutes with 256, third in the league in hits with 293, and eighth in the league in blocked shots with 149. He also has managed to put together a decent fighting record this season, with 3 wins, 2 losses, and 3 ties. As an enforcer defenseman, this is how LPLL makes his money. "I'm happy that I can play the game at a high level still after all these seasons in the GOMHL and the VHL." Sadly, Toronto was not able to make it into the playoffs this season. Toronto is already eliminated, and LPLL will play his last VHL game at home against the Riga Reign. When asked what he will do next, LPLL said that he plans to take his talents to the SHL, the only hockey league yet to see him in action
  2. I think the brands idea was cool, just didnt engage members a lot. I guess lots of people hate the members tag haha, but if it was used more, like it is in other tournaments, I think it would have been easier to engage with
  3. 295 Helsinki Titans @ Malmo Nighthawks 296 Toronto Legion @ Calgary Wranglers 297 New York Americans @ Helsinki Titans 298 Riga Reign @ Moscow Menace
  4. 235 Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans 236 Calgary Wranglers @ HC Davos Dynamo 237 Riga Reign @ Vancouver Wolves 238 Helsinki Titans @ New York Americans
  5. Its pretty exciting. I am hoping I get a lot of opportunities to beat the crap outta people Probably not right away. I have a lot of stuff coming up with graduation less than a week away and needing to find a real job, plus ive had some sim league burnout being in so many frickin leagues, so I will probably take a break. But I do hope to bring a Podarok back here some day I think I like it. Over time its been harder to focus on multiple leagues, so having a league where casual PTs are more used is nice. I like having podcasts as well, have always wished more leagues did those I think a lot of leagues just try for that niche. A lot of the leagues are very similar, but usually every league has something that makes them special, and finding that is what is important. I also think definitely that the focus on affiliation has been huge for multiple league guys like me. It has really helped me become more active in the sim community. Affiliation between NSFL-PBE-SHL is what made me come back to PBE and be more active in SHL, and the EFL-SBA-VHL affiliation made me join EFL and return to VHL, so its definitely nice for the user or the player? User things have been fun, I miss a lot of stuff because I dont check the site enough 😕 but overall I have enjoyed myself. For the player it has been a little disappointing despite the back to back boats, just because I carried this player concept over from the GOMHL and I broke like 9 records there, so I had high expectations for my goon