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  1. Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 3 - Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans Game 4 -Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans Game 5 - Helsinki Titans @ Toronto Legion Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Toronto Legion @ Helsinki Titans 4-2 Toronto Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Julian Borwinn Series leader in goals: Vesto Slipher Series leader in assists: Julian Borwinn
  2. Pretty low honestly. He just hasn't been the same kind of dominant enforcer like he was in the GOMHL Overall he has been surprisingly one of my favorite players i've made. I love the enforcer thing, especially when i'm putting ink into the record books Oh you know it buddy I'm not sure yet. Maybe I'll bring in another Podarok I dont think so, he is too small. But maybe he can get some tips from Draymond Green about his "natural shooting motion"
  3. 321 Toronto Legion @ HC Davos Dynamo 322 Moscow Menace @ New York Americans 323 Calgary Wranglers @ Vancouver Wolves 324 Seattle Bears @ Helsinki Titans
  4. Took you over two calendar years to get a come back from D-Money beating ur ass so hard you retired from VHL Wrestling
  5. 266 New York Americans @ Moscow Menace 267 Seattle Bears @ Helsinki Titans 268 Riga Reign @ New York Americans 269 Vancouver Wolves @ Toronto Legion
  6. 170 New York Americans @ Calgary Wranglers 171 Moscow Menace @ Seattle Bears 172 Riga Reign @ Vancouver Wolves 173 HC Davos Dynamo @ Helsinki Titans