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  1. Definitely more interesting that way. I think the render/player could stand out a little bit more from the BG, but I wouldn't really bother with it anymore, like I think at this point, the sig is already superior to his precedent
  2. The rim light doesn't really work here as the background/lighting isn't showing us a light source from there. Therefore, the white spot doesn't really work because it blends to nothing in your bg. Not huge on the font. I think the font style isn't fitting. Like its dull, it doesn't stand out as I think its should be the the center piece of the artwork And on a smaller scale, the jersey change is alright, but when you go full size, we can see the problems with it so you could on that a bit more as well
  3. The defense was overkill tbh But a 61/60 oa team is elite imo
  4. The base is solid but more could be added to it. Like maybe some halftone, some brush strokes, something to make it stand out a little bit more. I don't how to feel about the font, I like it but at the same time, there's something off and I can't tell why
  5. Lord Karnage X 100.00 99 80 40 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 79 99 99 50 54 89 I mean lmao and it was 1585 tpe, thank you
  6. Oh, I was speaking about HH's post, not yours. But I feel you
  7. I would give you a 1 week ban for this post alone
  8. if I had to choose tho, I would go 1st because the concept is superior, but without throwing shades, I feel like those 3 could be polished a little bit more
  9. People are more transparent with their voting for a new banner than the slobo My proposition, free the puppies
  10. The VHL logo work is cool. For the renders, their alpha/edges are too sharp. Needs more antialiasing. Seeing this full size, the logo on the jersey needs more work, as they aren't really believable/blended. The look is clean, which I guess fits the actual theme, but I'm sure more efx could be added
  11. Blue team be like :"here's your 0.25 uncapped tpe"
  12. 2 uncapped tpe in this era
  13. Why there's an ad of your forum, on your own forum?

    1. OrbitingDeath


      They are trying to convince you to create a player again.

    2. tfong


      Double dipping ad dollar :D