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  1. I couldn't catch ya when you were on, Dad.


    I hope I can text you one day, and chat with you. I miss you Dad. Please take care of yourself



    1. Tyler


      @boubabi schlemko should be back any day now

    2. Banackock


      @boubabi COME BACK

  2. I miss you dad. I wish I had you back.

    1. BluObieZ


      Thought we stopped separating families at the border. 

  3. ❤️

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    2. Quik


      Free Hat!


      Edit: Holy fuck, did not realize it's been nearly 16 years! :oldman:

    3. Banackock
    4. eaglesfan036
  4. Is that your attempt at shit talking ? Jesus Christ. Eating sunflower seeds ? That's all you got ?
  5. Yet, here you are commenting again. Maybe its important to you as well ? Enough for you to purposely vote against me
  6. Oh and btw, that's the highest number of votes we had for that award for a shit ton of time you're welcome
  7. Jesus christ, I'm trying to read this article without cringing. Will you consider hits taken as well ? PIMS are part of the hit sim mechanism, you can't be elite in hitting and not have a ton of PIMS, it doesn't work that way With some quick math, I cost approx 13 goals with my PIMS, and that doesn't take in consideration the the double minors my penalties could have drawn So, aight, 13 goals is approx 7% of every GA helsinki had How that number compares with my 60% scoring % of every helsinki's goals ? You would remove that 7% on my team contribution, and it would still be higher than Boeser's contribution. Also, how can you calculate how many goals I've created with a good forecheck ? It's impossible, it's only stipulation. You are only interpreting stats to favor Boeser. You might have something, but those numbers never were considered negative, so you can try to make that a thing, but anyone with strict minimum logic would know it isn't a thing
  8. Oh yeah, probably because of that. Because the VHL has such a high member retention rate over the years, must be that. Are you done with your attempt of brainwashing ?
  9. Oh and, its quite fun how I'm challenging the league's integrity, and rather of asking the right question of the validity and relevancy of the award voting process, I receive a shit ton of negative pressure from the members and the administration instead. Well done, good thing I don't fall into a depression easily like some people
  10. Yeah, no. But at least you got 10 persons to vote against me, thats pretty good. 5x the number of new members you brought to the site
  11. what, someone agreeing with me ? You must be from another planet