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  1. Thats a 3 years old render for sure
  2. I voted for the regional code of Estonia
  3. Me when we mention how trash the voting system is
  4. Why the vertical banner
  5. Real MVP of commishes (with Draper)
  6. Head of Design discovering Topaz for the first time


  7. Y'all have the ressources to make it possible. STHS didnt reinvent programming. If it triggers a command and outputs a file, anything is possible. Get in touch with that freaking Simon and ask for his input, even if it costs money
  8. Nowadays, you can get softwares that automatically publishes on a cloud your recordings. There's no reason why it cant be done. Good thread gorlab, bringing the fire again Still dunno why the simming isnt automated. Get it done nerds
  9. Using david schlemko as a render bold choice
  10. Fonts too low and its a bit uninteresting choice of font imo. The green stocks are cool, but not quite sure it works with a grungy/rock background. The blue that's coming out of your player efx is distracting a bit, you could desaturate the jersey those parts to fix it.
  11. this is fire (ah!) minus the font. A bit too saturated to my liking (especially the left side) but thats aight gg
  12. Solid. The blending of the helmet is a bit distracting as it looks like its erased or somethint like that. The font work is clean, I like it. The lines are meh but it helps the flow