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  1. Mostly because you don't really do graphics anymore lol But yeah, could use some more nuances
  2. Its tough to rank, but I went with a mix of experience, results AND creativity. Like some people are doing great sigs, but its the same ol style every time. That's also the reason why I think karey is elite, because he has done (from what I saw) some real creative shits that I haven't seen on sim leagues.
  4. Koradek is super artsy and crazy talented as a 2d animator nowaday. Its cool to see that his path/interest of doing graphics for a sim league transitioned to a real life job that he enjoys. I wouldnt have my current career path without starting doing graphics for sim leagues lmao
  5. Gender reveal parties are the whitest thing I've ever witness 


    Spreading the rona because you didnt want to give up your weekly sunbathing is also pretty white

    1. STZ


      Father reveal parties are better imho

  6. Gigga-Bijoux

    1. boubabi




      A group of multis

  7. i love the 2 renders combo. Really works well here Not huge on the primary and secondary font. The secondary font is a good idea. The main font is uninteresting. Like its not catchy. A signature ish type of font would have been great I think imo
  8. right side of the sig Left side of the sig The black render is dope But the second render is poorly blended and the font work could be better. Especially the pines one I think the canvas size doesnt work here as well
  9. Not huge on the chicago phoenix font top left, could be blended or a different typefont Could use some fire sparks stock somewhere to fit the fire theme