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  1. When I say Connor McDavid, which VHL Player it makes you think of ?

  2. great font design @solas, its clean and simple and works great however, clean the visor and the edges of the render (maybe a 1px cleanup), its distracting. For the visor, just do a mask and lower the opacity to fake a transparent background the gfx section is dead lmao
  3. Font work is A+ The render is a bit dull/uniformly lit. Could be great to feel a greater light source from somewhere
  4. I've been told once (many times actually) we can't judge the "effort" of someone based of the result because its unfair for people that are starting to learn the software. I think thats bullshit but hey, its maybe because I care too much eh
  5. It wouldnt be the first time that someone took an already modified picture and only added text/logos. VHL veterans and HoF players did that. Its hypocritical to disallow this when this has been done for a number of years The OP got a point and it also connects to my original point when I was active. The only thing that is preventing me to do those type of artwork and claim it as 6 tpe is my original reputation. I could have gone with a completely new username, insinuate that I have no GFX experience and that I'm "trying hard" to get away with generating sigs
  6. I would probably end you in 2 sets of 6-1 6-1 homie

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    2. boubabi


      Don't call me fat, I'm offended.


      VHL is anti-fat eh

    3. GustavMattias


      Anti-plus-size sentiment


      Man it's been too long since I ever actually seriously played tennis. Was decent in high school and got out to hit around a few times over the summer but haven't played an actual match in a few years.

    4. gorlab


      talk that talk!!!!

  7. Obama is in reality a reptile. A muslim reptile to be exact
  8. The koradek lens flare on the lafreniere. My fav of the bunch
  9. @eaglesfan0366the refs are the reason the Flyers lost this X game
  10. The proof that it's accounted is that I'm currently not in. Maybe it's a bad comparaison, but that's also why Roger Clemens isn't in the Hall of Fame or Terrel Owens isn't either. The cheating comparaison (Roger Clemens) isn't really perfect as the whole argument between the integrity of his achievements are in play, but just to put that in perspective, just put my accolades (my contribution to the site and my commitment) and say that Mister X did those, that guy would not only be in as a builder, but he would be praised and maybe even overqualified for it. I'm not tooting my own horn here, I'
  11. Go listen to Higgins podcast if you want my mea culpa, which was genuine. However, this whole things is just proving my point, it doesn't mater what I say and do, people won't change their opinion of me. Good for them tbf, if it makes them happy to prevent me from entering an online HoF, I'm glad I can help them feel important in a way. I have other shits in mind