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  1. Graphic reviews being inconsistent? Since S1 baby
  2. The jagged edges on the font ☠
  3. The font is really bringing this down. It looks like soneone just added a layer on top of your graphic to make it about his player lol. During my livestream, I talked about how I try to build my layout as soon as possible, before any FX and lighting. Therefore, I put the render and then I immediately work on the text. It gave my results that made the text a bit more incorporated to the sig. In this case, fire being the general theme, you could have worked with something that disintegrate or with some fire sparks. Text is difficult but it is mainly what will bring your graphics to the next level
  4. Senior Admin must be the funniest title I've ever seen. Who's to blame for that?

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    2. boubabi


      How many years of experience do you need to get senior? Can other leagues admin role carryover? Does it come with a retirement plan?


      I have so many questions

    3. Will


      You just have to code a portal and then they let you do whatever you want 

    4. boubabi


      I'm giving u 3 TPE for the portal

      Thanks for your service

  5. QA Analyst. Basically, I'm paid to critic stuff. So my VHL experience is paying off. Suck it fong
  6. The idea was good, but the execution is lacking. By that, I mean the effects you went for were interesting, but in the end, they just make the sig be all over the place. The font is hard to read, the wiggles fx is not really working. The grunge textures on the right side plus the render fx makes the render look LQ. The left side is interesting but if you want to split the sig in half, the right side should be a continuity with a different twist instead of a completely different sig.
  7. Nucks fans, it's your time to get roasted. Click on my profil
    Aucune description disponible.

  8. Flyers' fans should worry about their GM making shit trades instead of worrying about Vigneault lmao 

    1. boubabi
    2. Banackock
    3. Ron Gorgonzola

      Ron Gorgonzola

      Flyers fan. Yeah, idk what that fucker is thinking. I like Ellis and Risto but fuck we won’t have a team in a couple years if he keeps making these shit packages

  9. Minus the davos logo, that's dope
  10. The V is a bit redundant but the eagle is nice. You could try the eagle only or the eagle inside a shape, which is very European ish
  11. Houston is getting a team before QC for sure. The NHL gains nothing adding a small but passionate hockey market that players wont likely like to get drafted/play there. A team in QC makes as much sense as a NFL team in Tulsa. Its not that it wouldnt be sucessful, its just not logical.
  12. Vasteras over Stockholm is mind boggling
  13. I'm not active because I don't have a player lol The ship has sailed for me unfortunately. I no longer care enough
  14. Olé Olé Olé Olé


  15. NFL Fans                    NHL Fans
                Fuck Tampa Bay

  16. Love u homie, but if its a real criticism, you gotta explain why and maybe recommand something. From a gfx/creative stand point, this brings the discussion no where other than negative energy
  17. Nucks fan, click on my profil please



    1. dlamb



      From the second I got on the ice there, I just loved it. I was on a line with Petey and Millsy and we had incredible chemistry right from the get go. I just had a different feeling coming to the rink each day. I was rejuvenated. Obviously everything got flipped upside down when the season shut down due to the pandemic, but I felt a real connection to the city. Cat and I both did.


      I got hurt in the bubble and the series against Vegas didn’t quite go our way last summer, but it seemed like the start of something special out there. And I just felt like I really fit in with that group off the ice. Everything was easy.


      That’s why I wanted to come back to Vancouver. I could have seen myself finishing out my career there. But hockey is a business, I understand that. And at the end of the day, there was no offer from the Canucks’ end, so we had to go another direction. It was disappointing, but I knew that there was going to be a team out there that wanted me and saw me for the player I know I am


    2. GrittyIsKing09
    3. Ledge and Dairy

      Ledge and Dairy

      Leafs fans and Jets fans too plzz

  18. It needs more surrendering. Maybe a white flag somewhere
  19. Olé Olé Olé Olé

    Olé Olé

  20. 👀3-1 Curse irl 👀 

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