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  1. Google forms is easier for me and that's all that matters imo.
  2. It has been a while since we caught up with former top prospect Valeri Morozov but we were able to track down the enigmatic winger for a few words. The former 2nd round pick of the Seattle Bears looked to have a promising start to his career before he went completely dark. It wasn't like he fell off the face of the Earth but it was just complete radio silence on his end, not unlike you see with a lot of retired players. Our editor was able to get a response out of Bear's head office and they got us in contact with the young Russian. We got a very candid interview with him and some of the topics are likely more suited for mature audiences but it was an all-around good interview. Seattle Sports Network: Hello, Mr. Morozov, how are you? Valeri Morozov: I am well, thank you for having me. SSN: We appreciate you giving us your time, where would you like to start? VM: I guess we should start at the beginning. This is all the Seattle Bear's management fault. SSN: Wow, can you elaborate on that? VM: You can't give a young player that much money on a signing bonus. I didn't know how much fun life could be when you're a millionaire. I had girls hanging off of me, guys hanging around looking for residual kills and the attention of pretty much anyone in the same room as me. I was a rockstar and suddenly hockey didn't seem so important. SSN: I couldn't imagine the temptations that come with that kind of dough. What changed for you? VM: A few bad investments and taking care of my family is leaving me kind of short on bread. I realize that I have to double down and put in work if I wish to make it big time. The young and bouncy women will not stay around forever if I don't plan for my future and I would like to not die alone. SSN: Dying alone definitely sounds like option b or c. Is it safe to say you're back and going to be a big part of the Bears for the foreseeable future? VM: I sure hope so. I know I did some damage with my behavior but I would like to show my teammates that I can be a serious player who is capable of helping this franchise get back to the playoffs and win a championship. Management has been good and let me know they are in my corner through this rocky period. SSN: Thank you for your time Valeri, we wish you nothing but the best going forward. VM: Da, thanks. We were happy to hear from the promising young power forward and if you want to see the whole interview keep your eyes peeled on SSN tonight at 8. Valeri was most candid and offered insight into the pressures of being a young rich athlete and how he failed to handle them as best he hoped. Morozov is back on track to be a top player if he can get back to that work ethic that made him a highly sought after player out of junior. The Bears sure hope he can get to that next level.
  3. 295 Helsinki Titans @ Malmo Nighthawks 296 Toronto Legion @ Calgary Wranglers 297 New York Americans @ Helsinki Titans 298 Riga Reign @ Moscow Menace
  4. I did not fully expect to go to the Seattle Bears but I always knew in the back of my mind that it was a possibility. They only reached out to me informally just before the draft but I have a history with the manager and I was a fit for their squad. I had no preference, I was merely satisfied to be drafted and offered the opportunity to ply my trade in the Victory Hockey League. I hope to live up to my draft position but I plan to surpass it and show my true potential. Right now, I am being offered the chance to play on the first line and that is quite exciting even if I am not doing much. Through nine games I am tied for 4th in team scoring with five points in those nine contests; only a paltry two goals and seventeen shots thus far. I know that I can improve on these as the season goes on but I would have liked to have a hotter start and helped the Bears win more games. I have been able to carry my physical prowess from the minors into the pro league; I am tied for the team lead in hits with thirty-two, though I would like to crack the top ten leaderboards soon. Coach has been telling me to settle down on the penalty minutes as I am second on the team with eight minors for sixteen pims. If I had a few majors for fighting due to protecting my teammates it wouldn't be so bad but being shorthanded is hard on the team. I was fortunate enough to land on the same team with Clayton Park who was my goalie when I was on the Rush. Park is one of the best teammates around and he has made the transition to Seattle a lot easier on me. I still do not really know many on my team and that makes me uneasy like I don't belong just yet. I know it takes time to get acquainted with everyone and losing only makes relationships worse so I am hopeful for the future. Going forward, I have a lot of work to do to get myself to a pro level but I look forward to it. I know that I will not likely win rookie of the year or even be in the running for it and I am ok with that. My plan is to carve out a good career as a member of the Seattle Bears and win multiple championships for this city. I hope to endear myself to fans, management and teammates alike with my work ethic and throwback style of play. My agent put me into contact with several of his former players in Asher Donovan and Otto Axelsson who both laced up for the Bears and they gave me the lowdown on what it means to be a Bear. I know I am up for that challenge and I look very forward to the future!
  5. It never ceases to be exciting when you get drafted, at least for me. The pre-draft courting period is nice to get a glimpse into teams and how they operate and it is good for the ego. Being told that you are wanted and they think you can be a big part of what they are building always feels a little good. Leaving a team meeting after a little ego stroking always puts a little pep in my step even though I know they give every prospect the same spiel. I know what I am capable of and I know where my talent is at right now and it is reassuring when you meet an executive who puts words to your thoughts. Young players, we can struggle with confidence whenever we have a bad shift or a bad game and when someone in a position of power claps you on the back and says something like "don't worry, son, things will turn around soon if you keep working. You'll be back where you were before this slump" it is a load off your mind. The draft can be nerve-wracking as you wait to hear your name called; knowing you are talented and convincing a team that you are two different things. You might be a high draft pick but you might also slip down the board and look like a steal in a few seasons. A piece of advice, throw out where you think you should go and where you feel that you should go because that likely isn't going to be the case. You can have the best draft interview with a team and think it's a perfect marriage and then on draft day, you catch that team fucking your best friend in the pantry. I try not to get attached to any teams that scout me either, it doesn't pay to like one more than the other because you don't get any say in where you go. I don't do any research and I don't have any preferences, I'll play for a rebuilding team and I will go to a team that just won the cup all the same. I will play in Europe or North America, hell, I would even play in Africa if they wanted me to; I just want to lace them up and do damage. My old man always used to say, "focus on what you can control and forget what you cannot" and I hold that dear to this day. I can't make a team decide to take me so I have to do my best to keep composed and focus on the after draft stuff. If I slide a lot then I use that as motivation to get better and show those teams what they could have had when they passed on me. I plan to be a dominant force in the VHL for as long as my body will allow me to be and I cannot wait to reward the team that takes a chance on me.