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  1. 1) The season is underway. How does it feel to be back on the ice again? Feels great. It's fun to look at stats again. 2) The Reapers are off to a slow start this season, being just under .500 after their 1st 6 games. Why do you think that is? I think losing our starter to the VHL hurt us a lot. It's not that we can't score, it's more about the fact that we lose high scoring games. 3) What do you think the team needs to do to improve? Once our goalie gets more training, I'm sure we will start to see improvement. That goes for the entire team but that's our most immediate need. 4) The early season point leader is Free Agent signing Ben McGirr. Why do you think he has had such a successful start? Probably because he plays on a line with me. 5) 3 of the first 6 games were against Halifax. Do you like playing the same team is such a short amount of time, or would you prefer the games to be spread out? Doesn't make much of a difference to me but the schedule is a bit weirdly made for that. 6) Outside of studying film during practice, how much hockey do you watch? Hiroshi Okada likes to watch himself play so he will rewatch all of the Philadelphia Reapers games.
  2. Hiroshi Okada didn't have the best season with the Ottawa Lynx but he still won a championship. After being drafted 25th overall by the Philadelphia Reapers, the Japanese forward is ready for new challenges and wishes to have a great season to improve his draft position for the future VHL draft among other things. It's always great to see a player have his priorities in the right place. Only time will tell if Okada will score any goal since he failed to do so last season with the Ottawa Lynx. The Reapers have shown a lot of faith in him so far and he is set to start the season on their first line alongside Ben McGirr and Peach Panther. McGirr is a veteran but Panther is, like him, a rookie. Panther is also a great scorer so the dynamic between them should be fun to watch for Reapers fans. Last season, Okada suffered from being a rookie on a packed team. That gave him little chance to show what he could do. He stated he improved in all aspects of the game this offseason and is sure he will see results right away. Scoring a goal in his first match with his new team would certainly help lift some pressure off his shoulders.
  3. 1) To new team members, what do you think it means to be a Reaper? For existing team members, how will you teach your new team mates the ways of the Reaper? I played in Ottawa last season and the Reapers were always super close to us in the rankings so every time they lost, it was an occasion to celebrate. Now I guess it will be all about learning to reverse the hate. The locker room seems really cool already. 2) What are you expectations for the team this season? I think we're one of the teams that will lose a couple of players to the VHL? But I have faith in Maximus and at this point I'd really like to make the playoffs. 3) What are your personal expectations for this season? My first season in Ottawa was pretty embarrassing, stats wise. By starting on the first line, I hope I can get good results early on and to be modest, I'd like to finish top 5 in scoring on the team at least. It would be sad if I don't achieve that at least. 4) The Reapers' home arena, the Crematorium, was built on a graveyard. Do you think this provides a distinct home ice advantage? How come? I don't think it was a very good idea to disturb all the people burried there. I've watched enough horror movies to see how this could end. 5) What is the first thing you did when you landed in Philly? I took a selfie in front of the home arena, where a poster of myself was visible, to prove to my parents I wasn't a complete failure. 6) Any interesting stories from the off-season? Well, I won the title with my previous team and I got drafted to Philly. I'd say that's interesting Otherwise I'm boring af so no.