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  1. Seeing who's in the god tier, I think I'll stay happy being in the top one
  2. #Alternate-Reality-Realness 1. You are famous in this alternate reality as well, how did you get famous? I have my own reality TV show about the struggles of being rich and famous and get even more rich and famous from it. 2. Did not being involved in hockey change the fundamental person you are in this alternate reality? Yes. Hockey allows me to channel my emotions and evacuate them in a healthy way. Being a couch potato has made me mean and weak. 3. What law of physics or general rule or knowledge about our universe would you change in an alternate real
  3. I quite like this style of sigs, and you did it very well. Not a lot of people do it anymore from what I've seen.
  4. 1. I know not everyone celebrates Easter but it is almost that time of year where egg and bunny shaped chocolate makes it's way into the stores. Do you like Egg shaped treats or Bunny shaped treats? Is there a reason you have a preference? I like when I get a random shape for my chocolate. It's exciting to get something special that was picked just for me and even if I'm a bit old to get chocolate anymore, I can always count on mom to get me one. 2. Speaking of Holidays it is April first soon, if you don't know that is April fools day where people typically play pranks
  5. 1. Not a bad start with a 9-2-1 record to start the season, how are you guys feeling about the team so far? I really didn't think that we would be doing that great so I'm feeling amazing about our start so far! 2. What are your goals for this season? Both on and off the ice Making the playoffs is the realistic goal but winning it all is what we all want. 3. I know many of y'all are new to the team, so how are you guys getting along? It's being pretty quiet so far so I guess we are getting along fine? 4. Is there anything that has surprised you
  6. 1. The draft just happened. How do you feel Houston did? I think we did good. The team saw most of its roster go up to the VHL so we had many needs. We'll still have to pick up some DFAs to be relevant but it's a good start. 2. Out of the draft picks we got which player do you think will be the next super star. I'll go with our first pick of the draft, Drakon Zabastovka. They will see a lot of action even as a rookie and I think they're already developping well. 3. How do you think we will do this season? It will be tough because we are missing a lot of elements o