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  1. Forward - Brian Strong Saskatoon Wild Goals 32/10 Points 64/10
  2. If you could change our team colours what would you change them to? Orange and Black , no doubt Are you more of a forum LR member or a Discord LR member and why? Discord by far. Just so much easier to keep in touch with everyone. Oddest thing you have slipped into someone else's hockey bags. Pack of condoms. The guy was just having too many kids. How do you feel the team is gelling together? I think we are gelling together well. Its only a matter of time before we start all playing well together. Type of Skates you use?  Bauer is the best. Teach me something, give me a random fact. In 1988, the Eagles helped make the world’s largest cheesesteak. To no one’s surprise, it was the length of a football field.