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  1. Claiming the free TPE. Merry Holidaymas.
  2. 319 HC Davos Dynamo @ New York Americans 320 Vancouver Wolves @ Malmo Nighthawks 321 Toronto Legion @ Seattle Bears 322 Prague Phantoms @ Helsinki Titans
  3. Gold World Silver Canada Bronze Europe MVP Owen Kaitanaq (Yeah. I believe in me.)
  4. 1. Saskatoon is still doing pretty decent going 35-1. I ask a similar question? How long can they truly sustain this. STHS is really known for it's random peaks and valleys. But if you get something that works - don't change it. I think it could go all season long. 2. Whats the secret to Saskatoon's success? Knowing the STHS system, most likely, and having the right players in the right places. I think it comes down to how scorers perform on each team. 3. Do you think we should indulge into steroids to increase team performance. Shoot 'em right into my ass, Coach. I am ready to get all roided up. 4. Name a player who you think is on steroids. Ryan Reaves 5. Do you prefer goals or assists? Goals. Becoming an assist machine isn't really that hard in this system. 6. Do you prefer hits or shot blocks? Hits. I want my player to lay the wood, bb.
  5. 139 Helsinki Titans @ HC Davos Dynamo 140 Moscow Menace @ Vancouver Wolves 141 Calgary Wranglers @ Prague Phantoms 142 Seattle Bears @ Toronto Legion
  6. 1. Favourite name in VHL? Haven't seen many. So really only between the few I have seen. But I would say Gritty or Jerry Garcia at this point. Both are pretty fun names. 2. Hows your production so far? 1 goal in 3 games. Not too bad tbh. I can see a lot more coming in the future!3. Whats your favourite colour? Dark purple. Usually paired with black. I like me some dark colors. 4. Have you ever been to a NHL game? If yes what teams. If no what teams would you like to see? I have been to see the Avs and Canes and will go to see the Avs and Canes again in about a month. Go Avs!5. Would you rather have a wayne gretzky rookie card or a girlfriend? Wayne Gretzky Signed Rookie Card please. 6. What are your chances at beating Hulk Hogan in a fight. Why would you fight your BROTHER?!
  7. 1) Drivers. I live in Colorado and this place is being taken over by Californians. They suck at driving and so do people from Colorado. So innately they make each other worse. 2) Which leads into my next one today. Roundabouts. I don't mind them but nobody knows how to use them. LEARN HOW TO YIELD, KAREN!
  8. 97 HC Davos Dynamo @ Prague Phantoms 98 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 99 Moscow Menace @ Calgary Wranglers 100 Riga Reign @ Helsinki Titans