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  1. 331 New York Americans @ Vancouver Wolves 332 Seattle Bears @ Riga Reign 333 Malmo Nighthawks @ Moscow Menace 334 Calgary Wranglers @ Helsinki Titans
  2. Newer to being active in the league. Not acquainted with you. But, man, that's awesome! Congrats on everything.
  3. Thanks! I do think there are a few similarities but not that much. They could easily exist in the same league. I am just using gif overlays in Photoshop. But I have lightroom and would like to explore that a bit more going forward.
  4. First point hype. Too bad we lost.
  5. I'd give myself a 6/10 on this one. Not my best work. Not really a lot to work with. Text is a little uninspired. Still hope it gets a little use. @Brrbisbrr
  6. 1. Zeno Miniti's current ppg is 2.125, that is the best i've ever seen and is on pace for 153 points, how much do you think he will get? What an amazing display of hockey. Can we just sit back and enjoy what he's doing right now. If he finishes with 140, 150, 160, or whatever, who cares? The dude is on fire and should scare the crap out of anyone that has to face him moving forward. 2. Looking at your stats, how much do you think you will get, will you slow down or speed up. Have you seen my stats? I ain't scored shit. I've got Mr. TwoPoints Okada over here rattling his mouth about being generational. Guess that's all it takes to be generational. Infinitely more points than me I guess. 3. Whats the funnest part of the league so far? Busting the chops of people on my team. Pumping out cool graphics for people I like. Most importantly that it's not the SHL. 4. Any predictions where you will go in the upcoming VHL/VHLM draft. Not sure. Somewhere that'll get a good player that flies under the radar. Kind of my thing. I will say somewhere with a draft pick. 5. Has being on the Lynx affected your outlook on the vhl, what it be like if you were on a worse team. Not really. I am here just to have fun. As long as my teammates are cool - I am happy. I just don't want to go somewhere dead. 6. A constant debate on vhl is team forum activity and discord activity, its believed new players like discord better and don't use the site as often, is this true? I think both have their place. I think the forum is better for long form posts. Anything longer than a paragraph doesn't belong on discord. But as someone who just likes small-talk. I can say that I like discord a lot for that purpose. I think they can exist in a world together. Anyone saying otherwise is being dramatic.
  7. Ottawa, ON, CAN - Newly signed Ottawa Lynx winger Symere Myles has had a rocky start to his VHLM career. Being left off the scoreboard in his first week of action, being given limited time after his struggles became apparent, and being officially “Pearl Habor’d” by linemate Hiroshi Okada. Needless to say that Myles hasn’t had the most spectacular first week in the league. When asked about the shot taken by teammate Okada, Myles kept a cool head and responded with obvious disappointment in the attack taken by a supposed coadjutor. “Shh man. Okada has tipped a few pucks up the ice and gotten lucky with a talented player finishing. Just remember the last time Japan attacked the US it didn’t end so well. Bro just wish he had my drip.” Despite difficulties and struggles Symere Myles has shown he can keep positive attitude and when the pucks start finding the back of the net he will no longer have to defend himself verbal assaults. Myles looks to pick up his play as the Lynx travel to the Yukon to take on the Rush.
  8. Vancouver Wolves 4 Calgary Wranglers 2
  9. 291 Calgary Wranglers 292 Toronto Legion 293 Malmo Nighthawks 294 Helsinki Titans
  10. Gold - Canada Silver - Europe Bronze - USA MVP - Ambrose Stark
  11. Accepted. Will happily play with you guys. Especially since you helped me get back into the league. To the rest of the teams. Totally open to playing anywhere once the draft happens!