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  1. Say it with your chest in the back of the Fuddrucker's parking lot
  2. 1) Valentine's Day is coming up! What presents are you getting for your coaches? Lots of alcohol to get them so drunk they'll have to promise me to play me all 60 minutes of ice time. 2) How are you going to spend the weekend? Just kicking back, playing some games on the console and breath in some fresh cigarette smoke. 3) What is more important, scoring a goal, or blocking a shot? I rarely do both, so I would any of the two. 4) If you had to be an animal for a day, what would you pick? A coala. Sleep for 23 hours, eat for the remainder of the day. Doesn't get a
  3. If you think your point total is bad, I think I got you beat easily.
  4. Not so young anymore, I'm already at the backend of my 20s. Life goes by so fucking fast. That's cool! I wasn't much in the mix here so I must've missed that, hope life's been treating you well.
  5. You's a hoe Also hi. Didn't know you were back around
  6. stevo

    Rock Bottom #12

    Mr. Radio Voice!!
  7. VHLM defenseman Ron World Peace III is enjoying a quiet season with the Minnesota Storm up in the cold north of the USA. The team has experienced a massive haul in last summer's VHLM draft and is filled to the brink with exceptional depth on all positions. World Peace himself is fulfilling his assigned duty as a second line defensive specialist who tries to be in the right place at the right time on the ice. "I know that I'm not prolific in any branch of the game - I don't record many hits, I don't put up spectacular point per game numbers but I just try to do all the little things
  8. 1) Who has been the most important offensive contributor in our squad this season? I'm not an expert, but I'll guess Jankowski? 2) What about defensive? Moore and our goalie 3) Are hot dogs a sandwich? Is the sky blue? But honestly, no they're not. 4) Who is your pick for VHLM MVP trophy this season based off performances so far? Jankowski, because he's the man no doubt! 5) How many, if any, awards do you think Minnesota players will win? I have no clue, honestly. We've got brilliant depth so I'll just say we'll pick up a couple or four. 6) Which woul
  9. this article should be voiced and read by @Phil
  10. 1) That would be EagleEye because he steals everyone's moves with his eyes. 2) Some rice mixed with chicken, pepper, curry, and lots of vegetables. 3) Like it a lot. Last season we were gearing up for this run and this season the pieces are all falling together. We're in good shape. 4) Of course we will improve, there's lots of depth on the team and we will put in the work necessary. 5) You still owe me money from the strip clubs you thrifty fools. 6) The team that drafted me, LA, though I have no clue about their current record.
  11. a good old shitstorm thread , me likey
  12. waiting for your take on pick no. 50
  13. The draft is upon us! At least I found out it is because I got sent PM with a draft interview out of nowhere. After the down season for Minnesota, we weren't in the postseason and the break seems like weeks now. As seen by the inquiries, the VHL interest in World Peace is... um, manageable. I will carry on though and persevere. If we're being realistic, with my TPE development I have no chance whatsoever to crack any VHL roster beyond the fourth line before my seventh or eighth season but let's forget about that because it is depressing. I know my player is never going to wi