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  1. Pandar

    Konstantin Mulligan Press Conference

    4. Hit ALL the people. As for TPE levels, I'll try to consistently get 10+ TPE per week, so where ever that ends up getting me. 5. He's gotta eat a Reuben sandwich before every game. Otherwise his skates will break and he'll die. 1. Nope. I think we've got a solid team that is consistently rolling... but I've said it once and I'll say it again: the playoffs are random as hell. 2. Gotta be Oslo. They play hard every game. 3. I mean, it's a concern, but I work to be disciplined as to when and how I'm taking those hits. I've got room to improve on that front, but I'm not gonna stop working my game. 4. All of them. I mean, at this point, I've forgotten all the guys I've hit. But I like to go after goal scorers in particular, try to get them off their game.
  2. Pandar

    VHLM Pickem (S61W4)

    132 Oslo Storm 133 Saskatoon Wild 134 Yukon Rush 135 Las Vegas Aces
  3. Pandar

    Nguyen Card

    @Dtayl If anyone else wants a player card, let me know!
  4. Pandar

    Expanding the VHLM

    I appreciate the vote of confidence, but I don't have time to take on another GM / administrative sim league position, especially not an entry level one... a good VHLM GM needs to be able to give a lot of attention to new players and guiding guys through how the site operates, and I can't take that on right now. Sorry
  5. Pandar

    Pandar's Sig Shoppe

    @AndrewWarren13 @Dtayl @SlapshotDragon I'm more than happy to do sigs for you guys! I've got a little bit of a back-log, so I'll be a little slow to get those out. You can expect player cards in the next week or two, though. If you'd like a sig, please also give me this info, so I can make you something you like! Desired Text/Sub-Text: Preferred Colors: Anything else?:
  6. Pandar

    Pandar's Grading Logs

    My bad 🤦‍♂️ --------------------------------
  7. Pandar

    Claimed: DiMirio [1/2]

    Solid piece. I might have liked a little more lighting to focus the eye. I like the way you've created depth by tucking part of the text behind the render. Not crazy about the purple, as I'm not really feeling it blend with the rest of the sig as well, but that might just be me. Something about the render's face feels almost .. .blurry? I can't quite put my finger on it, but something near his chin is bugging me. Overall, good ideas, well executed. Solid work!
  8. Pandar

    Claimed: Smirnov Ice [1/2]

    Well that's sexy af. Love, love, love the text work on the last name. Almost wish the first name wasn't there. The colors are super strong, it's really striking. This is stellar.
  9. Fun idea, well executed. I'm not sure what else I can say, tbh...
  10. Pandar

    :) [1/2]

    This is really really good! I like the text work, the colors are all blending really well. No complaints here!
  11. Pandar

    Arthur 07/06 [1/2]

    I really like this one! Text is much better in size, the grunge/greyscale thing is working really well! I really like the way the lower curve of "Iseult: mirrors the curve of the glove. If it were me, I wouldv'e lowered the text to really emphasize/frame that. Really strong piece, could use some minor finishing touches to make it "pop" but you've really got a nice nice piece here!
  12. Pandar

    Claimed: Slipher [1/2]

    Strong piece, I like a lot of what I'm seeing! I like the radial blur effect, not sure if that was the way the stock was, or if you added it, but it's well placed with respect to the render. I really like the text work, particularly with how it interacts with the render. My main complaint is the stick... with nothing else in the foreground, the way that it's blurry is kind of jarring with the smooth/polished feel of the rest of it. I also don't like the color of the tape (which is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper nit-picky on my part 😆) but if you could have tried to bring it either to being closer to the white of his shoulders or the orange of some of the light spots... idk it just feel like it clashes atm. On the whole, great work!