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  1. I have brought back some oldies and you might just be next! 

    *evil gif*

    1. Banackock



    2. diamond_ace


      yes please make this happen

    3. Doomsday



  2. Change up to opposing batter is great because it moves away from the batter. Pulling in general is healthier for more solid contact. Tougher to pull a pitch moving away from you. Curve ball I would disagree on - would say more difficult same handedness. But either way, I think RHP vs RHB and LHP vs LHB is more tough because the ball is typically moving away from you -- and also importantly less time to see the ball.
  3. Fav memory was the Seattle & Toronto rivalry. It was electric and hateful. I grew to not hate those I had previously hated. Also SSK WILD foreva
  4. A couple questions: FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT: I just switched to an international plan for the month. Plan below. I know I have to turn off SMS texting and shit. Am I going to be able to use iMessage as a viable alternative while not connected to wiFi? I'm confused! Or do I need to just wait until I'm in the hotel to use. Features Include: Unlimited domestic calling Unlimited international long distance calling (US to World) Unlimited voice roaming (All countries) Unlimited domestic text picture and video messaging 6GB sh
  5. Sadio Salah Declares for the S57 Draft MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – Eighteen-year-old local hockey player has officially put his name into the S57 VHL Draft. The window for declaring for this draft just opened with the S55 trade deadline commencing this past week, and the timing of the declaration puts him in a great spot to jump up draft boards in the coming months. Salah had been deciding whether or not he would go to the OHL, attend college on a full-ride hockey scholarship in the United States, or declare for the internationally-based Victory Hockey League, a te
  6. don't know you but i think it was more of like an "you're fired", "no, i quit" type of deal. anyway congrats on the 382 TPE
  7. http://www.vhlforum.com/index.php?/topic/41835-gm-134-vegas-vs-yukon/ http://www.vhlforum.com/index.php?/topic/41811-gm-129-saskatoon-vs-yukon/ http://www.vhlforum.com/index.php?/topic/41834-gm-133-ottawa-vs-saskatoon/ +1 Sadio Salah
  8. plz hire me lookin for a job i luv u sask