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  1. Tough loss, we need to be better than this
  2. It will be when we are missing 2 800 TPE players and are forced to play a winger at center. But 2-0 with an incomplete roster is a great start
  3. I could take his team over and make the picks
  4. S72 Team Captains Reveal The Wranglers added some great youth this off-season and has a very developed roster that looks to be back in the North American playoffs once again at the very least and with that we will lean on some of our senior members on the team for leadership this season including a new/old Captain, one new Assistant and one experienced assistant. We are proud to announce the captains of your season 72 Calgary Wranglers (C) LW - Sigard Gunnar @Big Mac Gunny is back at captain after we gave it to our Mexican friend for his swan song. We look forward to having Gunnar back at the helm and pushing our not so young youth to a better end of the season than we had last year. Time for Sigard to impose his will on the league and lead this team to glory. (A) RW - Kris Rice @Ricer13 Rice is getting his first crack at an "A" and it's well deserved after he took it upon himself to help the team this off-season and went through a lot of practice with the new rookies getting them acclimated to life in the VHL. (A) LW - RJ Jubis @Jubis Jubis is assistant GM, assistant captain and is one of the teams greatest allies. I can not tell the guy how much he means to the Wranglers and am happy to have him here as another well deserved assistant.
  5. Calgary only has one goalie as well @Beketov
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