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  1. I wouldn’t have voted for myself but I get your argument. I don’t care about it but I get it. lol
  2. I didn’t say they weren’t I said it’s a popularity contest and it is
  3. Because it’s just a popularity contest at this point
  4. Can we stop voting for GM and go with the top GM from each side
  5. Bears are part of league contraction
  6. You are very repetitive, but it's been amusing. lol
  7. OG Troll RobbieToday at 11:42 AM You really should stop fucking your sister and daughter. The world doesn't need more inbred pieces of shit like you OG Troll RobbieToday at 11:50 AM Pussy ain't just pussy. Grow a fucking pair and find a girl that you ain't related to you sick fuck. You uneducated inbred trailer park trash. Go do a mass shooting or something. It seems like you're that type of person. Or should I say you're that type of scum to do such thing... wait if you actually do a shooting they can say I led you to do it. So go seek help. You clearly need it. Go talk to a professional and get your anger out. Talk about how your daddy and grandpa touched you. Which led you to fuck your sister, impregnating her and once your daughter once she was of age (your not that fucked) you started fucking her also..all that anger now is leading you down a path that will make you walk into a school, store or whatever and kill. 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  8. Well based on TPA and team build we should definitely be able to compete with Toronto but I can’t test sim either