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  1. Bushito

    von Moltke

  2. Bushito


  3. Bushito

    Johannes Vihjalmsson (C->D)

    Can we process this please @Will or whoever is simming these days
  4. Bushito

    GM 13: Calgary Wranglers vs. HC Davos Dynamo

    I've been busy doing reno's on the house
  5. Bushito

    S63 Group 7 Fantasy Draft

    Joseph McWolf @SidTheKid87
  6. Bushito

    S63 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    Sebastian Ironside @nicolas01
  7. Bushito

    S63 Group 10 Fantasy Draft

    I picked for you it’s all good
  8. Bushito

    S63 Group 10 Fantasy Draft

    Cornhole taking Peencarnacion and Canmore, Carry on
  9. Bushito

    VHL Endorsement Contracts S63

    I accept these terms
  10. Bushito

    S63 Group 9 Fantasy Draft

    @Exlaxchronicles you pick 2 at a time, its a snake draft @JohnnyT_77 you are a pick behind so pick again and you need to tag the person after you Also @monkeywrench15 you can go as well
  11. Bushito

    S63 Group 8 Fantasy Draft

    Kip Takes F - Podrick Cast F - Edwin Preencarnacion F - Leph Twinger @Beketov
  12. Bushito

    S63 Group 8 Fantasy Draft

    Ironside is a forward