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  1. I think I need to change the logo thats the only thing that could be carrying the curse now.
  2. Idk why Vancouver players never shoot the puck...
  3. Whats the longest losing streak in league history? Moscow might be getting close to record territory.

    1. Quik


      Season 11 Toronto lost 69 games, which means at worst their longest losing streak was 23 games. It was probably higher than that though

    2. oilmandan


      Not sure but @Nykonax has been losing since he got here 🤣

  4. let me know if you need any questions!
  5. Don't worry about that. Good General Managers look for more than just TPE. Forum activity and how engaged you are, are higher than TPE in my books.
  6. Welcome to the league! Which sister league did you come from?
  7. Update the sim engine and lower the overall on players stats closer to the high 80's
  8. Looks like Nixon cant take the load yet back to Iseult
  9. @eaglesfan036 Gritty is a fighter eh?
  10. This could be one of the best drafts of all time!