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  1. Hello All, I’m going to do a review on every draft pick I have made as the Vancouver Wolves (Quebec Meute) General Manager. I’m going to try to give some insight on each and every pick I made and why I picked that specific player. This is going back further than the portal so I might miss something. I am also going to try to be as unbiased as possible to add to the I M M E R S I O N. I will be giving a letter grade as well as a little blurb towards all the picks that I can remember info on. Lets start with my first ever draft when I was a little glassy eyed first gen. Letter Grades
  2. Thank you for all the applications. We have chosen to go with the following members. @Blazzer and @rory Both are super active new members that will be an asset to the team!
  3. D - Jeff Downey F - Lewis Dawson @Victor
  4. This one has a runaway winner! #2! Congrats @gorlab enjoy the 5 Uncapped! Thank you to all that entered!
  5. To lead the Wolves this season the team have selected the following players! The Captain: Jimmy Spyro @DarkSpyro *Assistant Captain: Jeff Downey @JeffD Assistant Captain: Griff Manzer @Garsh This will be the first season of the Wolves new core! Lets see what we can do! *Because Goalies cannot be captains in STHS* C - Downey @JeffD A1 - Manzer @Garsh A2 - Thightrap @BladeMaiden
  6. Welcome to the league.@ProfoundBeggar Let me know if you need any help getting started or if you have any questions!
  7. I fixed it for you last night.
  8. Welcome to the league! Let me know if you need any help getting started
  9. Hello all, You might have noticed the placeholder image on the front page. That was just a temporary image until we can crown a winner from this contest. The winner of this contest will have their championship banner on our front page until we can crown next season's winner. Please pick one of the following to have on our homepage all season long. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  10. I was using it already so I didn't notice
  11. We're looking to bring on two more Updaters. Pay is 4/TPE week, responsibilities include: - Monitoring the Portal's Update Queue for pending updates - Verifying links, TPE amounts, and nature of TPE claims - Properly processing pending updates by approving, denying, or editing them  There is no set pay structure for this job such as "x updates processed = x TPE". The expectation is that you check the Queue regularly and do a some approving whenever you have some spare time. It's very much a team effort and obviously this is not a job where you can just