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  1. Please follow the steps listed below to claim your TPE for recruiting players. 1. Create a thread with your username, followed by recruits. (EX: Beketov's Recruits) 2. Keep an updated original post with your recruits. Every time you recruit someone, please post in your thread, and make sure that person also verifies that you were the one that recruited them, via a post in your thread. 3. When your recruit hits 50 TPE, you're eligible for a 1 TPE payment, when your recruit reaches 100 TPE you're eligible for a 4 TPE payment. When your recruit hits 200 TPE, you're eligible for an additional 10 TPE payment. Each recruit can be worth up to 15 TPE. 1 TPE: 50 TPE earned 4 TPE: 100 TPE earned 10 TPE: 200 TPE earned Total TPE to be earned: 15 4. Recruiting Rewards incentives and questions regarding payment are up to the Recruitment Leader's discretion. 5. Account creation spamming (aka creating multiple accounts or getting your co-workers to do so will result in recruiting bans) Any other questions can be directed in this thread or @Beaviss
  2. Beaviss

    Website Themes

    Ive found some good ones that also cost money if you want me to link those
  3. Beaviss

    Website Themes

    agreed get at it graphic man What about that?
  4. Beaviss

    Website Themes

    I think that the default theme is horrendous though. I only use the 10th anniversary theme.
  5. Beaviss

    Website Themes

    Team themes are a cool idea though
  6. Beaviss

    VSN Cup of Stoffy 4: Ya'll need to calm down!

    I made white pee when you sang.
  7. Beaviss

    S64 Regular Season Index

    @Will sent lines in
  8. If you want to ask me a question regarding the team ask here! Please tag me when you do so, so i know theirs questions. Thanks!
  9. Beaviss

    S64 Regular Season Index

    Shit I didn't see him I'll do them once I get to work in an hour
  10. Beaviss

    S64 Regular Season Index

    @Will let me know when Mulligan is on que and I'll do my lines
  11. Beaviss

    Sports Sim Network

    Hey shaka the VSN would prob love to partake let me know how many you need.
  12. Beaviss

    S64 Regular Season Index

    That's not morning
  13. Beaviss

    S64 Regular Season Index

    What time PST?
  14. Player Information Username: Beaviss Player Name: Hunter Hearst Helmsley Recruited From: Member (Beaviss) Age: 49 Position: C Height: 75 in. Weight: 250 lbs. Birthplace: United States of America Player Page @VHLM GM
  15. HHH has decided to sign with Halifax!

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      please dont be another orion slade with the commentary

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    4. Peace



  16. Beaviss

    Season 64 Trade Deadline

    It was today for me I hope that helps
  17. Beaviss

    DAV/QUE: S64

    These trades where made to shake the team up and give scoring depth and i think Ive achieved that
  18. Beaviss

    (S66) C - Hunter Hearst Helmsley, TPE: 75

    Im talking portal offers
  19. Beaviss

    HSK/QUE: S64

    technically he never touched Quebec (your right)
  20. Beaviss

    (S66) C - Hunter Hearst Helmsley, TPE: 75

    @VHLM GM Offer me on the portal if you want to be in the HHH running. Ill be choosing in two hours.
  21. Keaton Louth and his weird career has ended he received a cup but that's about it Season stats for a gander. He was a playoff boy. Goodnight sweet prince!
  22. Beaviss

    (S66) C - Hunter Hearst Helmsley, TPE: 75

    @Tagger this character is also an ode to you (I know you like wrestlers)
  23. Beaviss

    (S66) C - Hunter Hearst Helmsley, TPE: 75

    Good thing there is no Ronda in the league
  24. Beaviss

    HSK/QUE: S64