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  1. 1. We don't have many centers in the system so maybe one of them would be a good fit! 2. A very skilled player, looking forward to playing with them! 3. Hopefully similar to last season and end my career strong 4. I think we can make a run in the playoffs, we're a little older and more experienced than last year so we should be able to improve 5. I think a veteran like Dayne or Marsh would be a good fit for the C, with the other getting an A and one of our top young guys getting the other A 6. I eat a lot of apples and grape tomatoes so probably those to cut down on m
  2. Woody McPine - protect rebounds
  3. 1. If we focus and play our game we can win it in 3 or 4. If we get sucked into their game it might take 5 2. Nope 3. We wouldn't be here without him 4. No not really 5. Its always a good idea to be on the goodside of someone who has "Death" in their name 6. If expenses weren't a factor then I'd have homes all over the world and bounce around depending on weather and any big events coming up
  4. 1. Anything is possible if you try hard enough 2. Absolutely, he's gonna go off next year 3. Most likely would be LA 4. I am the most important player on this team 5. Incredible value, you need a good vet to keep the young kids in check 6. Reading, Netflix, Video Games, watching/playing other sports pretty much sums me up
  5. 1. Best of luck, go get a trophy! 2. Welcome to the family! Lots of opportunity on a rebuilding team to get that career high 3. 1, guys a stud 4. Yes definitly 5. 1 VHL and 1 VHLM 6. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is a classic!
  6. 1. Yes, we have the talent to go on a run 2. He'll get the playoff clinching goal for us 3. Prague because its personal for me 4. 45 goals, 54 assists for 99 points. 0 girls 5. We will! 6. I don't really have any outdoor chores since I live in an apartment but lets go with gardening
  7. 1. Not a bad start at all, I think we'll go on a run later and make the playoffs 2. Always tough to see a teammate go but excited to have Lorde and see where the 1st goes 3. Pretty happy with his numbers even if its a small sample size 4. For me, its gotta be Arthur Dayne, he's been doing everything for us 5. Solid start for the rooks! They're active and to take the next step they gotta keep it up and it'll come together 6. Not sure what we have in the system, but with me retiring soon we'll need to get another backup
  8. 1. So pumped. This is the year 2. I just try to feel as fresh as possible 3. I try to do a little of both. 4. I'm a glass half full kinda guy 5. They'd be quiet but hilarious when the do make a post or something. Like how TSN think Luongo is 6. Not really. I play mostly NHL games when I do
  9. No I haven't! Didn't know it was a show haha. And also no I haven't read that. How is it?
  10. 1. Well, I can't figure out how to find our picks so I'll give it a B and say I'm excited for our first pick of the draft 2. I think we can get 3rd 3. Least confident about rookie of the year, that's always a tough one to judge. Most confident about my pick to win it all 4. Not sure how many games I'll be playing, but win 80% and at least 1 shutout 5. Coke, StarWars 6. Currently reading The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, it's really good
  11. 1. No, they were a strong team all season long 2. I'm always excited for a fresh start and fresh faces. Anything can happen! 3. Make the big saves and whatever else I can do to help us win! 4. Keep everyone excited and involved. Let people know what's going on and why moves are being made. 5. I try to hangout with my family and friends from home as much as possible 6. I know a great sushi spot that always gives extra rolls. The more you order, the more free rolls you get
  12. 1. I think it'll be Moscow. They have a lot of pressure from Mr. P to win 2. I'm a big fan, especially of all the little logos 3. I do. I think we'll take a lot of teams by surprise next season 4. Made the show! Now we just need to win a championship 5. The Leafs are my favorite but Malkin has been my favorite player for a while now 6. Yes, because I have good taste. Also I'm a goalie
  13. 1. I'm pretty new to the team so I don't know much about Hylands, but the other players seem pretty pleased and Hylands seems eager to get going 2. It did not. Being traded caught me off guard 3.I'd say a bit of both if we can. 4. I think that's a conversation between player and GM If he wants to stick around and build then we go for it 5. Lots of Netflix, working out, and family time 6. I started strong but when I got traded to Malmo I couldn't find my game and really dropped the ball. fully intend on righting the ship next season