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  1. He felt the heat since we brought in @leafsman to replace him. so now he's steppin up.
  2. @Devise let me know when the trade is in the index so I can send in new lines! Thank you!
  3. Spade18

    NYA/MOS: S65

    Welcome to NYA @leafsman! Pleasure doing business @Victor
  4. Welcome to the VHL! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!
  5. oof... rough sim after NYA gave us so much hope yesterday.
  6. i'm sorry. what? almost outshot them 2 to 1 and this happens..... AND WITH NYA G, UNDISPUTED BEST GOALTENDER OF ALL TIME, IN NET?
  7. I always had a feeling the NYA G would be the reason Twinger broke through
  8. NYA G is not the hero we want, but the hero we deserve
  9. The guy, who it was unilaterally agreed to have been FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY from the all rookie team last year, was a bust. OK.
  10. Wow @Beaviss, way to let your team down.