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  1. This post is two fold. For one, I want to announce that I hired @DilIsPickle to be my AGM about a week ago and haven't had the time to get on here to post it. Secondly, to lay a little explanation. I have about 30 seconds before I need to run out again so here is my copy and past I posted in my locker room/discord.
  2. Taking Applications for NYA AGM.  Apply within.

  3. He's stepping down cause he didnt spend enough time as an AGM and obviously needs more seasoning.
  4. now, there are a lot of things I could say about this game. But I think our most important takeaway here is KINGFISHER WITH THE APPLE WOOOOOOO
  5. Glad to see a lot of ex NYA players doing well on Seattle. NOT SO GLAD TO SEE SHANE MARS NOT DOING ANYTHING.
  6. hopefully those lines get updated ANY TIME NOW
  7. Hell of a start boys! Especially @Eudaldkp with the early two spot!
  8. Hey! Mars' First game! *sees stat line* Oh.
  9. @Beketov Lines in!
  10. I'll work on it asap
  11. @Kirby @Inf1d3l @cpetrella (see you already found it!) @Yusuf Abdul-Latif
  12. We're lucky to have you! I had to check the draft board 5 or 6 times before I believed I got to be the one to take you!
  13. I'm trying to buy him a house. yes its for personal reasons but try topping that as a bribe