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  1. Roque Davis Thomas Landry II @JigglyGumballs
  2. Chad Magnum Jaxx Hextall @JigglyGumballs
  3. 1. I honestly can't say, I have a really good feeling about this team, I think we can stay hot throughout the whole season. 2. I think I've finally figured out VHL defenses, and I grew a lot stronger over the offseason, so I can really bully my way around the rink this season. 3. That was definitely an issue for us last season, as I think he just ran out of gas in the playoffs, but I don't blame him; he carried us in the regular season. I think we just really need to tighten up in our own zone in order to lighten his load. 4. Definitely. And to be honest, I prefer it this way, it reminds me of the old-VHL. 5. Just keep plugging along man, your time will come. It can take awhile in the VHL but your hard work will pay off. 6. Hmm, 7 maybe? I'm not complaining though, I think the interaction is at a good level, for me personally at least.
  4. G - Jaxx Hextall F - Phil Marleau @Kylrad
  5. F - Chad Magnum D - Erik Killinger @Kylrad
  6. When I was 13, I hadn't even played ice hockey yet, and I had no idea that it would consume my life for nearly the next decade.
  7. Hunter Hearst Helmsley @Kylrad
  8. 1. I think it's a good pick, I know there were rumors that we were going to trade the pick, but I'm happy that we kept it and drafted a quality young player instead. 2. I don't think it will hurt us too badly in the short run since most of our core is in their prime right now. When guys like Merrick eventually join the team it will be a free addition to an already talented squad. 3. 0% hyped. I barely pay any attention to the VHL in the offseason. 4. Like I said, he'll be a welcome addition to an already talented core, I expect him to become a stud for us in a few seasons. 5. I honestly have no idea, I can't even name more than two players who were taken in the first round off of memory. 6. Same answer that I just gave to question number 5 haha, I paid no attention to anything draft, or offseason, related. I just focus on the needed break from the VHL.
  9. 1. Definitely exciting; we went into the season thinking we were going to be a lottery pick anyway, so coming out of the season with the next best pick ain't too shabby. 2. I'm enjoying it a lot; I typically disassociate completely from all VHL goings-on in the offseason and I think that really helps better me for the upcoming season. 3. Like I said, I usually take time in the offseason to decompress from the season, and that's what I\m up to right now. 4. I honestly couldn't tell you, because I have no idea who is available; I do like that we are expanding though, as hopefully this will allow the league to return to a typical 6F-4D format. 5. Neither, I don't drink soda. 6. Burrito, easy. Next question.
  10. Our powerplay just couldn't get it done this series.
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