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  1. 1. How excited are you to play our first playoff game? Well, it's already passed now, but I was super excited. 2. Is there a specific player on the Bulls that we should target? Nope. If you think you're the best player, then show it. We don't need to decide for you. 3. Who do you think will score our first playoff goal? Me, hopefully. Did I? 4. Bowman has shutout the Bulls 3 times during the season, can he do it again? Easy. Keep that momentum going. 5. Do you have any pre game rituals that you'd like to share? Take a deep breath and relax! 6.
  2. The pick used to draft my player to Moscow was originally held by Calgary... Tried to incorporate feedback from the first sig, I think it turned out better!
  3. 1. Which team do you think has most surprised you this season? Us! I mean, what a turnaround. And yes, I am aware that other teams have had some impressive turnarounds as well. But, I'm sure we're better! 2.We're currently the highest scoring team in the VHLM with 41 goals so far. Do you think we can keep that up until season's end? It all comes down to consistency, which we struggled with last season. IF we can just trust ourselves and trust each other, nobody can stop us. 3. What are your thoughts on the league's longer than usual offseason? Love it! I
  4. Well, we almost did it. We almost turned the season around after a bad start, and we came this close to cracking the postseason. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough - we just couldn't seem to string wins together. We'd beat a top team in one game, then in the next game lose to a bottom-feeder. The only win streak we managed came after our official elimination from the playoffs. With three games left, we sat in fifth place in the conference. Our season was effectively over. Then, we won the final three games. The roster was inconsistent in a way, too. Every week, a new mid-season addition seemed to
  5. Questions for Week 2/15 - 2/21 How do you feel about the Wild's playoff chances after all the new pickups? It didn't quite work out, but I think they've been huge not just for our play as a team but for our culture in the locker room. We won't be able to keep the team intact, but hopefully we'll be able to come close. The team has been playing with a win one lose one streak lately how do you feel we can get on a winning streak? We have the same consistency problem we've had this whole season. The only way to get out of it is by trusting everyone around
  6. 1. It's been an up and down week for the Wild, having racked up a number of impressive wins before a 4-game skid. What does the team need to do to get back to winning ways? Our biggest problem for the time being is consistency. When we get back to trusting one another and trusting ourselves, we'll be able to return to being a top team in the league. 2. In the last game, the Wild took conference-topping Minnesota to a shootout. Do results like this show that the team can compete with the best in the league? Absolutely we can. The talent on this roster is here, and the hard
  7. Player Information Username: 124715 Player Name: Duncan Montana Recruited From: Member (OrbitingDeath) Age: 19 Position: LW Height: 75 in. Weight: 200 lbs. Birthplace: Afghanistan Player Page @VHLM GM
  8. http://efl.network/topic/6993-breaking-down-the-offenses-in-the-ncaa-championship/ EFL +6 TPE