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  1. Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 3 - Toronto Legion Game 4 - Helsinki Titans Game 5 - Helsinki Titans Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - 3-2 for Helsinki Titans Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Mats Johnsson Series leader in goals: Oyorra Arroyo Series leader in assists: Mats Johnsson
  2. Yeah you misunderstood that. Just as told me i can't say it would have changed something, i meant it as telling you you can't say it wouldn't. If you think your rule is working as intended, so be it, but expect me to complain about it each time you gonna use it in playoff be my team or not.
  3. Can you fucking show me where i said i would have changed anything? I stated that anything could have happened. We could have lost those two games still, i agree, but we could have won them as well. I don't care what would have been the end results. I care about the fact my player was sit out of fucking playoff games because some people think they can foresee the future and know when to punish in playoff or when to punish in regular season/draft instead of having a clear rule. Don't think anything will make me stop to hate on that fucking rule as soon as i can because it's possibly the worst rule i've ever seen in sim league of my life.
  4. I don't disagree nor agree with your statement. That QUE G posted insane number is great. That doesn't mean i have to accept a stupid rule that prevented me to play in the playoff. However, stating that it wouldn't have make a difference is false. Anything is anyone's game with STHS with any change.
  5. Instead of punishing the team and forcing the hand of the GM to do a move, probably getting rid of lesser player, you decided to punish the starting goaltender, most likely an active member of the forum, to play a bot since there is no fucking rule to even have a 'player' goaltender? Fucking clap. that's genius. Damn i'm glad we have people able to predict the future in the management of the league. I'm reassured now that you'll be able to know exactly which team are at their last season of competing and who aren't. That sure gonna come handy in those situation. It's not like a GM could put some move out of their ass and end up being able to compete anyway the next season you know.
  6. So in your opinion difference in stats between my player ang QUE G wouldn't have make any difference? Rebound woulnd't have possibly ended somewhere else, my player woulnd't have been able to freeze play better than QUE G? Both game were lost by one goal. IMO that would have been a difference maker. Sonnet should have been angry at this rule too if you want my opinion. It's a stupid rule.
  7. i should have been allowed to play but then i shouldn't ? i dont think i understand what you mean since you just contradicted yourself.
  8. Vancouver and Beaviss have nothing to do with this rant. He even tried to stop me. this is solely me seeing myself sat out of the playoff because the league decided it was smart to pubish teams in the pmayoff that have a beef with this stupid retard rule that make no sense.
  9. Fair then, always knew @Beaviss sucked. However i dont agree at all about the need for punishment to be subjective. You can't just apply whatever punishment you want and expect there will never be backslash. You are better off with a clear rule that can be applied at any time such as cap hit or extra backup game the next season. Fuck had you done that i wouldnt have complained. If you worry about team not able yo be punish cause they arent in playoff well MAYBE THATS NOT THE WAY TO GO. Pubishing so severely a team because they didnt reach the back up cap is the dumbest thing i have ever seen especially when it isnt even fucking relevent. Especially when there isnt even rules in place right now to force gm to have back ups. Hope QUE G really liked those fucking two playoffs game. Also QUE G didnt even end up playing the three games. Should i expect him to start the first game of next season??? Or worst the playoff again? Or was getting me on the bench and us gettibg eliminated enough to rub your fucking ego power trip on gms?
  10. What kind of fucking backward ludicrous punishment is this? This whole rule is a fucking joke with punishment being subjective. No shit everyone i know talk about the VHL as the retard little brother of sim league. There's no reason the punishment fall only on the GM when the simmer can possibly mess up as well. Beaviss mentioned the simmer failed to upload Quebec's line for THREE FUCKING DAYS. Jesus, i know full well it's not hard to import lines in the sim engine. There is no reason this should have gone for three days. Why isn't the simmer responsible of fucking over GMs as well like that? Fuck, being a simmer and hating a team, maybe i wouldn't want to play a back up goalie if the punishment they can get is to NOT PLAY THEM IN THE PLAYOFF. IT'S THE FUCKING PLAYOFF. What's better to fuck over a team that preventing them to play their starter. I'm highly surprised no one actually commented on this. Like no one care because that's one less team in the playoff? can't wait it fucking happen to them because this is ridiculous. That's the first league i see actually punishing a team in the playoff for something so fucking useless as back up games. I get you guys want to show you are 'serious' about your backup game but this is clearly not the way to go. Why do you feel the fucking need to punish a player that didn't do anything because a simmer was too incompetent to load game and a gm smart enough to check the difference between game played and game started? Thanks for nothing asshole because that's what you just did. As well as fucking my team over in playoff on something they don't really control, since the simmer can do whatever the fuck they want at anytime, it seems. Shit those backup game didn't even matter in the standing. This is basically a big joke. It's like you decided to nuke japan after Pearl Harbor. If this is a way to fix your league's goalie problem, i mean you almost suceeded to free a starter job. On that, i would recomand you to go listen to a specific song of Lily Allen because that's the only thing this league deserve. hopefully this end up in copy pasta 😎
  11. Should count as Theme Week. Used the blue/white of the flag of Vancouver, the background is Vancouver and it's a sig for a player of the Vancouver Wolves.
  12. I plan to go until i auto-retire or @Beaviss get rid of me so Vancouver is settled until a management decision.