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    S63 Theme Week

    so much to have already posted my Haterade Sigs already, damn it
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    Tristan Iseult

    Tristan Iseult Goaltender - Left Handed 6'5" - 212 lbs Redruth, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom Tristan Iseult, born in Redruth in the United Kingdom, always have been raised by his uncle, Mark Cornwall, as far as he can remember. He never really questioned why he was raised by his uncle and not his parents. He had everything he needed and knew he’d get answers one day if he needed them. His life started pretty differently than many star hockey players. He was indeed sportive when he was a kid, but never had any interest in ice hockey before. His uncle was coaching the local field hockey team and when he played for fun on the side of the field during the coaching practice, his uncle saw the potential Tristan Iseult had. He immediately decided to put Tristan in classes for young players in order to develop his talent. Tristan started as a forward on the youth team, but he quickly developed to be a great field hockey goaltender. Once the coaches realized he had all the reflex necessary to be a great goaltender, they never moved him again. At first, Tristan Iseult didn’t like being the netminder, as it was boring, due to the fact he was never running around the field. He quickly realized that the position brought into his life a new challenge of being attentive during all the game in order to not be scored on. About two years after he started to play field hockey, his youth team had to face a Canadian team in an international tournament. They didn’t manage to win against them and Tristan got curious about how the players were so good at the sport. After the game, he went to talk to a few of the players there. They explained him that they weren’t only playing field hockey but also ice hockey in the winter. Not knowing what ice hockey was, he was really impressed when players explained him that it was the same thing as they were doing right now, but on ice and with skates on the feet. He spent a few hours talking with the Canadians kids after the game at how impressive ice hockey sounded to be. That same night, Tristan Iseult spent a few hours watching video on Youtube of the Victory Hockey League, which was the best league in the world. He was glued to his screen to see player move so fast on the ice and the hits and the celebrations. He knew right then that’s what he wanted to do. He spent a few weeks bugging his uncle in order to have him accept to send him in Ireland, into his uncle’s friend’s youth team. He made Tristan promise that he would return every summer to keep improving his field hockey abilities. As soon as he had the words, Tristan Iseult became enthusiast about playing ice hockey and started to plan his move and what equipment he would need for the new sport. Impatiently waiting for the winter to be there. Once in Ireland, Tristan Iseult made sure to follow everything his uncle’s friend was telling him. On and off ice alike. He basically offered his help at every occasion he had in order to make himself useful. He quickly developed his game on the ice, becoming a solid goaltender for the team. When his uncle’s friend realised Tristan’s potential, he quickly made sure to encourage him as soon as he could in the process of learning the sport. Even adding a few extra practice in the week days so he could improve even faster and catch up to the years of missed training he had compared to a few of his other players. Tristan Iseult spend a couple of years balancing school, ice hockey and field hockey. He couldn’t be happier. Well, his school grades weren’t the most amazing one in the world due to the amount of time he was spending moving around in order to play sports, but the feeling he gained playing both sport was thrilling. He quickly realised after that time that he would have to slow down in order to not injure himself, however. Due to the fact he was basically playing 10 months in the year, it was starting to be really taxing on his body. He didn’t really know how to slow down however, as both his uncle’s field hockey team and his coach ice hockey team were depending on him. He didn’t want to let anyone down. After a small injury he suffered during a field hockey game, he realised that what he really liked was to be on the ice. He liked the game so much more due to the speed and adversity he had to face. Unlike field hockey, he didn’t had a lot of time to prepare himself before facing a odd man rush or something similar. He had to be 100% of the time in the game. When his team was facing a penalty, being short one man was making the game thrilling in a way he had never experienced. He knew his uncle wouldn’t like the news of stopping Field Hockey. After so much years training for it, his Uncle was already seeing him as the savior of his franchise. When he finally announced it to him, as expected, things didn’t go well. His uncle was really angry at him, to the point where Tristan Iseult was basically forced to move out. Fortunately for him, his Uncle’s friend accepted to welcome him back in his home in Ireland year round. After a few more years playing for the hockey team of the man hosting him, he knew he was ready for new challenge. He had words of the Victory Hockey League while playing in Ireland and wanted to test his chance in that league. He subscribed to the Victory Minor Hockey League draft as soon as he was eligible to do it. Before his draft, he made sure to join one of the team for a year in order to already be used to the speed of the league.
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    VHL Pickem (S63W5)

    200 Calgary Wranglers 201 Quebec City Meute 202 Seattle Bears 203 Riga Reign
  4. After a stellar start of the season, Tristan Iseult of the Quebec City Meute now struggle to find his game. He just lost four games in a row. A first since the season started. It’s also a first that he even lost more than 2 games in a row. He tried his best to keep the score as close as possible, but as the days go, the worst are his performance. The streak of bad luck started against the Seattle Bears, a few days earlier. It happened at home. Quebec City was hosting the Seattle Bears for yet another time in the season. The scoring started early on Tristan Iseult. Not even seven minutes into the game, David Kiaskov managed to find the net behind him. Before he managed to shake the goals out of his head Otto Axelsson added salt on the wound with another goal in less than two minutes. He was glad when Veran Dragomir managed to reduce the scoring deficit a few minutes after. However, after that, no one really managed to do anything. The coach pulled Tristan Iseult a minute before the end of the game to try to generate some attack but Matt Thompson had another idea in mind and scored in an empty net. The Meute shots only 20 times on Roger Sterling in the game while Iseult had faced close to twice the amount. The team then moved on to Riga. They would have to face the Riga Reign in their own stadium. Once again, Iseult was the first one to get scored on. Jeff Gow managed to slide one behind him with the assist of Ryan Kastelic and Shawn Glade. He managed to hold them on for the rest of the period, but when the Second starte, things went sour again. Three minutes into the period. Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette was punished for Charging. He went into the box for the following two minutes. A minute after, on the power play, Jeff Gow scored his second of the night on Tristan Iseult. A few minutes after the mid period, it was Podrick CAst’s turn to beat the Meute netminder. Nothing happened after for the rest of the game. The Meute didn’t manage to score once in the game and only tested Kallis Kriketers seventeen times. The next game, the team would face the Seattle Bears, this time, on the road. Before the first period end, with 32 seconds before the last whistle, Otto Axelsson managed to beat Iseult to score the first game of the match on a pass from Gabriel McAllister. In the third period, a fight exploded between Mountain Thunderfist and Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette, but fortunately, it didn’t cost any of the team a player. At the 15:33 mark in the period. It was Vyacheslav Smirnov’s turn to score on the English netminder. During the night Tristan Iseult had faced 30 shots while Roger Sterling managed to stop all of the 19 shots at him. The last game Tristan Iseult played at home was probably the most disgusting one. The game started with a goal from Roctrion King in the first period. In the second, after yet another penalty to Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette for hooking, Roctrion King scored once again on the power play this time. Quebec City managed to put one past Ismond Kingfisher as Marvin Harding scored. Thing didn’t end up well for the Meute as both Matthieu Bourdon and Roctrion King scored on him on the third, King finishing his hattrick. This all happened on 17 shots only, ending Iseult night with a save percentage of 0.765. Can he bounce back? 603 words
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    Arthur 02/11

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    VHL Pickem (S63W4)

    144 Quebec City Meute 145 Toronto Legion 146 Riga Reign 147 HC Davos Dynamo
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    VHL Predict the score (S63W4)

    Riga 2-1
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    Arthur 02/11

  9. Arthur

    VHL Predict the score (S63W3)

    4-1 Seattle
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    VHL Pickem (S63W3)

    104 Seattle Bears 105 Riga Reign 106 Quebec City Meute 107 Calgary Wranglers
  11. Arthur

    VHL Predict the score (S63W2)

    Meute 2-1