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  1. HellBillyXIII

    Any other sim leagues out there?

    Ill gladly do whatever i have to so you can get credit. Just not sure what to do.
  2. HellBillyXIII

    Any other sim leagues out there?

    The EFL is the vhl football affiliate...its newer (starting 6th season in a week or 2) so still growing but super active. The reddit drive 2 days ago got us like 70 new members. Nows a great time to join @Banackock and your media post here is worth the same 6tpe when cross posted over there. Very good group of guys, highly recommended
  3. HellBillyXIII

    Any other sim leagues out there?

    Lol i came from metroho. Logged on for 1st time in years and saw on forums people talking about vhl...its how i found this league. Metroho looked dead af.
  4. HellBillyXIII

    S60 [Not so Live] Draft Lottery

    When is the draft??
  5. HellBillyXIII

    Pilgrim Prepping for the Draft

    With the Season 60 VHL draft coming up in just a few days Yukon Rush phenom defenseman Billy Pilgrim is hard at work. Billy has had a stellar season and is projected near the top of the pack but there is still work to be done. ”I’ve had teams contact me for interviews. I did not expect that. I am not the smartest guy ever and I sometimes have trouble coming up with words.” Pilgrim says. What Pilgrim lacks in mental capacity he makes up for with his hockey instincts and size. He looms over opponents and is a physical presence who seems to always be in the right spot at the right time. Billy has been training with Rob Blake and Chris Pronger working on his defensive skills and feels he has made great strides. “Rob and Chris are 2 of the best ever, they have made me much much better.” Regardless of what happens at the draft Pilgrim is ready for whatever comes next. “I don’t care too much where I play.” he says. “As long as I’m playing hockey I’m happy.” Nothing is guaranteed but I would bet that Billy is going to be happy for a long, long time.
  6. HellBillyXIII

    VHLM Practice Facility (Apr 2-8)

    1 2 3
  7. HellBillyXIII

    Semi-Finals GM 2: Oslo vs. Vegas

    Good series!
  8. HellBillyXIII

    Semi-Finals GM 1: Ottawa vs. Yukon

    Billy showed up to play!
  9. HellBillyXIII

    Semi-Finals GM 2: Ottawa vs. Yukon

    Too close
  10. HellBillyXIII

    Welfare/Pension (April 2nd - 8th)

    EFL Xpost
  11. HellBillyXIII

    Billy Pilgrim Updates

    Week Ending 4/8 EFL Xpost +6 Practice +1 Fan590 +2 Total TPE 150 + 9 = 159 +9 Defense (77==>80) 0 Banked (0==>1)
  12. HellBillyXIII

    GM 165: Yukon vs. Saskatoon

  13. HellBillyXIII

    GM 163: Vegas vs. Yukon

    Got em
  14. HellBillyXIII

    GM 169: Ottawa vs. Yukon

    Veran tearing it up!