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  1. Týr

    GM 142: Vegas vs. Ottawa

    2. Las Vegas Aces , Johannes Vilhjalmsson 17 (Jakub Vilhjalmsson 35, Jonas Vilhjalmsson 32) at 17:27 My favorite thing to see.
  2. Týr

    Brodeur [1/2]

    .... Alright, I'm gonna have to start fucking around with transparency. This looks clean as fuck.
  3. Týr

    GM 139: Ottawa vs. Vegas

    Triplets combine for 7 points. Nice.
  4. Týr

    All Star General Manager Vote

    @Beaviss I already voted, you fuck
  5. Týr

    VHL Player Cards

  6. Týr

    VHL Player Cards

    Gonna try something with Banack's
  7. Týr

    VHL Player Cards

    What player picture do you want me to use?
  8. There is no greater mistake than that of always being right.
  9. Post your player name, render, and team in here and I'll make a card for you. Will be as I have spare time, so don't yell at me if I take a while to get to yours. Waitlist: N/A
  10. Týr


    Is hooker time
  11. Týr

    RW - Jakub Vilhjálmsson Updates

    Welfare 3/18 - 6 TPE 3/12 - 3/18 Weekly TPE Cap: 8/12 TPE since last update: 6 Total Points Earned: 79 +6 Checking (53 -> 59)
  12. Týr

    Welfare/Pension (March 12 - 18)

    SBA Graphics PT - 6
  13. Týr

    Remove VHLM Career Years

    I like how the SBA does it - your NCAA seasons don't count toward your players "age," but there's a hard cap of 199 TPE. If you go over 199 or finish your fourth season, you're auto-entered into the upcoming draft.
  14. Týr

    GM 124: Ottawa vs. Yukon

    Well, fuck me to tears.