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  1. 1. 6-1-0 Record so far this season! What's your early thoughts on how these first 7 games have played out for you? These first seven games have turned out really well for me. I am very happy that we have only lost one game so far. 2. As of now, who's the MVP on the team? If there's no clear cut MVP to you, talk about the balance of the team! I believe that we are very well balanced as a team. We all put a lot of effort into our games, and we are very strong willed. 3. How do you bounce back mentally from a tough close loss like your recent one to Minnesota? I think the best way to bounce back mentally from a loss is to not let it get to you. If you do not let the games you lose get to you, you can turn the negative into a positive, and take it as a learning experience, to turn into something good. 4. Recently, VSN Now made a comment saying the Aces were "not top heavy but balanced and play well, although the defense is lacking". How do you respond to this? Even though our defense is lacking, we are one of the strongest teams out there playing right now. We will not let anything get in our way. 5. Many power rankings hold the Aces as the top spot in the VHLM, how do you handle the pressure that comes from being a top-ranked team? I take the pressure from being a part of a top ranked team pretty well. IT helps boost confidence in ourselves, as well as it motives us to do better after we lose in a game. 6. Do you feel like there has been a similar rivalry with the Ottawa Lynx like last season? If not, who do you believe is the Aces new rival this year? I do not believe that there has been a rivalry with the Ottawa Lynx like last season. I believe our rivals this season may be one of the two new teams.
  2. The games that the Aces have played, have been really good games so far. Luke Derion is built like a brick wall, he will not let any goals get passed him. the Las Vegas Aces have won all five games that they have played so far. I think that this is really good, and they just might take home a cup this year. It is still to early to tell, but I have faith that they will be taking it home again this year. Our defense on the team is also really good. Contrary to people saying that our defense is weak, as our General manager has stated, as well as our AGM, we will really show other teams just how strong we are. We are a good team that has fought hard, and played well so far. We also are a team that will continue to strengthen our bonds with each other out, and will be sure to back each other up when needed. This is a team that will continue to be strong and make best of what we can with these players. One final thought is We will prevail for all to see, it won't be a surprise if we win another cup.