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  1. Barracuda

    VHL Pickem (S61W3)

  2. Barracuda

    VHL Pickem (S61W4)

  3. Barracuda

    VHL Predict the score (S61W3)

    3-1 Meute
  4. Barracuda

    Vote for VHL

    Done! :D
  5. Barracuda

    Jacob smith press conference

    1. Who is the MVP of their team so far? 2. This far into the season, which player surprises you most in the VHL?   3.After seeing the early performances, who do you think has the best shot at rookie of the year? 4. What member would you like to play with in the future? 5. Thoughts on the VHLM standing so far? 6. Who do you think will win VHL MVP? @jacobaa19
  6. Barracuda

    Toronto Legion Weekly Presser

    theres a player called batman >.> <.<
  7. Barracuda

    Toronto Legion Weekly Presser

    1. I am going to take a wild guess and say The Las Vegas Knights Will win the World Cup again. 2.I think John Tavares will sign with Boston. 3.Anyone who win at this point, it's to early to tell at the moment. 4.I think the rookie that wins Rookie of the year is Beau Louth. 5. I think that @alecbama will be super active and make a great player. 6I love how Santos is doing right now. Being super active has its rewards!
  8. Barracuda

    Greg Santos Press Conference

    1. The two teams I would like to keep my net untouched from are Saskatoon, and Oslo. 2.As of right now, I'm not sure I have any rivals. 3.I love it here in Yukon. We took home a cup in S59, but unfortunately weren't able to take it home last season. I have made it my duty to make sure we bring home a cup this season, as I let my team down last season. 4. The Player that isa the hardest to read in terms of shootouts/breakaways would probably be Billy Pilgrim. 5.Yes, I do give gentle taps to them.
  9. Barracuda

    VHLM Pickem (S61W2)

    Rush Lynx Rush Storm
  10. Barracuda

    VHLM Predict the Score (S61W2)

    Oslo 5-3
  11. Barracuda

    Greg Santos Press Conference

    1. No, I don't feel disrespected that I wasn't drafted until round 3. In my opinion, that's what I get for going inactive for almost all of S60. 2.I am very happy to be apart of Toronto Legion. Not sure where else I would want to go if I had to choose. 3.Yes, I am hoping that I am able to lead the Rush into the playoffs, and win the cup this season. I have to make this up to the team for disappearing on them, last season. 4. I would have to say Santos's biggest strength would have to be being able to help his team win a game. He loves to make himself proud knowing that he was abele to help his team. 5. Greg Santos's biggest weakness is losing a game. He gets so frustrated when his team loses, especially when the scores are really close. 6. My choice of sandwich would have to be The Italian BMT on Italian herb and cheese from Subway.