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  1. 1. With the playoffs coming to a close, are you excited about the draft and the new players we will get? - yes. new players = good because we suck. 2. Do you think Boris is really a forest? - no. he's clearly a human. 3. How did you come up with your players name? - walter. 4. Do you have any real life friends or family that are in this sim? - i do not. 5. Can you go a full day without internet service? - probably not tbh. 6. What was the last board game you played? - monopoly.
  2. les gooooo new york
  3. 1. What personal goals do you have this season? top 5 in rookie scoring, currently i am #4 2. Do you think the team is headed in the right direction? yes, we have a good young squad that will continue to grow and develop together 3. What part of your game do you think you can improve on? my defensive side, im scoring a lot but i have to be more responsible 4. What do you eat before each game, or after each game? i eat madonald hanburger before and after every game 5. Who is the strangest player on the team? esso's player 6. What is your favorite NHL team? bruins
  4. F: Madonald Hanburger F: Fun Fact D) Im Stuff