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  1. 1. The VHL draft has come to a conclusion, seeing a plethora of new faces join the Americans, most notably first round picks @Velevra and @JohnOQuinn. How do you feel we made out. - picking up someone like velevra, i feel like we did did awesome. velevra is an amazing active user and will help lead the way into the future. 2. FA ended with a distinct lack of contracts being signed with the Americans, how do you feel this impacts our upcoming season? - i dont know because i dont know anything about this league i just know that i signed for 4 years so thats 4 more seasons of mediocre walter play 3. The off-season is coming to a close, and rosters look pretty set in stone. How do you predict the season to pan out across the board? i think we will continue to build off of last season which was definitely an improvement 4. Who do you think has the biggest offseason this “year”? new york because i dont know the name of the other teams 5. What was the biggest surprise from the VHL draft in your opinion? i dont know who was in the draft besides the two people we drafted so im gonna say the fact that we got both of them 6. What’s your boldest prediction for next season (player awards, team positions, etc.)? walter wins mvp
  2. Just signed for 4 seasons back in NY! NTC on the first three. Its a great home for me and I’m more than happy to be a depth guy here
  3. 1. After a relatively good start to the season we've been in a bit of a skid, what do you think we need to change to get out footing back? - WALTER needs more ice because he’s the goat 2. What's one area of your game you think you need to improve? - my scoring abilities 3. With 19 games under our belts, S68 2nd overall pick Lance Flowers has shown his ability to hang with the pros. How does it feel playing with one of the most prolific picks of the S68 draft? - it makes me all sticky and sweaty 4. Who do you think has been our season MVP so far? - walter 5. The D.C. Dragons and the Prague Phantoms have been scraping the bottom of the bowl all season, do you think they will break out of the bottom 2 spots by the end of the "year"? - no because they smell bad 6. The program recently tacked on a new AGM to upper management, is there anything the players want to see from him? - i want to see his nudes
  4. 1. With the playoffs coming to a close, are you excited about the draft and the new players we will get? - yes. new players = good because we suck. 2. Do you think Boris is really a forest? - no. he's clearly a human. 3. How did you come up with your players name? - walter. 4. Do you have any real life friends or family that are in this sim? - i do not. 5. Can you go a full day without internet service? - probably not tbh. 6. What was the last board game you played? - monopoly.