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  1. Nice job on this media spot mate, I like your approach to this we're Matt Thunder wasn't drafted and you put in some good effort to come up with scenarios where that was the case. The piece is split up well and easy to read. Next time, maybe add some headings or bolden some of the text at the start of the scenarios to make is that bit more easy to read. Overall nice job. 9/10
  2. I really like this piece. You do a really good job of capturing and exploring Masami's feelings whilst she was in this rut with her performances. Introducing another character really gives a better understanding of how Masami is feeling as she is able to show her feelings through her interaction with Baldur. The piece is laid out very well and flows naturally. Overall, amazing job. 10/10
  3. 1. Yeah I think we do. It's a shame that it hasn't quite worked out the way we hoped but we'll be back next year and ready to go again. 2. I don't know, Simon is a sadistic guy so they could be in for a gut wrenching cup run. 3. I'm not sure what it'll be but I'm excited because they said there would be more jobs, so imma try get myself one of those. 4. January because it's always cold and icy and I hate having to walk on ice on the way to university. 5. The Queen is a cannibal, how else can she live until she's 97. She's practically immortal. 6. To make it easier to g
  4. Introduction So, in this reality Artair McCloud was drafted 28th Overall in the S75 VHL draft by the Riga Reign but what if he wasn’t? In the S75 post draft rankings McCloud currently sits 20th, 8 places higher than he was initially drafted, so what would his career look like if he was picked higher up in the draft? So, let’s go through the teams that he could’ve potentially landed on and see what that could’ve meant for his career… After writing this piece, it seems like a lot of the alternate scenarios involve McCloud most likely ending up on Calgary so I
  5. I'm interested and would like to apply for this position
  6. Quality media spot this. It's really nice to get an insight into what goes into VHLM scouting and you give quite a good look into that. The article is laid out quite well so it is quite easy to read. Maybe you could use a couple headings just to break it up that bit more. Overall, very nice job!! 9/10
  7. Great job on this mate. I like that the questions are both informative and also there a couple of more light-hearted ones in there, it gives the interview a nice balance. The piece is also layed out quite well so it's easy to read. Overall, good job! 9/10
  8. 1. HELL YEAH WE CAN!!! 2. I think it's gonna be either Warsaw or Chicago the wins the cup. They look like the 2 run away teams and I'm not sure if anyone is gonna be able to stop them. 3. I think he might. He is just absorbing TPE and he is definitely gonna be close. 4. I think you would probably just disappear but if you somehow became twice as huge, that could be a meta strat for building height. 5. I don't think they like poop poo but they do poop some kinda waste. 6. A cat the size of a mouse because that would be both adorable and hilarious.
  9. The Riga Reign are starting to find that form that the lacked at the start of the season. In their last 10 games, they are 7-3-0 which is a major improvement compared to 2-7-1 in their first 10. This run of from currently sits them 2nd bottom of the European conference but they are only 3 points behind Davos who sit in 2nd of the wildcard spots, with a game in hand as well. The Reign had problems at both ends of the ice at the start of the season but that have manged to tighten up their defensive game, although they still struggle from time to time. The biggest improvement has come
  10. 1. Yeah it is time. We had a rough start but now we are playing better and getting those wins. Time to push on and get ourselves in a playoffs spot. 2. I'm not sure, they have been awful for a while but if you look at their roster they have some quality players like Davis, Pines, Merrick and Jiggs so I'm also not surprised. 3. I would like to say myself but I'll probably be keeping up my 1 point per sim average, I could see McLaren really hitting form, he's been playing really well but I think he'll reach new heights towards the backend of the season. 4. Tiktok. I love watching
  11. Introduction It’s kinda weird being considered a veteran in the league when I’m still on my rookie deal with Riga, albeit I’m on the last year of said deal but I feel like I carry myself in the manor in which a vet should. I try to pick my teammates up when they are having a tough time and always keep a cool head. A lesson I learned quickly after I got chucked out a game in my last season playing for Vegas for “abusing an official”, I don’t know what those refs were on about to be honest. Expectation Becoming a veteran however, comes with a different set of
  12. Good job on this article mate, it's clear you put quite a a bit of time and effort into this. I like that you've been fair and reasonable when giving your predictions for the players stats. It's nice that you have included last season's stats as well to back up your own predictions but it also lets the readers make up their own mind of how the player is going to perform. Next time, if you could either make your headings bigger or make them bold, it would make the piece a lot easier to read. Overall, good job 8.5/10