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  1. @Alex Bridges *Posting now but not claiming until next week
  2. No its the fact I want one very similar to either of those haha. They are godly!
  3. Who made the two sigs you're sporting?
  4. Weekly presser peoples! Season 73 is underway folks! Let's do it - 6 answers will get you 2 TPE! 1. Malmo is currently sitting second in their conference, can we keep this up? 2. You get a call from an opposing GM about wanting to get you (i.e. tampering) what do you do? 3. A recent players tribune article said that some players wait until they are in their home city to get a hair cut, but do you care or do you just go to a reputable barber in each city? 4. Do you believe rookie hazing is a thing of the past? 5. If you could play in any arena currently not home to any VHL team, which arena would it be? 6. Who controls the music in the dressing room?
  5. I don't belong on lists, I'm more of a excel spreadsheet coelom formula guy. I'm not sure I'm a "Has started" guy (not entirely sure what it means to be honest). I just dabble around and find new techniques when I watch tuts every couple weeks
  6. We have to win our own team supply of cups first to protect ourselves, then we'll talk.
  7. Sheilds: When you've had too many redbulls and decide to go ham sandwich on Warsaw
  8. I read the whole thing and for some reason can't pick out where I was mentioned. Great article!
  9. Thanks Ryan, appreciate the support. Life gives us so many things you can view as curveballs or view as simply a pitch. You can swing if you want, I have swung and struck out many times. Past sim league happenings don't haunt me because I'm true to myself, but also recognizing I've wronged some people in the past.
  10. Wait what? Why write about myself? Well quite frankly I'm writing an ode to myself for a couple reasons. If you have noticed any difference in me its because of a few things. I do not suffer at the hands of some PTSD after seeing some specialists out on business trips in a couple cities. I recently bought a house in a small neighbourhood and I have now been able to gain a foundation for what I believe is a very solid life. Those who know me have seen me as a helpful dude, but somewhat argumentative at times. With a different outlook and a slight change in way of thinking (but still competitive as hell), things have changed a bit for me. I work 10 minutes from home and recently started training with a former AHL player (only cardio-wise though). So here is a non-alcoholic beer glass raised to me! You'll probably see me get back to praising some of the others members around the league next week. Who will it be?
  11. 1. I think its a pretty good choice considering he is our leader and provides us with the most powerful impact! 2. I think many pro sports franchises do and we should be no different. Great choice 3. I see him being a multiple Best Defenseman award winner and a lifelong Malmo stud. He has the highest ceiling of all players in the draft. 4. I think if we can pull together our lineup and buy into our system, we should have a good chance at it. 5. I think time well spent to adjust your game and they come up with a bit more professional experience. 6. I think if we can get the right pick to select a position of need, then we sure should!
  12. The VHL celebrates thirteen years. That's thirteen years I will never get back...but I wouldn't want it anyways. This place has given us a lot of great experiences, friendships and rewards. We've been able to raise money for things, become better people (I use that loosely) and get to know all walks of life. We've talked about sports, everyday life, tragedies and huge accomplishments in our own lives. We've supported each other, bickered with each other and been pitted against each other by others. We've seen thirteen NHL Stanley Cup champions (could be 12) in our time here. We've fallen in love with NHL players and been broken apart by those same players. We've had our teams crush us with embarrassment and seen them rise from the ashes of a rebuild. We've seen busts and diamonds in the rough appear on the NHL scene. We've seen late round VHL draft picks end up leading first generation leaderboards and eventually getting HOF nods. Cheers to you VHL, cheers to 13 solid years!