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  1. He deserves a chance to prove (like anyone) that he can change his ways and be more positive in his interactions. That being said, he owes a ton of people explanations and apologies as some of the stuff he said wasn't leave related, but personal shots at peoples families and lives. It's a sim league and he went too far.
  2. I’d rather you be back on this account than another. Log back in on this one! 

    1. eaglesfan036


      Is @Kendrick the new Andersen?

  3. will you ever return?

    1. Beketov


      My guess is no.



      What makes you think he's not already here?

  4. Voted one of the ones that the SHL doesnt have.
  5. But...he will potentially only be here for one season. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is the same guy who didn't leave his hotel room during the all-star break because "it was too cold". I like him, but do you see him even sticking around and not going to Lebron?
  6. Getting the first franchise in Seattle!
  7. Markus King retires. Good to have won a couple cups with @hedgehog337 and the rest of the Riga gang *this was going to happen anyways
  8. Yup 2002 was terrible. Not to mention Turkey played in the third place game with South Korea. Oh how the times have changed