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  1. 1. I feel as a young team we did pretty well this year and we have a lot to learn for next season as well. 2. Yes I will mock them by only wearing a cowboy hat in warmup 3. A little bit of snow last week but it quickly was washed away by the rain 4. Audioslave, because no one sings like you anymore (Chris) 5. I like the The last of Us series that kept getting delayed. It's a shame I haven't played the new one 6. Its been so-so. Woke up to some shitty news but trying to move forward
  2. Okay let's start out with the fact I almost wrote "travhav" in the title instead of what I did write. Pretty sure I haven't wrote a Fan article on this gem but here goes. DAAD has been a great member here for a long time. I found this guy on the Canucks forum boards because I had gone to all of the boards to see if they would allow for recruitment posting under their "Other" or "Fantasy League" topics. Sure enough the rules are very loose on the Vancouver Hockey Boards (CDC) much like they defensive units this year. Anyways, Daad was a blessing to this league and I'm glad I found him. He has b
  3. 1. I have invested in some relaxing/calm apps on my phone that cost a lot but worth it for staying focused. 2. Some depth scoring and ability to holds leads. 3. Being away from family is hard, that effects my play definitely 4. The hilarious dad jokes and puns on poster boards 5. Motor oil. Because I'm a closet murder mystery fanatic 6. Probably my legs so they never tire. I feel that's best for a defensemen logging tons of minutes.
  4. Okay so maybe I interpreted the Vacation Theme a little different. At the time Sergei had spent his career in Detroit and needed a career vacation so he went to the warmer Disney laced city!
  5. Hello there young chap! I am back, have been for almost two years I think
  6. I sure hope that happens now!
  7. No player wants to be traded a shit ton of times, but sometimes it happens. When you're in the twilight of your career and you're a fringe player, a savvy veteran or you're a specialist; you know the possibility of being traded is higher. Lewis Dawson is now on his fourth different team in a matter of one season. It could be his face-off skills that are desired or his former scoring touch. Lewis Dawson is now a member of the D.C. Dragons and he is like the Jason Spezza version of a VHL player. The trades were never surprising as I always had conversations which each General Manager regarding w
  8. Must be a damn good one cause everyone wants a hit?
  9. Oh hello young stud!
  10. I get passed around more than a communion plate at church
  11. Hype up a new created player!