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  1. I traded him for a bag of pucks
  2. Thats harsh man, that's his family.
  3. Welcome to the best forum @Proto
  4. Welcome to the league @Capsfan18
  5. I will apply for the future. I feel like a fresh start would awake my skills
  6. 1. I'd tweak it a little bit yeah. The colour scheme is very weak in my opinion. 2. I don't know about that. Maybe? I'd relocate them to Newark 3. My favourite TV Show is Survivor or Station 19 4. My favourite actor is Edward Norton and my favourite movie of theirs is The Score 5. My future is in Malmo but also it's hopefully in the HOF 6. Yes I have been to more than I can count
  7. Lewis Dawson will spend one more season in the VHLM this season. Moving from Mexico City to Ottawa has been quite the change. The big advantage to going to Ottawa is that it is closer to his home town in Greenland. Dawson is looking to put up a better campaign in the VHLM this time around before making the jump to the vHL's Malmo Nighthawks next season. Dawson is a big centre with a ton of potential but it will be whether he is able to tap that potential and produce. Many scouts saw the drawback to Dawson was his terrible offensive stats. He wasn't a great shooter and he had issues holding onto the puck. It remains to be seen in Dawson can string some good games together and get some confidence. That all being said, he is very excited to see if his off-season workouts have helped out his cause for being a big time player in the league.
  8. I got it before you posted this. Thanks!