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  1. will you ever return?

    1. Beketov


      My guess is no.

    2. BOOM™


      What makes you think he's not already here?

  2. hi

  3. hi

  4. Kendrick

    Final VHLM Expansion Vote

    Voted one of the ones that the SHL doesnt have.
  5. Kendrick

    Kawhi is a RAPTOR

    But...he will potentially only be here for one season. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is the same guy who didn't leave his hotel room during the all-star break because "it was too cold". I like him, but do you see him even sticking around and not going to Lebron?
  6. Kendrick

    Happy Birthday VHL! Free stuff for all!

    Getting the first franchise in Seattle!
  7. Kendrick

    Where should a New Franchise go?

    Western Canada or central USA
  8. Markus King retires. Good to have won a couple cups with @hedgehog337 and the rest of the Riga gang *this was going to happen anyways
  9. Kendrick

    World Cup 2018

    Yup 2002 was terrible. Not to mention Turkey played in the third place game with South Korea. Oh how the times have changed
  10. Kendrick

    GM 199: Wranglers vs. Titans

    As expected
  11. Kendrick

    Chase Keller Updates

    Affiliate PT (+6 TPE) Practice (+1 TPE) World Cup (+3 TPE) +10 to Defense: 97 7/10 --> 98 7/10 +10 to TPE: 898 --> 908