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  1. Kendrick

    GM 8: Meute vs. Titans

    Good god
  2. Kendrick

    Markus King Updates

    *Will did note the purchase yes! Recruitment Leader (+12 TPE) Reddit Upvoting (+2 TPE) +2 to Agility: 94 6/8 --> 95 +12 to Size: 90 --> 91 4/8 +14 to TPE: 1220 --> 1234
  3. Kendrick

    Chase Keller Updates

    Recruitment Leader (+12 TPE) Reddit Upvoting (+2 TPE) +14 to Defense: 96 3/10 --> 97 7/10 +14 to TPE: 884 --> 898
  4. Hello VHL Member, The point of this guide or memo is just to give a bit of insight on what the recruitment crew does in regards to recruitment drives and what we get paid for. The guide is also to shed light on ways you can recruit without feeling like you are stepping on toes in different aspects. There are only a couple "Dont's" for the casual VHL member when recruiting, but luckily that leaves a lot on the table where you can help and where we can help you. Think of this is as a poorly written FAQ's sheet. Every VHL member may take advantage of the Recruitment Drives, Recruitment TPE incentives and the website spotlight tasks that run throughout the season and at select times during our VHL schedule. It's important to note that certain areas of the internet are somewhat off the table for the casual member because those areas deem our posts as "flooding the page" or even worse "spam". However, that's not to say it closes off much of what you can achieve through a simple post. REDDIT Reddit is an avenue we use to boost our membership base through like-minded hockey fans and even fans of simulation leagues or RPG gamers. This is the one area of the internet it is best not for anyone to post in (even comment in when the recruitment crew posts), solely because Reddit has their own moderators who often times delete posts if they have not got approval beforehand. There is even the rare chance they delete our Recruitment Crew posts even after approval from their Moderators, and to that we get very sad over; not really but it sucks. TL;DR: Do not post on Reddit, but upvoting is highly promoted and encouraged (as well as rewarded) FACEBOOK/TWITTER/INSTAGRAM We have our social media platforms that we post to and have attached in this section of the forum. Feel free to follow those accounts from your account, a burner account or tell your nerdy friends to do it. There is no TPE reward for these types of sharing/liking, but the more talk on social media about the VHL, the more eyes see it. YOUTUBE If you're wondering what exactly we do with Youtube and what we actually have done to achieve anything on there; we have a bunch of stories for you. When we officially came up with the idea for YouTube recruiting we thought comments on videos would do us good, but sadly they just get pushed down the long list of comments on some videos. We recently started piggybacking off of big YouTube channels and paying them with Donation money to have them advertise our board at the start of their YouTube videos. This way their already founded audience becomes our audience as well, and as a reward they get paid from our members who get rewarded in TPE as well. Look for more of this to happen down the line and usually we will hit this in high hockey season (Sept-March). FORUMS/WEBSITES Posting on other forums/websites is a free-for-all and by saying that we mean it in a good way. If you go around to gaming forums, sports forums or any other related topic that you think you can pull a member in from, by all means go ahead and get yourself some TPE for doing so. Only thing we hope you do is post in the "Post Our Link on Other Websites" thread to claim and easy 1 TPE, but also it gives us a record of who has posted where and if we are spamming that forum too much. Not only that it allows us to recognize you if you have a different username elsewhere. FAQ's: Why should I take part in Recruitment Drives if it's just another opportunity for TPE whores to get tons of TPE and for the Recruitment Crew to load up on rewards? Taking part in Recruitment Drives actually has more work for the Recruitment Crew and the casual VHL member has less work to do to get rewards. Recruitment Crew members do not get paid for Reddit recruits or YouTube recruits as that is part of our job and thus we are already paid our TPE wage per week like anyone else on the site. Those two recruiting avenues are our jobs, we don't get to claim recruits from them. What is the difference between Youtube/Reddit drives and a basic forum post on other websites? The main difference is that forum posts elsewhere are a free for all for whatever VHL member wants to take the time. Please note that if a Recruitment Crew member posts on another forum he can in fact claim a recruitment reward for doing so. However, no Recruitment Crew member will be paid for Reddit or YouTube recruits that sign up. Essentially it wouldn't be fair that the top two avenues for recruiting (Reddit/YouTube) are somewhat closed off to casual members and thus giving Recruitment Crew members the only shot at benefits from them. How do I confirm a recruit and start earning TPE from their sign-up process? Easy, post in this section of the forum a topic with your name and recruits (ex. Username's Recruits). In the body of the thread you just need to post the members username (provide a link to their account and or player). Then simply keep track of what level of TPE you are getting rewarded from for them reaching certain milestones. Do Recruitment TPE Incentives change value over time and how come in the past members have earned more or less in rewards? Recruitment TPE incentives don't often change value but when they do it's only because of the state of the board. This is something you don't need to follow closely as only once in a blue moon do they change and if they do change it would most likely be an increase. *If there are any more questions, we welcome them all in this thread and be sure to check in on what our board does with recruitment drives and what you can do to assists us!
  5. Kendrick

    World Cup 2018

    Tunisia were not that bad formation wise, although in my opinion that VAR PK given was a little embellished. Yes Walker hit the guy in the head but it almost looked like he stooped the movement of his hand and momentum didn't even take it into the attacker, the attacker just ran into it.
  6. Tuesday Russia - Egypt (2-1) Wednesday Portugal - Morocco (2-0) Uruguay - Saudi Arabia (4-0) Iran - Spain (1-3) Thursday Denmark - Australia (1-0) France - Peru (2-1) Argentina - Croatia (2-2) Friday Brazil - Costa Rica (2-0) Nigeria - Iceland (0-1) Serbia - Switzerland (0-1) Saturday Belgium - Tunisia (2-0) South Korea - Mexico (1-2) Germany - Sweden (2-0) Sunday England - Panama (3-0) Japan - Senegal (1-1) Poland - Colombia (2-1)
  7. Kendrick

    The gateway has opened

    It's a little LQ in regards to the image
  8. Kendrick

    World Cup 2018

    Biggest story of that game was Kroos, Ozil and Khedira all were shit. The three of them breaking down led to Kimmich having to retreat. Kimmich wasn't as bad as the commentators would have you believe. But with no path to the attackers and easy giveaways, it led to no offence and easy transition for Mexico. Kroos gave it away 3 times in his own 18 in the first half, terrible. Thanks Real Madrid for teaching these guys to be lazy haha
  9. Kendrick

    World Cup 2018

    Yeah with all those pieces they got one goal. Sadly
  10. Kendrick

    World Cup 2018

    Who was the semi-upset? The Argentina/Iceland?
  11. Kendrick

    S60 Recruitment Drive

    We have added 3 more! Get to work boys and girls
  12. Kendrick

    Welcome Alex!

    Welcome @Alex! Any questions fire away in this thread
  13. Kendrick

    Welcome panzasam!

    Welcome @panzasam! Any questions just fire away in here
  14. Kendrick

    Welcome bryanxm!

    Welcome @bryanxm! Any questions just fire away