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  1. The only neighbourhood troll we've kept around
  2. Well I'm not even sure I have his current username correctly but @eaglesfan0366if you are out there, please come correct it. Some know him as Austin, Austy, Gow Jr., Jim's brother or even Wentz'Knee. He cheers for the Philadelphia Eagles (hence the name) so we have to take it easy on him because they aren't doing so well right now. However, his impact in this league has been fantastic. He has been a VHLM Commissioner, A VHL General Manager, a VHLM General Manager and at one point he might have been with the recruitment team but I forget (I have old man memory). If you came to our league 2-3 ye
  3. 1. Any one of our defenders. Without them it would mean we have a lot more goals to try and put in 2. I'd rate him a C+. He started really hot but has tailed off big time in the past 25 games 3. Every team outside of our city. I consider everyone a rival and I go after them like they are 4. I will eat right and get some sleep. Best to be refreshed 5. Their defensive unit has been their strong point so we have to match that to be as competitive 6. I'm not allowed into Latvia because of my visa. That's why I couldn't make the Riga trips
  4. You scare me for a second but then I am comforted by your gentle touch
  5. Weekly presser peoples! Off-season time! Let's do it - 6 answers will get you 2 TPE! 1. The team is doing quite well this year, do you see this team rising up more? 2. What is the missing piece for this squad given the GF and GA this season? 3. Is there a player that is an absolute nightmare to room with on the road? 4. Does Malmo have a Fortnite problem or is it just the Winnipeg Jets that have that issue? 5. If the VHL had to play in a bubble where do you think they should play the games? 6. Your given the chance to play in a Current Stars vs. Alumni g
  6. 7. I feel like he has a lot more to accomplish with his skill. The sky is the limit for him 8. Our roster is great, just more depth scoring is needed at this stage. 9. We can always get better defensively no matter what. Stop giving up goals and you'll win 10. I think controlling the draw is one of the most important things in hockey 11. I feel like if they don't want him doing this they should pay him an acceptable salary to be honest. 12. Hopefully not much because we want to win and his success can sometimes mean our failure to win.
  7. DOWN WITH BROOKS! Remove him from power immediately
  8. Recently @brooks. came back to pop in and say hello. For those who don't know who Brooks is, he was the one who essentially started the VHL and created this thing from the ground up. His vision has been going on for almost a triple digit season number which is easily the most successful simulation league in existence. This site has lasted over time because of many members but the start came from Kevin Brooks. Many simulation leagues have tried to go up against the VHL and have failed. Many of Zach Manships failed attempts attempted at the same time as the early VHL and came up drastically shor
  9. Hello old friend! Some of us are still kicking around here. Hope you are well and would love for you to stick around!