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  1. I figured it was said before I was just wondering why it wasn’t a thing.. so thanks lol
  2. I thought adding agents/agencies could be fun and add another layer of realism into this just hire an agent go through them for contract negotiations and trade requests could be cool
  3. NotStevedangle to make a return next week


  4. WIlly Memelander was born in Meme-land Sweden, A small town Population of 200. Not on any maps, this town is on the outskirts of Sweden not many know about its existence, they Mainly speak Yiddish there some residents speak minimal English. This small town has never produced anything, until Willy came along. New member of the Las Vegas Aces. He is an up and coming star in the hockey world. Early life When WIlly was young he quickly realized he wanted to be in the VHL one day. Living in his small town he never had the chance to play organized hockey instead opting to play pond hockey and partake in the yearly tournament the town held (pretty much a ones tourney) he was reportedly the winner 10 years in a row. Considering that he is currently 24 that means he hasn't lost since he was 14! Only being a small tournament points were never recorded but, there are rumors that his goals were in the hundreds. Now take that with a grain of salt because even if they were he wasn't playing against the best players in the world just a couple people out for a fun time and a few people from out of town that come to play. His third year defending he suffered an injury he separated his shoulder diving into the post of the net trying to save a goal (which he did) and was supposed to be out 4-5 weeks but he refused to sit out and continued playing through his injury this is a contact tournament as well. He was getting hit and could have ended his career before it even began but somehow he didn't injure his shoulder even more and managed to win the tournament once again only using one arm to shoot and stick-handle becoming a legend in this tournament. The town built a rink with the funds from a donation from an anonymous source and the first thing the town did when it was built was put up Willy's picture on the wall of fame. When he wasn't playing on the pond or an outdoor rink he was inside watching the now disbanded NHL or the VHL. Teen Years In highschool he was never the smartest in his class but he was the most athletic. Loving gym class he would always ask for floor hockey and, being the nice guy that he is taking it easy on his classmates was always fun. Teachers described him as "ריין קלאַס" roughly translated to "pure class". We were also told he started a petition to get a highschool Hockey team but, most of the hockey players in his town were all out of highschool so there was no chance of having a team. Once willy got his license he would travel anywhere to watch hockey he even practiced with the Frolunda HC. He was actually offered a contract by the team but he couldn't think of leaving his town just yet. He declined and continued to live in Memeland. He kept practicing with the team hoping one day to convince himself to move away and play for Frolunda. When that day came the owners of the team were ecstatic. He couldn't wait to sign the contract but, the team folded before he would ever step on the ice in a Frolunda jersey. He returned home sad but still looking to the future his mind set on a new goal; making the VHL. Now His Idol was Defenceman Jacob Smith of the Davos Dynamo. He'd watch him play all the time and try to understand how the best defenceman in the world play so he could learn to beat them. Smith reportedly reached out to WIlly shortly before his retirement. He translated everything he said into Willy's language and the two talked about what Willy would do for hockey in the future. Smith convinced Willy to try out in the VHLM. Shortly after there talk Smith completely disappeared retiring from the VHL without a statement nobody has heard from him since, two days after Willy signed a contract with the Las Vegas aces and has now played six games with the team recording a single assist. As soon as WIlly told the public he was looking to play in the VHLM LVA immediately offered him a spot on there team when asked why all he said was "ער דערציילט מיר צו שפּילן פֿאַר זיי אַז זיי וואָלט באַקומען מיר צו ווו איך געוואלט צו גיין. אויך פּלייינג האָקי אין אַ פאַרבייַסן איז געווען אַ געלעגנהייט איך האט נישט וועלן צו פאָרן אַזוי" The teams Gm is very pleased with the young players play so far in the league considering he is so new to professional hockey his performance has blown away everyone's expectations. We asked him how he felt playing in this league here's his statement: "דאָך זייַן אַ גרויס ענדערונג פון וואָס איך איז פּלייינג. יעקב טאַקע געהאָלפֿן מיר טראַינינג מיר אין די פריערדיק אָפטעאַסאָן. אויך טרינגינג מיט פראָלונדאַ איז אַ גרויס הילף, איך טראַכטן יווע געמאכט אַ גרויס פֿאַרבעסערונג זינט קומען דאָ און ים בלויז געגאנגען צו באַקומען בעסער. מייַן פּאַמעלעך אָנהייב בלעטער אַ ריזיק פּלאַץ פֿאַר פֿאַרבעסערונג. איך בין צופרידן צו זיין דאָ אָבער מיין ציל איז די ווהל מיין חלום איז צו שפּילן אין קאַנאַנדאַ אָבער איך וועל נעמען וואָס איך איך וויסן ווו ער איז אָבער ער טוט נישט וועלן צו זיין געפונען" The simple version of his statement is that he is very happy to be here and cannot wait to get better. Currently playing fourth line minutes he has a lot of room for improvement but since he has arrived in Vegas he has improved so much he is only going up. TheNotstevedangle podcast has already booked this rookie for next weeks big return and he was very happy to accept this offer. This rookie is already making an impact in the world of hockey with his small town legend story. His friends and family back home have very high hopes and so does he. Will he come through and live up to all the hype or will he just be another over hyped rookie. We will find out in the season to come. final word count 1038 also if you want to know what it says in the different language it is Yiddish
  5. בכלל נישט יאָ סיינינג מיר איז אַ גרויס פּלוס איך בין פּלייינג גוט אָדער אַ סנייפּער אָדער אַ מילכל ( ok lol i just google translated my answers into the language i said my lad speaks just go google translate it yiddish to english if you rlly want my answers lol.....sorry)
  6. גוט פֿאַר סטאַרטערס זע נייַ דאָ איך זאָגן די מאַנשאַפֿט איז שיין גוט באַטראַכטן זענען נאָענט צו די שפּיץ. רגע האָנעסטלי יווע קיינמאָל געזען אים שפּילן אָבער אויב פאַרוואַלטונג געדאַנק ער איז געווען גוט דעמאָלט איך יבערנעמען העס גוט דריט זינט ים נייַ איך'ד זאָגן דאָס איז די לאָואַסט עס וועט אלץ זיין. דער פירער איך האָב געזען יעקבֿ שמיטה וואַטשינג עס איז געווען אַ אַלע-שטערן צו שלעכט קאַריערע איז שנייַדן קורץ. און לעצטנס זייַן אַ גרויס ענדערונג פון אַ סטאַוו .. אָבער זייַן גוט איך טרעפן (OK I did this all in English but i figured why not translate it into the language i said my guy speaks lol if you want to see my answers its Yiddish put into google translate... sorry lol)
  7. WIlliam Memelander WIlly memelander a young lad at the age of 24 is from Meme-Land Sweden. 70 Inches in height weighing in at 160 pounds hes an upcoming star in the VHL. He grew up playing pond hockey never actually joining a organized league but he tore it up on the ODR. Considering Meme-Land isn't a very big town (population 200) this was the best way to play hockey. Considering the fact he played no organized hockey there are no official stats on this young player but people from his home town say he is one of the greatest players Sweden has ever produced lets see if he lives up to the hype is friends and family give him. Here are a few aspects of his game that are amazing and others he needs to work on. (one isn't exactly his game but still included) Just a disclaimer this is all from practice as he has yet to partake in a league game (at the time i wrote this he hasn't) Shot- He has a wicked wrister just from watching him in practice with Vegas (recently signed) hes currently working on his Slap shot he hopes to get it where he wants by the end of the season. Vegas's goalie is having a rough time stopping his shots and hes no slouch either. Memelander is picking corners like hes always played pro hockey. Puck skills- He is probably one of the best players with the puck in the league. He's dangled the top D-man on his team he's just waiting for his chance to show off his puck handling skills in a league game. He has shown spectacular skills with the puck hes pulled off the Michigan in practice he's done unbelievable things. awareness- He knows where you will be before you do he can hit you with a pass from unbelievable angles hes almost never in a position to take a hit, he knows how to play in the corner even for his size he can grind the puck out and get the puck to where it needs to be. Cons Size- weighing only 170 lbs and standing at around 5" 9' hes very small. We don't know how well he will transition to pro hockey, if he will be able to take the hits. His teammates are obviously not going full force when they play the body in practice. His defensive game struggles because of this to hes not the greatest at playing the body hes tried a few times in practice but to no avail. His play style is very rough so he may be fine but we will have to wait and see. Leadership- Since he is so new he is not expected to be a leader but it is still a part of his game he needs to work on, he is not loud when he calls for the pass hes not a very loud player at all. Eventually he will be there. English- Being from Sweden he doesn't speak the best English the funny thing is the way he communicates is through memes. The language he speaks is Yiddish his American teammates are trying there hardest to teach him English so they don't have to decipher what his memes mean. His VHLM team has high hopes for him and so does his family back in MemeLand. (Final word count 560 if not enough just tell me its been awhile since i did this)
  8. literally only reasons i went to vegas was i like the GM and yea i was the GM before soo... yea
  9. Yea I gladly accept that offer. And yea I get about 17 TPE in carryover
  10. Yeah but the markets a bit full on tendys so I made this lad instead
  11. Player Information Username: jacobaa19 Player Name: Willy memelander Recruited From: YouTube Age: 24 Position: LW Height: 70 in. Weight: 160 lbs. Birthplace: Sweden Player Page @VHLM GM
  12. Nah he sucked imma retire this lad to I checked out the goalies