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  1. loca volkov - d @FacePuncher
  2. aksel mcknight - f @FacePuncher
  3. EASTERN CONFERENCE Lightning (A1) vs. Bruins (A2) Winner: lightning # of Games: 6 Capitals (M1) vs. Penguins (M2) Winner: capitals # of Games: 7 WESTERN CONFERENCE Predators (C1) vs. Jets (C2) Winner: jets # of Games: 7 Golden Knights (P1) vs. Sharks (P3) Winner: golden knights # of Games: 4
  4. 34 - HC Dynamo- 33 - Reign 34 - Americans 35 - Titans
  5. where's the fire extinguisher?
  6. Sergei Komarov for my makeup pick
  7. From now on if you guys cant do basic addition you're not being updated. 

    1. Bushito


      Being an updater is annoying but a lot of the guys you are updating are newer to the league as well.

    2. DollarAndADream


      Hey, my player and update thread need to be moved to Ottawa. Sebastian Ironside. I was still a 30 TPE player for tonight's sim. :(

  8. wow kopo was horrible, probably cause his name sucked