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  1. Howdy. Youre welcome to join Saskatoon for the remainder of the season. We’re in third spot and have a decent chance at going for the championship. Let me know!
  2. I’m voting Victor and Advantage, I think it’d be pretty cool for the two expansion teams to enjoy the experience since there are a ton of repeat appearances from the GMs already.
  3. You’re more than welcome to join Saskatoon for the rest of the season but we can only offer you roughly third line duties!
  4. The difference between defensive and irritated is visible, I never engaged Penny on the Discord (he's blocked) so I never saw any of this or the other supposed spamming of other 'copy/pastas', so defensive isn't quite a word I'd use in this situation. I did engage with Blade, and for that I'll take any consequences that arrive, but I did not engage with Penny or Nyko while the immaturity proceeded. To go from nothing (which is my perspective) to copy/pasting everything on the forum is a huge leap from pushing my buttons and being legitimately immature, and an attempt to 'ruffle my feathers' because I wasn't responding on Discord. I've gone back and I was discussing with Blade her decision to call out my allocation of ice time (which results in everyone getting a decent chunk) and I never once even acknowledged the trolling going on until it made its way onto the forum outside of saying I didn't give a fuck about Penny and called him trade-me-lenko because he's asked for a trade three times IIRC. Nyko was promptly also muted for sharing quotes of Penny to circumvent my preference of blocking a toxic member of the Discord, so after Nyko was blocked there was no messages from him either, and when I mean nothing I mean nothing (source: So yeah, while I can understand that a reply like this is 'defensive', it's also a misconception. Go back through the Discord history yourself and see who I acknowledge - primarily because I can see their texts - are people who aren't blocked for me. Dil, Gustav, MadCow, Josh and even yourself. I've been shown pictures that Penny was trying to get into my skull by editing pictures of me, copy-pasting my words, copying my words, and generally trying to be a troll. I not once saw that. When it made it to the forum it because intentional, that's when you're choosing to be intentionally toxic, and that's when people get annoyed or defensive.
  5. It's an annoyance, absolutely, but I'm not angry about it. I'm more annoyed it made its way to the forum when it really shouldn't have gone this far, because now you're all being a troll to a far larger audience and not just the select few who actually observe the general chat, much less care about it.
  6. Wasn’t too long ago I remember a Puigdemont - Wahl open “LGBQT” relationship. 🤔
  7. Unfortunately most of the teams are full; Saskatoon can offer limited ice time if you’re interested but I’d strongly recommend waiting for another team to offer you what they can.
  8. Normally I’d hold back an offer,l because I have no minutes to really give, but you’re a veteran and I suppose you know the drill already. I’ve got space for you on Saskatoon but you’d be getting between five to ten minutes a game I’d estimate.
  9. No one does but yet there he is.
  10. No you’ll live with the knowledge you’ve been a huge disappointment just like the real HHH.
  11. Riga, a place where rookie dreams are destroyed?