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  1. @Beaviss Who scored the tenth? CHECK IT.
  2. What is the criteria for being nominated for 'most outstanding', list is missing players who had 100 points (Thompson, Smirnov as examples) and generally had great seasons but don't even get nominated for it? Seems backward.
  3. Peace


    If you look back to the S63 VHLM playoffs... Dahlberg disappeared when it mattered too. Coincidence? I think not.
  4. LW - Oyorra Arroyo C - Rylan Peace I see Spade is a man of taste. Wait a minute... LW- Elias Dahlberg Wow Spade, I had respect for you.
  5. 1. Although the spots have been filled, I did give our current AGM the link to the application process and would love to see him with his own team eventually as well. 2. In my personal opinion... simming cost us two games when I had picture evidence that I 'sent' lines before the sim, they just weren't 'received' until after. 3. DRAFT EVERRRRRRRRRRRRYONE! 4. Jagr is the most likely candidate to have immediate success in the VHL, but both Hackett and Shackleford could see tons of important minutes on a VHL team as well. 5. I'm actually content... but I'm a VHLer, I get to answer this questions because I'm your boss. 6. Pass, can't give those pesky GMs any ideas!
  6. I've really been wanting to start a Franchise Hockey Manager 5 online league with the members of VHL recently, and I have gotten a warm response on Discord, so I decided to bring it up here and see if there is any interest. People would suggest for nominal experience just use Eastside Hockey Manager, but over the release of FHM5 I just don't like how EHM sims anymore - I really don't, even if it's more in depth in terms of strategy. 31 team NHL with a start date of 2018 (the start of this season). All teams but the Calgary Flames are available. >_>
  7. Beau is just a poor-mans Peace.
  8. No, you're a gas station! Don't make me switch to Petro Canada, I save three cents per litre there!
  9. DAVOS, SWITZERLAND -- The HC Davos Dynamo's season has ended with the club finishing the season scratching at the closed doors of the post-season exclusive club, yelling 'let me in!' from the outside, ignored by the royalties from within; the clubs top centre refuses to let the disappointing end deflect away from how successful the club was this year, both as an organization and the personal successes of each individual. Rylan Peace completed the season with one hundred and three (103) points, compiling a nearly even fifty one goals complimented by his considerable fifty two assists that allowed him to become one of the leagues top players - perhaps even accelerate his reputation to stardom in the VHL. The career season comes as a huge improvement over the twenty four goal, forty six point effort of his rookie season, and the S63 draftee looks to improve his skills and become even more lethal next season. "We had a good season," Peace commented. "I'm disappointed we finished one point outside of the finals, but overall I'm happy about the year we had. I'm especially happy for Svoboda, who I hope enjoyed his season compared to his rookie campaign. Hopefully we'll get into the finals next season, there's only room to grow and the only place is up."
  10. SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN -- The microphone was quiet for a while as the elephant in the room was forcefully brought to the limelight early. "Do you have an explanation on why your club missed the playoffs this season?" Saskatoon was dominant early, getting as high as third overall in a tight league, before dropping to the seventh spot and maintaining it throughout the season despite a significant mid-season trade that saw Saskatoon trade their majority of their S67 Dispersal draft picks for an outside hope of reaching the post-season. Although unfortunate, the vision of GM Peace kept the teams S66 Dispersal draft intact, so finishing lower in the league was a result of a competitive VHLM this season and not the Wild roster; they may have missed the playoffs, but the Wild fans enjoyed a hair pulling offensive season where one of the fan favorites broke triple digit points... the first Wild to do so for quite some time. In fact this was one of the most competitive seasons the VHLM since it consolidated, but that was foretold when the league expanded again - everyone knew the middle of the standings would be clogged - turned out gaining points on one another meant winning games against one another rather than the top dogs of the league, and that is where the differences begun between playoff teams and non-playoff teams. The tightness in the schedule meant relying less on the out of town scoreboard and more on your rosters ability to win important games. "There's no excuses," GM Peace stated. "I believed we should have made the playoffs, made a trade to see us there, and the truth is we simply didn't. That's the story, and that's how the book ended for us this season. Heartbreak, perhaps, but a learning experience for both myself and I hope some of the players on the roster going into the dispersal draft. I tried, there is no blame anywhere, and I take responsibility for Saskatoon finishing just a few wins outside of the post-season." But why didn't the Saskatoon Wild make trades when it was becoming more and more evident they'd miss the post-season? "There was hope and desire in the locker room when the trade deadline passed, but as the stretch shortened we started to realize the truth, and despite our offensive strengths we were still conflicted against our weaknesses. We had a decent defense, but kept giving away leads. We had a great offense - on paper - but kept getting shutdown and shutout. In general, down the stretch, the team just felt compromised. Our lines weren't meshing, there was no real chemistry, and it doesn't help I kept changing lines on the fly to try and find some of that chemistry again." The Saskatoon Wild are looking towards the dispersal draft now, where the club holds five picks in the first sixteen selections, however it should be noted that they would have had six but the Wild traded away a S66 second round draft pick in favor of keeping their S67 second round draft pick. The vast majority of the Saskatoon Wild will be leaving, and with the league expected to expand once again, they'll have a decision to make on who they protect. Returning players (potentially) include Nazarians, Strong, Perdue and Dissanayake - but who the club protects is still unknown, should they have the ability to protect their drafted players. Saskatoon finished the season 34-33-5 for 73 points and will select third, sixth and eighth overall in the first round; they'll select third (eleventh) and fourth (twelfth) in the second round, following by their relative position in the standings with their third, fifth, sixth and seventh round picks. Until next season.
  11. User Name: Peace Cup Winner: Calgary Flames  EASTERN CONFERENCE (A1) Tampa Bay Lightning vs. (WC2) Columbus Blue Jackets Winner: Lightning # of Games: 5 (A2) Boston Bruins vs. (A3) Toronto Maple Leafs Winner: Leafs # of Games: 7 (M1) Washington Capitals vs. (WC1) Carolina Hurricanes Winner: Capitals # of Games: 5 (M2) New York Islanders vs. (M3) Pittsburgh Penguins Winner: Islanders # of Games: 7 WESTERN CONFERENCE (C1) Nashville Predators vs. (WC1) Dallas Stars Winner: Stars # of Games: 7 (C2) Winnipeg Jets vs. (C3) St. Louis Blues Winner: Jets # of Games: 6 (P1) Calgary Flames vs. (WC2) Colorado Avalanche Winner: Flames # of Games: 5 (P2) San Jose Sharks vs. (P3) Vegas Golden Knights Winner: Sharks # of Games: 7
  12. Actually that’s not true. Saskatoon has three first round picks, two seconds, a third, fifth, sixth and seventh in the upcoming dispersal draft.