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  1. Welcome! I am the general manager of the Saskatoon Wild. I’d like to offer you 24+ minutes a game (top line) with ice time on the specialty teams. Saskatoon won’t be winning any championships, but we’re looking to add members that really want to be a community presence here on the forum. Let me know if if you’re interested!
  2. Peace

    VHL GM Opening

    Same account. I created a profile on the forum in 2013 but didn’t make a player.
  3. Peace

    VHL GM Opening

    If only I had come back in S60 and not 62/63.
  4. Hello! I won't deceive you, Saskatoon will be dropping in the standings quite heavily now that we've traded away our core players, but we can offer you plenty of ice time and specialty team opportunities alongside a great locker room to grow with. If you need any help, I'll be there to help and guide you through the VHL, all you need to do is ask some questions. I'm looking forward to your decision, and good luck with your career!
  5. Peace

    VHL GM Opening

    I think you can thank the recruitment team for that. While I wasn't a part of the mass social media advertisements, a mass PM sent to inactive members brought me back and it was only a month later I was acting GM/interim GM for Saskatoon. With how large the S64-S67 draft classes are I'm not surprised more and more people are wanting to take a GM spot, or at least an AGM position with a club. The recruitment teams latest advertisements seemed to have brought in even more people already willing to take some responsibilities/roles on the forum. It's a great place to be, and good for the forums health too.
  6. So uh... that's like my third SO game winner. TORONTO!!
  7. Peace

    VHL GM Opening

    To be honest I've only watched the first two Harry Potters, I just know the hat is something of a dead meme at this point.
  8. Peace

    VHL GM Opening

    Worse places to be. Change my mind.
  9. Peace

    VHL GM Opening

    I appreciate the nod and support, @Banackock. I'd also like to thank @Quik and @Beketov for giving us an opportunity for more responsibility on the forum. I'd love to move up into a VHL GM job, toss my name into consideration, so I'll just leave it to the sorting hat where I go from here.
  10. Peace

    SSK/MIN: S67

    @Rayzor_7 I apologize immensely for the mistake I made earlier, I can't stress enough how embarrassing it was for Saskatoon; I'd like to thank you for polite and respectful (and private) trade discussions between our two organizations. I sincerely hope the addition of Palazzo to your already strong defensive core makes your team an imposing and scary roster to compete against - your team reminds me of the Reapers last season, where their defensive depth was so significant they snuffed out any offensive capabilities of the teams they faced. @diamond_ace I know I was a little stingy on TPE rates, and I apologize for annoying you with 'hey, uh, you gunna update soon?' when you were stuck at 72 TPE after we spent a first on you - but you really hit the nail on the head and rocketed up to where you are now. I only wish the best for you and your player, and I'm hoping Minnesota is the place to start Kefka's trophy collection this season before you move to the VHL. Just uh, you know, don't destroy Minnesota like you did Saskatoon. We're still replacing and repairing our parking. Haha! Anyway, to break this deal down a little... This is the real trade. We could have done a part two, but it really didn't make sense, so let me break this trade down (there's a few ways I suppose you could do it). Palazzo was traded for a first and a third, essentially. Giantsbane and a forth were traded for a third, Ohradka and Angellus OR Palazzo for a first and Ohradka, Giantsbane and a 4th for two thirds and Angellus. We move out Palazzo for a price I was comfortable with, and we remove an inactive player for an active member, a pick and someone we can hope comes back to the website; either way you look at it I think both teams benefit from the trade. Good luck Minnesota! Here comes the rocky shores, Saskatoon. Prepare yourselves!
  11. Peace

    OTT/SSK: S67

    Trade includes S68 OTT 5th Thanks for the negotiations, @Acydburn. I appreciate the time and effort you put into Saskatoon - @Oost - we will miss our Assistant Captain! It was an absolutely pleasure relying on you and Palazzo/Shackleford for the last few seasons, been a huge relief defensively I could just slap your names into the top billets and know we'd be okay on the back end for the most part. I'm sorry I could never get you a cup, but hopefully going to Ottawa strengthens their roster enough to push for it! This was essentially Amberback for a first and a second, as Perdue is an inactive depth acquisition for Ottawa and needs to play below active players, so we took on two inactives players in return in Swisschard and Hill. Once again thanks for the talks, Acyd, and good luck this season! Saskatoon will keep the bench warm. EDIT: For those of you who are wondering Oost is active similarly to Sogarn (Milan Griffin). He wants to be a career VHLM defender and doesn't need to sign into the forums because he can do everything he wants outside of it. Sogarn has already replied to IR and Oost will see this when he checks the scores next and notice he's been traded, sign in and talk to Acyd. You don't need to sign in to be active, you only need to sign in to claim TPE and post.
  12. Peace

    SDM/SSK: S67

    @InstantRockstar I appreciate the kind and respectful negotiations all the way through, I hope you enjoy both Griffin and Roadkill Steve. It was a pleasure to have both @Sogarn and @stevo on the team, even if Stevo wasn't a member of Saskatoon for very long. I'm hoping with this deal you'll be well prepared to compete in the VHLM this season and the next. My goal was to send you to a better team overall, and I believe I have accomplished that, as IR has a plan for both of you and I know you'll do great in San Diego. Good luck!
  13. Peace

    SDM/SSK: S67

    Sogarn is active. He's not inclusive in the sense he posts in topics, adds TPA to his player, or is involved greatly in locker rooms - but he's active enough he'll comment every few days on a Discord server about his players performance, or the teams performance, and he even let his GM know he'd like to go back to the VHLM when he was drafted to the big team.