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  1. Peace

    (S65) RW - Brian Strong, TPE: 30

    @Wheaties sent a PM accepting my offer. Please confirm so I can send you a portal offer.
  2. Peace

    Simming addiction

    That’s more of a question for the BoG members and not myself. If the league wants a typical career to last a year then that’s respectable too. For the current strategy it seems there needs to be more of a few things: Communicate more to let people know you’re burning out, deligate weeks to a specific simmer and rotate responsibilities, have someone specifically responsible for creating a sim schedule and who’s assigned to it. Work smart, not hard. Unless your boss is watching and pretend like you’re wiping sweat off your forehead.
  3. Peace

    Simming addiction

    Part of the push for one sim a day is how long the season takes. Two months is the target, so in order to accomplish that target they aim one a day.
  4. Peace

    GM 158: Helsinki Titans vs. Riga Reign

    Ummm... Dabarno played literally one shift and got an assist on the goal my player scored - yet his not on any lines for Riga.
  5. Peace

    GM 148: Riga Reign vs. New York Americans

    Shoot him with a suppressed .22 firing sub sonic pills. Not even the guy down the alley will hear it. Uh.. don't ask me how I know that.
  6. Peace

    (S65) RW - Brian Strong, TPE: 30

    Welcome to the league! Saskatoon can offer you a spot on our top six if you stay active!
  7. Peace

    (S65) RW - Shawnomir Jagr, TPE: 50

    You know the drill. Saskatoon - top line RW. It’s allll yours.
  8. Peace

    GM 147: Riga Reign vs. Calgary Wranglers

    It was against Calgary though... so I mean Wahl was more impressive in comparison.
  9. Peace

    The Great Wahl of Canada

    Holy shit that's sick!
  10. Peace

    (S65) LW - Big Kuch, TPE: 30

    Welcome to the league! I am the interim GM of the Saskatoon Wild. We have one more spot on your top line suited for an active player. Unfortunately Saskatoon isn't a competitive team this season, but with Oslo trading their roster for assets we could potentially sneak into competitiveness among the bottom three teams of the league. Good luck with your career!
  11. Peace

    Milan Griffin -> SSK

    @Beketov @Banackock
  12. Peace

    GM 110: Halifax 21st vs. Ottawa Lynx

    So apparently a huge crowd of fans with pitchforks and torches have assembled at the SaskIce Centre demanding me to trade for you. I dunno why, but they're persistent. Screaming about how we suck or something like that.
  13. Peace

    S64 WJC Fantasy Prediction

    Man! Just when I had the opportunity to use the newffie accent you took it away. (We were just teasing you anyway. lol)
  14. Peace

    GM 112: Saskatoon Wild vs. Las Vegas Aces

    I don't read, we all know this. Lol Thanks.