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  1. 1. What do you think about the Legions' season so far? 2. Any opinions on your players performance? 3. NA 'seems' to be stagnating. Which team do you think pulls away from this point on? 4. Were you surprised with our start or did you think we'd 'fall back to Earth'? 5. As a sim engine what are your thoughts about STHS? 6. How many wins do you think Toronto will finish with? @tcookie @rjfryman @Smarch @Toast @GreenGato @Ty343@fromtheinside @Frank @Dtayl
  2. Saskatoon, SK -- Kyle Peace has quietly expressed his feelings about Saskatoon's modest countdown start to season seventy nine; he's overjoyed that every player on the roster contributed to Saskatoon's collective seven points in some regard, impressed at Montana's early dominance and disappointing with his own individual performance. The young SSK winger simply feels like he's not reaching the level of performance that should be expected from a first round pick, especially considering the roots and foundation that pick had growing up. "I've trained my whole life for this, yet I feel snake b
  3. Yeah, yeah, that'd make way more sense.
  4. I'd participate but honestly I've only been a member of London and Helsinki recently. With my previous player I was with Riga and Davos, but that was so long ago they're just echoes in the past. Couldn't fill this out accurately if I wanted to, but it's a neat idea.
  5. TORONTO, ONTARIO -- A ticket to Toronto? Couple hundred bucks. Banter with his father? Priceless; the cost of a plane ticket just to practically guarantee a new era has dawned within the family was well worth it, according to the few unnamed rink staff eavesdropping on the occasional laughter. Kyle Peace arrived in Toronto the morning after the VHLM Dispersal Draft, met with his father at the Legions' Ricoh Arena and the duo discussed privately about the future of Peace Jr. and where it would take him. "I'm overjoyed," Kyle later announced; can't hide from media all day, son. "Saskatoon ha
  6. Here we go! 1. What do you think about our roster (compared to other NA teams)? 2. Who do you think will see the most improvement this season? 3. If you're comfortable making predictions... where do you think TOR finishes? 4. Do you think we make the playoffs? 5. Who do you think will be the leading goal scorer? 6. Who do you think will finish with the most assists? @tcookie @rjfryman @Smarch @Toast @GreenGato @Ty343@fromtheinside @Frank @Dtayl
  7. If I had a neck brace that actually looks like fun.
  8. Don't worry we provide luxury vehicle arrangements for every player on our roster. It's where most of the budget goes; you play a game for just a couple pennies but you get to drive home in style.
  9. The Toronto Legion have made a free agency offer to SS Hornet: S79: $1 (NTC)
  10. Didn't pick you because you're a goalie, not because of your history. If that makes you return to the VHL and start earning grudge TPE I can live with it; you and I had no problems in the past, I hope you enjoy your time in the VHL and VHLE.
  11. CALGARY, ALBERTA -- Kyle Peace has slowly prepared for the VHLM draft, he knows it's just a stepping stone into the VHLE and hopefully the VHL, although he was surprised only one team reached out to him for a pre-draft interview with less than one hour before the Dispersal Draft takes place; "I've got to appreciate Halifax for reaching out to me, they were the only team to do so at any official capacity, which is honestly great to see a new GM in that league do." Peace knows the drill though; his player agency is now pushing their third forward into the league and most GMs -- veteran or no
  12. I appreciate your response. Allow me to be crystal clear. The 'for the future GM picks' are S80, S79 picks are generally unappealing since the draft class is rather weak, you already knew that. You already knew that you were traded for a S80 first round pick, and a S79 pick tossed in as if it were an extra topping on a pizza, a 3rd round pick as a side. Toronto has two first round draft picks in S80, and those are the ones that really matter. If I step down before the S80 draft to pursue my education as a primary care paramedic then that's exactly what a new GM will receive, two first r
  13. So a little delayed but for good reason. Most of the trades for TOR are done, so now I can tag our new roster players right from the start. 1. What do you think about the moves Toronto has made? (HSK/TOR + CGY/TOR) 2. We've got a well balanced roster heading into S79. Do you think we make the playoffs? 3. There are numerous VHLE GM jobs available. Did you apply for one? 4. What is your general opinion on the S79 Draft Class? 5. There's been some GM movement this off season. Do you think there will be more GM changes soon? 6. What do you think should be Toronto's goal song f
  14. Change has hit Toronto hard this off season, but not directly negative despite loosing two key players -- Welch (traded) / Hornet (free agency) -- and could still have a competitive roster heading into the upcoming campaign. Through trades that Smarch and I have made I want to believe Toronto is capable of making the playoffs, I would almost beg for it. It's been a busy off season for myself, coupled with real life responsibilities and stresses I've had to endure, I'm fairly pleased with the progress the Legion has made since the playoffs ended. There were a few things I should have handled di
  15. Peace

    DAV/HSK; S79

    Except you'd be literally violating the leagues' rules at that point. I don't understand why it's an issue not to just state the conditions in the thread?
  16. Peace

    DAV/HSK; S79

    Er... I'll just leave this here. 6.4 - Conditional Trades Teams may add conditions to trades, so long as they do not circumvent any other rules regarding player movement, including, but not limited to: Traded Draft Pick restrictions or Violating the integrity of the league. Any, and all, conditions must be explicitly stated at the time a trade occurs, and agreed upon by both parties. Once a condition is agreed upon, make sure to tag a commissioner, who will add a condition tag to the thread, to be followed up on upon completion of the condition(s).
  17. Whoa, sheesh, didn't need to use such foul language in this essay of a comment.
  18. I didn't love Sonnet enough when he was just a wee baby here on the VHL.
  19. I'll get questions out early next week, so if you need a quick 2 TPE answer these ones or wait until Monday/Tuesday if you don't! 1. Tampa Bay defeated Montreal 4 games to 1 in the SCF. Did you think Montreal would have put up more of a fight? 2. Seattle was conquered in six games. Did you think they'd repeat or are you glad they didn't? 3. Toronto was the best team in the lottery tournament... did you follow it at all? 4. Welch was recently traded in a sign-and-trade; Juice was going to test free agency but was willing to help Toronto in this regard. Thoughts? 5. SS Hornet wi
  20. CALGARY, ALBERTA -- Although Killinger had officially retired after the end of Helsinki's playoff run, he'll take to the ice once more after being announced to the Canadian World Championship squad. This will be the retired defenders' third appearance with his national team; in S74 Killinger left the tournament with a silver medal after Team Nordic defeated Canada 4-3 in regulation, and then earned another silver medal in S76 when Team Mercenaries defeated Canada 4-3 in overtime. Killinger earned 6 points during the S74 World Championships' ten game round robin (5-4-1), and while not impre
  21. Toronto's end of season lines will do just fine (They're the lines already on the Index page).