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    Can u recruit me
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    Username:Swede DemonFull Name: Jake SteenPosition: RWAge: 18Handedness: RightRecruited By/From: Edmonton Oil KingsWould you like an experienced member to mentor you?Yes Player AttributesTotal Points Earned: 30CK = Checking: 77FG = Fighting: 92DI = Discipline: 74SK = Skating: 91ST = Strength: 82PH = Puck Handling: 85FO = Face Offs: 67PA = Passing: 82SC = Scoring: 91DF = Defense: 84PS = Penalty Shot: 84EX = Experience: 78LD = Leadership: 62OtherJersey Number: 2Height (inches): 73Weight (lbs.): 192Birthplace: GothenburgAwards Swedish prospect of the year 2017Career Stats Player MovementPast Players