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    VHLM Leaders

    Twinger Isn't That Bad Looking at the scoring leaders in the VHLM right now, it is hard not to see domination by a single team. The Yukon Rush have led the league since the start of the season, and their players have been playing out of this world. One of those players who seems to have an easy time in the VHLM is the Rush's LW Leph Twinger. After 58 games, he has done basically whatever he wants on the scoresheet, putting up a whopping 122 points. That is over 2.0PPG, including 63 goals, and we are not even done yet. Twinger obviously leads the league in points, at his 122 output. Seven of the top 10 point leaders are actually Yukon Rush players, with the other three being from the Oslo Storm. After Twinger's 122 points comes Centis Kurtutecis at 105 points, Sergei Kovalev at 94 points, defenseman Alvaro Jokinen at 77 points, and to close out the Top 5 is Storm player Marvin Harding's 72 points. It is quite the sight to see the drop from #1 to #2 being 17 points, then 11 points from #2 to #3, and after that it sinks down 18 points to Jokinen's 77. Twinger has obviously run away with it after being on par with Sergei Kovalev for much of the season, who has slowed down and let Kurtutecis pass him. In the goals category, Leph Twinger is leading that as well, and by quite a large margin as well. He has 63 goals, and that is 14 more than the next best at 49 goals. Kovalev holds down that #2 spot with 49, Kurtutecis is at #3 with 36, while Oslo's Jonas Vilhjalmsson and Yukon's Vesto Slipher are tied with 33 goals. Those are your Top 5 goal scorers in the league, and from 1st to 5th is a glaring 20 goals. Twinger has given up some of his minutes lately, but it definitely has not slowed him down. Scoring at over a goal per game will do that, I suppose. ------------------------ ------------------------ In the assists column, Leph Twinger takes a back seat. His teammate Centis Kurtutecis is in the #1 spot with 69 assists in 58 games. Yet another Yukon player, Alvaro Jokinen is in the #2 spot with 65 assists, while Leph Twinger sits at #3 with 59. 4th and 5th are Mikhail Vega (56), and Marvin Harding (52), respectively. With Centis Kurtutecis' 69 assists and Twinger's 63 goals, you can bet they shared a ton of points within those statistics. After 58 games, Leph Twinger is the only player with at least 400 shots, and he is 1st in the shots category with 406. The next best there is his teammate Kurtutecis with 361. That is a bit of a drop off, and surprisingly the highest shot mark from someone not on the Yukon Rush is Oslo Storm's Jonas Vilhjalmsson in the #3 spot with 286. Nobody not on the Rush is even close to Leph Twinger in that regard, and even Kurtutecis is 45 shots away from matching him. Either Twinger is a selfish prick, or his teammates are wary of his skill set. One thing that Leph Twinger isn't is physical. He is way out of the top 10 in both the hits and shots blocked categories. Surprisingly, Leph Twinger is not even close in minutes played either. He is 17th, and his points per 20 minutes is in 1st at 1.71 as a result of that.
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    GM 222: Meute vs. Legion

    T-Dot out here giving goalies bad save percentages.
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    GM 216: Legion vs. Reign

    @bukss_a winning games.
  5. DollarAndADream

    GM 217: Legion vs. Americans

    Crazy to me that Kiaskov is only hitting 20 goals now.
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    Toronto Legion Weekly Presser

    Toronto Legion Weekly Presser This week the Toronto Legion made some splashes in the water with trades, and the VHL as a whole experienced an update scale change. With all of these changes, I bring to you the first team-wide press conference of the Toronto Legion. **All Legion members, if you need questions for Press Conferences for more TPE, then you can answer the ones I post in here.** 1. With all of the scale changes going into next season, and re-rolls, how do you think the scoring numbers of the VHL will change in S59 and in the future? Will there be as many 100 point players? Less? Other thoughts? 2. Fook Yu is now a member of the Legion. What are your thoughts on the team bringing him in? 3. Fabio Jokinen is also a new member of Toronto and in the final season of his contract. As one of the top defensemen in the VHL, what kind of impact do you expect him to have on the Legion next season? 4. What are your expectations of the standings in S59? Cup favourites? 5. Who is your predicted breakout player of S59? Who will 'wow' the rest of the league? 6. Regarding the VHL's World Cup, who is your favourite to win that and why? 7. With the teams who are in the basement of the VHL, which of them do you expect to reach the top first and come out of their rebuild? 8. Unrelated to the VHL, but still hockey, what hockey team do you expect to win at the Olympics now that there aren't any NHL players going? Will you be watching? 9. If you could bring one player from the NHL into the VHL on the Legion, who would it be and why? 10. How many more seasons of being competitive do you expect out of Toronto? Do you think they could gun for a title in S60 as well, or is S59 it? @Beketov@Pandar@Eggy216@Kesler@jRuutu@tfong
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    Expanding the VHLM

    Retention is definitely an issue. The majority of people seem to create a player and forget about it all together. Same thing happened in the S61 draft. Although it's not some huge, glaring issue. It happens in a lot of leagues. Even if 1 guy stays out of 20, it's a good thing.
  8. Saturday Belgium - England 1-2 Sunday France - Croatia 1-2
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    GM 127: Yukon Rush vs. Ottawa Lynx

    Greg Santos. @Barracuda 23/24 saves AND an assist!
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    GM 126: Yukon Rush vs. Las Vegas Aces

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    GM 210: Titans vs. Legion

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    Expanding the VHLM

    We do have a ton of new players, so it's definitely a good idea to at least throw out there. I don't know what users would be candidates to GM though. Possibly Pandar, considering he was good as a WOrld Cup GM.
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    GM 120: Saskatoon Wild vs. Yukon Rush

    This one was a lot closer at least.
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    GM 123: Saskatoon Wild vs. Yukon Rush

    Slipher, the mad man. @Hybrid1486
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    GM 201: Meute vs. Legion

    Bronstein 2 goals in 2 games. Superstar.
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    GM 200: HC Dynamo vs. Legion

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    Practice Facility (July 9th - July 15th)

    Ironside - 1 Twinger - 2
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    (S62) G - Sebastian Dietz, TPE: 30

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    GM 118: Yukon Rush vs. Saskatoon Wild

    Big games from CK @hedgehog337 and Saint! @Symmetrik Twinger with 15 shots lol
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    GM 116: Yukon Rush vs. Ottawa Lynx

    @Barracuda Santos big W! Vega 2 points @iRockstar ! Saint 2 assists! @Symmetrik
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    GM 193: Americans vs. Legion

    I'm so sorry, @Spade18. This was not on purpose.
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    GM 189: Legion vs. Reign

    Podcarnacion strikes again.
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    Toronto Legion Weekly Presser

    Toronto Legion Weekly Presser REBUILD, NATION. **All Legion members and others if you choose, if you need questions for Press Conferences for more TPE, then you can answer the ones I post in here.** Leph Twinger has 107 points so far in 46 games in the VHLM. What is he on? Is he on performance enhancing drugs? What VHLM sophomore player do you expect to have the best VHL career? After Leph Twinger, who gets picked first in the VHL draft? If someone goes above Leph, then who? Any controversies in your team's locker room right now? What team does Montreal Canadiens NHL forward Max Pacioretty get traded to, considering rumors are that he's out soon? What team has the brightest future in the VHL? @bukss_a@Shaka@Jepox@Molholt@124715@iRockstar@troy@pennypenny@Barracuda@Broalie34@10293lolo 2nd