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  1. Yesterday evening a lot of rumblings came out of the Malmo locker room. Apparently general manager Mr. Frostbeard was shouting he would take an offer of a 4th round pick + an inactive in exchange for Condor Adrienne. Well, that doesn’t seem really fair value, two assets for one, that’s just a bad deal. As two is better as one right? As you can tell, the mastermind plan of Frostbear failed as the teams that were contacted about this weren’t stupid enough to take a deal like this. You don’t give 2 eggs for 1 egg either right? The real question remains, what is happening
  2. I thought we disallowed job pay for them?
  3. Nice victory over Davos, and @Snussu getting his first career goal in his first game!
  4. +1 for Hoffman / Vericel and Wing at 100 tpe is claimed. Please make a post next time instead of linking to the confirmed recruit.
  5. Thanks for the votes guys, glad to be captain of this wonderfull team