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  1. 1. We are struggling a bit. Do you still think we have a shot at the cup? As long as we make the playoffs, anything is possible. 2. Seattle and Malmo were in the finals 2 years ago. Now they are 2 of the 4 worst team (Standing wise) right now. What's going on? STHS Luck, i really believe these two teams dont belong here 3. Is your player perforning like you expected him too? It's getting better, but not where I hoped he would be. Dissapointed by Adrienne overall.
  2. Post in this thread to claim welfare/pension for this week.  If you are claiming welfare/pension, you cannot claim any 6 TPE Point Tasks for this week (Media Spot/Graphic/Podcast) or League jobs paying 6+ TPE.   VHL Welfare Plan - Members with fewer than two 700+ TPE players may claim 4 TPE VHL Pension Plan - Members who have created two or more 700+ TPE players (past or present) may claim 5 TPE VHL Affiliate Plan - Members who post a Point Task this week, in either the EFL or SBA, may link to that Point Task to claim 6 TPE Once you reach 700 TPE with your current player, if that is your second player to reach 700, you are allowed to claim the pension plan. So instead of only taking in account previous players it also accounts for your current one.   Example:  Green has had Remy LeBeau (TPE: 1301) in the past. Thomas O'Malley, his second player, is now past 700 TPE, he is eligible for the VHL Pension Plan. Note: Welfare/Pension Plan are not eligible for Doubles Weeks. Affiliate Plan is only eligible for Donation Doubles.
  3. You actually classify this as graphic?
  4. 268 D.C. Dragons @ Riga Reign 269 Toronto Legion @ Vancouver Wolves 270 Malmo Nighthawks @ Seattle Bears 271 Helsinki Titans @ Calgary Wranglers
  5. Malmo 3-2 I rather not win tpe then predict seattle to win this.
  6. 1. Who has been the big surprise in Malmo this year? Rodriguez has been a great acquisition and he's stepping up 2. What does the team need to improve to get into the playoffs and make a run at the championship? We need to win games and stop losing games 3. What user would you most like to play with, that you never have before? I still think I have never played with Gorlab, so he would be my pick
  7. 240 Prague Phantoms @ Seattle Bears 241 Helsinki Titans @ Moscow Menace 242 Riga Reign @ D.C. Dragons 243 Vancouver Wolves @ Calgary Wranglers
  8. Rest in peace Elmebeck, and my sincere condolences to all his loved ones.
  9. Atleast some nice defensive numbers... only positive about this game.