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  1. Sorry xxx, article says so. We're not together.
  2. Hope you like it @Jayrad28 (vhl.com article for week of 29 of september, just didn't want to let him wait for the sig)
  3. I will make you a signature to make up for my horrible fantasy stats
  4. Please remove me from the tag list And it's no longer the fantasy zone for the finals, but the regular season.
  5. Slow start for Condor Adrienne After six games in the season the Malmo Nighthawks have won three games and lost three games (from which one in overtime) which gives them seven points in total, good for a position tied with both Helsinki and Riga. Moscow is on top off the conference with ten points, while Prague assembled three points as well. For Adrienne it is taking some more adjustment time then he personally expected, as he has only racked up two assists in this time frame, while number two draft pick Lance Flowers already got his point total up to six points. The general manager of Adrienne told him not to be desperate and that the points will come, so time will tell how his season will evolve. He understands that he has to play tough first line minutes and hopefully him and Garcia will figure it out to see how they can showcase Adrienne’s offensive capabilities. Perhaps he isn’t the offensive god that he thought he would be, but he can still remain a serviceable player for this Nighthawks team for years to come. He knows rookie of the year will be a longshot either way, as he is playing in a competitive conference while over in North America there are way more easy opponents, so the point amounts scored will favor to players who face these teams some more. +4 uncapped ( week 2/5)
  6. 1.) What is your favourite TV show to watch? 2.) How have you been preparing for the upcoming season? 3.) How do you think Malmo did in the draft? 4.) Do you think we can make the playoffs this season? 5.) Now that the draft is over, what do you have to say to the new rookies joining the ranks? 6.) What do you love about Malmo? 1 - Hard to say, there are several shows I like a lot, but since I just bought the entire 8 seasons on DVD I have to say Entourage 2 - By trying to convince Thompson to join the team instead of training. 3 - They got me right? 4 - When all of us keep active and update, there is always a chance 5 - I'm talking to myself all the time 6 - That it's one of the cities furthest away from Vasteras in Sweden
  7. G - JB Rift F - Hunter Hearst Helmsley @Jtv123
  8. OrbitingDeath


    Cheers, that confirms my application then
  9. OrbitingDeath


    Question : welfare (5) + updater (3)+ press (2) + trivia/vhl.com (2) is that allowed as a full week? If the answer is yes I would love to apply. Check the vhl alot throughout the day (EU timezone) at work so can definitly get updates done. Just would like to know if i can drop media spots without the risk of losing points over it.
  10. Its definitly the band, they did get golden albums right?