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  1. avg capped tpe below 12. I'm a shamed of myself now
  2. Congrats to the Americans for finally some playoff success again! Nice to say Acyd Burn get the OT winner
  3. With the steam around it I thought it was a Cologne / O'Malley sig for a bit Especially since its also the render I used for O'Malley.
  4. 10. With 2 new European teams joining VHL, do you think there is a chance that they will become our rivals and join a list which is already occupied by Moscow? They might become actual rivals, Moscow is just silly playtime 11. With Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen traded, Vancouver's roster has changed dramatically. Do you think they still have a chance at making playoffs this season? Not at all, poor tfong missing the playoffs 12. VHL recently did a Donation drive to help people in need, what are your thoughts on that? How can you be opposed to this? I'm glad they did it 1. With the season done, what will you be working on this off-season to help improve your game? Spend some points and start fighting regression 2. Off-season approaches and players are thinking about vacation if they aren't in the postseason, where are you going? Hintergarden, nice swimming pool there 3. Do you use team facilities in the off-season or do you go to your hometown to workout? Team facilities, space travel would be a bit expensive
  5. @Phil ♡ liverpool won the league, your turn now here
  6. So glad to see how you reformed the entire store Josh, I remember having to do all this stuff in a spreadsheet Good to give someone else a job with this as well, good luck to all applicants