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  1. 109 Malmo Nighthawks @ Vancouver Wolves 110 Toronto Legion @ Prague Phantoms 112 Helsinki Titans @ HC Davos Dynamo 113 Riga Reign @ Moscow Menace
  2. 1. What do you think about our start this season? I loved the first two games, but then my player dissapeared... 2. Who do you think is our current MVP? Is that even a question? It's Micheal Johnson ofcourse 3. What is one thing we are truly lacking? A goal scoring Condor Adrienne 4. Moscow media has released a piece about how Malmo is the best VHLM team out there, your thoughts on this? I think they had a bit too much vodka, i dont see why they are so obsessed with us. 5. GM Frostbeard was seen last night dancing in the streets of Malmo screaming for gods to help him make @Acydburn play better, are gods even capable of doing that? No, its a sim engine. 6. In your eyes, which team in VHL is our true rival and why? Malmo Nighthawks, we decide if we win our lose and no one else.
  3. Why can we only vote for 1 here?
  4. See @Devise i knew exactly how this would work. You dragging O'Malley's name down the mud, while Power is a tier 1 Updates for Ryan Power: Skating +20 (50>70) Defense +20 (50>70) Puck Handling +20 (50>70) Scoring +20 (50>70) Endurance +20 (60>75)
  5. See @GustavMattias this is exactly what i meant. You upped your scoring and we lose two in a row today.
  6. The only answer here is Amstel Tijgers