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  1. WARSAW, POLAND - One of the big stories so far of this year's VHL playoffs has been the emergence of the Warsaw Predators and this young recent expansion team has one their first ever playoff series in what was also the first ever reverse sweep as well when they came back from 3-0 down to beat Helsinki 4-3 in a best of 7 series. One of the players who has been very important, among many that has had a huge impact, has been winger Lexi Glass who has really come on as a big player this season for the Predators. Glass, a female right winger from Estonia, is in her 3rd VHL season and h
  2. 1. Warsaw just got its first ever playoff series win in spectacular fashion, pulling off the first reverse sweep in VHL history. How does it feel to be a part of this historical feat? Incredible! The first reverse sweep and the first Warsaw series win. Double history! 2. We have gotten our playoff winning streak up to 6 games as we sit up 2-0 against Moscow as of current writing. How do we keep this momentum rolling through the rest of the postseason? Well now we are 2-2! We should have swept them with how we played though. Just gotta play our game. 3. What is your predicti
  3. The abundance of female players in the VHL is certainly growing and the quality of these fabulous females is on the rise as well. This was certainly the case for the Warsaw Predators in this past season who spotted a few terrific women on the ice in Aloe Dear, Lexi Glass, and Dagmar Havlova. In what was perhaps the biggest game in the young Predators' history, the women came to play! Warsaw completed the reverse sweep of Helsinki in a thrilling game 7 that saw the Predators take a 6-3 win in the win and you're in game. In this game, 5 of the 6 goals were scored by female players with
  4. 1. Regular season finished! Are you happy with your performance this year? Yes I would say so! I think it was the launching point to my prime! 2. We were unable to get that 1st position locked up by just 2 points, how do we get over that going into the first round? First place is not super needed if we can just come together! 3. Playoffs! What are you doing extra to make sure we succeed this year? Extra skating practice! 4. Give yourself a pat on the back, we were the highest scoring team since season 64. What had us firing on all gears? We have so many weapo
  5. 1. As we gear up for the postseason, who do you see as our biggest competition and why? It has been us and Moscow all season so has to be them. 2. Who is in the playoff race that has surprised you the most this season? Prague always does well and looks to be a tough out. 3. Who has been the team MVP this season and why? Has to be Mitchell. He is a monster. 4. What is your favorite fruit? I would have to say fresh peaches! 5. Which player on Warsaw do you think has improved the most this season? I would have to say Glass. Over 30 goals finally!
  6. 1. There's been some big trades during the season for the first time in forever! Who do you think benefits the most from these trades? I really liked that trade for Prague but they have failed in goalie trades before 2. We are in a tight race for 1st overall in the conference, do you think we have what it takes to win the games against Moscow and secure that top spot? I'd like to think so! We just need to play how we have most of this season! 3. Do you post on any social media platforms? Twitter and Reddit of course! 4. If a young fan asks you for your autograp
  7. 1. Recently two teams announced they are selling big. Would you add to our team or keep things going with the success we’ve had? No reason to. We are clicking. Let's use this! 2. We are 1st in the EU but it’s a close battle. Who do you think is our biggest competition? I would have to say Moscow is right now! 3. How do you feel about your players performance thus far this season? It has been really good so far and Glass keeps improving. 2nd line is firing! 5. It’s currently raining where I live, where it only rains a handful of times a year. Do you love or hate the
  8. 1. We started 8-0 but came back down to earth with a couple losses. What do we need to do to keep winning? Just need to keep doing what we do. Can't win them all! 2. Are there any standouts across the league this season for you so far? I would have to say Warsaw so far because we crept up on a lot of people with our rebuild. 3. Predict who you think will finish atop the EU and the NA divisions? EU is us of course and NA I will go with Vancouver. 4. Did you play fantasy this year? If so are you happy with your team? I did not, I forgot about it but I usually do
  9. 1. Now that the offseason has finally ended, which team(s) do you most look forward to playing against? Prague and Malmo just because they are EU and teams I recently played for. 2. What are your goals for this season? A championship is always the goal! 3. Having started 4-0-0 for a second consecutive season, what has been the main factor behind our strong start? 6-0-0 now I believe and just the whole team is coming together! 4. What was your favorite sports story of 2020? I'll piggyback off the one above. Alex Smith story is amazing. 5. How has the addi
  10. For years, people have wondered just how Lexi Glass does it, maintaining a full-time hockey career along with a vast modeling gig as well and while not easy, she definitely pushes forward and loves doing both things. So much so, that losing one or the other right now is just not something that can happen. Now, you are wondering, how can someone have a career in the model industry and also play hockey where people hit you, the risk of teeth falling out and having your face or bones broken always looms on the ice and usually that is not something common in the world of modeling. Lexi
  11. 1. Big congrats to Malmo, how does it feel now that we lost to the cup champs in the playoffs? It is always a bit better losing to the champs because you lost to the best team and that is okay. 2. Draft is in a few days, do you get excited even though you're not part of it? It is always great welcoming new teammates but it is not as exciting not being part of the draft in my experience. 3. We made a big trade bringing in Uhtred, are you happy to have another star forward up front? It will be good. Not sure what it will do with my ice time but hoping to get to a cup fin
  12. What a difference a year makes! After a severely underwhelming season as a rookie skater in the VHL, Lexi Glass, the Estonian right winger on Warsaw, had a season that should have people around the team and around the league super excited for her development and ability to stick out a great career in the VHL. For those who don't remember or have not looked into the stats, Lexi Glass had an okay rookie season, having been called up with a season and some change in the VHLM with both Mississauga and Ottawa. Lexi finished the season with a respectable 31 points, having totaled 15 goa
  13. 1. How are you coping thus far into the off-season, missing hockey already? Always better to be on the ice playing with the team than off the ice! 2. What kind of beverages you gonna enjoy the next few weeks? Water of course, gotta keep in shape! 3. How important is it that we lock up Lamb this off-season? Very! The guy is critical to this team! 4. Who you cheering for in the cup finals? Meh, nobody. Warsaw or bust amirite? 5. Are you excited for NHL to start back up? Yes I am! Don't watch religiously but always follow my team and try to catch some games. 6. Who do you
  14. 1. I got to say me just because I really hope I can be a difference maker! 2. Going with Havlova from an above answer! 3. Much improved! I feel like I am helping and not hurting the team! 4. Prague cause they traded and killed Crawford! 5. I love goalie, it is my favorite position but never tried winger so that is why I recreated! 6. I am out in Utah and Idaho visiting family and friends for the holidays!