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  1. . Warsaw is at an even record (9-9-2). What does the team need to do to start winning more games? We gotta put the puck in the net. We are getting shots off and we just need them to go in! 2. Are their any surprises in the league this season? Teams that are doing well that shouldn't be? Teams that aren't doing well that should be doing better? I would have to say us. Coming off a cup win I would have thought we would be leading still with most of the team back. 3. Who is Warsaw's biggest threat this season if we have one? Ourselves. If we get Warsawed there is nothing we can do. So STHS I guess too :D 4. What upgrades are you planning towards your player's attributes? If you bank for depreciation, which attribute do you wish could be maxed (99 overall) at all times if you could pick one? I am pretty much banking now so I would say Scoring would be the one I would max always! 5. What are your hobbies besides the VHL? I am in multiple sim leagues so that for sure and then I enjoy gaming, playing guitar and doing fun things with my daughter like go to the aquarium or park! 6. Choose one: Filming a comedy movie with Adam Sandler, Playing 1v1 basketball with Barrack Obama, or Weightlifting with Dwayne Johnson. (I'm a 20 year old dude so these are the coolest things I could think of). Definitely Adam Sandler. Obama is lame and I could not come close to the Rock weightlifting. I love Adam Sandler movies so would definitely be down for that.
  2. hey, sorry I saw your profile and I just thought you looked cute in your picture, I really wanted to tell you that)) It's really rare to see girls playing video games haha! I don't know why its a guy thing honestly im like really against misogyny and like ill be the one in the kitchen making sandwiches. We should really play rust sometime its a really cool survival game with a lot of scary moments, but don't worry ill be there to protect you 😉 sorry that wasnt flirting I swear Im just trying to be friendly I really like your profile picture sorry was that too far? Really sorry i'm really shy I don't go out much haha add me on skype we should talk more you look really nice and fun xxx

  3. How do you feel Warsaw performed in our opening weekend? I think we are struggling a bit out of the gate but lots of time to turn it around! How has your player performed so far? Glass has been playing better lately but I still expect better! Does our record (2-2-1, 4th in EU Conference) after the opening weekend predict the future for the rest of S79? Or is 5 games not enough to tell? The sample size is definitely way too small right now. I would not draw any conclusions until maybe 30 games in the season. What are your thoughts on Seattle's Expansion draft and the NHL draft that took place this past week? Don't have many thoughts. I think Seattle is not going to be able to pull a Vegas at least. Have you been following the Summer Olympics? If so, what events are you keeping track of? No, mostly because Lithuania did not make it in basketball for like the first time in awhile! How has you 2021 summer been going? Pretty good so far. On vacation now for a week so no complaints!
  4. 1. The S79 VHL draft finished up earlier tonight, we added a solid goaltender in @Donno100 . What are your thoughts on the draft for Warsaw? A goalie is one of the biggest needs for the team so with some development time, he could be a great addition! 2. What are your player's goals for this upcoming season? I would love to get back to averaging a point or more per game! 3. Do we have another shot at the Continental Cup this season? Of course! We got the squad coming back and ready to defend our cup! 4. If you were the GM for Warsaw what are some changes you would make to the team if any? I would likely get a better goalie from a rebuilding team since we currently carry an inactive one. 5. Was your offseason good? How was your player's development? Regression sucks but Glass should be the same as always! 6. As the new AGM I'm super excited for this team and pumped to work with the goat himself Mr. Lamb... If there is any advice you could give me or anything I can do to help the team out what would it be? Keep the press conferences flowing!
  5. Why Lexi Glass Changed Plans Entering the Season 74 VHL Draft, there was a big question mark around Lexi Glass and that question mark was how loyal would she be in the VHL having said she would be chasing the rings or chasing the money. It was widely anticipated that Glass would hit free agency multiple times in her career and potentially leave her drafted team but so far that has not been the case. This season, Glass hit free agency and met with a couple teams before ultimately just deciding to return to Warsaw where she has spent her entire VHL career so far. So what changed? Warsaw is good! When Glass was first drafted into the VHL, it was to Warsaw with the 23rd overall pick, much lower than her actual value though the aforementioned free agency potential was certainly a big part of things, and Warsaw was a pretty new team at that time. With the moves that the team made along with a very strong season 74 class turned Warsaw into a very good team pretty quickly and the style of play that the Predators had, more of a fast paced high octane offense made Warsaw into a desirable place to play and well...to stay. There was little reason to leave Warsaw who was becoming the best team in the European Conference of the VHL so for Glass who was expected to chase rings, there was very little to no reason to leave. While Glass has usually found herself on the 2nd line most of her career due to a powerful first line, she has gotten minutes pretty equal to the first line members so playing time has also not been an issue. The pay has been pretty decent as well and Glass has had a bunch of money saved up and enough to sustain her the rest of her career as she gets older so it was never a problem playing for whatever Warsaw could offer. Management treats Lexi well! Not once in her Warsaw career has Lexi ever felt less important than other players on the team. While the spotlight has mostly been about Aloe Dear or Dakota Lamb, Lexi has still been a huge part of the team and has even broken the single season shots record during her career as well which means she is getting the time and the looks on the ice. Management has always been early to try and re-sign or convince Glass to stick around and they have always made the moves to put the best team on the ice since Season 74 when Lexi Glass was first drafted to the team. The teammates! Lexi Glass has been lucky enough to play with a lot of great teammates throughout her career in Warsaw and a big part of why she had not wanted to leave was the quality of the teammates surrounding her in the locker room. Players like Dakota Lamb, Uhtred, Chris Hylands, Tim Waters, and many more. The other teammate who has probably been most important to Glass is Aloe Dear who provides another strong females in the Warsaw locker room. Warsaw's investment of a female locker room has been worthwhile so Glass and Dear can have great time to bond and really get a great chemistry on and off the ice. With Aloe Dear usually making the decisions to stay sooner than Glass, it helped make it an easy decision. If Dear did decide to leave somewhere in free agency, it is possible that Glass would follow suit to keep the girl power strong. In Conclusion. It has been a great time in Warsaw so far. There has been zero reason to leave and with 2 seasons left, of course anything is possible but Lexi has had a really great career as a cup winning Predator so far!
  6. *Week ending July 18th* (Answer 6 questions for 2 TPE) 1. After winning our 1st cup in franchise history, where does the team go from here? It's time to repeat! We still have a squad capable of doing great things!! 2. Describe former Warsaw GM @.sniffuM's tenure in 3 words. Absolutely F***ING great! 3. What player, NHL or VHL, do you model your game after? I don't really mode my game after anyone specifically but maybe I'd say one of my previous favorites Ilya Kovalchuk. 5. Warsaw has the 9th pick in the S79 draft, any prospects specifically you think they should target? I don't know anyone really but I just want someone who can help us ASAP! 6. Where do you plan on taking the Continental Cup on your "day with the cup" this offseason? A modeling shoot! Lexi can snap some great pics alongside the Continental Cup! 9. NBA Finals. Suns lead the Bucks 2-1 at the time of writing. Who wins? Bucks now lead 3-2 so will say Bucks cause F the Suns
  7. 1. What piece of clothing or accessory can someone wear that immediately makes you have a bad opinion of them as a person? I learned from Land of the Lost that a Tunic on something makes them not to be trusted 2.What company or franchise do you wish would go out of business? I would really love for the Boston Red Sox to fold and just collapse into themselves 3. What behaviours make you think a person is creepy? Stalking of course! 4. Who in the VHL seems the most down to earth? Probably me, you know, because I don't get rattled easily and like to have a good time. 5. What’s the funniest or most amazing cell phone cover you have seen? I used to have a Trinidad and Tobago flag cover for my Razr. 6. Which musical artist is greatly overrated? XXX Tentacion. His music was truly horrid.
  8. 1. We survived an early scare from Malmo to take the series 4-1. How do we stay fresh going up against Prague in the European Conference finals? We have a lot of depth. We will be okay! 2. What has been the most surprising moment of the postseason so far? The most surprising is that we haven't swept through! 3. Who was our MVP in the Malmo series? Gotta go with Dakota I think! 4. Do you prefer your ice cubed or crushed? Cubed but both are solid 5. Which VHLE locations would you most prefer to see selected? Is there a list? If not please get an Atlanta or Salt Lake team! 10. What is your favorite hot beverage? Hot cocoa is the best. Easy
  9. 1. We have made the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season. What can you take from past playoff experiences into this latest round of postseason play? We have made the finals before so we need to get back to that with a similar core! 2. We won the Victory Cup for the second consecutive season, this time sharing the award with Chicago. What does taking this award mean to our team and the legacy of this group of players? We have been one of the toughest group of players ever and it is awesome seeing the team be rewarded for our play. 3. What are your predictions for New York-DC and Helsinki-Malmo? I think Malmo won and not sure who won the other, maybe DC? 4. What is your favorite flavor of gum? I actually don't tlike gum at all, it is a texture thing for me 5. What is your least favorite flavor of gum? As answered above I do not like any but to choose one I would say original bubble gum flavor. 10. Light or dark liquor? Lexi is all about the red wine but not much of a hard liquor girl
  10. 1. We've gone through a rough stretch lately that has us barely clinging onto the top spot in the EU. What can we do to re-gain some positive momentum? We just need to get back to playing Warsaw hockey! 2. Which EU team do you feel stands as our biggest threat in the postseason? Whoever is the worst seed in the playoffs because we play down to our competition. 3. What were your thoughts on the flurry of trade deadline activity? I have not followed too closely but trading is always exciting. 5. Youtube or Twitch? I prefer YouTube in general just because there is a lot more content that I would want to watch. 7. How would you grade your player's performance this season on a scale of 1 to 10? The first half of the season was probably a 3 but now I would say a solid 5. 8. How would you grade the team's performance this season on a scale of 1 to 10? I would say probably a 7 because we are capable of so much more!
  11. 1. Coming off our roughest sim of the season, what can we do to get back on course? I am not worried, we will be okay! 2. Many of the teams around us in the European Conference standings are riding positive momentum. How do we stay ahead of the pack? We are the best team in the league for a reason, just need to show it! 3. Our backup goalie has been a sore spot for us, but we only have one more game to play them. How does it feel to nearly be done with WAR G for the season? FINALLY! CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE YOU NOT PLAY AGAIN! 4. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Teleportation! Think of all the travel! 5. Aloe Dear has established herself as the league's points and assists leader for some time now. Is there perhaps a Campbell or Slobodzian trophy coming to a Warsaw player this season? There better be or we riot! 6. Chris Reynolds is one goal off the VHL lead, pushing to be the first Warsaw player to lead the VHL in the goalscoring category. What can we do to get him there? Give Reynolds the puck! 7. We're on pace to top our franchise record of 291 goals from last season, being the first VHL team in nearly 20 seasons to score 300 goals if we maintain pace. Do you believe we'll get there? If I say yes, I feel like we won't so I will say no chance! 8. How high can you jump? I don't think I have ever measured but I can't dunk a basketball.
  12. 1. Which team have you most enjoyed facing so far this season? I won't give any other team satisfaction by listing them here. Warsaw only! 3. Who is the leading candidate to get Warsaw's nomination for Most Improved Player in this early stretch of the season? Has to be Reynolds, he is absolutely killing it right now! 4. Got any words of advice for WAR-G so he stops being such a scrub and holding us back when we have to play him? Literally just like don't move and maybe you might stop more pucks than you are right now. 5. Chicago is giving us the most legit challenge we've had for the league goals and goal differential lead in the past couple seasons. What adjustments can we make to come out on top again? Just gotta play Warsaw hockey! We know how to by our last couple seasons! 6. Despite being by far the worst team in the standings, Vancouver has given us a run for our money every time we've played them. What can we do to avoid playing down to our competition in those games? We can't overlook them and count them as an automatic win. It leads to laziness. 8. Why is Aloe Dear getting hit so much more than every other player in the league? I think people just want to get close to her. She is hot.
  13. 1. We've recovered from losing our first two games to sit at 9-2-0, topping the league and once again holding the league's best goal differential. Was there any doubt in your mind we'd recover after the rough first sim? No doubt at all. We have been the best team in the EU for a bit now, no doubt about it. 2. Chris Reynolds has been on a tear in recent games, leading the team in goals and the league in GWGs while Aloe Dear and Dakota Lamb sit top 3 in the league in assists, and top 10 in the league in points. Whose performance have you been most impressed with on the team thus far? Gotta go with Reynolds because he is becoming a true leader and dominant player. 4. What are your thoughts on the recently-announced VHLE? It is interesting. It is something I have wanted PBE to do so a 2nd minor league will be fun to watch. 5. What is your favorite animal? Sloth is my favorite animal. 6. Which real-life sport do you think has the most interesting offseason? NFL or NBA really just because of free agency. There are usually a lot of big name free agents. 10. Are you looking forward to the return of VHL trivia this week? I know I am! Yes, 100% it is the main way that I get my last 2 TPE for the week. No trivia usually means I get 10 in the week!
  14. 1. Dakota Lamb and Lexi Glass are back! How does it feel to have two longtime Predators back on the squad for another cup run? Yay one of those is me! Good to be back with Lambchop! 2. In order to make things work financially, we were unfortunately forced to trade away Latrell Mitchell and allow Jacob Carson to walk. How do you feel about these big losses to our team? It is very sad to be honest! 3. Which team had the most impressive offseason this year? Warsaw because Glass and Lamb are back of course. 4. What are your thoughts on the new rules governing how many inactive players a team can roster and the application of a soft and hard cap system? I don't love it and I think maybe it is a lot to oversee and manage but we shall see! 7. If you had Animorphs-style powers and could morph into any one animal whenever you choose, which animal would it be? Probably a tiger or a bear just because nothing is going to mess with you. 9. Are you a light mode person or a dark mode person? You have to be crazy to be a light mode person. Though I think my VHL is in light mode...
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