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  1. It is definitely a weird topic for me to discuss given that I have not even been drafted into the VHL with my current player, Lexi Glass but it is always something good to have in mind here for Theme Week! So far in my VHL Career, I have had a Center, with my first ever player Oleksiy Revchenko, a Goalie, with my 2nd player, true bust Solomon Crawford and now I have a winger with Right Winger Lexi Glass. Now, I also have had players in other hockey leagues as well which are the SHL and the GOMHL and I had a goalie in each, a defensive defenseman and a center (current SHL player). I have pretty much tried them all but it doesn’t mean I can’t try any different roles. I have been goalies before with varying level of successes but never had a successful goalie in the VHL. I have done center where I was primarily a playmaker in multiple leagues. I’ve been a defensive defenseman as well and also a sniper type winger which is my current plan for Lexi Glass. With all this I would likely be down to two options for my next create in the VHL, which won’t be for a long long time hopefully! My first option would be to try goalie again which may not be a popular option. With Crawford I got lazy and his career was a really weird one. From first overall VHLM pick to likely going up to early to just be a backup and then staying as a backup because your team acquired an elite goalie to getting the starting job finally and immediately shipped off a few weeks later. It was a career that saw me stop trying multiple times and the reason I am going very hard on Glass right now so at least there is that. I have won 2 best goalie awards and an MVP in the SHL with my goalie there and I think I would really like a chance to do things the right way here. Goaltender is my favorite hockey position and one that I would enjoy here as well after a long SHL career as one and a brief stint with Crawford. My next choice would probably be a more popular option and one that I would heavily consider and that is the role of offensive defenseman. I have done the defensive role and it was really fun seeing the hits and blocked shots pile up so that’s not out of the question again but I’d probably want to change it up. I would want to build a dominant defenseman that is capable of getting a ton of points along with some steady defense. Scoring goals on slap shots from the back or passes to the centers and wingers to rack up assists would be amazing and helpful to a team. There are definitely a lot of ways to go and I’m busy trying to build a great career with Lexi Glass. I’ll likely attempt goalie once more or go offensive defenseman but I have found a groove in the VHL for probably the first time ever so anything is possible!
  2. While Lexi Glass technically debuted last season in a limited fashion lacing them up for Mississauga for a few games including some playoff games, she was not a super important player on that team as there were far more established players on the team at that point. This season, Glass found herself an 18th overall draft pick and a top line forward and has been impressive for the most part so far halfway through the season. Glass has 17 goals through the first 39 games and is on pace for around 30 goals in the season which would be a great number for the young Estonian. The team in Ottawa also has been among the top 3 teams in the VHLM so far this season as well and the team as a whole has been great! Lexi is just happy to be a part of this team and their hopeful contention for a cup this season. In addition to the wonderful season in Ottawa for Lexi, she has been getting a lot of recognition on and off the ice as well! She was recently named to the World team for the World junior Championships and will lace up as one of the forwards on that team in what will be her first international competition! In addition, she has completed a deal with both Bauer and Calvin Klein as she will be a model for both the brands! Look for Lexi to continue to grow her brand as the Estonian Princess is here to stay in the game of professional hockey!
  3. 1. If you had to live together with any other member of the VHL, who would it be? @BladeMaiden because she is the absolute best!! 2. If you had to come up with a new expansion team for either the VHL or the VHLM, what would you name them and where would they be located? My pick would probably the Atlanta Governors. It is an expansion team I've always wanted and the city of Atlanta needs a good hockey team after the Thrashers left. 3. Are you a gamer and do you usually play on console or PC? I am! Mostly console on either Xbox one or PS4 but I also play ootp a lot on my PC. 4. What kind of games do you like to play during your free time? Mainly sports games. Madden, MLB the Show, NBA 2K, FIFA and also OOTP. 5. What music do you enjoy listening to? Do you have any favourite artists or bands? I like literally all kinds of music but one of my favorite bands/artists is definitely Marilyn MansoN 7. Should we considering “buying” more talent before the deadline, or are you comfortable with our current roster? I don't think so. It's working right now and we don't want to throw things off. This team is good enough to win without changes so let's keep going with what we have!
  4. Let's gooooooo!
  5. It is extremely early to be thinking about the next VHL draft but we are going to here to start some speculations on which teams would want to have the talented Estonian Right Winger on their team! According to the Live Season 74 Draft Class Rankings, Lexi Glass is currently ranked 10th out of everyone in the glass. Based on position (Winger is deep) and the fact that I have not been great with my first two players I will give myself a slight handicap of likely 3-5 picks meaning Lexi would fall somewhere in between the 13th or 15th pick in the draft, still.higher than the 18th in the VHLM draft! I don't know if anyone has traded picks but under the current standings, picks 13-15 would be Helsinki, Riga, and Davos which would be at the latter half of the first round in the VHL Draft. This would mean Glass would immediately be picked up by a contending team which likey has her waiting another season down in the VHLM. Helsinki Currently has 2 Right wingers on the roster but one of them is retiring in a couple seasons due to age so it's definitely a spot Glass could fit in well and made a sooner impact rather than later, but still likely a Season 75 timeline. Riga in general is a pretty old team and if they're wanting to retool for the future someone like Glass could help them do just that, with the aging roster however, I don't think Glass would make an impact until season 75 but Riga is close to her native country of Estonia! Davos does not have any right wingers on the team but do have some young left wingers. They also have some retiring forwards. Out of all these teams mentioned, Davos may give Glass the best chance to step in as a true rookie in Season 74 as a 2nd line winger. I still believe however most teams will have Lexi play Season 75 in the VHLM but maybe not if she improves enough!
  6. While many people had predicted that Ottawa was likey a playoff team entering the season after a great draft that they had, many out there did not see them as a top team or a cup contender but so far, through the first quarter of the season, the team is definitely at least looking the part! Many players so far have stepped up to make the Lynx as good as they are and it appears everything is clicking for these players right now and the chemistry is great. One of those players that has made an impact is a last season waiver signing in Lexi Glass, the Estonian Princess on ice. The young Estonian female player is one of many female players so far this season in the VHLM and while Glass may not be the best of them, she certainly is not the worst either and has had a big impact in the league so far. Through 21 games, Glass had scored 13 goals along with 6 assists for a total of 19 points. At about 29% of the season completed, she is currently on pace for about 44 goals this season and about 65 points which would be tremendous for the youngster just in her first full season. She would near the top 30 in Ottawa history in goals after just one season and depending on where she is drafted to, could flirt with a 50 goal season again next year as well if she stays down meaning she could near 100 career goals for the Lynx which would put her in the top 10 in franchise history! While it remains to be seen if the pace will keep up, it is generally believed that Glass and the Lynx are just getting started. Watch out!
  7. 1. I don't think we really need anything! We are 2nd right now and if we keep growing and earning we should compete for a cup easily! 2. Teams like Miami or Houston are really tough. Those would be the two that come to mind. 3. Ooo yes I would love one. Iggy Azalea is the render 5. I think the lines are working perfectly right now and wouldn't change a thing! If it's not broken don't fix it! 6. Yes I also do the EFL/SBA for affiliation here and I run another league called the SBL which is a baseball league! 7. Honestly I have to say Lee Xin, I knew he was going to be good but he is this good already, watch out!
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  9. 17 picks had gone by in the Season 73 VHLM Dispersal Draft and there was still a big name out there waiting to be called and nobody knew what would happen next but the announcers stepped up and said, "With the 18th overall pick int he Season 73 VHLM Dispersal Draft, the Ottawa Lynx select Right Winger Lexi Glass." Some teams were disappointed that they were not able to get Glass who looks to be one of the premier wingers even in a deep class of them but thought that maybe she would slip a little more past 18. Glass was drafted by the Lynx 18th overall and was the 9th winger taken in the draft. Ottawa's 18th overall pick was also their 5th pick of the draft having selected center Alec Volchenkov, left winger S Kuchar, defenseman Jiggly Gumballs, and defenseman Jackson Philliefan before taking the talented right winger out of Estonia. Currently, Glass is the highest rated right winger on the team and continued growth could see her as a front line option on the right side which could mean a lot of scoring for the top line of Ottawa. The team had one of the better drafts that nobody is talking about and all the players mentioned, along with glass in addition to some of the later round steals such as Lee Xin could end up making Ottawa a definite playoff team! "I am very excited to be here. I can't wait to play for these great fans and gel with this team. I had no idea where I would go but thank you to Ottawa management for taking a chance on me!"
  10. 1. What was your favourite moment from this past season? (Preferably Player or Team related) I was able to be picked up by a playoff team in Mississauga and score a goal for the first time in the playoffs 2. What are your expectations for the draft? None anymore after being drafted by Ottawa but I expect to be a 2nd or 3rd round pick at the VHL level. 3. When you move up to the VHL, are there any teams that you would prefer to play for? I really like LA's branding but I like a lot of these teams and their GM. 6. How have you been enjoying your offseason time? Continuing to work on overall ability. No rest for a true star! 7. What is your favourite kind of food? Love love love Indian food! 8. Who is your favourite member in the league that is not on our team? I would probably say @BladeMaiden as I talk to her a ton and she has helped so much with the SBL.
  11. Why Lexi Glass is Different Hello everybody! I am here to tell you why my current player is different from the rest of the players I have ever had in the VHL before. At first I should give a small background on my time in the VHL and the road that led me to this point in my career which is now on my 3rd player. I started out in the VHL early on in my sim league career after joining EFL and then SBA, and then finally made the jump to the hockey world of the VHL with my first player, center, Oleksiy Revchenko. My goal was to make a decent player out of Ukraine and be what I was hoping to be at least a 2nd line center for a VHL team and could be counted on to win faceoffs, dish out assists, and maybe even score a couple of goals. I felt like I accomplished that in the long run but it was not always easy. Revchenko dealt with a career in the VHLM where he had a lot of turnover it seemed as his GMs when he played for the Las Vegas Aces and nothing was really sure. I never knew where I was going to play or what the heck was going on. I think there was even a time in the VHLM where I played a whole season over the VHLM cap and well, it was only by a little bit but it was a nice statistical season. I got drafted by Vancouver and then after playing my VHLM weird cap season, I was ready to come up but was traded away right from the start, oof. It was the first time I had ever been traded in my sim league career and had to start Revchenko's career in Calgary instead but that means I was wanted at least right? Revchenko carved out a nice career with the Wranglers though never winning anything. He was traded to Helsinki during his contract year to try and get the Titans a cup as their second line center and unfortunately we fell just short. I went back to Calgary and not really feeling interested in old Revvy anymore, retired a bit early. It was recreate time and after some success as a goalie in the SHL, I decided to try it out here with my next player, Solomon Crawford. I got an okay number of carryover from Revchenko but it was maybe like 25-30 or something but at least Crawford could get started. I started out really well with Crawford earning TPE and was actually selected 1st in the VHLM draft my next year by Mexico City. I was having a great time and Crawford continued to grow and then he was drafted by an expansion team in Prague! Wanting to play in the VHL, I decided to make the move up right away hoping to get some time but unfortunately, was a backup, I should have stayed down. It cut my interest a bit even though I said I was okay with it. The team then acquired Brick Wahl, whose user is one of the best friends I have made in the VHL and the hope was that bringing Wahl in would bridge the gap and Crawford would get the time to develop as the backup. While I was okay with it, building and staying motivated as a backup goalie is really hard and I stalled out. Once my time was about to be up, I went hard again, trying to do all I could for Prague and the team who drafted me. Crawford was actually pretty solid as a starter when given the chance. Unfortunately, I was traded after going hard, again. I got traded to Malmo for Ligriv who was statistically a worse goalie. At the same time, Malmo had told me that I was not really in their future, and while I could have tried for an expansion team, it was time to go, Crawford's time was up. Enter Lexi Glass, my current player, with my love Iggy Azalea as a render and is the self proclaimed "Estonian Princess." With Glass, I have had more build up on back story, I am using a render that is probably my favorite to this point as Revchenko never really had one, and I never made Crawford a sig of Fred Braithwaite so it kind of got lost in trying to build the most successful African American goalie in the VHL. I got to recreate alongside people I respect like Blade, Reno, Eno, and others and join a class that could end up being an epic one. I have been killing it on TPE and have goals in mind trying to be one of the best scorers I can be. Before it was to be a decent goalie, or be a solid center option but now it is clear. I am more "selfish" if you would classify it as that with my current player. I am here to score goals and be one of the best at it. I want to help my team but I need my teams to put me in a great position to accomplish that also. I don't plan on slowing down much with Glass like I did with my previous 2 players because I am more motivated. Even if I am traded, I know that I can go out and do what I need to do. I might sign for shorter contracts with my career uncertainty but in general, plan on being one of the best in this Season 74 Draft Class. GMs take note.
  12. When I was 13 I had a lot of friends and good times. Spent a lot of my time with my cousin at his house up in Haverhill, MA and spent time at the lake and stuff. Great times!
  13. S73 Donation: Transaction ID: 969507989U9054050 Free Week Doubles Week 5 Uncapped TPE Claiming now If I need something to claim a doubles week on: EFL Affiliation Welfare